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ITT: we discuss all things SS. How's your progress on SS? Have you moved on? If so, what did you move on to and what would you recommend? What's your current diet like? How're your stats looking? Having problems with any lifts? Etc. Yes. SL is welcome too.

Pic related is 6 months doing the lifts while on a caloric deficit.

I've been having a problem with my deadlifts. I'm not sure if I'm just weak because I haven't exactly been eating at a surplus, but they won't go past 2pl8 without my back rounding. I've checked my form over and over but it's just not improving. What gives??

Also, I've just ordered creatine to help with my workouts on Friday evenings after school(I go in the morning on the other two days). I'm just so burnt out by the time I hit the gym and always underperform (failing reps, weight feels heavier etc.). Is it ok just taking creatine once a week for one workout? Or am I supposed to take it everyday?

19y/o 5'6"
Squat 105kg
DL 97.5kg
Bench 57.5kg
OHP 40kg
Cleans 60kg
>I've been having a problem with my deadlifts. I'm not sure if I'm just weak because I haven't exactly been eating at a surplus, but they won't go past 2pl8 without my back rounding. I've checked my form over and over but it's just not improving. What gives??
Having the exact same problem. My squat is about to pass my deadlift as well.
are you counting the bar
Uh yes?
What're your stats? And how long you been lifting?
Squat 92.5kg
DL 95kg
Bench 55kg
OHP 37.5kg
Rows 60kg

3 months
Yea definitely gonna pass your DL. Are you on a deficit as well?
Hmm...I'm not sure, but I have a feeling it's because of the deficit. I think I hit the peak of my newb gains around 3rd~4th month, and adding weight to the bar has been tough since then. How long more you cutting? And are you doing any accessories to supplement your deadlifts?
21y/o 5'10"
Squat: 160kg for 5 reps
Bench: 112.5kg for 5 reps
Deadlift: 150kg for 5 reps

My deadlift is fucking shit...
Mirin' numbers. Deadlifts tho. How long you been lifting?
Upper back rounding means one (at least) of two things:
Weak upper back
Weak grip
Snatch grip deadlifts, dead hangs and chin ups fix this.
You could modify your programming as follows:
Snatch grip DL
Deadlift (warm up with power cleans)
Squats (light or less reps per set)
Snatch grip DL

And add chin ups as you see fit. I'd add them on Wednesday and Friday.

Current stats are (5rm)
Squat 115 kg
DL 150 kg
Bench 87.5 kg
OHP 60 kg
PCl 90 kg (1rm)
87kg bw
Why would grip make the back round?
18 y/o
I have been on SS for almost 3 months now. I did work out before SS, but it was bullshit i came up with that gave me no results.

Current 5 RM

Squat 87 kg/ 191 lbs
Deadlift 103 kg/ 227 lbs
Bench 66 kg/ 145 lbs
OHP 41 kg/ 90 lbs

All lifts include the bar.

181 cm/ 6 ft. 73 kg/~162 lbs
Interesting. I take it the modded programme is just temporary to help boost DL numbers? what does that mean for my Cleans?

Mirin' btw. Those are my current goal stats right there.
Nice breh. Are your numbers still going up every workout or so?
Three reasons from personal experience, for someone else it may be different. (Read: broscience)
1) your grip fails mid thigh so you "rest" the bar on your legs to grip it better, and in the process of gripping it better you bend down to reach it easier, by rounding your upper back.
Note that this rep doesn't count and you should end the set there. I do this bullshit because my bullshit commercial gym doesn't allow dropping the weights. You should just drop them if you can.
2) by rounding your back while still raising your spine you are effectively reducing the speed at which your arms ascend, making it a tiny bit easier on your grip since it has to deal with a reduced load.
Of course this is bad form too and you should just drop the bar then and there. I shouldn't have to say this.
3) your upper back may round because a failed grip caused you to lose overall tightness in the upper body.
Snatch grip deadlifts strengthen your upper back and grip in a way that carries over to your regular DL. They also teach you proper form because you are forced to have a tight upper body.
By the way, I forgot to say before that you should do snatch DLs at like 60-70% of your regular DL working sets, but for 3x5. They are very easy on the lower back because of the light load, but they will fry your grip and traps.
>>35637614 second part

Run it for as long as you feel that your grip is an issue. I'm not doing this particular program atm just so you know. I'm doing something between that and TM.
Cleans are not that important in my humble opinion because even Rip presents them in his book as a tool to boost your DLs. In my suggestion you are merely utilising a different tool (snatch DL) for the same goal (help DL). From my experience, power cleans are most useful when used as a DL warmup. I have found that warming up for DLs using DLs tires my grip too much and I can't do the actual working set. And if I warm up less, then I still can't pull the weight because my CNS is sleeping. Power cleans are a great way to wake up your CNS without fatiguing your grip. I warm up to 95% of my pcl 1rm and then immediately do my DL work set. It works for me, so far.
>Mirin' btw. Those are my current goal stats right there.
I'm flattered, but you should aim higher.
File: lower back.png (128 KB, 1844x572) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
lower back.png
128 KB, 1844x572

Try the advice on pic related.
File: 1452447289060.png (159 KB, 846x348) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
159 KB, 846x348
Doing SS for 6-7 months.

bw 66kg

Squat 92kg
Deadlift 132kg
Bench 74kg (my bench is shit)
OHP 62kg (my ohp is amazing, go figure)
Chinup +26kg added
Power Clean 80kg

All of those for reps of 5 except the power clean which is 3 of course.

And no I'm not fat or bulking hard, I've been measuring my bf% every week and I'm always around 13-14%.
show body
>Doing SS for 6-7 months
>bodyweight OHP

I found that doing it like rip teaches here and only adding 1kg to the bar is what worked for me.
I haven't deloaded the OHP ONCE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnBmiBqp-AI

No push pressing though, just using the hips to create a bit of momentum, to clear the chin, and to present the chest to the ceiling with a small arch (I use a belt to prevent myself from creating too much of an arch)


Going to the gym right now, might take a pic when i'm back.
>tfw did SS at some point
>Legs still shit

Fml ;_;
Why ss sucks.

Squats take priority over every lift. OHP, weighted chins, bench and deads are more important. Why are squats so damn important? Do any ss routines have incline bench, dips or direct arm work?

Seems like old exercise science at best. Remember why you started lifting, you wanted to look good and be strong, not be strong and hope you look good.

You look good regardless of what you do, as long as youre not fat.

If you want good arms just add curls like rip says.
I stalled recently so i had to take a step back and cut some 10% on bench, dl and squat. I hope i can get even more out of SS in the next couple of months.
You will not look good squatting 3x per week and negelecting your upper body.
Fair enough. I might give it a run soon. Thx for the advice breh.
Maybe you dont get your starting position right when you use 45s, try using 25s and see if it works.

No manlet hate, I'm 5'6 myself, but it might work for you. Also maybe you should deload, idk

You're a fool.

>What are accessories on top of the main bench and OHP???
SS is a squat program for noobs. A standing press is more important than a squat. Why wouldn't you press first? This isn't a pl meet.
Ah but for how long tho?

Also, they're not THAT shit

The point of doing PC is that they are lighter than deadlifts. They allow for recovery while still giving benefits for training them.
Snatch DLs are cool but recovery where??? You get the point.
Is it wise to deliberately stall progress with certain lifts to let others catch up?
OP taking creatine once a week like some sort of pre-workout wont really do anything.
You should take it daily even on rest days and it's also recommended to load it for a week first.

IE: 1 scoop, 4x a day for the first week, then 1 scoop once a day per day afterwards.

No. Just do the lifts you wanna focua on first.

Just startes lifting after xmas.
My stats are
Squat 57.5 3x5
Deads 75 1x3
Ohp 35 3x5
And bench 50 5/5/3, i failed the last set by 2. Gonna try again next bench day it hasnt stopped me at all. I knew i was weak from the go, 27 years of slacker lifestyle does that, so just gonna keep going.
Will i make it bros?
Can i just do ss and keep the deads both workouts instead of changing to cleans.
Or even use a variation deadlift suxh as sumo on workout b?
1moth into SS 105kg bw
squat 80kg
ohp 40kg
dl 80kg
bp 50kg
pc 45kg
Last 2 workouts stats
Here's a useful pic for everyone in this thread.
It's Rip teaching how to progress on every lift. Give it a read.


Do light deadlifts 3x5 at 80% on B with shorter rest periods (3min or so)

You really should do power cleans or power snatches though. They are really fun, and really make you a lot more explosive - which aids pretty much every other lift.


You don't fail the second and third sets because of strength. You fail because of endurance.
Here's how to improve this:
- eat more
- rest more during the day and have better sleep
- rest more between the sets (4-5 minutes)
- drink water during the workout

Keep going!


Add more weight to your deadlift. You should be adding 6-8kg per workout until you reach 100kg.
Your numbers are good, keep going!
File: deadlift grip SS.png (296 KB, 1181x705) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
deadlift grip SS.png
296 KB, 1181x705
Another useful pic, the deadlift grip.
>Snatch DLs are cool but recovery where??? You get the point.
Recovery on Snatch DL day. Reread my post.
Thanks mate
Its my routine because i plateau already on ohp and Im adding 5kg on both quat and dl
>A day
>B day

You're not really recovering if you're doing heavy snatch DLs though, since the stress is just as high as the conventional DL.

But hey, if it's working for you, keep doing it.
>By the way, I forgot to say before that you should do snatch DLs at like 60-70% of your regular DL working sets
That is supposed to be light for your lower back. It may be hard for the arms and traps but these recover way easier.
I can understand not reading my post if you're not interested, but then why did you bother replying?

Missed that part, sorry.
nice bedsheets Nancy
They're fine.
You're flexing them.
Post upper body for comparison.
Just finished the first week of running SS after switching to a real gym instead of the smith machine riddled Planet Fitness where I was doing a SL variant for just over 2 months.

Stats at the end of this week:
Squat - 225
Bench - 155
OHP - 95
Deadlift - 305
Power Clean - 95

Think I can improve my OHP and Power Clean by trying hard to correct improper form.

I am doing Dips on Bench day and Chins on Press day, ab work (hanging leg raises, standing cable crunches), hyperextensions, and 15-20 minutes cardio.

Any accessories I should think of doing? Was thinking of a single MWF upper body accessory. Something like: Monday - Lateral Raises, Wednesday - Skullcrushers, Friday - Curls
no, if you read the fucking book you would see that rip recommends adding upper accessories to avoid trex.

also, you arent going to be big doing 3x10 with 135. the guy repping out 2 plates will almost always look better than the former
>You should take it daily even on rest days and it's also recommended to load it for a week first.

A loading period is not necessary. You need to take creatine every day to saturate the muscles with it - it doesn't work by going directly from your digestive system into your bloodstream.
>which aids pretty much every other lift.
no, he says that chins are the only accessory meant to be added at the novice stage.
>also, you arent going to be big doing 3x10 with 135
no one doing a decent split will be squatting fucking 135. if you take twins and have them do ss and ppl or something, the ppl guy will be doing something like 3x10x80 when the ss guy does 3x5x100. and the ppl guy can well be bigger
What? Why not? If you can train your CNS's ability to recruit muscle mass in short bursts, wouldn't it some how help your other lifts?
Right fair enough. Thx breh.

Also, does anyone actually cycle creatine???
yes in theory but in practice power cleans are shit
I got away from SS this fall, but back on it now. I've given myself a lot of leeway as far as doing accessories, as long as I finish my compound lifts, I will work on whatever I like.

Squat 215
Bench 165
DL 245
OHP 105

All for reps.

Progressing on bench has been the hardest, as well as keeping good form on squat.

6'5" 190lbs bw

OP here,

Solid numbers there, anon. Pick accessories that you think will help drive lifts that you feel are weak or need help with. For example, you can fit in RDLs on Cleans day to help with deadlifts and squats, and lateral raises or upright rows on Bench day to supplement your OHP progress. And if you're looking for something to help you bench, fit in some close grip bench.

Curls and tricep extensions/skullcrushers are a great addition to your workouts.

I'd say feel free to add in accessories as you like. As long as they don't interfere with your main lifts.
The* shit
Started SS a little under 2 months ago
5'11 205lbs

Squat - 175lbs (was higher but weight keeps going to my toes on the way up. deloading to work on mobility)
Bench -155lbs
OHP - 110lbs
DL - 225lbs
chin up - 40lbs assisted

All for reps.

I was adding in accessories very liberally up until recently (Mostly DB shoulder and DB incline bench, and lateral raises on days opposite their main lift counterpart). My bench was going up by 10lbs a session for sets of 8 instead of 5 and my OHP was solidly increasing, letting me put in extra reps even after increasing weight. As soon as I stopped the accessories, my progress considerably slowed. OHP stalled and was barely able to increase bench by 10lbs. I think I'm going to add them back in. My squat and DL are lagging for reasons I'm pretty sure are mobility related. I'm only able to squat twice a week due to fatigue (can only do 1 set at working weight after 1 day of rest). I think the fatigue comes from doing the movement incorrectly.
Nice work on bench and OHP there. You should probably keep the accessories going if they've helped you this much already.

But have you not been doing your stretches, anon?
I've been doing SS for 6 months too

how in the fuck do you squat 20kg more than me but bench 10kg less

other lifts same stats
just seems so weird
It's weird man. Even according to symmetricstrength my squats are higher than 15-20% of people at my level, and my bench is lower than about 10% of people or something. I guess I just have a naturally weak upper body or something.

How much do you weight btw? I'm currently about 68kg
Decent numbers, anon. Keep up the good work.
>3 months

Mirin' bench

What's your diet currently like?
Been on SS for about 3 months now.

Weight 62kg -> 68kg
Squat 55kg -> 105kg
Deadlift 60kg -> 125kg (not 100% on form though)
Bench 40kg -> 65kg

I'm also front squatting 80kg. But I think I'm starting to stall. Oh, and I'm a 5'9 manlet
Fucked up my post

OHP 30kg -> 42.5kg, trying 45kg next workout
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