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What have you been doing to improve yourself beyond just picking up things and putting them back down?
You should also consider your spiritual and mental health /fit/.

I've quit smoking, haven't smoked in a month (still feeling the craving every day).
Start running more.
Started getting back into philosophy.
Planning on picking up a cooking course at my uni.
>quit smoking
>quit drinking alone
>improved diet
>started lifting
>started running 30k/week
>shower cold
>bought better clothes
>call at least one person every day to ask what's up or to meet
>read non-fiction books for at least 30 min every day
>bought a car and am learning to maintain/fix it
>shower cold
Most annoying meme
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Different OP here. It may be a placebo, but don't meme it till you try it. When I shower, I normally heat, wash, once all clean, I drop down to cold, for about 30 seconds all over and I feel awake and completely alert. 10/10 would recommend
We had no hot water in our dorm for a few weeks, they were the worst weeks in my entire life.
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Cold water doesn't work for betas brudting
>flatmate comes back from Christmas holiday
>I've already arrived 3 days earlier
>he goes to take a shower
>"anon, there's no hot water. didn't you notice?"
>le bogerface
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Jesus christ I'm a mess.
>stop drinking alone
>stop eating processed/"finished" shit/fast food
>shower daily
>brush teeth twice a day
>start getting up at the same time every morning
>be more social
>spend less aimless time on the computer
>walking instead of taking the bus

Anyone who has had sleeping issues here? How do you, on mornings when nothing urgent is going on immediately, manage to motivate yourself to get out of bed when the alarm rings? I just autopilot myself back into bed unless cats or neighbors wake me up
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Got my diagnosis on Wednesday. I'm still alive. Progress from there is also good.
I do it for Christ now, and my faith is back
Sorry to hear about the delusions, breh
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fucking top kek
Can someone please post routine/stack to make my dick cum yoghurt and feel awesome?
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I need cuddles.jpg
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>mfw 48 days into no-fap and this post made me hard af.
Damn you anon
Cold showers literally separate Men from boys and girls.
I'm reading more and trying to cut back the time I waste fapping.
>stop drinking
>cleanded out my diet
>cold showering for 2 years now
>Chessmaster XI for mental games
>quit smoking
>gymming with proper routine
>recomp diet is perfect and I'm sticking to it
>whitening teeth with this gel stuff 3x per week
>growing hair 2 inches longer
>buying new clothes only when I find something hat looks great on me instead of buying so so stuff
>applying for jobs
>getting more into spiritual stuff
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coolest pepe.jpg
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>stop gaming (cut down gametime from 1h a day a year ago to only weekends and now I've completely stopped)
>less 4chin
>less procrastination

>am now spending all of that time studying

i'm still a beta fag but at least class is going well kek
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>Finished college
>Reading and writing more
>Gaming less
>Showering cold
>Holding my own fort for a year without student debt
>Active dating life
>Use to be chubby asocial boy
>Pushup thread. Every. Fucking. Day.
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Joining the army. Ive written a two part memoir and a political thriller. I have two soundclouds, one for piano, one for guitar.

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make way for the ubermensch.

let's have a paragraph from your autobiography.
Cut down on my racism, blasphemes, swearing, and insults. It's not all gone, just in smaller doses
Started being nicer to people
Stopped drinking so much pop
Stop playing as much games but that isn't by choice, just less drive to
Actively trying to get rid of this one wart which I kind of just ignored for a couple years
Stopped hitting my dogs
This isn't recent, but I stopped hitting people
And finally learned how to grip n rip a phonebook the hard way as well as roll a frying pan but that was more just doing it
And started lifting 2 months ago
I also started crying again but that was the reason this whole started (along with of course a girl)

I think that's about it. I'm trying to become a better person. I've nigh given up on the girl but I still feel better about myself so hopefully something comes along
and ugly to boot :D
nice samefagging to add to your lying first post
I'm trying to quit computer games
I've gone cold turkey from playing 30+hours a week
It's tough. But it's going to be the first in a course of life changing choices

second poster here, I wasn't samefagging--that was meant as irony via Nietzsche (see OP).
fuck off
Just look for "box row" on amazon.com and sort by books. If you dont have a kindle you can download a kindle app
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>getting back into philosophy
>haven't smoked all year
>completed Telemann's 12 Fantasia for solo violin
>went shopping on boxing day with friends and finally renewed my wardrobe in 10 years
>Stopped hitting my dogs
sit up.
As soon as the alarm goes off, sit up totally vertical.
If you don't do it one morning then beat yourself up about it.
At some point it becomes reflexive.
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Thread images: 15
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