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22 y/o, 21 years spent doing nothing but vidya and eating like a bird all of my life. somehow managed to end up with a gf that's way out of my league, got tired of people talking shit behind my back about how she could do better even though she doesn't give a shit and is perfectly fine with me being skinny, but it messes with me mentally. so i've decided to not be a skinny piece of shit anymore.

i'm 5'9/175cm, 56kg/120lbs

just had my first day of this version of SS:

Squat 3x5
Bench 3x5
DL 1x5
Dips 2x5-8 (add weight after reaching 10 dips on both sets)

Squat 3x5
OHP 3x5
Pendlay row 3x5
Chinups 2x5-8 (add weight after hitting 10 bw chinup on both sets)

Daily accessory work:
3x5 45 degree decline weighted situps
3x8 weighted hyperextensions

These are my question:

1. What the fuck do I do if I can't even do 1 dip. I tried doing reversals but towards the end my atrophied muscles just gave out and i started gyrating wildly and almost broke the mirror behind me from my feet swinging into it. embarrassing but i'm still going back tomorrow

2. is 3k cal enough for me or should i eat more? dgaf about getting fat as long as i get strong

3. what is a good substitute for hyper extensions? my gym has no place to do them.

and here we come to the part where you guys are gonna have a good fuckin' chuckle; my stats from the first day:

Bench - 5kg
Squat - 10kg
Deadlift - 30kg
Dips - Not even on(c)e

understandably, this is a bit discouraging to me as i feel pretty subhuman when i'm huffing and puffing with my 2.5kg microplates on each side bench while everyone seems to be able to bench their own bodyweight at the very least.

i'm not going to give up. i'm going to go there everyday, even though i'm weak af and i'm going to get stronger. it's just that right now, where i am, is pretty bad. so i hope some other ex-auschwitz fags out there could drop some encouragement in here

thanks /fit/
>>page 5 without a single reply
>>page 1 consists of veganwars, fph and other autismgenerals

fuck you guys, answer my fucking questions
just keep working out and youll be able to do dips. start working on your triceps and that will also help with dips.

3000 calories a day is good. keep track of how much you used to eat and just eat more than that. if you want to gain weight, take in more calories then you burn.

dont get down on yourself about how much you can lift bro, everyone has to start somewhere. give it a few months and youll see a drastic change.
also hyperextensions for your back? do dead lifts instead.
Lift for 14 hours a day instead of play WoW and see what happens.

thanks m8

hyperextensions are in there because i read that lower back weakness can fuck up your squat/dl


mmos aren't even fun, eat shit
I've gone from 140lb to 196lb over the past 2.5 years at 5'11. You will make it if you stick with it. You gotta realise that making progress is all about consistency and changing your whole lifestyle around making gains.

Make the most of you noob gains whilst you can, you might not notice you body changing in the first few months but take photos every month or so to track progress. This also helps to motivate you when you can see your progress more easily.
This guy has got it.
>Track progress

OP: You got it, man. We all must start somewhere.
I'm around that boat but it was 140 to 185 in 4 years but that was purely from work. I started lifting about 2 months ago and have been challenging myself at work lifting a breaking everything I can (construction).

In high school I couldn't bench my body weight and gave myself a hernia trying (havent benched since then). I also couldn't do a pullup and could barely do pushups.

Now I can pretty much do whatever I want. Pull 20 foot plus poles out of the ground filled with gravel and the like. As long as you continue to do it op you'll get a lot stronger no matter what you do. Even at work a couple months in for example I couldn't slam a screwdriver through plywood and I could always hit hard. Now I can do that easily in addition to pushing a nail through a 2x6 a couple years ago.

As long as you're doing something somewhere towards your goals you'll do shit you never though possible.
1.) Sit on a bench, put your feet on another bench in front of you. place your hands beneath your buttocks and then dip. how deep you go is up to you. otherwise use a seated dip machine or if worst comes to the worst do tricep cable pushdowns.

2.) 3k is fine, /fit/izens would have you eat more, but you're only human. just treat is as a minimum.

3.) Deadlifts.

Good luck
You have the right mindset. That's all that matters.

As long as you don't give up, you are gonna make it. Remember that!
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