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Mixed Feels Thread
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>tfw when you reach your goal weight
>tfw you eat maintenance for the first time in over a year
>tfw you're still too paranoid not to calorie count
>tfw you fear you've just shook one eating disorder for another one
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>tfw wrong pepe
>can finally squat how much you weighed when you decided to stop being fat
>it's only 75 kg
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>you fear you've just shook one eating disorder for another one
>mfw you don't mind because you look hot
some faggot kneed my calf coming down from a rebound playing basketball and the impact tore my calf. doctor says it'll take 4-6 weeks to heal

>tfw haven't made gainz in 2 weeks
>tfw it's the longest time off since you've started
>tfw 2016 is the year but this shit happens

How tall are you? 75kg isn't very fat
5'8", very little muscle
>tfw a couple years ago you were a fat ass
>6 months into my first bulk, looking juicy and moving some weight
>wear a tank top to the gym every day
>see fat people look at me in the gym with envy and a "damn it was easy for that guy" look
>they have no idea I looked twice as shitty as them only a few years ago

Kind of a mixed feel, once you get in good shape with a good body people just assume you've always looked so good, just the way certain people look at me I just want to say "I was one of youuuu"
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>finally going to break my 5 year dry spell
>legs doms are so bad I can't do anything
JUST do upper body then?
Reminder theres ppl like these
Look amazing now.

>tfw stretch marks inescapable reminder of the past
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>been shitposting on /fit/ since 5 am today
>shitposting in the car
>shitposting at work
>shitposting while at the gym
>shitposting while making dinner right now
>will probably continue shitposting until I fall asleep

I don't know how to feel
>tfw stretch marks are a reminder of how far you've come
A lot of people don't get fat then fit
You came from the bottom
I'm right there with him. They go away with a tan tho
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exalifting [5].jpg
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>tfw meet a qt3.14
>her head game is ridiculous
>body is HIGH TEST, like legit slim waist hourglass body
>past few weekends she's cancelled her plans to be with me
>her beta male friends hate me
>one of them referred to me as a chad
>barely otter mode
>about to have threesome with her and one of her qt3.14 friends

on the downside, she has major issues and has fucked probably the same amount of dudes as I have chicks.

can two whores make it together brehs?
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>pull your first PR in 1 year
>it was the same PR you hit a year ago but you weight 45 kg lighter

th-that's progress, r-right guys?
ok im gonna sound like a fag but wtf does hight test female mean
it aint in the sticky
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>plowing gf
>suddenly feel back of thigh cramp coming on
>begin the education of your dreams next week
>hot virgin girl wants to fuck you tomorrow
>family situation finally good

>losing gains
>feel tiered and/or sad all the time
>panic attacks

I want to not be a sadcunt so bad, and I work really hard for it, but sometimes the brain chemicals just won't have it.
> Facebook memories show my vid of the first time i squatted 2pl8.
> was 2 years ago, skinny as fuck
> now sitting in the squat rack struggling with 90kgs
> have not hit a PR with any sort of fitness after joining the navy.

Fuck DFR
You are what you do?
So she's a virgin?
>used to be fat fuck
>like real big
>losing weight since december
>lifting since may
>down to 5'11'' 220lbs
>first week of spring semester
>its my first week of college in years
>fitter than almost all the guys in my classes, who are either fat or skinny twigmen
>tfw spent the last couple of years in social isolation, working a dead end retail job
>tfw can't contain my autismo

feels bad man. I wish people would just go back to ignoring me.
That is progress mang
your still really fat
What's dfr
Defence force recruiting
File: Feels Post.png (1 MB, 1320x3768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Feels Post.png
1 MB, 1320x3768
>tfw two months ago I couldn't run a half mile without dying
>tfw today I ran three miles straight
>tfw I'm still not over a girl at school
>but tfw I know there's other girls out there, I just don't go out enough
>tfw when you've been making so many gains in the past 6 months
>tfw you still cant be with her...
Just get enough fiber and you should be good
>spent the last year doing all shit to get into adfa
>mfw a week ago they tell my the uni won't accept my school results
>have to go do a year of uni elsewhere
>have to do the whole process again
I don't miss being an 18 year old who thinks he found the one. There is no one.





Its a girl that has the traits that men with high amounts of testosterone want
Big ass and legs typically. Some people just call fatties high test
>female are friendlier and random women are receptive to talking to me when I go out
>female friends want to fuck, or at least that's the impression I get but I don't want to ruin our friendship for a bang
The gains are going to make me ruin everything.
You know how sometimes you see a beautiful girl who's a little on the chubbier side? and you think "man she'd be amazing if she lost 20lb"

high test is just going for it, just busting nuts all over that cellulite and saggy tits
leaving the nuts hanging out of that average flabby ass

because it's a woman. and it's what your dick needs
It's gonna be ok brah, we're all gonna make it.
Thread replies: 41
Thread images: 10
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