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/fft/-Fit Feels Thread
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Terrible fit related feels/ times you left someone behind
Mines like reverse NYR story, he actually went to the gym less coming up on new years
>be me, in hs
>Best friends with his kid, lets call him Jack
>Jack was pretty chill, we'd hang out and play vidya all the time
>Jack was pretty fattish, serious love handles and titties
>he started going to the gym and doing what I would later recognize is a shit routine >smith machines and a 10 min walk on the treadmill
>I was happy for him getting in shape >
he loses ten lbs
>start going to the gym with him
>fitness generally part of my life, parents are /fit/, dad was military
>skelly, been hitting the gym semiregularly and doing calisthenics, seeing some gains
>alter diet greatly, start eating good greens and fruits
>then it happens
>Jack gets a gf
>congratulate him
>then he starts acting weird
>Don't see him at school very often cause hes with gf so much
>meet her, she openly insults me without me knowing her
>literally calling me shit
>Jacks too beta says nothing
>cycle continues, she insults me, jack does nothing
>get home from gym
>try and cook
>mother has decided to clean the kitchen
>she doesn't work, and has literally all day, i only have a few hours before work
>i have to take out the rubbish, do laundry ect, she won't let me use the kitchen

Do women realize how often the only reason they don't get the shit beaten out of them is because they are women?
>at aunts for Christmas
>bulking hard enjoying unlimited turkey and shit
>I'm grown but my little sister is still a child so naturally lives with mom
>she's starting to get a little chubby
>mom says she has a gut
>aunt suggests she does crunches
>tell her it doesn't work that way and that it's more about body fat and calories
>"yeah but crunches burn calories"
>takes everything in me to drop it there and not get autistic on her about spot training and how you burn a negligible amount of calories doing body weight exercises
I just hate the idea that my sister is going to grow up taking my mom and aunts diet and exercise advice
>tries to lose weight
>eating a bunch of pasta and other high carb bullshit
>refuses to exercise
I just can't. No matter how shredded I get she's gonna keep living the mom science....
At this point I'm pretty pissed at Jack, everytime I ask him to explain his dickish behavior he loses his shit and blames anxiety and depression
>starts being one of those 'supportive' depressed people
>literally does nothing to fix his situation and posts annoying shit on fb,
>never see him at the gym anymore
>when I do he never even breaks a sweat
>one time come home with him after gym to hang out
> "hang on anon, let me make a protein shake"
>proceeds to mix in inctredibly sugary peanut butter, shitty organic "protein powder"
> powder legit has like 18ish grams per serving + carbs and sugar
>"and now the final touch"
>this nigger pours in legitimately 4-6 tbsp of INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH CHOCOLATE
>not hersheys chocolate sauce, this is the shit restaurants buy to flavor like 20 deserts with a little bit
>uses fucking 2% milk (after drinking whole milk all else is worse)
>I was pretty dumb, so i just shut up and drank it, tasted like a desert
>jack says he doesn't like counting calories cause it "doesnt work"
>calculate with myfitnesspal (grade A app btw, check it out)
>1100 calories
>in his postworkout shake
>weekly cardio probably averaging around 30 minutes of walking
>pisses me off typing this out

This Lad maintains he is only eating around 2000 a day >"I skip lunch cause I feel fat" >explain to him about how muscles need calories to rebuild, but he can lose weight through cardio
>"my legs already do what I want them to do, besides I don't like cardio" >tell him it is the way to lose weight and doin anything else is dumb >gives me a death glare >meanwhile his gf is legit puppeting him now >I fear she may have started giving him body positivity bs >don't really hang out with him for a bit after he defends his gf insulting me >Homecoming rolls around
>I'm just there for grinding ya fell meh
>Jack and his gf practically making children in the corner, posting pics on fb of him with tousled hair and lipstick marks >smiles that fuckass smile "oh you're taking a pic, I didn't notice, and thats why I look unattractive in it lawl"
>I have a good time still tho .
>Have my entire life set up
>Good job, car, house, going to college even though I make 70k a year
>Confident as fuck
>Ask girl I had a crush on in high school for a date
>One date, goes great, get hit with the "let's be ftiends " bit before second date
>See this shit on Facebook

I don't get it man. I don't get it.
not worth your time if she's dating a guy like that tbqhfrfam
You can do better my man. Based on the guy she's dating now, she's probably white trash. Don't settle for that. You've clearly got your shit together and you probably have a banging body too
You dodged a bullet. That guy has fag piercings and fag tattoos. She'll cuck him soon
I had a rough day yesterday
>On winter break still, going to the Gold's near my house
>Doing 5/3/1, yesterday was OHP and pullups
>Fail on the last rep of my last set
>Only manage to do 9 pullups after a month of being able to do 10
>Get home and realize I graduate in 4 months and have no job prospects
>Just mope for an hour because of how down I was

I'm fine now, it was just a snowball effect kind of thing.
It would've been ok if it had just been that I failed on my last rep or dropped down on my pullups or that I just had that sudden realization of my joblessness, but it all coming at once brought me down.
If anything, it was good for me since it gave me the kick to apply to more places and push myself harder when I work out.

I'm not gonna come at you with some motivational stuff. That sucks. That really blows. I'm sorry that happened to you. >>35594454 is right though. You can do better.
>Not saving a at white trash gf and letting her share your success while you help her improve her life
>in med school but still a year at least to finish
>playing games
>browsing 4chan
>getting a burst of motivation to fix my life for good
>plan it, buy all I need
>it vanishes as soon I actually have to do it

Kill me, I would probably fail that too
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Oh fuck. I want to ask this qt out but this thread is giving me cold feet.
Idk if it's better to be the guy that lurks the feel thread or the guy that posts in them.
I have the same symptoms as you and it sucks.
Last year i finally wanted to study and get better in math so i could become a computer engineer but as soon as i had the books available i just didn't feel like it anymore.
I hope that this lifting thing changes me in some way making me more disciplined . I wish that i never got into video games.
Go for it man, worst that can happen is she says no, which if she isnt in a relationship and you arent buttass ugly is very unlikely.
Honestly brother, how do you change your mindset on how you feel when you get turned down.

I get a fair amount of netflix and chill dates, but I talk to them enough first and feel for it before I ask. I've never been denied because of that. But that limits the pool I have to fish from.

How can I be blunt and ask a chick out without getting the hurt feels from a no. Beta af but srs
Just say you think shes cute and want to grab coffee sometime, if she says no she more than likely has her own shit and it isnt your fault.
>I can fix her: the post
This is how a cuck is born.
Thread replies: 19
Thread images: 4
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