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Ask a 30 y-o man anything
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life, fitness, whatever
my date bailed on me so here I am drinking wine in front of my computer

>picrelated 1 year progress
Did u shave all your body hair at once? How fast did it grow back
Good shit anon, I'm just starting and if I can improve half as much as you did in one year I'm gonna be stoked
What do you think the meaning of life is?

Do you think incline benching is necessary for a big upper chest, or is flat benching enough?

Do you believe in love?
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yeah I wax it. Get someone to do it for you otherwise it's pretty much impossible. You could always shave it yourself though

diet truely is the most important thing. Cardio is also greatly underrated. Also, I've never done squats or deadlifts, no need for that if you're lifting for aesthetics

well, life goes by pretty fast. It sounds cliché but, the meaning of life is to be happy. Do travel and live new experiences. Step out of your comfort zone.

I do both; inclined and flat. I think having a very diversed workout with many different exercises is the key to aesthetics and overall gains

Love? I've only ever loved one girl in my life, but she didn't love me back. I think back at my previous relationships and most of them sucked and relied only on physical attraction.

>picunrelated, my dog

What is your routine mate? Looking good. Did you go through any cut or bulks or just maintain?

1 year wow nice progress dude

whats your routine? what did you do?

>only ever loved one girl
>didn't love me back

Terrified my gf will leave me for the same reason.
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I simply stopped eating processed and ate only whole food. Lots of veggies, fish, oats, brown rice, I also stopped drinking alcohol. I don't believe in bulking; I simply ate a lot, lifted a lot and did cardio.

My routine was:
30mins-1hour of cardio before lifting. rest days whenever I felt tired

I didn't know shit, so I basically just hit every possible machine and variations I could think of. I didn't even OHP or benchpressed

I trained 5-6 times a week and stayed 2 hours or so at the gym. The key to have long workouts is a preworkout shake. I would always drink this before leaving for the gym:

>one scoop preworkout
>2 scoops of whey
>cooked oats
>frozen banana

keep improving yourself. I've been dumped before, and the reason was I became ''boring''. Me and my gf would just chill home and watch movies all the time. You need to take your girls to concerts, walks in the forest, weekend getaways and stuff like that
How tall are you not?
How do you feel about aging? I'm 28 and feel like my life is getting steadily better as it goes on
5'11 195lbs in both before/after pictures. I'm currently 215 and cutting back to 205lbs or so

Men age like wine and women age like milk. I stil get plenty of mirins from the 17-23 females
how much you bench bro?
>left looks like a fun guy to hang out with
>right looks like a guy who only talks about getting swole and eating properly

All of our dates with the except of one time to the movies - have been something fun/exciting/different so far.

I am focused on moving myself forward regardless of how our relationship works out.
>taking dance lessons
>lifting 6days/week
>will be attending coding bootcamp soon

She's been on a family vacation out of the country for the past 3 weeks. She left when things were just heating up between us and with just a week left before she returns - things have gone cold.

I get anxious because although I put out this super cocky/confident portrayal of myself - I couldn't be more insecure about losing her.

It's stupid because I know there are so many females who would gladly take her place. But I'm stuck on this one. I feel way more invested in her than I should be.

I just want to get through this coding bootcamp so I can get a well paying job and start doing more cool shit with or without her.
I injured myself soon after I got to 300lbs bench for 5 reps.
Nowadays I simply bench 150-200 for reps (10-30 reps). I do low reps/heavy weight on machines because the risk of injury is much lower

well, whatever happens, if things don't work out between you 2, it simply means she wasn't the right girl for you. You break up, think your life is over and feel like shit for a few weeks. Next thing you know you meet a new ''better'' girl and completely forget about your ex
Thread replies: 16
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