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How do you eat them? Pure? Milk? Water? Fancy recipes? How often?
I eat prepackaged oats from the dollar store. Only 18g of sugar and keeps me filled up for a good 45 minutes
50 g oats
350 ml water
left overnigth

50 g oats
some soy milk (200 ml I guess + some water)
some sugar
eat it when still hot. comfiest breakfast
i'd eat oatmeal at every meal, honestly. it's divine.
Every morning, in a bowl:
>1 sliced banana
>all kinds of nuts
>whole milk

Nice filling breakfast
200g oats
never measured the amount of water
250g cottage cheese
tablespoon of raw honey
a banana

lazy oatz recipe:

begin boiling tea kettle
2/3 cup oatz in bowl
1 tbsp brown sugar
a few dashes of cinnamon

stare at kettle until it starts to whistle

pour water over oatz slowly, stirring while you do it. When all oats are soaked, you're down. You don't want a bunch of water pooling at the bottom.

Finally, drizzle some honey over this bitch.

If you want, add pretty much anything else people add to oatmeal at this point (apples, raisins, granola, whatever).
With milk and a spoonful of maple syrup or jam.
oats, banana, vanilla whey, water
>never measured the amount of water

Not gonna make it.
>300g of oats
>put in blender
>blend till powder
>add 500ml of milk
>chug it down like a champ
>enjoy my gains
I can buy powder oats for the same price, what can I do with that in addition to shakes?
Mutant mass (no 4 scoops, just one) and 80g of oats mixed with water. Been eating them for years now,
Whatever you want, frozen bananas (thnx scoob) or some other fruits like pineapple, peanut butter, add some protein powder.
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>no 4 scoops, just one
With whole milk and banana

I also put them in protein shakes after milling them.

Master race reporting in.

Every morning:
> Oats
> 1 Sliced Banana
> Oat Milk
> Natural Honey
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oh, when I meant in addition to shakes, I meant other than making shakes, maybe it was ambiguous or something.

So, can I use it instead of flour or something to bake healthy bulking cookies or whatever?
Everyday, with water or low fat yoghurt and protein powder, sometimes I put a banana inside (the oats)
well of course ever heard of oat cookies?
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oat cookies.jpg
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I make oat protein cookies. Anyone want the recipe?

i just eat them with milk like cereal

milk + peanut butter .. mix it .. pour in oats .. add cinnamon and ready

i dont like them warm
>1 cup into a bowl
>fill with water till I can see it coming up from oats
>microwave 1:30 minutes
>few dashes of cinnamon
>mix and devour

Every morning before work. Everyone that's seen me eat it says it looks nasty/boring but I don't give a shit about taste anymore.
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Yes, it looks like you just took a shit on the plate, though.
I've heard but they all the recipes I see is made with flour with rolled oats thrown in. I assume that's not what you are talking about?
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not him but saved this awhile ago
>it looks like you just took a shit on the plate, though.
What is chocolate flavour? Taste good idk.

2 handfuls of oats
1 handful of flax seeds
Pinch salt
1 scoop, chocolate flavour
Pinch of baking soda
1 egg

-Mix all the dry stuff (not almonds)
-Add egg. Mix like the devil. Result will be sticky mess.
-Put sticky mess on baking tray, and put one almond on each cookie.
-Bake for 12-15 minutes (until golden edges) at 180 C (about 350 F)
-Cool for a bit, then nom.

Tip: If not enough liquid, add some coffee or water. If not enough solid add more proton powder.
trouble with these is I can't bring it to uni, for an intermeal snack which would be great since I don't have too much time for eating. It just melts and falls apart. Thanks for the suggestion though.

nice, will try it out.
just fuckin put some boiled water ot them with raisins ... its perfect.. ;) make for breakfast like I do protein paincaes. In the blender with some oats and eggs I make like 5,6 and I'm ready to go for every morning
This, everyone thats sees my food says its boring and looks nasty, dont give a damn about taste too.
I tried this and fell in love:
>100 g oats
>200 ml cloudy apple juice
>200 g greek yogurt and 3 scoops of vanilla whey and cinnamon
>mix everything
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File: 1450849426954.png (2 MB, 1004x1004) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Saved these from some guy.
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If you see this thread, I just wanted to ask you:
Do you close the caps when you put them in the fridge?
Do you prepare them for the whole week at once?
Do they taste the same when they have been to the fridge for 5 days?
>50g of oats
>1 cup of hot coffee
>cacao powder
>seeds, nuts, peanuts...
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4-6 meals plus if anything gets put on the table.
300ml skimmed milk
60g oats
20g cocoa
Pretty basic
plus i add berrys or other fruit depending on mood
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Add mixed nuts
Add yoghurt
who is she jesus
>lazy oats recipe
this is the lazy oats recipe:
1/2 cup of oats
1/2 cup of cottage cheese
3 eggs

Makes some tasty as fuck pancakes. I put honey and peanut butter on top;
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125g oats
50g deep-frozen berries
150ml milk
450ml water

microwave for 6min, apply flaxseeds afterwards
the only way to eat oats.
Lazy oats recipe:
>pour boiled water over them from the dispenser in work
100g oats
50g almodn butter
50g whey (neutral taste)
300ml whole milk
Literally almost 3x higher estrogen than soy lmao
>I don't care about taste any more
>puts cinnamon on his oats like some metrosexual beta
Tried that once, shit didn't stick together.
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Listen up - best oat recipe coming through.
Only buy whole rolled oats. Anything else is for plebs.
Boil 1 cup of water with 1 cup of milk (I use 3.5% milk)
Add 1 cup of oats and bring to a boil
Reduce to simmer and cover the pot leaving a gap (close it if you want to ruin your stove)
Set timer to 20 minutes and spend the time in the shower or what ever you feel like doing
Shit's going to ready after that and you can season it and/or add stuff. I usually add a handful of raisins, some cinnamon and a teaspoon of honey.
Enjoy your oats.
Didn't mean to quote, sorry.
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>not eating steel cut oats raw
what are you a bunch of faggots?
cup of oats, 1/2 cup of milk, 1 cup of syntha 6 chocolate, 2 tbsp of pb. sogud
That site is myfitnesspal. The food comes from Amazon, mostly.
>breakfast oats

Soak rolled oats overnight with almond milk and raisins

>lunch/dinner oats

Cook steel cut oats with hulled barley and rye in a 2:1:1 ratio, mix in creole seasoning or other savory seasoned salt
>300g of oats
>over 1000 cals in just oats
you must be a big guy
I stopped being breastfed. Water, almond milk, rice milk, soy milk are best. God-mode with chocolate taste.
For you.
>I stopped being breastfed.
I'm so sorry. anon
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With frozen yogurt
Quaker oats with some cinnamon and a little brown sugar.
Is it better to eat oat raw (with cold milk, for instance) or to boil then in water/milk for better gainz ?
What do you think retard, only the best gains at 45 C
My breakfast this morning senpaitachi.

>vanilla whey
>cocoa powder
>sugarfree syrup

Tasted pretty good even though it looks like literal shit.

Other times though just bananas and cinnamon and truvia
>1 cup oats
>2 cups water
>3 minutes microwave
>2 scoops cinnamon roll myprotein whey
>ton of cinnamon
>1 tablespoon chia seeds
>5g creatine

Eat half of it right away for breakfast, take the rest with me to class for lunch
1/2 cup rolled oats, add boiling water and cinnamon. tastes good man
1/2 cup oats
3/4 skim milk
Teaspoon brown sugar

Simple and great
is this with yogurt?
>however many cups of oats (usually one 1/2 cup, sometimes one whole cup)
>little bit less than equivalent amount of water
>microwave 2 minutes
>10 chocolate chips
>tbsp or two of peanut butter

It's like a chocolate Chewy bar but it's just oats.
>1/3 glass oats
>2/3 glass of milk
see >>35652902
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