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How to beat depression /fit/ ? I got my goal body, I got a gf, yet I still feel empty inside

>tfw realised that no matter how good you look, your mental illness will be your only loyal friend

I will never make it brehs.
Leave me behind.
Save yourselves.
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You can't lift away your feels brehs.
It's a trap.
Read The Myth of Sisyphus for motivation and perspective.
>Make those philosophical gains
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Hard cardio cures everything. Do an hour a day every day forever.
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This anon speaks the truth.

Cardio will cure depression.
Becasue dead men have no depression.
Is depression an actual thing ? I thought its something only the girls get or men get prescribed by jews
>Deep into anxiety/depression disorder at 18
>Finally end up at a shrink after catching myself thinking suicidal thoughts
>Always swore I'd never do antidepressants
>On the brink of saying, "Fuck it, give me the pills."
>Shrink suggests I try proper therapy first
>Gives me a CD with a guided meditation recording on it
>Do it daily, sometimes multiple times daily for relief if a panic attack sets in
>Helps DRAMATICALLY, return to actually living

The therapy sessions themselves were probably important too, but I only actually had about 4 or 5 of them before he cut me loose with, "You're improving, so just go keep doing that and come back if it gets worse," while the meditation was the "medicine" that did most of the heavy lifting. Never did go back, and within two years I went from nearly-suicidal shut-in to a college athlete with a bunch of friends and an attractive GF.

The specific guided meditation was what's called a "body scan" meditation, which works wonders for pulling you out of your own head, especially in case of things like panic attacks. Lots of different kinds though, definitely a worthwhile field to explore as much as possible.
In my experience regular exercise (cardio, not lifting) is very helpful

Also check out st johns wort
Meditation opens the door for demonic spirits to enter your poop chute.
I got out of my depression rut just by learning things.
Found out that if I keep busy, it makes me happy. Lifting did help, but I decided to start learning a language and start juggling.

Sounds dumb but it at least helped me. Give it a try.
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You don't beat Depression
That shit is with you forever

But you know what you do?
You don't let it beat you.
This. It helps to not dwell & feed into the depressive thoughts. Exercise & meditation are good starts.

The tendency to fixate on things and think a lot about them stays in your personality, but it stops being depression when you accomplish turning that tendency outward into things in the world instead of wasting it inward dwelling on negative thoughts.
Medication is water wings to what therapy is to learning to swim. It's there to help keep your head above water while you learn to fend for yourself. Don't be afraid of it, just don't think it's a fix all
There's a piece of a Marvel, i think, comic where the narrator is talking about how if the character kept thinking inward negative thoughts he would have been a fat NEET.
But if he turns it outward he's a famous scientist or hero

Man i really should save more stuff i see on here

But yeah i agree, once you hit the turning point of pushing out rather than thinking in too much - you'll become "cured"

I have that comic in my laptop. if this thread lasts a few hours, I will post it for you breh
Thanks m8
I tryed lots oficina things, meditation helps a bit, but what helped the most was taking supradyn, i think i had zinc, iron, vitamin b and d, deficency
Go do stuff
No excuses, no bullshit, go do stuff
>But yeah i agree, once you hit the turning point of pushing out rather than thinking in too much - you'll become "cured"

isn't that dangerous tho? what should u do if u fall or get in serious trouble?
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My fucking bro. Also, Daniele Bolelli has a good take on that myth. Basically, fuck the gods and monotonous nature of life. Find satisfaction in everything you do. Roll that rock every fucking day.

Thank you for this suggestion anon. It is very interesting. I will think about this in the coming days.
I got over it through a GOOD therapy. Tried two therapists first.
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Depression is a beautifully terrible thing. Once it chooses it's victim it moves it's horrible plan into motion. It infects the target and slowly, irreversibly, poisons every aspect of their existence, transcending time to ensure that even once sacred memories are not safe.

Of course you can fight. At times it may even seem as if you are winning, conquering your faceless foe and reclaiming the life you once dearly loved. Eventually your defenses, no matter how resolute, will crumble underneath the indefatigable foe that is laying constant siege to your mind. It will raze the delusions of a good and happy life, a loving relationship, and a normal existence to the ground, salting the earth of your psyche ensuring that nothing positive will ever be allowed to thrive. As this ubiquitous darkness engulfs the kingdom of your mind the only light that will remain is the inevitable death and it's release we all face in the end. Until then though you will walk through life a shell of a man, not filled with anger or sorrow or pain, but hollow and devoid of all emotions, desires and dreams. The only enjoyable part of the day is the oblivion of sleep and each morning when you wake into a nightmare that you can't escape you'll whisper under your breath to the lonliness that is your only company to mercifully bring an end to your tortured existence and lift the burden of life from your weary shoulders.

In the end even death becomes too troublesome. Perhaps there are still a few people who through naivete or some other circumstance still inexplicably care about you when you can no longer even care about yourself. Perhaps the means through which to pursue your release are too complicated and expensive. Maybe this all conquering assailant has stripped you even of the power to achieve mutually assured destruction in it's sadistic ploy to completely destroy you. Whatever it may you eventually you don't even wish for death, rather you merely wish to disappear completely
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Here you go mate, hope you see it.
Holy shit anon. That hit me deep.
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You know, they don't just make medications to poison you. If a doctor can prescribe it, it's probably gone through a test with a particularly high amount of rigor.

Or you could do a martial art. Or learn an instrument. Or volunteer for your local community. Or start reading. Or start writing.

Eventually, you'll hit a wall where you'll need to get a job. But when you get a good job, you'll have the kind of money where you'll consider living on your own. Maybe you meet somebody who shares in your angsty side.

You sound like the kind of person who plays a vidya for 20 minutes and says that it's shit. Even people who don't overcome their sadness can transcend depression.
Jesus that gif is exactly what it feels like

Everyone around you is having such a good and happy time and no one notices you as you stare through reality wishing you were never born
It's not about finding value or occupying yourself. I study a rigorous post grad field at an elite institution and exercise. I refuse to give in without a fight but it's exhausting and what's worse is that I need to fight, everyone around me goes about their life normally whereas my very existence is a daily struggle against myself. That's one of the worst parts for me, knowing that it's not normal and that I'm defective
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You are a lege - thanks
>How to beat depression /fit/ ?
Just cheer the fuck up you sad sack.
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i'm struggling with myself for so long, that i have no idea how to "cheer up"
every smile, every laugh, just fakes to fit inside the society, to defuse social tension
(or shitfaced by alcohol / drugs)

it's like a voice deep inside the back of your head that, that's telling me i have to achieve my right for happiness, for fun
but it doesn't matter what you do, what you accomplish, how successful are your studies, social life, whatev..
once you reach that goal, you just find out it didn't help
and you pursue one goal after another, unable to find happiness in anything
day by day, disappointment by disappointment, void continues and it consumes you from within

most people chose to fight it, but with every fight, we realize we're heading to bitter end
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ken is a baller.jpg
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I've recently been telling myself "Man makes his own Hell" every morning - i haven't yet looked to see if someone hs said that phrase before me

But it's true Anon.
YOU can make or break YOURSELF

Everything else is filler
If you're under the age of 20, it will probably pass
If you don't actually want to be happy, you have nothing to worry about. Keep making threads about how depressed you are.
Otherwise you have to fight through it.
It's tough.

schizophrenia here.
Live like Henry Thoreau. Anything that doesn't fulfill you doesn't belong in your life.
>find a pond, build a cabin
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>mfw randomly listening to this while reading your post

Seek help, no other way around it.
I'm bipolar, I've spent 7months in an institution and I've been getting better ever since one of my down swings got me to attempt and third suicide attempt.

There is no easy way around and there is little to nothing that will grant you happiness, unless you manage to cope with the desease yourself
I like you
Chillingly appropriate. But I'm a Nihlist so I give 0 fucks
Funny enough that sad ape made me sadder than your lexicon/music combo. Fuck you for posting that poor creature
Thanks for the music hombre
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>tfw orang utans are my spirit animal
here to cheer you up again
How can omeone fail THREE suicide attempts?
Holy shit anon, you even suck at trying to kill yourself.
(Joken, plz don't do it. We're all gonna make it)
Thank you anon
1. Go see a Doctor. Your GP should be able to help.
2. Exercise helps depression, go for a run or something.
3. Are you getting enough sunlight? Go get some.
PROZAC + Vitamin D
Thank you anon, I love them very much. I got to hug one once when I was in the islands
Everyone should try meditation for some time.
I'm really depressed but working my way through it with working out and eating healthy. My problem is that people are sick of me being depressed. A family member told me last week that I should kill myself because I'm such a burden, and I can't help but feel she's right. There's really no justification for one individual to be a burden on the rest. The problem is that I'm really scared about it. I'm depressed and don't really want to kill myself but people around me seem to agree on this. No matter how hard I work out it won't change the fact that I'm a person that people want out of their lives. Maybe it is the best solution.
Is there a way you can leave them and live on your on?
Not really
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>Have Jewish doctor
>Depressed since birth

22 here living with my mum. So many things I want to do in life, but fuck I can't do them. Depression is so shit, it stops you doing things that you want to do.

Wasted the last 6 years of my life. I'm trying to get fit but no matter how much exercise I do, I can't stop eating disgusting amounts of crap.

If I sort it out and get fit, but still depressed, fuck knows what I'll do

Some music?
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>tfw schizophrenic
You will always be the best you you can be, as long as you keep going and always keep improving! One foot in front of the other.

Mental illness is literally your perception. Whatever you "have" or were "diagnosed" with you can overcome. Same as fitness. Stay frosty Anon.
So what's it like? Do you hear voices? Can you separate them from reality?
Not him, but I'm sorry to hear about your struggles. I'm sure it doesn't mean much to you, but I believe in you. I'm positive that you'll find peace in your existence and that the happiness you feel will outweigh the pain that comes with your illness.

Take care of yourself, I wish you all the best
fuck her for saying that and fuck them for making you feel that way. You're awesome and them saying that is inexcusable.
Keep your head up and keep moving forward, slowly work to get the ones that make you feel shit out of your life. The person who told you to kill yourself has no place in your life and she is awful for telling you that.

Live for the happy moments. Don't remember one? Then keep your head up and keep waiting, it will come. I believe in you anon, you're awesome
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you dont beat depression.

you merely find ways to forget about it for a little while. I feel great when I lift, but then reality sets in: im not wealthy, im basically alone, and I wont reach my financial dreams or otherwise.

but at least I can work towards a great body, for myself. at least I can say I did something right, if I reach my fitness goals.

I wonder sometimes what my life would have been like if I was in shape as a kid. growing up as a fat dude and not being social as a consequence probably fucked me up.

oh well. some of us will make it, some of us wont.
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>>tfw realised that no matter how good you look, your mental illness will be your only loyal friend

Embrace it as part of yourself.
Thanks, bro. I needed to hear that.
>validate me!

This helped me: http://www.samharris.org/blog/item/how-to-meditate
What things can I do to fill time so I don't start getting these thoughts?

I go to class, workout, and then there's pretty much a void where I just wait to go to sleep. Everything becomes a hassle at that point, even taking time to cook dinner.
doctor says: get a qt gf.
Friends dude? How is it that people can overlook the importance of friends? Who wouldn't be depressed if their life consisted of going to school, barely talking to anyone then going to gym lifting with their earplugs in barely even looking or interacting with other people?

You guys need fucking people in your lives god damn it. Its a base level need as fundamental for your well being as the physical needs like water and sleep.

>cant make friends cause you feel like shit

>feel like shit cause you are alone

it's a shitty cycle
so what you gonna do about it?

what can I do?

noone wants to talk to you unless you are interesting, have status, or money. or attractive, or appealing in some way.
This, keeping yourself occupied is like the first aspect of cognitive behavioral therapy
So you just gonna give up or do nothing?

ok let me paint a picture for you

picture a guy that used to be depressed

now, picture that same guy is low on confidence, isnt well off financially, and isnt very special physically.

why would a girl ever be interested in this individual?
You don't. What you do is live with it. It doesn't go away so you just find ways to think around it. I always think really negative stuff pretty much all the time, but it helps if you can understand that those thoughts are mostly bullshit and call yourself on them. The bottom line is that it takes mental effort, and a lot of it, just to feel ok most days. And that's unfortunate, but what are you gonna do? The good news is that you learn to get better at dealing with it and very slowly, you can get better. Just don't expect it to ever totally go away because it won't. You're going to have THOSE nights. You're going to say or think things you don't want to. Learn to live with that.

On a more concrete level, don't get drunk and exercise and eat right. Also keep busy and make the effort to think positively even if it sounds stupid in your head. Believe those positive things because they're true. The negative ones are the ones out disease makes us think, not reality. Also stay off the more common social media sites. (Facebook is awful for my depression.) Idk if this helps. Just my experience.
So......... What you gonna do about that?

if I could improve my situation easily, i'd do that.

but you cant exactly flip a switch and magically make everything wonderful. yeah, doing something is better than nothing but that is no guarantee i'll succeed.

im sure people living in boxes on the street had optimism once too. where did that get them?
Post CB OP
I'll then tell you what your real problems are
Being sad all the time isn't poetic btw
It's just sad that's it
Hey anon try meds therapy and lits of exercise and a lifestyle change. I know its easier said then done but if you can power through it then hopefully you will notice a change.

If all else fails there's promising research in ketamine treating treatment resistant depression look int o it .

Jus google I can't link cuz making gains
Good luck
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>>Make those philosophical gains
This whole thread feels like /r9k/ came and took a fat heaping shit to make everyone else feel depressed and sad, what happened to the /fit/ crowd i knew that motivated anons in every response reply?

To all the wahh-ers i'm gonna share a great bit of advice a wise man shared with me when i felt like a sadcunt piece of shit:

We should build each other, not tear each other down. Keep the positive energy flowing. Up with hope, down with dope.
The biggest problem with 4chan/internet is that it has convinced everyone that they have depression just because they dont have a fucking girlfriend
We arw who we choose to be.
Not having a hole to bust in gets depressing.
I'm in uni, does that count for having a career right now?
Pro tip: everyone has fucking depression.
The real question is, will you take up the responsibility of making yourself happy or will you continue to drift through life unthinking and controlless?
>be depressed
>stay awake all night unless I drug myself to sleep
>every day imagine killing myself
>even good days
>one normal day say out loud to myself, without even thinking about it, "I'm going to end up killing myself"
>doesn't make me sad or scared, almost gives me a sense of peace
>meet this great girl
>girl of my dreams
>she's crazy about me
>tell her about my depression
>she wants to help
>motivates me to apply to graduate school, I help her move to a college town
>get into same college where she lives
>finally starting to feel normal
>tfw someone is beaming when she sees you
>graduate school takes its course
>it's a lot of work, still try to message her everyday
>her responses become shorter and colder
>she no longer is happy to see me, rather she looks annoyed
>things I took for granted, like her sending me photos of what she's wearing no longer happen
>she seems to recoil at my touch
>trying to save this relationship, she seems to be through, though if I ask her if she's done she says that's ridiculous
>no longer says she misses me like she used to
>depression starting to creep in again
>can see her lose interest in me
>everyone loses interest in me
>I've lost interest in me

I just wish I never existed
A loyal friend doesn't tell you to kill yourself, anon
Not op but you think people with depression are sad all the time because it's poetic? It's not even sadness that I deal with daily, it's an emptiness, a void in my mind where I know feelings should be, but instead there is just nothing, a suffocating nothingness.

On real bad days I can even feel a hollowness in my chest, not pain or anything, just this awfully strange hollow feeling that I know I'll never truly be able to fill
Sometimes the only thing you can do is get off the ground and wipe all the dirt and blood and vomit off and move forwards. Inaction is gonna be what fucks you.
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First memory at 6 months.
Taught myself how to read.
Have savaunt traits.
Used to hide in closets as a kid to avoid stressful situations.
Around puberty found humor to use as coping mechanism.
Never really felt like a part of anything, nver had close freinds, had no idea what to do with romance.
Musician. Self taught. Professional at 17.
Depression when lost chops due to overuse syndrome.
Got into philosophy, always loved it.
Mostly misunderstoof whole life.
Opt out of any social life bevause I don't care.
Came out atheist, lost a few freinds, family disowned for awhile.
Dealing with existential nihilism, on top of baggage.
Depressed as fuck.
Manage to not be as depressed.
Fat obese fat fatty mc fatterson.
Virgin neet at 25.
Lost hopeless blind.
Go to school because don't know ehat to do.
Make friends but no one close, same of the old.
No romance either. Weird and fat.
Smart funny, but socially inept and people pic up on it instictually.
I have no instict, just intution.
Get fitter. Loose weight.
Got red pilled.
Major depression.
Still socilay inept, squandered youth chasing dream I no longer care about, lost faith in love, ised to be moralist, now not so much.
Nothing means anything.
Found out I am also an undiagnosed 'actor' aspie.
No matter what I do, the sky keeps falling.
Get obvious female attention, but my past has me fucked up majorly, especially the rejection and not fitting in.
Find out I'm an aspie.
Who will love me now.
No matter how good I am not good enough.

Suicidal for about a year. Suprised I made it through the holidays. Lifting helps. If nothing else, I am accomplishing something when just about everything else in my life has failed or I have otherwise been inadequate.
Let me add I have been callef 'popular' but never really felt like I was. Probably because I was just acting to fit in I guess. People seem to like me, but I am easily forgotten it seems. Romance is just an even more foreign concept now.

Cry myself to sleep most nights.
Stop believing in made up "illnesses"
if you're like most schizoids there will be one point in your life where all of your hallucinations and delusions culminate into one big "ya done goof'd" accident, normally before your diagnosis, and then after you begin medication life is pretty much normal.
you don't.

medication, therapy, etc. and you learn to live with it.
Nahh bro.its not you only. Literally had problemsvwith girls just getting bored with me after years of commitment. Than I figured out not to make them the center of attention. Know I got a girl who has no idea how long id stay interested in her.
>keeps the bitch on her toes
The meditations marcus aurelius.

If you havent conquered your mind, your body is useless.
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Basically this, you don't beat depression, you live with it.

I've lived with it for over 6 years. I've done therapy, taken meds, drugs and alcohol as a temporary bandage. It's been a long journey, but I'm still here.

Sometimes I like to fantasize that god made me this way on purpose, to watch me struggle, to break me. I live on to spite him, to spit in his face and tell him I'm stonger. I hit the weights with the same mentality, they're pushing against me telling me to quit, but I'm stronger. It may sound stupid to you, but it doesn't matter what others think if it gets you though another day.

I'm glad that I have a job, a close group of friends that I've had for multiple years, and a loving family. That's enough reason to stick around a little longer.
You speak the truth anon

Also, Facebook depresses me too..trying to get the willpower up to get rid of it
Ultimately, don't expect anything from anyone but yourself. It's sad but you will save yourself a lot of heart ache if you just don't take these things seriously.
You're all missing something. Try to figure out what it is. Please listen to my words.
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listen to Tony Robbin's "Science of achievement" or science of health or something like that

it's an inspiring and pill free way to see everything in a different light

i hate pansy motivational speakers as much as the next guy, but Robbins in 6'7, hot ass wife, rich as fuck, and has some genuinely great advidce

>taking "just b urself" advice from a 6'7 rich guy

give me a fucking break. His life is easy mode.
>tfw tore something in my bicep
>feels weaker, I usually have a dull burning sensation through it all the way to my wrist
>slight deformity of bicep
>tfw no one takes your injury seriously

Literally affects me everyday of my life and my family wonders what's wrong with me. I always have to make a half-assed joke about my bicep, even though I'm 100% serious every time.

Feels fucking bad man. Pretty fucking sure it's causing me depression, I don't enjoy anything I used to.

Go in peace my bro
Anime cures depression!

I like to think of depression like losing something you deeply care about, like a family, friend, pet, etc. it never gets easier but you just learn to deal with it. And by dealing with it, as time goes on, you eventually start feeling more happy than what you ever felt because you will find fulfillment in your life to replace the void left behind.
>Tony Robbins

Antoninus never did learn to conquer his fear of death. It was a central conflict right to the end of the writings. And for all of his insistence on being good to people he had a lot of trouble actually doing it.
File: image.jpg (1 MB, 1400x1855) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1400x1855
This is my biggest fear right now. I've spent the last two years at home, only leaving once per season when I have a really, really good day -- usually an outing to the grocery store or picking my parents up from church. My parents -- and my entire family have been nothing but patient, always giving me the time I need to pick myself up and help out in any way I can. But so far it's been one fall after another, and I'm worried that they'll lose that patience, especially now that my savings have run out and I won't be able to help with the bills at all. Next month, I'll be totally dependent on them. Will that finally give me the motivation to live? Or will I sink deeper into despond knowing how truly burdensome I can be?
Lifting your depression can only be done by filtering your sadness into something else.
I learned piano so I can project my pent up emotions into music, that way I don't feel like a total faggot, I only sound like one.

Or drugs.
What about dedication/motivation? How do you achieve that guys?
My personal tactic is workouts and training myself to think positive, even if I don't belive it most of the time. Working out washes your brain with endorphins which gives good feels, and it is proven to help against depression in the long run. The positive thinking will help redirect the bad feels since it will help you break out of the circle of bad thoughts and over to new solutions. Positive thinking is supposed to help down to the level of changing nerve endings in the brain, though I'm no expert on the matter. Since it can change the brain physically I believe in it and hope it can change the bad traits my brain has to circle me down to depression and suicidal thoughts.
The best part is even if I fail to think thoroughly positive one day I can always work out and get the endorphine kick as an extra protection.

Try to think of every day as a step further out of the dark mud, and you being the badass who's doing the job.

Man i'd watch that show.
Hmmm will try that. I'm not sure why but I've become a pretty negative/judgemental person (probably because of 4chan). Dropped all my classes last semester because I never studied and failed everything just wasting time so I really need to get that dedication/motivation down.
Try it. Can't hurt right? The only way you can achieve your goal (yours, not society's or your peers') is to work towards it. Plus, it feels pretty good to move forward. You're gonna make it, bro.

Listen guys, I have been this deep. I have been to the point of looking like a skeleton. To the point where everything aches. Everything is a colossal effort. All day I just want to lay down and sleep, then at night I lay awake in a blanket of panic and utter despair. I know what its like to be completely disconnected from the world, and have everyone you love walk away. My entire friend group left me. My girlfriend left me, I remember her crying her eyes out and saying 'I dont even know you anymore.' I didnt have the energy to stop her, all I could do is stare at her, feeling nothing. I was that fucking far gone. It scares me to death when I remember back, remember how low I truly sunk. What must people have seen when they looked at me, interacted with me? I must have seemed like a dead man walking. I lived this way for more than 18 months. I spent so much time in my room and I was literally doing nothing. I got to the point where not even computer, movies, music, nothing was worth doing. I would just lasy in bed for hours upon hours, sinking further in to the abyss.

It is possible to get out, because I am out. I did not use medication, instead I slowly tackled everything that got me to this point. There were real things that I had to face. I literally had to rebuild my life from the ground up. And when you are that low it is an inconceivable task. I cant tell you how to get out yourselves, because I do not know what you are facing. I just hope it is something that can be fixed. In fact I barely remember my climb out.
What you do need though is FOOD, exercise, good sleep and FRIENDS. Then you need to start tacking your problems day by day, one by one.

This post wasnt to tell you how to beat depression, everyone has to find their own way out. It was just to tell you that it IS possible, because I have done it.
Do what you do when you finish a game.
Start over, but with a higher difficulty.
>be me
>reach my goal body a year and a half ago
>have "the summer" where I feel like a male model
>literally same feeling, only a lot more whores want to hang around
>realize there's nothing fulfilling about lifting when you actually finish it
>give it up for a while and get a gf
>go full dadmode with love handles and everything
>a few more month pass
>still gaining weight, but slower
>start realizing I'm getting too fat for my own taste
>go back to gym
>everything is hard again
>feel weak and pathetic
>finish all the sets and go home sore as fuck
>realize this is actually fun and I'm enjoying it again

It's like New Game+
Ikr? It's like I keep telling people with cancer: just get better already, gawd!
You know, I know this is what I should do but I just can't help not texting her, I feel like if I try to play it cool like that she'll just move on

And the worst part is I wouldn't blame her, I don't really know what she saw in me to begin with
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