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Hey /fit/, I come to you because I'm...
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Hey /fit/, I come to you because I'm stumped desu.

5'10 160 pounds

Please offer some advice - I don't count calories but I get at least 120 grams of protein a day.

I'm a skinnyfat, my body looks like trash. My shoulders pop when doing any sort of weight, even 5 pound dumbells with standing lateral raises.

OHP is fine, any other excercise is fine - pure shoulder isolation brings pops, but not painful.

And also as I said my body is garbage. My lifts have gone up recently, currently at about uh..

115 bench 5x4
215 deadlift 5 reps
80 OHP 5x4
105 squats 5x4 (I have issues with squats I don't know why, my form is fine apparently)
95 bent over rows 5x4

I've been going for quite a while, I quit after 6 months of garbage gains and started again 2 months ago.

Not sure why I'm doing better now, I just try to do more pushups and a few excercises at home as extras after.

Anyway how do I destroy this skinnyfat piece of shit body?
I tried Ketosis but it's very difficult to get all the cals in with that diet since it fills me up fast. Didn't notice any changes either even though I kept it under 30g carbs for like 2-3 weeks

Also I have no visible deltoids.
They're like almost nonexistant, I've got the tiniest delts in the world comparable to a girl.

So why on earth is my OHP going up? Not going up fast but it's going up.

When I feel around my shoulder I mostly feel bone, I'm not exaggerating. And I don't mean the spot where the muscle anchors on and there's a gap like everyone has - I mean I feel barely any muscles.

Pic related I'm the right side
Posted in the other thread you did, don't know if you saw, but check your form on OHP, you may be cheating if it's going up but not your bench.

Also don't bother cutting yet if you're only 160 and have those stats.
spend one month only doing yoga
Sorry I didn't, that thread was on the wrong board and I only realized after I posted. Felt like a retard so I just closed the tab.

My bench is going up as well, about as slow as my OHP though. The form is fine when I asked other people to check - Stood straight, lifted it over my head with my grip being close.
Stretches would definitely help but considering my lifts are so bad already I'm not going to quit lifting as it is

Any particular things I should try for my inner shoulder muscles? I already do a few stretches as warmups for my legs like lunges
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I'm 5'10" and 165lb. Probably around half your age too, here's some motivation for my otter body f a m.

Just keep at it, then, keep adding weight to your lifts until you can't finish your 5x4s, go back to the last weight that you could and slowly try to add more reps as time goes on. If you don't feel pain when doing OHP, keep with it, find some accessory lifts that don't cause your shoulders to pop and look into different form for the ones you do, lateral raises in particular. This vid is helpful:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWeZJcqlXrA

Just remember Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will your body be. Keep eating over your TDEE and trying to progress your lifts when you can.
Thanks Mr.Otter
When you say slowly add more reps would the goal be something like
8x4? Then move on up?

Reps, not sets, unless you've switched them. So go from however many sets of four or five to six, then seven, eight, and so on. Usually once you can handle twelve, increase weight by 5 for bench or OHP, 10 for squat and DL, and start over.


week 1 135 bench 3x5 (3 sets of 5 repetitions)
week 2 135 bench 3x7
week 3 135 bench 3x9
week 4 135 bench 3x12
week 5 140 bench 3x5
Flexibility increases muscle mass potential by expanding the fascia, increasing circulation, and reducing stress (especially tightness). That can also improve form if it's what's problematic.

Got any pics of ordinary posture? Videos of lift form? What exactly is the problem with squats? Is your back straight, no ass-out? You shouldn't be sticking anything out or over-weighting any specific muscle -- it's all about remaining as supple as possible, especially no locking up the kneecaps.

Oddly enough, most skinny-fat characters seem to have awful posture. Learning to rotate the shoulders back is as simple as opening the palms and forearms forward. The shoulders should roll back almost naturally at that point. No real tightening, just suppleness. https://youtu.be/yKrEvSoG1kg

If you're trying to strain up with the chest and spine, you should do the same setup with your hips and legs. That's called an open, neutral position; and it can be especially helpful as a counter action to tight muscles through lifts and stretches, and it should be the most comfortable.

Breath to push down the pelvic floor, and when breathing out you can clench it, and that should form a baseline for great kegels later. If you seem low on energy or your hair seems "mineralized", take more multivitamins; and make sure you're getting enough antioxidants.. especially to counter lots of dietary protein (.75g/lb.+), but watch out for cinnamon toxicity (https://examine.com/supplements/cinnamon/). Food nutrition can be checked at nutritiondata.com, and it also has a nutrient search tool. Myfitnesspal.com has a macro-nutrient/calorie journal. You should be able to maintain muscle while burning fat by getting enough protein and staying on top of weights (1RM, for example).
Smaller weight versions of the exercise.
Thanks guys, lots of good info.

Sadly no pics of myself or form, far too embarrassed of myself for sub-par lifts
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