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Bench press plateau
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How come my bench press sucks so much /fit/?
My stats (all for 3x5 except deadlifts) are as follows and my bench press is proportionally even more pathetic than my other lifts.
Height: 183cm
Weight: 80kg
Squats: 95kg
Deadlifts: 125kg
Pendlay row: 70kg
Pull ups: 7kg added
OHP: 47.5kg
Bench: 65kg!

I failed trying to hit 67.5kg for 3x5 last night. I have been trying to improve my technique but surely it can't be holding me back that much?
Where is the hand placement on a standard olympic bar? (How wide?
Are you sure your form doesnt suck? Do your brace your core to support the load?
deload 10% work way back up, maybe switch to dumbl bel for a little

Put your feet on the bench manlet. It's a lot more stable than letting them dangle.
I got this same problem OP just replace it with squat.
>6ft, 163 lbs, 19 yo
>Bench 270
>Squat 290
>Clean 220
>Incline 250
Hey OP I'm 174cm, 82kg
Squats: 95kg
Deadlifts: 132.5kg
Pendlay row: 77.5kg
OHP: 47.5kg
Bench: 67.5kg

I've got nothing to add, just enjoyed the near symmetry of our lifts desu
Nigger how the fuck are you 163 pounds at 6foot and hitting 270 bench? Either weight is off or bodyweight is off
M8y,if anyone could help me with my OHP, that'd be mint
72 kg

3x5 of

80kg sqwat
62.5 binch
40 OHP
12.5 added for both pull up and chin up (bodyweight exercise background)

1x5 of 110 for Deadlift

Doing PGSLP because I ain't a faggot who squats every workout
Only started at the beginning of December. Haven't changed weight
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Your bench seems to be faily balanced with your other stats.

However, your mistake is that you are adding 2.5kg on every workout.
You should be adding 1kg. Specially for the ohp.

Stop deloading like PGSLP tells you to, for a start. You shouldn't deload because you're missing the last reps. The first set is the one that matters.

Then learn how to OHP like Rip teaches: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnBmiBqp-AI
I made this routine based off the reddit ppl and your recommendation for a full body.
Thinking of doing it when I start uni. What do you think?
5/3/1 google it and try it out
Powerlifting style program for major lifts made to break plateaus. Worked for me and i just hit 3 plates senpai
It's pretty good, not unbelievably good.

What is your programming for bench? How many time a week are you bench pressing?
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>recommending 5/3/1 for someone who only benches 1pl8

Shaking my head senpai

OP's problem is not programming.


You don't need leg presses and leg curls at all. You are squatting twice per week and deadlifting three times. That's more than enough work for your legs. Give them less volume so that it helps recovery.

Other than that it looks like a solid routine. Way better than the reddit meme routine.

The workout on monday looks like would take a long while to complete though. You might wanna remove the cable rows or curls and the skullcrushers, or you might end up spending over two hours in the gym. kek But if that's not an issue for you, than it's not a problem at all.

Remember to rest enough between the sets for the main barbell exercises. 4-5min rests are usually what works for most people.
But for the accessories you don't need to rest much at all. 1.5 to 2min rests are more than enough.
also, does anyone know what you look like?
Because if you're from Australia, I'd say hi

Take creatine

Nice meme
Fuuark. Good job as a trap

She's actually mtf, not a trap.
But the name trappy Chan
So confusing haha

She didn't came up with the name, people were just calling her that way before she started to trip.
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Great ass, but dyel?

>taking lifting advice from someone with no musculature
I have a similiar problem and i need a new method for training benchpress

Stats 3x5
120 squat
165 deadlift (1x5)
90 bp
60 ohp

Pls help
Those are in kg right?
You should squat and deadlift more at 90kg bench.

Mate haven't you seen her hamstrings?
Those thighs and ass lift brah
>mentally ill man with little skinny girls body
>flattering angle and lights photo with ass pushed back
the hands always give it away
if you get stronger triceps, your bench gets higher.
maybe your arms are long as fuck, makes bp a lot harder.

No it doesn't, not for a beginner. Long arms just makes it harder for the triceps, and beginners do not fail the bench because of the triceps.

Blaming anatomy is a stupid meme, it only makes a difference for advanced lifters.
The problem with OP is that he is not eating, and not adding weight to the bar correctly.
>>35663100 again, forgot to add: if what i said is the case just switch to dumbell bench press. should work better.
How long have you been training for ?

Long arms make it rougher on anything. Elbows have to go down further to touch, which puts both the chest and triceps into a weaker position. Same reason pretty much anyone can board press more than they can bench.

Which makes technique have a bigger effect in beginners with that issue as well.
Nah bro this is a meme. Im 6'3 with orangutan arms and I can bench 240 pounds 5x5
Remember in PGSLP progress isn't only measured in weight, but reps. So if on the last set in workout A you hit 40kgx6reps and workout C you hit 40kgx8reps, you've gotten stronger. So if you try to hit e.g. xkg and can't do at least 5 reps go back to the last weight you could do and try to beat the reps.
i also got problems with bench and ohp


last week i managed to push 80kg 5x5 but today i barely did 70kg 5x5

ohp: 52.5kg 5x5

should i switch to 3x5?
sure. 3x5 is much easier to progress on anyway.
I can fucking grantee you cannot "pendlay row" 70kg given your current stats. Look up some videos and see how wrong your wrong must be.

tbqh lad I have even more of an imbalance between my bench and other lifts than you. It's possible that your upper body is simply underdeveloped but given that you can't even bench your body weight I'm guessing your form is weak.. as you have said.

Really though it's impossible to tell exactly what is holding you back without watching you bench.
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Hey trap, big fan of you; your post always been very helpful.
I never did SS instead lifted always with a stupid split for one year. Since my numbers are lacking behind, (1/1.5/3/3.5)
What you recommend me to do? Taking SS even thought I'm probably past beginner stage?
I've made this routine with very slight differences based on your suggestions:
Bench 3x5 (+1kg)
OHP 5x5 80/90%
Lateral Raise 3x8/12
Skullcrusher #
Cable pushdown#
Cable crossover #

Close Reverse grip lat machine 3x5 (+2kg)
BarbellRow 5x5 80/90%
Bicep Barbell curl3x8/12
Hammer DB curl 3x8/12
Facepull 3x8/12

Squat 3x5
Deadlift 3x5 80%
Farmer Walk 3xF

OHP 1x5 (1kg)
Barbell Row 3x5
Bench 3x5 80%
Deadlift 1x3
Squat 3x5 (80%)
Incline DB press 3x8/12

I added DB press because I feel like my chest is lagging (maybe I should go dips? problems is gym doesn't have chain and I can't afford to buy right now - that's why I took off chinup) and farmer walk because I feel like deadlift is slowed by weak grip and that's why I also go for triple rather than 1x5.
Also how I do this? ABCxDxx or can I do ABCxDxABCxDx
Looking forward for your suggestions, hope to have been clear cause learning english!
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Hi bby~
Nah I don't think you should do SS, you've been training for a while. You probably aren't gonna get much benefit from it. An intermediate routine is the way to go.

Your routine looks good. You don't need a chain for dips and chinups, you can hold a dumbbell between your knees/thighs. Works well for most people.

If you feel your bench is lagging behind, what you can do is lower the row sets on D to 1 (you don't need to do row volume here, you already do 5x5 on B and the set here is just to drive progress on B) and increase the bench sets to 5x5. Alternatively, you can do 3x5 and add 2x5 of a bench variation - closegrip or competition (paused) bench work really well.
DB work is also completely fine.

ABCxDxx is the best way of doing it. You're likely gonna need the two days of rest, the routine is very high on volume and has intensity work every day.

I'm also not a native english speaker, don't worry kek
Looking pretty good in those pics btw.
most likely form, I was struggling around the same but when I learnt to "get tight" I progressed easily to 80kg, now it's a grind again
Guys what the fuck do I do. I'm imbalanced as fuark.

6' 180lbs

Squat: 275lbs 1RM
Deadlift: 305lbs 1RM
BB Row: 145lbs 4RM
BP: 140 3RM
OHP: 100 3RM

Idk what to do. My lower body is entering intermediate, but my upper is lagging hella. According to strength symmetry or whatever the fuck it's called, I'm lifting like 16% lower on bench than I should be.

I hate myself. Tfw upper body stalled, lower body keeps going. Tfw just wanna bench heavy in front of the qt's at the gym. Tfw no qt gf. Tfw when never got that girls number. Tfw I just wanna get big.

Hold me /fit/.
What's the problem? Progress on lower body will slow down eventually while upper keeps going until it's caught up.

you probably squat first then do bp or ohp, switch them around so you do upper body first then lower body.
Half repping and pretending it was a full rep, of course!
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>Trappy will never be your fitness coach
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Thread images: 9
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