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bad feels
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i had a bad workout lads ;~;
>deadlift inexplicably dropped by 20kg even though i felt fine leading up to it
>miscounted my weights and tried to squat 15kg more than my 1 rep max, almost broke my neck
>got outbenched by this fat fucking retard who squats 40kg, deadlifts 60kg and benches 95kg, and who once tapped me on the shoulder while I was in the hole to tell me to "smile"

god im so fucking angry, especially about the last one. FUCKING MISPROPORTIONED ASSHOLE REEEEE
Get good, kid

I have never been outlifted, ever
Stop looking at other people's lifts.
We all have our bad days. It's an inevitability of chance. But you have to go through the bad ones to get to the great ones. Your frustration is normal, but don't let it get the better of you.

Don't let other people get you down. Someone who annoys you lifts more than you? Great, you have something extra to motivate you.
Might as well blog a bit.

>can't find an apartment or a job (NEET with five digit savings)
>it feels so fucking humiliating to beg and please when I am the one with cash
>I don't know if it's stress but I have problems with sleep (sleep +10hours and still very sleepy)
>very angry and easily irritated
>negative outlook on things
>minor setbacks make me fucking furious
>i'm kinda good at hiding this though but it makes my heart pound in a weird way

Lifting and running are the only things keeping me from chimping out. I feel very unmotivated nowadays and it mirrors into my workouts which makes me even more "depressed". I know it's pathetic.
>>got outbenched by this fat fucking retard who squats 40kg, deadlifts 60kg and benches 95kg, and who once tapped me on the shoulder while I was in the hole to tell me to "smile"

laughed pretty hard.
>be me
>achieve lmao2pl8 bench 5x5
>feel worthless, think I still look like shit
>start getting involved with a grill, stop working out altogether
>tfw friendzoned after losing all my gains
>go back to gym today
>cute receptionist grill says I was looking bulky before and asked why I look so leaned out now

I was apparently making progress and I threw it all away because I felt worthless. Why did I ever stop /fit/...
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>qt in gym giving me attention
>talk to her and ask for her number
>get it
>wait a couple of days to not seem too eager
>invite her out
>no response

I don't know what I expected to be honest.
Don't worry about it, and act like it never happened, especially when she tries to explain herself.
That was the plan. She didn't show up to the gym today, but if she does tomorrow, I'm just gonna pretend like I don't know shit.
Dude definitely don't go out of your way to talk to her after that. It's a pretty clear NOT INTERESTED signal. You won't look alpha or confident if you keep talking to her after that pretending like it didn't happen.

If she talks to you first or you *have* to socialize with her, ie she's part of your group of gym buddies and they're all talking to her, then you can act like it never happened, but certainly don't approach her 1 on 1 after this.
See that's the weird thing. She was always the one approaching me, which is why I said what the hell and asked for her number to begin with. I still don't plan on approaching her about it though.
Losers focus on winners, winners focus on winning
>Jan exams in 2 days
>33% of the year
>gonna fucking fail it
>tfw cutting
>tfw 54kg and still feel fat
>tfw feel like I am 65kg 20%bf
>tfw only 5ft 7
>tfw want muscles but want visible abs more
>tfw glasses give me -2/10
>tfw would be a 6 or 7 without
>tfw contacts are too expensive
>tfw no gf
>just want validation desu
>don't even wanna fugg anyone
>just wanna know that I'm good enough to be regarded as "special" by someone

Ygm brehs?
Gym dyel here 2 months in
Squatting 85kg
Felt pain in right quad
Can't squat at all without this pain
Hold me brehs
Stop giving in to self-pity desu

take some time off and check form thoroughly

>can't find an apartment or a job (NEET with five digit savings)

Fucking how.
Sleep less. Use some of your savings to take a course that will get you a job, become a PT or something.
Bad feels thread?
Mines shit but I just drove to the gym and forgot all the students in the area got back today, plus forgot my headphones. Squat racks full so I'm just leg pressing till its open.
Been doing ICF for 3 weeks after working on squat form and deloading all of fall. Still dyel.

Almost pass out after 5x5 squats of 70kg, lightheaded when I place the bar on my back in the beginning of the set, almost faint when each set is over. Just took longer breaks between and finished, still feels bad man, maybe need to learn proper breathing when squat
How do I stop feeling tired as fuck guys? I go to bed around 2am,sleep till 9am, tired. Sleep till 2pm? Still tired as fuck.
>9/10 qt new years rezzer in the gym
>Already has a 9/10 ass, but has never lifted before
>She smiles and says "hi"
>Have headphones in so I pretend I didn't hear her.

How am I this fucking retarded.
How active are you during the day?

>outbenched by a 95kg bencher
Bad Feels?

I feel like a total loser. I spend all this time working out and reading pick up artist bull shit trying to make myself the best version of myself, yet I can't muster up the courage and talk to girls at parties. I find everything that these girls have to say to be stupid and boring and I tell them this. My friends tell me that I need to be fake as fuck when I'm at parties, but I feel like I shouldn't.

I'm even to much of a pussy to talk to girls that are obviously checking me out and are into me. What's your advice /fit/?
Go to the gym to lift every other day. Do 20min of HIIT on non lift days. But otherwise I'm unemployed so I sit at my computer looking for a job.
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Recently had a "bad gentics" feel.

>Moved in to apartment two weeks ago, share it with 5 other people
>Me, another guy and four girls
>I have pretty decent "social skills" (if you wanna call it that) so i get to know all the girls pretty fast
>Hang out with them in the "common area" a lot
>Especially get to know one of the girls there pretty well
>She's a solid 8/10
> i'm a 6/10 at best...
>She Invites me to grab a couple of drinks with her friends one weekend
>Pretty calm night at a bar, grab a few drinks, dance and get tipsy
>When we come home we descide to share a bottle of wine
>We're hanging out at the kitchen when the other guy who lives here comes in
>10/10 chad looks, kinda looks like Daniel Craig. 6'1
>Girl asks if he want a glass of wine
>He replays "n-n-no"
>Stumbles around a bit, seems insecure as fuck, finally makes himself some ceral before leaving without saying anything
>Very autistic and weird behaviour
>Girl i'm with goes "Omg he's so hot, but he's sooo shy, it sucks. Man what i would do with him"
>Goes on and on how hot he is
>I've been trying to bang her all night but get real insecure when she's talking so much about him
>She's clearly crushing bad
>Finish bottle and get a kiss on the cheek

fucking chads, looks has so much to say. I played her all night long, escelated, danced with her (grinding)did all the right things. I'm super social and outgoing but this guy still has all the girls lusting for him . fml
>benched 295 with dyel kid spotting me looking on in awe
>asked me for my number after the work out
>told him I wasn't gay
>tells me he just wants help lifting
>told him I wasn't a gay PT
>accidentally put a 35 on instead of a 25 on and end up fucking my knee from an uneven barbel
kill me
I've found that I have much more luck when I get drunk and not worry about all the pick up shit. Worst case you've had a good time with your buds and didn't get a girl, but at least you didn't waste a night worrying about trying to get one.

assuming you are a girl

no pity from me, dating is easy as fuck for girls.
Nah girl, he's right. If you're in moderately good shape there's nothing stopping you from most any guy.

>be me, 30

>get fit, in really good shape

>noone to share it with

>everyone else is married or doesnt want to hang out

>only thing to do on weekend is hit the gym

feels like life is over, t b h. don't know what to do, other than lift. but im going to build an amazing body cause I want it. even if there is noone to share it with.

meeting people after uni is fucking brutal.

I am a dude.
Maybe it's a mental thing, not having anything interesting to keep you occupied?
When I get monotonous jobs at work I can feel tired, but as soon as something interesting comes along I'm alert as fuck.
try meeting grils outside of parties desu

>meet girls outside of parties

and where would you go by yourself to meet all these women?
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Fuck all that pick up shit.

Find a way to talk about things that YOU are interested in. Steer the conversation to where you are most comfortable. I monologued for about 15minutes on Starwars to some dumb bitch on New Years. She was jumpin all over me all night.

I wasn't even talking to her most of the time, I was just talking to myself trying to understand why the fuck Kylo Ren is getting outclassed by some bitch who has ZERO formal training with the force.
Someone from the office
Think how bad it must be to be him though. He cock-blocked you once. He cock-blocks himself every day.

Seems karmic.
Thanks for the advice bro, i really appreciate it
>one of my caluses ripped off deadlifting
>injured my left shoulder trying to dumbbell press 100s for the first time
>found out my gym rival is closer to 3 plate bench than me
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>tfw I'm still a DYEL after a year of lifting
>still so weak
>don't feel ready yet for the upcoming European civil war
>tfw every day I read about new happenings
How the fuck am I supposed to defend myself so quickly? How am I gonna survive?
Everyone fucks up senpai.
Don't let it happen again
What are your stats anon. Height/Weight/Routine? After a year of lifting you should see and feel progress
>homegym masterrace
>fucking freezing cold outside.
>plumming freezes because cold.
>eletrical system get's hanky because cold.
>lift in sub zero temp with no access to water.
Top jei
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How do you combat loneliness? While I'm at the gym I feel amazing but once I leave I slip into a depression from no friends/gf, they all stopped caring about me once I started lifting for the last 10 months and cut out bad influences like drugs and alcohol.
Get lifting friends
I was working out in my home gym until I started going back to regular gym and I had to wear winter gloves just to touch my barbell and I breathed ice and my phone almost quit working by the end of workout because cold.
Feels pretty hardcore tbqh
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>Talked to a high test qt
>DL went up as expected
>Squat stays the same
>OHP went down by fucking 15kg

I don't know how to feel about this
My lifts:

Bench: 92kg
Squat: 140kg
Power Clean: 88kg

Havent tried deadlift in forever

How bad are these? I stopped lifting for 2 years and only worked out for about 17 weeks to get those numbers.
Weight? I'm 5'8 150 lbs and my bench was slightly higher and my squat was slightly lower at 4 months, and I feel like I've made great progress, so those numbers sound pretty good.
I'm overweight at 200lbs, I was probably around 190lbs at the time I got those numbers, but holidays and shit, stopped working out for a couple of weeks and ate like shit.
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