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Embarrassing Stories
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Let's admit some embarrassing stories about our health.

>Making sure to drink a lot of water
>Get a new water bottle
>Unsure how much it holds
>See a 16 oz marker on the side
>Force myself to chug 4 a day
>Feels like a lot of water
>Start getting urgent needs to pee
>Think it's just something in my diet
>Try holding it in to "retrain" my bladder
>Literally unable to go without peeing for even an hour
>Get concerned I have diabeetus
>Recheck the packaging of water bottle
>Says 32 oz
are you that terrible with scale
Apparently so. Makes me question how I've measured my food in my mind to guess in the past.
>about a month ago
>3rd week of 5/3/1 cycle
>squat day, going for 375x3
>kinda sick though
>start coughing at bottom of second rep
>lose balance, fall forward and to the side
>get hand caught between barbell and rack
>end up bleeding and getting stitches in my thumb

Fuck, that was scary. Glad there was no bone, nerve, or ligament damage.
>falling for the watery Jew
Hey, I'm just glad I can avoid an awkward visit with my doctor.
>has a morning full of eggs sausage, beans, hash brown, etc
>go off to class where I have this super cutie sit next to me everyday
>start feeling urge to shit
>can't get up yet because the lecture is almost over
>holding it in so hard my ass checks could have made diamonds
>class ends and I bolt out the door
>sitting on the toilet sitting my brains out when I get a text
>its from the cutie
>"anon where did you go? I thought we were going to study "
>make up some bullshit excuse and say I'll meet her there in a half hour
>finish and leave the bathroom
>as soon as I walk out the door, cutie sees me
>she had been walking past exactly at that moment
>had to make a joke out of it

I wanted to kill myself in that moment
Most people are pretty understanding about needing to poop. A lot of us do it.
The issue was that I had just lied over text that I was doing something other than pooping. It was just awkward as fuck
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Cross-posting this but don't care

>recovering skeleton mode
>start weight training 2 months prior
>attempt 1RM of deadlift
>all of 300 lbs
>almost there
>made it!
>promptly pass the fuck out
>wake up, still alone in gym
>mfw nobody saw, not sure how much time passed
>quietly go home
Oh true but again she def understands.

A normal person is gonna realize "he's not being weird or flaky he just didn't want say 'oh be there in 20 just shitting my brains out can't wait to see you' "

You're like me you overthink. Next time you see her just only talk about pooling. She'll get the hint ;^)
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>"Hey cutie do you have a pool? W-watch out I-I might come over and leave a poop in it- haha!"
>forgot lifting plug
>had to lift plugless
>on my 415lb 1RM
>rips a fart
>figured that there's no going back and completed the rep
>smell drifts to guy next to me who's deadlifting
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>lifting plug

I think I know what this is and I like it.
You get me.
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this guy.jpg
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desu i feel embarrassed about stupid stuff. for example today a group of family on the train was carrying alot of luggage and trying to get out of a packed train. someone across the aisle yelled for someone to help them. i could have helped them but i didnt and their daughter nearly got crushed by the door. i still feel like shit
Why is there an apple? Is it implying apples poop?
When my gf died because I was too much of a little bitch to tackle the guy with the knife.
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>be me
>do day shift at shiftco
>do day shift and get extra hours on shift because i do good shift work.
>have time to have 2 shift breaks and 1 30 minute shiftmeal
>take shiftmeal
>chick at shiftco cafe sees and talks to me at shiftmeal
>notice she doesn't seem nervous or annoyed
>actually wants to talk to me
>then again when i started at shiftco so did 2 other new shiftco employees
>figure shiftmate is being friendly
>literally goes out of her way to be nice on shift
>lets me get away with 2 cents when i pay for shiftco food.
>turns out shiftmate has kid already and just popped another bun out

never know when chick likes me and I'm kinda glad. Still another story

>Go to night shift
>Chipinc sends chip bag chucker
>butterface with chuckable chip bags for a booty.
>let her in one day when night shift receiving is leaving.
>talks to me
>i go back to night shift work
>she asks me Specifically to let her out even though nigh shift receiving is prolly round the corner
>when she is on Chipinc shift at Shiftco she kinda goes out of her way to talk to me
>mfw again

I'm not all the good looking with scraggly beard and mason jar haircut. What do?
Lifting plug is a meme... right?
I've seen it talked about so much that part of me wonders about /fit/...
It reminds me of something my dad would always say... "You don't know duck shit from apple butter."
These are heavy.
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