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Introducing yourself to a grill at the gym:...
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I'm here to answer any questions you have regarding women at gym. I've slept with 4 cardiobunnies and 1 powerlifter (she squatted 3lmao). AMA.
How do I approach women at the gym? I stare but I can't get passed that.
if you have to refer to yourself as alpha, 99.9% of the time (get ready for it)

you aren't alpha lol
Are you good looking?
how do you figure out who might be worth approaching? they all wear headphones and don't look at anybody.

but I go to a majorly gay gym, so I imagine a lot of women go there because they are trying to avoid straight guys. (could be an advantage tho)
It's all about reading women's cues. If she's constantly making eye contact with you directly, through mirrors, etc. she thinks you're attractive and she will most likely want you to approach her. Another cue is following you around - if she's always around you there's a good chance she's stalking you.

Here's a good test: next time, make eye contact and do not look away, let her look away. After a while (1-2 minutes), make eye contact again and smile. If she smiles back, or looks down, she's into you and you should approach her. If she looks to the side, not into you.

In short, if any of these are true, you should have full confidence to approach her. Women love confidence. Here's a phrase that helped me out, "Fake it till you believe it".
I'd like to think so, but many people think they're attractive. I've been told I'm attractive by many people not related to me.

Approach women who give you visual cues. Read this >>35583071
Even more importantly, what do I say? I've only pulled girls on dating sites and drunk sluts at parties. Do I critique her on her squat form?
If she's into you, you can practically say anything that's not autistic. If she's a gym regular, you could literally just say "Hey, I've seen you in here a lot and thought I should introduce myself. My name is anon, what's yours?" And take it from there. Girls love when guys approach them, it makes them feel wanted especially at a place where other women are at.
>mfw get nervous and actually say "my name is anon"
I have a nagging suspicion that for most women at the gym, getting asked out is a worst case scenario.
>asking females out at the gym

Pretty sure chicks typically like to be left alone at the gym. Every female Iv talked to family and friends complain endlessly about the douchebag bags that approach them at the gym.

Theyre there to get in work out and go home. It's not the fucking bar.
You've slept with only 5 different woman. Relax you're not some womanizer.
>"Fake it till you believe it".
Fake it till you make it
Is what you posted some european meme.
>5 women total at gym
>answering any questions.

Come back to me when you've fucked every woman at an all lesbian gym.
That would be worth talking about.
>make eye contact and do not look away, let her look away. After a while (1-2 minutes), make eye contact again and smile.
oh man i saw that shit on a video on how to be approach girls
Yes, but I'm talking about women who have implicitly expressed interest in you.

I've slept with 5 women from the gym. Total is upwards of 25-30 I believe.

I actually meant to say "Fake it till you become it". My bad f.a.m.
>be 5'10
>be 220 pounds, 8% body fat
>be sponsored animal powerlifter
>work at grocery store as cashier
>gain 18 pounds of fat
>wife gets hit by a car
>dead on impact
>go to grocery store for work
>no one even pays me any attention
>they call me names
>names like
>dead wife guy
>retard with the dead wife
>slice to 218 at 4% body fat
>hop on gear
>287 pounds at 13% body fat
>quit grocery store
>no more discount groceries
>tell boss he should have never let me quit
>take him out back
>beat the literal shit out of him
>dude actually shit himself
>he's dying
>cops bring me to store CONT
u silly desu senpai
fug : D

nigger what.
>work out at mom and pop gym
>franky's barbell
>franky's died of aids during a robbery gone wrong
>criminal stabbed his knuckle
>he pumped criminal in tooth
>he got infected
>i look out for him at the gym
>some times come in and sweep floors
>chick comes in
>solid 6/10 but
>remember she has an anus and i immediately get turned off
>at home bathroom
>no lights
>start laughing
>punch mirror
>grab shard of glass and carve my name and WIN into my forearm
>Introducing yourself to a grill at the gym
You don't unless she approaches you first, otherwise you're a creeper.
What you guys don't seem to understand: The gym is a place people go to do WORK, then they LEAVE and go do the rest of their lives, it is NOT A SOCIAL CLUB, don't treat it like one unless you want to be labeled a creeper.
>strict diet of gruel and raisin protein
>pound of beef every three days
>strongest i've ever been
>don't compete anymore
>was a no name when i did
>disturbed's 'shout 2000' comes on
>makes me remember a day
>first time i squatted 700+ raw
>start weeping
>wife's gone
>franky's's gone
>remember what i train for
>remember what i win for

In that case, you do the mythical dance of the third leg. It's a top secret ancient ritual that women immediately fall for. You have to be a level 77 mage to get the skill tho.


You walk over to her, Introduce yourself and get to know her. See if she's single, see if she wants to exchange info. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out. Might be hard for some of you to open your mouth and talk. I think overall most will be able to do this simple task.
>go on 4chan
>/fit/'s plg board is extremely helpful
>no bullshit, just facts
>fraud helps me with my stack
>take what i need to, nothing more
>realize i haven't been taking in cottage cheese protein
>cottage cheese protein is ordered
>comes to house
>200 7.8 pound tubs
>one for each day
>a pierogi to stem my hunger for vengeance
>start deadlift day
>make sure to drop every rep at the top
>double overhand as well
>can't have my grip fail during heavier sets
>sit down
>800+ weight on the bar
>"franky's would have been proud"
>no he wouldn't
>stop watch doesn't work
>toss it out
>no time limit for amrap set
>we are doing this jonathan sigmarrson style
This is beta logic. 90% of women love to be approached, it makes them feel good and validated. Women who approach you are easy obviously, and are assuredly sloots (if you're looking for something more than some sex, avoid women who approach you).
what the fuck is going on
Lol that's like saying people don't want to talk at work, because they're working. Everyone on /fit/ is so fucking autistic they think talking to someone is such a big fucking deal. If someone has headphones in don't talk to them. But if they don't they probably have no problem talking because they don't think talking to people is such a big deal like all you autistic fucks.
>800+ deadlift is repped stupid
>hit it for 7
>orgy's cover of 'blue monday' starts blasting
>who's the king?
>8 reps, 9 reps, 10 reps
>hit 12
>back in the game
>big bill eastham is back
>spit out chew
>quit tobackky immediately
>start eating sunflowers instead
>boosted metabolism as well
>use honey on gruel to ease up the taste
>yinz best watch out, screamed old lady sheryl
>she is obese
>feel bad because she was franky's's husband
There is also the fact that I go to the gym to WORK myself, and I literally don't have time to fool around.. usually..

OK I'll tell you all a little secret: The blunt, goin'-in-hot approach at the gym is what'll get you in trouble. There is a subtle game of exchanging looks with someone that will tell you if they're open to you approaching them. Granted this is all so much more complicated for you young guys because male and female alike are so goddamn insecure around each other because you just haven't lived enough to gain any real self-confidence.. but there are segues you can use as an 'excuse' to talk to someone while not coming off like you're hitting on them (which is what gets you in trouble in a public gym). If she's using a machine or doing an exercise incorrectly, and you can be oh-so-diplomatic about it, it gives you an excuse to open a line of communication. Or, one of my favorites, is if someone looks like they're training seriously (or look like they've been training seriously for quite some time), I'll say, "Excuse me, if you don't mind my asking, are you training *for* a specific sport?" Works. If she wants to have more of a conversation with you, you'll know soon enough, if not then oh well you tried. But what you don't do is just walk up to some girl at the gym and approach it like you're at a bar; that's not what girls go to the gym for, most are very insecure and feel like men are staring at them to start with, and they'll get turned off completely if you approach it that way. Some will even get all pissed off over it and make trouble for you with the gym staff. It's a complex situation that requires some finesse if you want to stay out of trouble and maybe make a new 'friend'.
>she has a bucket of orange deuce
>franky's's special, she calls it
>not natty anymore so drink it
>makes me lose it, rage
>head to red lobster and slap the young hostess
>on ass
>remember hand touched ass
>ass cheeks are attached to anus
>feel sick
>feeling of dread comes over me
>shout 2000 is playing at red lobster
>why did god make me this way
>man in crowd says god didn't make you
>...you made you
>everyone starts slow clapping
>shout 2000 is starting to crescendo
>tomato timer in kitchen is broken
>every time watcher is broken
>realize this
>animal sponsor drops me after 2 days
>this was in '03
The workplace is an entirely different set of dynamics and it may or may not be acceptable (or may even be against company policy) to be fraternizing with other employees.. and also you've got a 'captive audience' where you work, i.e. they're trapped, can't leave, and you're inflicting yourself on them when they may not want it? You have to be careful how you approach this situation unless you want to get fired for it. No joke. Welcome to being an adult!
> the ex-fuccboi of a mexican skank
> alpha
>start dropping everyone in crowd
>has to be 400+, typical of red lobster
>it is friday night
>eminem tells me to search within me
>to find the inner strength
>to not give up
>to not be a quitter
>no matter how bad i just wanna fall
>flat on my face
>till i collapse
>start pouncing
>lady with sharp teeth growls
>know i'm having an episode
>eminem tells me to never quit
>he says i'm a good boy
>dave grohl agrees
>man at host table is playing
>halo: trial on pic
>he says to have fun
>everyone leaves
>i am alone
>start going to tree house
>where i live
>it's made of oak
>oak made of ash
>world is circle after all
>smile at tree
>tree doesn't smile back
>grab loose piece of grass
>eat it and scream at tree
>paramedics are called
>squad comes in
>what's the problem?
>tree hates me
>tree wants my soul
>souls don't exist says cop
>neither does god
>become born again atheist
>start doing grass cutting
>punch myself in the face immediately
>face is bleeding
>cackle and say i will be back on /fit/
>read every first letter
Goddammit. 10/10.
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What does it say?
is only having sex twice a year at 26 pathetic?
that's where I'm at, I didn't even perform well and it was purely luck. I have the urge to fuck more obviously but I have no game and don't want to make the effort.
this thread sure is shit

also sage
I do not understand
Its nothing?
>I believe
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what is he holding?

and girls don't want your creepy ass bugging them at the gym. they're there to work out. go to a bar or something. at least then you'll have alcohol to help your chances.
How does dick taste homo
how do i approach a qt boi at the gym

i see him squatting all the time and i wanna slither my slitheron into his chamber of secrets
Do you approach women the first time you see them in the gym, or like only ones you've seen regularly that might recognize you?

And when you approach them, do you get their number that day? Or just start talking to them when you see them in the gym and get their number after you've been talking to them regularly?
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>dead wife guy
>retard with the dead wife

Absolutely lost it. Top kek.

a clicker from an old axe bodyspray commercial
stop jacking off and you'll have more of a drive to get laid
Why should I care?
Anon that story doesn't make sense and neither do the first letters, are you autistic?
Who said you should? If you don't care get out of the fucking thread retard
>or looks down

shit advice. That literally means she's trying to avoid you, fampai.
What if I keep a constant gaze? If we both look at each other until she breaks eye contact but when she looks again I'm still looking. Will she think I'm alpha?
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