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Made a little home gym in one of my spare...
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Made a little home gym in one of my spare rooms, what do you think? I'll be getting a decent bar soon, and that will be everything. Do you think I will be able to get huge with what I have, or will I still need to go to a proper gym that has more advanced equipment? I live in the middle of nowhere so the nearest gym is quite a long drive.
Get rid of that meme-machine and get a powercage
take that machine and throw it in the trash you fucking pleb
but it has a decent leg press on it lol

I think if you put it to use you can get somewhat fit?

But it's really hard to motivate yourself to use the fucking pool in your home when you have it , let alone working-out at home.

Psychologically much easier to keep going at it in the gym
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>but it has a decent leg press on it lol
Sell all this useless shit, espcially the treadmill.

Dude, why would you ever get one when you can just run outside instead unless you are swimming in money and space and don't give a fuck?

Sell it, get bench, a squat rack and a barbell + weight set.

From there you can upgrade with a pair of dumbbell set, some cables, general lifting equipment, whatever.
There is literally a gallon of cum on my face
You can get huge with just a bar, weights and something to put it on. Although things at some point to become a pain in the ass, like calf raises (especially seated..). If you use just a bar you've kind of sold yourself to doing nothing but macho compounds. You're limited on doing any isolation shoulder excercises really. Leg curls too, leg ext, etc. With just a bar your choices of excercise are pretty much bench press, incline bench, OHP, pullups, chinups, rows, squats, deadlifts and variants, calf excercises, curls, tricep extensions. Which is more than enough to do anything you need, really. Except maybe abs.

Looks like you have a machine for flyes and stuff, so that helps. Ideally for my home gym (and keeping it minimal, mind you) I'd like a cable machine (with two cables for doing stuff with 2 limbs silmoutaneoudly like flyes), a cable machine is very versatile, flyes, lateral raises, rear delt flyes, leg curls even, rows, face pulls, LOTS of choices for excercises involving the shoulder joints. IMO Id prefer a cable machine over dumbells, especially in a home gym. And then I'd just want a power rack, adjustable bench, an Oly bar, bumper plates and then some regular smaller plates for smaller increments. A lifting platform for doing shit like snatches and clean + jerks, oly lifts.. and maybeee just a free Oly style rack.
Did you read it? lol I'm getting a bar set, and I have the powerblocks for dumbells (in the pic) The machine is going to come in useful for lat pulldowns, butterfly press etc. and also the leg press. The treadmill is necessary, I live in freezing cold country so fuck running every day in the wind and rain and hail lol

Yeah I'm this poster ^

Dont even listen to these meme machines... Seriously, Theyll probably have you doing SS and Texas method and doing nothing but heavy barbell lifts. You can get big (and I want to say strong, but strength is specific to a particular movement, so you will get strong at using machines, free weights, not so much) using just machines. I actually sort of believe in starting casual gym goers (not a guy who's seriously devoted and wants to do e.g. powerlifting or oly lifting, then I'd teach them to squat, deadlift properly, etc) with just machines for high reps. IF they want to use free weights and are dedicated enough. Go for it.

But if you just want to fucking get your grandma to excercise and get fit, or some fucking teenage girl or soccer mom or whatever? Id have them start out with leg press, chest press, row machine, etc for higher reps. Over time have them progress to a bit lower reps. Keep them progressing, and have them do cardio after lifting.

Dont worry man. You can fucking leg press and have huge legs, even bigger than guys who squat. The only downside is the macho free weight dudes will look down on you.

And Im in no way a machine only advocate because Im a lazy faggot. I pretty much do MOSTLY free weights. I havent touched a leg press in weeks and I squat 3x a fucking week and do Olympic lifts.

Growing your muscles is about putting tension on them and slowly overloading the amount of tension put on them with time, and secondary to that is damaging the muscles and fatigueing them. It doesnt matter how you do it, and your muscles dont know whether youre doing chest press or bench press, lat pulldowns or pullups. As long as progress is there, youre golden.
And the power blocks (Dumbbells) weigh how much?

You don't need to leg press when you squat properly.

You need the space and money for a good squat rack, do you understand that?!

You literally cannot ditch squatting without killing so much potential progression in both strength and mass.

You need a freaking squat rack and a bench to benchpress.

This is fucking fitness 101; why didn't you read the sticky, ask here about what equipment and THEN buy stuff?

Seriously, your best shot is selling it all and getting what has been suggested in here.

Yes, you can make gains with the stuff you have but it will stall very hard after noob gains and it will never take you beyond the average casual gym goer.
Actual criticism/advice lol, thanks anon
Tl:dr your setup is fine to get grandma levels of profession.

You suggest this guy that this setup is fine while not even working out that way yourself.

Your entire post sounds like huge satire.
You literally bought a bunch of shit and then opened a thread to find confirmation for the heap of shit you just bought.

What a fucking stupid behavior.
Try using your brain before you buy something next time.
Considering I'm getting the bar, and have power blocks that you can buy additional weighs for, I'll have all the free weights I need, I can fit a bench in, so I'll have everything suggested here + more... All I'll be missing is a squat rack, but fuck it, the leg press will do, I'm not too bothered about legs anyway
Yeah I thought so. But it's not. Show me a fucking study or something where someone got better leg gains squatting over leg pressing, doing the exact same type of movement mechanically, overloading with weights the exact same way? There wouldnt be any difference, except maybe the hypertrophy/strength of some random stabilizers.

And you dont need a bench or a bar to do a chest press with a machine.

The machine looks like all you can do is flyes and leg press and pulldownd. So thats an issue. I would say you'd definitely want to do at least SOME compound pushing movements. How much you should do is individual though. Some odd person has arms so long that on compound pushes all they get is triceps, but thats rare, and you can still do compounds, just with a partial ROM. But thats off topic and 99% of people will be fine doing presses for shoulders and chest when done PROPERLY.

I personally would not keep that machine. I would invest in a bar or adjustable dumbells (or both.. If I had to choose one Id choose a bar) and a cable stack. That leaves you kind of fucked for lat pulldowns and leg press if you eant to do those. So maybe it would be wise to keep it for that, and flyes too as a secondary chest/rear delt movement (rear delt flyes especially rock for BBing, rows just never seem to hit them well enough..).

I forgot where I was going with this, but yeah. Fuck you /fit/. Just dont go with a ton of isolation moves, stick to mostly compounds and isolation moves to "fill in the gaps", and be sure to be balanced in the muscles you use.
Squatting is so much more than legs, but your ignorance is showing and there is no point in further discussion.

Good luck.
>I live in freezing cold country so fuck running every day in the wind and rain and hail lol

Unless you live on some shitty island in scotland there is no excuse you dumb bong cunt
You can, purely logically, see how the squat is better than the leg press for general overall strength and muscle progression than something like the leg press.

It's also way easier on the knees and the back.

The only bettering to it, is when you do it with a single leg - which adds a ton more stabilizing work to it.

Your points aren't wrong but it's hard to defend a pile of shit that has been bought - sorry.

Yes, OP can make gains with this, maybe even some quite considerable gains.

But compared to what he could get had he actually used his brain before buying whatever he felt like it is definitely on the losing side.
Nice set up for doing bean bag curls. The rest is garbage tho.
No barbell or squat/power rack or bench.
2/10 Also why buy a machine to run unless you live somewhere like Canada were you will die from the cold.It's just wasting space at min consider getting a squat stand.
Also too many useless machines.
No I cannot. Whether the leg press or squat is better for the back is debatable. A properly done leg press puts 0 stress on the back, however, a squat actually loads the spine and works the spinal erectors as a stabilizer. Which one is desired is completely contextual, and spinal loading can definitely be achieved through excercises other than squatting, and the spinal erectors can even be safely isolated and worked DYNAMICALLY with a back extension bench (which can be superior to squats/deadlifts IMO from a back health perspective, moderate reps of weighted back extensions with locked hips, only moving the spine with a 3 second pause at the top is the fucking best).

And there's no way either is better or worse on the knees. You can imitate any kind of squat with a leg press pretty much, assuming the seat is adjustable and the leg plate is big enough to adjust foot placement. Plus more stress on the knees isn't always a bad thing (just like more stress on the back isn't either... only an idiot will argue that a properly done deadlift in a healthy individual is bad for the back).

And who says he bought it? We don't know the context and we're not discussing OP's financial choices and shit. We're just giving reccomendations for a homegym
>won't run in the cold or rain

I live at the blistery windy hilly rainy shit pit that is England's south east coast, ( I live at the beach ) and you just triggered me.
On a serious note, running outside is better for you. Running hills, in wind, in rain, it makes you far fitter and stronger than a treadmill ever will.

Unless your a 260lb roided up ifbb pro that needs to do your daily morning "cardio" aka walk on an incline treadmill you don't need one. You wasted a lot of money bro
I live in the sticks in Ireland in the middle of buttfuck nowhere, most of the year I need my 4x4 just to get off my own land, and wellies to walk my dog, it's not really the terrain you'd want to try running on, it's okay when it's dry, but that's not often
For anybody interested, this is the multi gym, so you can see everything it has here.

I get that a lot of you would have went with something else, but for now, this is what I have to work with. You can't add weight to it, so eventually I'll be getting rid of it and getting something different. But that won't be until I've gotten into a routine, and raised my endurance and strengthened up and made some gains.

So anyway, this is what I'm working with.

Here: Routine:
Leg Press 2-3x10-12
Chest Dips 2-3x10-12 (Bringing your elbows out to the side, letting them flare, this uses more pecs/lats and less triceps/delts)
Row 2-3x10-12 (Use the low pulley)
Shoulder Press 1-2x10-12 (If you can.. see below)
Pulldown 1-2x10-12
Leg Raise 2-3x10-12 (Try to use your abs, not your hip flexors)

Maybe add in some rear delt flyes or whatever.. Your side delts are neglected so if you have DBs or whatever do some shoulder pressing.

Do it 2-3x a week on non consecutive days. Simple enough full body routine. Focus on adding weight once you can get all your reps/sets with a few reps still "left in the tank".

Don't know what you think of my meal plan, but for the next few weeks I had this planned (been following it for a week already) trying to bulk a bit

Breakfast - Cereal (usually oats) and a boiled egg
Snack - Tuna sandwich with lettuce and tomato, can of pears in natural juice
Lunch - Chicken breast, green beans, mashed potato
snack - protein shake with a cup of oats blended in
dinner - varied, but healthy, like chicken and rice, chicken fajita with lots of salad, steak and eggs with broccoli etc.

Then if I get hungry later on, another shake with no oats
I dont like meal plans. Just do IIFYM and eat lots of fruits/vegetables to reach your fiber goal and for micronutrients. Either bulk, cut, or maintain based on where you're at. If you're older and on the fatter side, cut.
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