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You're gonna make it.
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You're gonna make it.

Keep going.

>Green text editino
>Advice edition
>Community edition
How can you fight cravings? I just had two small scoops of butter finger ice cream and im ashamed -- it's the first candy/junk food ive had in almost a week
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Drink tea/water. Usually causes them to subside.

Good feels:
>graduated with MA in summer
>unemployed for six months
>losing hope
>apply to a company last month
>no word until today
>hired, being next month
>40k salary, benefits, 9-5, cozy office work
>mfw making it

We're all gonna make it guys.
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>19 year old kissless virgin
>Start lifting
>Asked a girl out who goes to my gym
>She said yes, took her to see The Revenant
>Did my absolute best to not be autistic
>Drove her home, asked her if I did alright
>She kisses me, says we're going to hang out again soon
>tfw 19 year old regular virgin

We're all gonna make it

>A palmfull of peanuts and a glass of water, thats what I did during my 70 lb cut last year
Yohimbine and coffee makes me look at food with disgust
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If this guy can make it so can you.
So does yohimbine actually work? I've had friends with different (anecdotal) experiences. One says makes him horny as fuck but that's about it.
Hey doctor my resting heart rate is like 45. I squat like 120 and deadlift 135 kg and can run 5k without getting too winded. Is it brachicardia or is it normal?
Trans since it's related to the fitness. I know muscle growth will be slower and all that, but I was wondering how many reps would be good for building strength and retaining speed since I love boxing and I'm planning on going into sambo this year as well. I know low reps won't make me get bulky and beefy too much since I'm pumping drugs into my body that kills testosterone, but from my past I only ever did low rep sets because muh denial. Please help.
If he was a real doctor he wouldn't be asking for diet tips on a Vietnamese Wind Surfing Forum.
Thought this was a Korean Showboating Image Board.
No dudes it's a Nicaraguan Basket Weaving Blog.
Caffine in low ammounts.
If you have a circle k near you, annon they sell these 100 oz polar pop mugs. they're well insulated. Get one, fill it with unsweetened iced tea. Brew all future teas at home, and sip it throughout the day. That, and gum will help you with it anon.
Just go back from a lift, let's get this thread going again
Gratz senpai
Just letting others share their advice broski. Cheers and get gainz.

A resting heart rate of 45 is very healthy -- my resting heart rate is usually around 54, and I do a lot of cardio. So, first off, congrats on that healthy mark.

>I squat 120 and dead lift 135 kg
I don't know your age, how long you've been lifting, or your size, but those are great numbers for any body, espically paired with

>can run 5k without getting too winded
Brachycardia is the slowing of the hearbeat, usually below 60 beats per minute.. it does not mean you are healthy, but rather have a form of heart dysfunction. However, I can say with certainty that you do not have any form of brachycardia or any heart complications because you sound like you are in great, top shape.

These numbers are very normal, as long as you have been working out and doing cardio for a while. I don't really know any body that can run a 5k without getting winded who hasn't trained endurance cardio for a while -- and never had any body with the very few true cases of brachycardia, their heart rates are simply slower on average, this does not mean they have better endurance or are healthier by any means.

However, it's always safe to check the symptoms of what you're concerned over. I've listed brachycardia symptoms below:
Near-fainting or fainting (syncope)
Shortness of breath
Chest pains
Confusion or memory problems
Easily tiring during physical activity

>easily tiring during physical activity
You do not have that problem, so I'm positive you aren't plagued with brachycardia.

And here are some causes that usually lead to Bradycardia/brachycardia. Consider if you fall under any of them..

(Next post)

causes of brachycardia:
Heart tissue damage related to aging
Damage to heart tissues from heart disease or heart attack
High blood pressure (hypertension)
Heart disorder present at birth (congenital heart defect)
Infection of heart tissue (myocarditis)
A complication of heart surgery
Underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism)
Imbalance of mineral-related substances necessary for conducting electrical impulses (electrolytes)
Repeated disruption of breathing during sleep (obstructive sleep apnea)
Inflammatory disease, such as rheumatic fever or lupus
The buildup of iron in organs (hemochromatosis)
Medications, including some drugs for other heart rhythm disorders, high blood pressure and psychosis
I talked about Yohimbine plus coffee in the last thread... it's completely unhealthy for your body and have unwary affects.. I may have to write an article on Yohimbine to warn fellow anons better and list some healthy alternatives to get the same thing
Good feels all around bro! Sounds like you're living the life after making it. We all gonna make it.
Congrats bro, sounds like you made it. Although it sounds cliche, lifting does boost testosterone in our bodies which can possibly lead to higher confidence which, as we all know, allows us from going from beta to alpha.. keep up the hard work.

When talking with the girl, have that confidence bro! You earned it.
check'd and beautiful story
bumping before i go hit the gym.. need to give my stomach 10 more minutes to digest my pre workout meal.. it was shredded, skinless chicken with beans and a flour tortilla.. what do you think Dox?
Yeah buddy, that's the way. I see you read my article on the dangers of fake pre-workout, but for those who haven't, educate yourselves:

And here are some healthy alternatives you can have pre-gym for even better effects:

>Shredded chicken and beans and a flour tortilla
Healthy balance of protein, carbs, and low fat ... I would suggest cutting out the beans for future reference and replacing them with rice simply because beans are very high in fiber; causing gas and sometimes stomach bloating. Check out the full report on beans and their nutritional value here:

Other than that, it sounds like a well balanced pre-workout meal. I give it a 9/10 anon
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