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How do I be more confident? I tried and am...
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How do I be more confident? I tried and am still trying to fake it but I haven't made it. I've changed my body posture as well but still am not seen as confident. I am also wearing heels to apper slightly taller still no. Grown a beard. I've been lifting for 2 years and still not consider confident. Sure I appear SLIGHTLY less autistic than before but not enough for people to call me a "confident" guy.
Alteast better from how scared i used to be to even talk to people on the phone to ability to casual converse with a person. Still difficult to approach girls.

What are some other tips i should do?
Does tinder flirting help?
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Certified therapist brah here. The path to increasing confidence isn't to try to remake yourself into something that you're not. You've been lifting for two years, and that's a good thing; but you need to find the parts of yourself you enjoy most and project them outward in a confident way. Part of the genesis of confidence is not feeling the need to explain yourself further than telling people what you like to do.

>"h-hey anon, what do you like to do for fun?"
>I garden and go to the Opera

And that's it, there's no reason to apologize to someone else for who you are. Everyone sees pictures of dudes they want to be, but you need to let that go.

If you have mirin on the mind you'll never make it.
You're just a normal guy.
You think you're autistic, everyone else is just a uncomfortable as you, and just as autistic. The difference is they're more adept at hiding it.
Its all in your way of thinking in my opinion, experience doesn't really help. You need the mindset, thought patterns, and general philosophy on life that will make you a more confident person.
Practice makes perfect, seriously start small and build your way up. Do you like sports? Going to a sports bar and watch games, try and talk to people a bit around you about the game/season etc. don't drink you don't want to or have like 1 beer. It's the SS of small talk gains, seriously if you live in an area with popular major leagues it's great.

My SF giants hat has got me
>discount on a Christmas tree
>some weed and source from this old grower
>sales tax off on some cards I bought for my dad (dealer liked I could actually talk baseball)

Hell fantasy football is a great ice breaker nowadays too
You're right. I need friends who are more into sports and less into video games.
Good book.

If you really want to become more confident OP, take ~3g of magic mushrooms (if it's your first time), strip naked and just stare at yourself in the mirror.
i gave myself a mantra without even realising it and then it became habitual to call myself the hottest shit around

then i just decided to speak to everyone about stupid shit. i probably am autistic

ig what i'm saying is, create your own advice you pussy
Also, any type of online interaction won't help you. Maybe it's just me, but people don't seam like people when you're talking to them across the internet. All you anons are just cyborgs plugged to machines. It's like all emotions are suppressed online.
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OP enters gym with scapula retracted, chest out, and ass cheeks firmly clenched as to emanate poise and confidence to those around him. Immediately asks gymbro, "hey, d-do you think I'm confident"?
>Sure I appear SLIGHTLY less autistic than before
you don't even know how deep into this you are
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>tfw got /fit/
>learned how to talk to girls
>am the charming asshole and always make girls laugh
>give no fucks about them, which attracts them more
>have a couple girls I talk to/go out with regularly
>they all say confidence is what attracted them to me
>tfw it's all a sham

On the inside I got horrible self esteem. Feel like I'm a weak bitch, never feel good enough, always call things off with the girls first so I don't have to deal with them calling it off when they inevitably get bored, self conscious of 5" penor.

The list goes on. But I just put on my cool guy shades and never let the girls know the truth.

I just want one girl to care about me enough to get me over this depression..but bitches don't want no softy.

Stay strong /fit/.
Just live your life and be more introspective, seriously! Self-awareness is one of the beautiful things meditation can teach you. If you find yourself anxious and unconfident, ask yourself "why am I anxious" Engage in a breif inner dialogue and objectively discern the source of your anxiety. I promise that after objectifying and identifying your anxiety, you will become calm. Thus, you will become more confident.

This also works with anger, and any other emotion that takes you "out of state".
My problem is I sweat really bad, even used special deorderant but it made me sweat even more and in other places.

I have terrible anxiety but obviously the sweating is a catch-22.

In spite of that I'm forcing myself into situations where I feel uncomfortable, etc. I hate the hairdressers because I'm shit at small talk but I've made the decision to actually try engage with the hairdresser now.

>tfw I warn people "I'm shy and awkward"
>they turn around and say "You don't come across that way at all, you come across as relaxed as"
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want the truth
just gotta force yourself into social situations
I was once a huge introvert, R9K level, but then i ended up at the most social university in the UK.

Had to change or die really
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