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Will this increase gains /fit/ or did I just...
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Will this increase gains /fit/ or did I just waste money?
It won't increase gains, but vitamins, calcium, and omega 3s aren't really a waste of money.
keep the vitamin d, throw the rest away.
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Ofcourse those will make you aesthetic and strong! Good purchases goyim!
The fish oil is always recommended if you don't eat oily fish regular.

I've just ordered some vitamin D3 to go along with it, seems to come recommended if you don't live in a sunny climate.

examine.com is a good source for believable advice on supplements and vitamins
You wasted a lot of money

Could have bought 6 months worth of vegetables for that and got better nutrition
fuck off back to /pol/ moron

It only cost about £7
i take:

and multiwitamins

internet says it's generally a good idea, so why not.

check the quantity of each dose against what examine.com recommend.

you may need to take a few each to get the best dosage
i buy Vitamin C cause it's much cheaper than oranges
thinking of some fish oil cause i never eat fish really but it's not like i had a problem without it so i'm skeptical

buy vitamin C is wonderous man... I literally stopped getting sick from when i started drinking orange juice, buut it comes with calories and the supplument is cheaper so here's my money
>thinking of some fish oil
>i'm skeptical

Nigger, fish oil is probably the most researched supplement there is. One of the few that everyone can agree on.
Heres my experience with supplements
Multivitamin: makes my piss fluorescent yellow like I'm pissing out highlighter ink other than that didnt feel any effects, not recommended
5-htp: I feel like this one messed with my brain a little bit, weird as fuck dreams, just a weird supplement in general, not recommended
creatine: helps me lift more weight for more reps, some minor water retention, recommended
fish oil: didn't feel any effects, a $2 can of mackerel has the same amount of omega 3 as 30 or so high strength tablets, waste of money
zinc: small raise in libido and aggression, recommended if cheap
vitamin d: have to take 5k-10k IU to get the real benefits, slightly better outlook on life/ wellbeing, recommended if cheap
What form of zinc u guys recommend? (For absorbtion)
You dont need calcium if you dont completely ignore dairy

multi vit isnt bad probably doesnt help either if your diet is in check

keep the D (heheh funny shit right)

Toss the liver oil what the fuck

Omega is alright
that doesn't sound right to me, you can't megadose vit c orally so you shouldn't see a big difference if you're not chronically vitamin c deficient

Cod liver oil and fish oil are the same thing it's just EPA and DHA, op probably let the sales assistant talk him into buying both.
Plentiful in almost every western diet. Unless you drastically restrict your dairy and animal protein intake you're already getting more than enough

>Vitamin D
If you spend more than an hour outside per day you're very probably already getting your daily intake. If you're not, go outside for at least an hour per day instead of buying vitamins

>A-Z Multivitamins
Are generally known to be mostly worthless, selective vitamin taking is almost always poorly implemented and hugely ignorant, this is just taking this even further

>Omega 3 Fish Oil
If you eat nuts and seeds, healthy vegetable oils (extra virgin olive oils etc) and most types of colour skinned fish you're probably more than fine.

Omega 3 is great in conjunction with 6, but most people are ignorant as fuck and ignore 6 while worrying about purely 3. These days many things have Omega 3 added, so generally you shouldn't worry about this, but instead worry about a better diet.

>Cod Liver Oil
Unless you're on the menopause or at great risk of bone damage then you're probably fine, as before, fix your diet first

People will argue both ways on vitamins and supplements without having a fucking clue what they're talking about. I find the best fix to both of these nutjob idiots is to actually know what I'm talking about before I worry about adding or removing vitamins and minerals from my diet
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