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Come on /fit/ every gym has one. Tell us about "that guy" at your gym.

>Working out with gymbro
>Chest/Triceps day, making all kinds of gains
>Suddenly, THAT guy walks in
>Longpants, Hoodie, Earbuds
>EARBUDS in a gym that already plays music
>Doesnt even change, "gymwear" already on
>Walks straight to the squatrack
>Starts squatting with just the bar (wat)
>Loads a few small plates on
>Does 5 struggling reps
>Sits down, face already red as a tomato
>Sits on his fucking ass for over 2 mins before doing 5 more
>Considers his "set" done, deloads the bar
>Uses the SAME FUCKING BAR to do OHP
>Without clips
>PT at the gym runs over and shows him where the clips are
>Mumbles something about not needing them and reluctantly puts them on
>Gymbro mouths "what the fuck" and just stares
>Mr earbud does the same 5 forced reps
>Panting from less reps than I do as warmup, he deloads the bar again
>Drops it to the floor
>Starts doing deadlifts with THE SAME FUCKING BAR
>Hoodieboy does 5 painfully struggling reps and then just gives up
>Deloads the bar
>Walks straight out of the gym
>Me and friend are practically in tears
>Mfw his "workout" took less time than our tricepsets
>Mfw this fucktard returns two days later IN THE SAME CLOTHES

Saw him getting weighed at the gym once, he even gained weight lmao
>Probably a new lifter
>Probably doesn't like the music in your gym
>Probably doesn't live far away so he doesn't have to change

Seriously anon
Settle down idiot, just because somebody doesn't do things the same way as you do doesn't mean that you are superior or something. Absolute fucking swine.
Fuckin newfags dont recognize the copypasta
from 1 to new how much of a fag are you?
People still take this pasta, baka desu senpai
Stale pasta
It's pasta. Take it easy.

>that black guy that comes twice a year
>he OHPs 120 kg for three reps
what the fuck
>does leg press
>hog literally ALL the plates in the gym
>prob like half a tonne of plate on his leg press
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Is this something form of advanced bait?
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>New to the gym, been trying to learn types of lifts to do
>Don't have a lot of money for clothes, so I wear my brothers old stuff instead of a backwards cap and jogging pants
>It's cold out, so I keep my hoodie on
>This gym's music isn't really my thing, so I listen to my own playlist
>The music calms my nerves since I'm pretty introverted and nervous about getting into lifting weights
>Start with squats I guess, I read that they're good for a strength base
>I'm not the strongest, can't do a lot of weight at first
>A couple of fruity looking skellies are staring at me, one of whom is taking notes on what I'm doing for some reason
>Seems odd, but I shrug it off and start doing OHP
>Forget clips, one of the PT's comes over and shows me where they are
>Heavily embarrassed, try to play it cool but use them anyway
>Those creeps are still looking at me
>Still listening to my music, hoping that one day I'll be confident enough for a girlfriend
>Put down the bar, figure I'll try a few deadlifts since they work a lot of muscle groups
>Try to do a few, my back hurts like crazy, a couple people glance over when the weight hits the floor
>Those two dudes are chuckling and stroking each other's groins, they haven't even done anything in half an hour
>Not sure what else to do, go home to wash clothes for next session
>Go back a couple days later, same two guys are still standing there doing nothing but looking at other peoples routine's
is it faux pas to go already with gym wear on? I started last saturday. should i go with normal clothes>change to gym clothes>start working out>shower and change to normal clothes?
what do you guys do help me ;_;
Do you want to be "that guy"?
i love joe rogan. i have been listening some pieces of his podcasts and he is amazing. i'm goint to listen full podcasts soon
Don't listen to shit. If its easier to go with your gym clothes already on then do it, its not a fucking fashion show, if you got to lift it doesnt matter.

Anon, what the fuck. These people watching you seem like total creeps. What age were they?


Seems fine to me, you can just go and get started straight away, then leave when you're done. No hassle or time wasted.
Where i'm at they basically enforce changing your shoes. You don't have to change.

But just bring spare clothes to the gym, how do you even endure being in those sweaty nasty clothes on the way home?
Nothing in that post is unusual or weird its just a brilliantly crafted pasta to make newfags feel insecure when going to the gym.
That's not a cheetah in your picture, you dork.


When in doubt about something you're doing at the gym, remember this:

Literally nobody cares

> When in doubt about something you're doing at the gym, remember this:
> Literally nobody cares

Can I impregnate my bf in the locker room?
only if you keep it no homo

Sure thing. I'll make sure our balls don't touch. Thanks for the response anon.
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This. I see people doing all kinds of weird shit at the gym, and doing normal stuff with awful form, low weight etc. I literally couldn't give a fuck, I'm sure they're happy with their routine and don't give a fuck about mine either.
i know its a pasta btw, its just that ive never been to a gym because of my crippling anxiety but hey at least I started going
> Be me, bout 5'8, 205
> go into the gym listening to metal in dj headphones
> go strait to squat rack with purpose
> do several warmup sets of 5 with 30 seconds rest in between up to 315
>do 5x5 at 315 60 seconds rest period
>2 minutes rest, triple at 365
>2 minutes rest, single at 405
>Same scheme with bench up to 245 5x5, triple at 275, 1 rep at 300
> only 1 warmup on deadlift, 315x5
> 2 sets of 405x5
> been at it less than 45 minutes, still have time for some assistance.
>hit some pullups, dips and curls.
>look over to gymbros stairing at me with full erection
>give reassuring nod to fellow autist early in his struggle, doing compound lifts without much weight
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Doesn't really belong in a /that guy/ thread but w/e

>Go to gym late cause autismo and don't like people watch me lift, also nobody's there so you never have to wait for equipment
>Just me and this black guys there
>He brought his stereo and is cranking tunes (Actually pretty nice cause our gym doesn't play music after 8:00pm)
>It's nigger noise trap music as I walk into the change room
>When I come out he's making a new playlist
>Nirvana, Eminem, popular EDM, you get the idea
>This dude made a playlist for the white boy
>Not a fan of anything he played but really appreciated the thought
>Thanks blackbro

>twf this guy was also my first kiss
File: 1452501019636.gif (1 MB, 355x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>The year of our lord 2016
>Getting b8ed this fucking hard
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>that guy who drags one of only 3 decline benches meant for dumbbell bench across the gym into a powerrack during primetime to still do decline bench, but with a barbell, and takes 15 minutes to do a total of 3 sets
>i am that guy
fuck dumbbells desu i do decline cuz i wanna bench hyooge weight and it's fun
Every power rack should have an adjustable bench to go with it. Not your fault the gym managers are cheap.

Every gym should also have about double the number of power racks it currently has, but that's a different battle.
be a man and lift naked
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fucking triggered
File: 1449109002476.png (490 KB, 735x990) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>mfw all the fags taking this b8

Bet you guys come to the gym in your workout clothes too.
i don't get it. he is pretty legit
No this OP is a dumb pasta. It's just supposed to make noobs feel insecure. I almost never change at the gym unless Im coming from work. I will only change after into regular clothes if I use the pool or sauna. Otherwise I leave and enter the same.
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