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Let's get a self-improvement thread going, /fit/. Things that improve your fitness in life.

First, if you have the chance, charge your phone. Worried about saving power? The coal is going to burn anyways, so don't feel guilty. Doing this will eliminate the worry for having enough battery left for that one emergency phone call, as well as make you the hero when everyone else's phone in the elevator is dead.

Wash your face. Morning, night, middle of the day, too. It'll keep you awake and aid the reduction of acne.

If you're working, wear shoes. If you're not working, don't wear shoes. Don't wear shoes in bed. Do not work while not wearing shoes of some sort. Your brain will, and probably already has thanks to school, an association between the pressure on your feet and being awake and thinking harder. This association is a good one. Don't fight it.

Stop the porn. Erectile dysfunction is incredibly prevalent among the younger generation because they are not jerking off to a physical object but a computer screen. You will also find it messes with your lifts, making one arm stronger or weaker than the other, and can cause weakness and stiffness.

Know how to fight. Know how to avoid fights. It is important to learn both because sometimes your opponent just won't bug off. The classic one-two punch exists for a reason: it works. Throw one to the stomach to force them to lower their arms down (a reflex they probably won't be able to control) and then sock them across the jaw. Otherwise, study a martial art-but not karate or tai kwon do or anything that focuses on one opponent. Find something that works well on the ground (wrestling, bjj) and combine it with something that will allow you to deal with multiple opponents at once, like silat. Chances are you won't be fighting just one person in a combat situation, so be prepared for more.

Eat big. Get big. CMON
>saving money on light bulbs
>on god damn light bulbs

Anyway, you are right about porn. Vanilla stuff is never enough, and after some time you start looking for some hardcore shit to get off. I can't believe what kind of shit I jerked off to, holy shit.

Eventually you end up as a hermit with some sick habits and erectile dysfunction because you can't get hard unless there is some really grotesque shit presented.
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I got hired as a cashier and I'm socially retarded and have no friends and can't make conversation. How do I get good? Also, how do I get good at selling customers to register for a store debit card
b-b-bump it up
>holy fuck thank you
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Always be learning. The renaissance man is an ideal for a reason. But it's not enough to be a sharp-dressed, /fit/ jack of all trades. Pick a skill and master it. Something you can do which can be marketed - choose and become better than everyone else.

Studying law? Pick a specialty and start reading case law and law review articles about it in your spare time. You could read and highlight two in a week just by reading a little before bed, or while taking a shit (if on a bulk). That's 104 in a year. Write down your thoughts.

Driving trucks for a living? Talk to the supply chain guys and learn a thing or two. Take online courses. Don't just drive the truck, learn to plan the routes, work a promotion, get the company to pay for your school and go become an industrial engineer. Be the guy that knows how to get 10,000 things from A to B-Z in no time.

The best guy in a skill can name his price. And if you can manage to get a second, complementary skill to a good level, you can dictate your working conditions, too. The welder who also knows basic accounting is going to be running the place at some point. The only programmer in the firm who speaks Russian can go to a company that does localizations.

It's like the gym. Put in the time, just a few hours each week, and the gains will come.
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>height as a measure of alphaness
no business in a self improvement thread
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> Guy posts picture for ants...

Full size version here:

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Fucking READ
Nice thumbnail fuck-dick
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shit sorry about that
Err...I still can't read it
make a new tab look at the image
Ah. Ty.
click on the filename
I'll boot some
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Control Training.jpg
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>hope this is legible
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One of my favourites
>tfw most of this shit is just random motivational stuff
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Links for liftan
>inb4 links within pic
Just type them out you fucks
>saving on cleaning supplies

that cheap shit doesn't do anything, it's cheap shit

But anyway

I started doing cardio, my kcal haven't gone up. I eat the same stuff every day, 2700 kcal.
Been doing this for 6 months

But I'm gaining weight. What is the deal with that?
Just found a shitton of infographics. I'm going to go through them and see if there's anything worth posting here
Current weight and height please
154 lbs 5"10
2200kcal should be cutting for you
/fit/ genie i am 200 lb 6'2 whats my TDEE?
i want to lose a little more weight before Hard Summer, got 2 weeks left.
Sorry to say it pal but you ain't gonna visibly change in two weeks despite how much you cut and do healthy shit
well, i've been cutting for the past month just by running and eating better, assuming my TDEE was 2600 and going 500 below. but these were just kind of guesses.

im also on creatine, thinking of dropping it to look more cut. but i'll also have smaller muscles.

what do you think, bro?
i do bench on 10 reps of 185 3 sets, other lifts comparable to that. so i have some strength
TDEE calculators are not 100% accurate since everyone has different metabolic rates.

How long have you been on Creatine? The weight you gain there is water retention in your muscles (which goes towards aiding in building them more effectively.) Unless you're worried about attaining a certain weight class for sports you shouldn't be concerned. And anyway, dropping Creatine doesn't = buh bye gainz at all.

200lbs at 6'2" isn't bad either. Are you just trying to shed fat? Honestly at this point cutting for a beach body isn't that ideal. Summer and beach season will be done by the time you see results, if you want to cut through fall/before winter that's fine, but winter's bulkan time.

>self improvement general

>First, if you have the chance, charge your phone. Worried about saving power? The coal is going to burn anyways, so don't feel guilty

what the fuck did I just read
nigger working for dem battereen-ads my man
bump cuz I go to sleep and I want to read this thread tomorrow
if it's still on when I'm back from the gym I'll bump it for you bby
just wanted to say thanks, these threads have helped me a lot and i really appreciate them
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ayyy lmao
>erectile dysfunction
>can cause weakness and stiffness


captcha: amother companion
These self improvement threads are so fucking cringe worthy.
>wash your face
>wear shoes
>charge your phone
Says a lot of what kind of people who are on this board
>contrubutes nothing
ayy lmao
dont drink alcohol
So retarded
You want me to contribute? OK
Wash your dick
Eat breakfast lunch and dinner
Wear clothes in public
top, same guy 6/10, made me laugh.
Good one Anon
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everything went better than expected
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What a shitty bingo.
>but he train from child
Here's a good tip

Pay fucking attention
Maintain a focus on everything and everyone
Everything can be reduced to systems and cycles
Everything can be traced to a cause, and an effect
Everything is related, even if by a thread

When you begin to notice things working together in multiple systems almost simultaneously, with such a broad perspective that you can almost effortlessly see life playing out before you (but with the ability to understand the intricacies of each detail), you will live well.
I'm going to begin quite general before getting into specifics.

Humans are very flawed.
They waste their time on fleeting pleasure instead of sacrificing to make themselves happier in the long run.
They operate on impulse and are almost not self-aware.

There is nothing "special" about human interaction.
Human interaction isn't as complicated as people make it out to be.

Spend all your time doing productive things or doing things that you REALLY enjoy.
Plan things.

If you ever need inspiration remember that there are guys out there who have sex with a thousand different attractive women a year and that you aren't one of them.

Spend all your time doing productive things or doing things that you REALLY enjoy.
Plan things.
Track what you do using spreadsheet software.
Buy things in bulk. Shop around. Limit impulse purchases.

Plan your meals. Make as much of your meals as you can, once every week, and store them in containers in the fridge.
Buy waterproof plastic containers that you can stack.
Waterproof is important so you can take them places.
Plates take up too much space in the fridge and are difficult to stack.

Buy whatever food you can in bulk.
Buy huge sacks of food.
Avoid buying those little shakers of spices, you can buy huge sacks for cheap.
Make sure you search expiry dates - things like nuts can go off in a few weeks.

Learn to cook well.

Track your diet.

Sleep enough. Sleep consistently.

If you take more than 5 minutes to shit you aren't getting enough fibre.
Always roll back your foreskin before pissing to prevent splashing.
Sitting down to piss is frowned upon by plebeians but it will save you from pissing all over your trousers in public.
Use toilet paper to wipe that last drop.
Purchase a bidet. Use wet toilet paper if in public. If you only dry wipe you are disgusting, I can smell you.

Even plan out how you take a shower. As autistic as it sounds, you will save a lot of time. Here is what I have found to be most effective and efficient.
Taps on (do this first so you don't have to wait)
Undress. Pull your trousers from the bottom to prevent them turning inside out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVYiHI4cGlE
Step into shower
With water, wash your eyes, nose, dick and the rest of your nether regions in that order.
Then use soap to wash your armpits and nether regions in that order.
Use cotton swabs to clean your ears.
Get dressed.
This should take you no more than 5 minutes.

Be less impulsive in your purchases.
Shop around, compare prices, try before buying, buy in bulk if you can.

Stop trying to accumulate material possessions.
Stop purchasing hard copies.
Stop being a brandwhore.

Collecting DVDs impresses no one, costs money, clutters and takes up space.

Only buy useful things. Keep you things clean and organised.
Buy a label maker and lots of matching containers.

I don't want to go into too much detail here, but stash emergency equipment - in your office, in your car, at home.
This means things like containers of water, food, car repair equipment, fire extinguishers, clothes, weapons, petrol, things like that.

thanks, good stuff. Feel free to continue of course, I'm lurking. Just so you know
Dress nicely.

Minimal, greyscale is great
It never clashes, so it's great if you don't know what you're doing or if you have a small wardrobe

Don't be a brandwhore with clothes.

Chances are what you think of as classy is actually quite trashy.
Lmao at people who think LV, Chanel, Polo and all these other fashion brands are classy.
Upper class things have little to no exterior branding.

I hear a lot of people say that muscular guys should wear straight legged trousers
All guys, especially muscular guys, should wear tapered trousers - wider at the inside of the thigh, tapering to thin at the ankle.

Learn to tailor clothes.
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Dumping from last time
Learn how to
shoot bow + gun
fight and wrestle
controll yourself fully
speak another language other than the ones you know
a craft interesting to you, manual

read good books
learn some philosophy
some history

At least this is my list
What makes a physically attractive man is signs of health and masculinity and non-femininity.

Bone structure should be robust and masculine. This covers so many things
Big skull, prominent brow, prominent brow ridge, broad midface, developed cheekbones, broad palate, tall ramus, wide angular jaw, big chin, broad shoulders, big rib cage, thick long-bones, tall, big hands, big feet


Bilateral symmetry

Neck cartilage

Good insertions

Good skin
Too pale indicates anaemia
Carotenoid tint - it suggests good diet and good health.
You should eat more fruit and vegetables with carotene, or even supplement carotene
Carotenoid tint is even more attractive than a tan

Lack of femininity
No gyno, no dick-sucking lips, no bitch hips, no blush

Good vascularity

No deformities

Facial hair and body hair
It indicates high levels of androgens
Stop waxing your eyebrows

Scalp hair is complicated because the hormones surrounding it are complicated
Generally, a broad, straight hairline is best
Frontal balding (male pattern) is better than general dispersion, general dispersion is almost always a sign of poor health whereas frontal balding can be due to excessive DHT / DHT sensitivity
The more masculine a person is, the less balding matters
Jason Statham or the Rock balding barely matters, it even shows off their robust skull
Michael Cera balding would be fucking pathetic.
>Frontal balding (male pattern) is better than general dispersion, general dispersion is almost always a sign of poor health whereas frontal balding can be due to excessive DHT / DHT sensitivity
*Male pattern balding is better than general dispersion, general dispersion is almost always a sign of poor health whereas male pattern balding can be due to excessive DHT / DHT sensitivity
T...that is amazing. Never thought braces were that effective
Good dental health
Good bite, white teeth, properly aligned, properly formed teeth
Clean fresh breath
Scrape your tongue, brush your teeth, floss, eat quickly, drink sugary drinks with a straw and water.

Hopefully an understanding of what looks good will help you.
You can't exactly give yourself a bigger skull beyond supplementing hormones before you stop growing, but some of those things you can change.

Something important things to highlight:

A thick neck.
Due to spine, neck muscles and cartilage.

"Hunter eyes"
This is due to brow growth which covers the top of the eye

Broad midface, skull size
In absolute terms, a taller skull is generally better
However, a relatively narrow skull indicates illness and low androgen levels
What's best is a big skull that is also relatively broad, with a tall chin and relatively but not absolutely short midface

Good posture.

It's done broke because I received "functioning human being"

Also, why the hell is "don't drink alcohol" beta?
Confidence is important but it's proportion of importance is exaggerated

"...80 female undergraduates were shown profiles containing photographs and information about the personalities of potential male dating partners and were asked to state the dating desirability of each target person. Subsequently, were asked to introspect about the factors that affected their dating preferences and they tended to intentionally underreport the impact of physical attractiveness on their preferences. Later, they were said that they were connected to a lie-detector polygraph, they produced more accurate overall introspective reports, admitted a main extreme influence by the physical attractiveness of the targets. It seems that female mindsets are very influenced by a social or cultural taboo. Women tend to underestimate in questionnaires the importance of male attractiveness. They are conditioned, consciously or unconsciously, to express a politically correct choice and thus they do not wish to be perceived as “shallow”.

"...Weiderman and Dubois (1998) have found men accurately indicated that the physical attractiveness of the targets was the most important characteristic that influenced their desirability ratings, whereas women inaccurately indicated that desired level of relationship commitment was their most important factor, when, in fact, it was one of the least important factors behaviorally. Sprecher (1989) found similar results, in that women inaccurately assessed the role of physical attractiveness in their own ratings of a target man. The women in Sprecher’s study reported that expressiveness was the most important factor in their choice, although it was the least important factor behaviorally. Physical attractiveness was the most important factor that actually influenced their ratings"
File: david gandy.jpg (487 KB, 830x830) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
david gandy.jpg
487 KB, 830x830
"The results of these two studies suggest that women’s self-reported preferences may not match their actual choices. Because it is still considered shallow and inappropriate for women to say that physical attractiveness is very important in their choices, those women may have engaged in impression management. Theory is that women do know what they want, but that when asked, they need to give answers that are acceptable to society. If so, women might misstate their preferences more often because there is more pressure on them to engage in impression management and to give the socially-desirable response"

a lot of writing

to give nothing other than a commentary on a woman's socialization to avoid being shallow

which has tenuous tie ins to ur original point which was importance of confidence is exaggerated

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Not surprising at all.
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Show off your physical ability
Join a sports team
Learn a martial art
Learn gymnastics
Lift, do cardio
Dance, it's a human mating ritual. Check out takesomecrime

Be famous, be popular
Join a sports team and be good at it. (best is Australian football, rugby, American football, after that is soccer, hockey and basketball)
Have a lot of high quality friends who respect you
Get invited to parties with high quality people.
Learn music theory, make music, become a popular (underground) musician, freely distribute your music, have a strong internet presence, be good to your fans.

Be rich, be upper class.
Display status symbols - nice clothes (not the same as displaying obnoxious branding), a nice house, a nice car.
This is not the same as buying things for women.
Buying things for women might have a very slight chance in making them want to have sex with you so they can get more things, but it won't make them attracted to you.
If your game is buying things for women, then you're best off hiring a prostitute.

A lot of people say "women view men as nothing but ATMs".
This is wrong.
Women want to have sex with attractive men regardless of whether or not they get bought things.
Women view unattractive men who don't buy them things as potential threats and to be avoided entirely.

Have a deep, nice voice
Learning stuff is self-improvement

Check out Scott H Young, he managed to learn the entire MIT computer science 4 year curriculum in 1 year

The best way to study:
Watch video tutorials, taking notes. Don't worry about notes being neat. Don't write down lots of text. Draw diagrams, annotate them, write down important lists, formulas and derivation for keeping.
At the end of maybe 30 minutes of watching videos, revise what you just learned. Explain everything back to yourself. If you can't explain it you don't know it.
Do problems sets.
Making mind maps is a good way of learning. I used to get an A3 piece of paper and write down all the different factors that would influence the design of a building when i was presenting a presentation for a building services job. It helps a lot as you can see how each different factor influences other pieces of information or ideas.
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young leo.jpg
46 KB, 446x500
there's nothing difficult to understand about human interactions

women are usually very selective about who they have sex with and who they get into long-term relationships with and will leave a guy if someone better comes along
men have very low standards about who they have sex with, and will cheat on a girl if the opportunity arises

Trying to form long-term monogamous relationships with a girl is NOT a good idea if you are a young guy.
If she's better than you, she won't LTR you.
If you're about equal, she will STILL have sex with other guys and will probably leave you.
If you're much better than her, she might have sex with other guys, but why would you want to be in a long-term relationship with her if you're that much better than her?

As a guy, you should only try to form a monogamous LTR a girl if you're older and want to have kids.
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keep 'em coming
I'm not sure what else to talk about


finance and business sounds good
I guess I'll just give examples for now until I think of something

Halo effect in action:
What he says isn't funny, but because he is very attractive you perceive him as charismatic and hilarious.
Agree, broke up with my gf for this reason. Don't spread the word though, means more bitches for us.
>Be famous, be popular
>Have a lot of high quality friends who respect you
>Get invited to parties with high quality people.
>Be rich, be upper class.

Gee, thanks mate, 10/10 advice, very helpful
>BECOME famous, BECOME popular
>MAKE a lot of high quality friends who respect you, who will invite you to parties giving you an opportunity to network even further
>BECOME rich, ENTER the upper class

The way you put it, it sound like you can't attain these things unless they're given to you at birth. If you keep using the excuse "muh genetics" or "muh caste system", you'll never make it.
I use the term "finance" quite loosely.

Avoid buying a first-hand.

You can get a second hand business laptop (eg a Dell Latitude or a Thinkpad) for $300 dollars online.
A first hand car plummets in price as soon as leaves the store.
Only buy a desktop computer if you are sure you will need that good performance. Unless you're processing loads of data, or playing newer video games, you would probably benefit from the compact size and mobility of a laptop.

You can buy a 400GB HDD for $147 as of mid-2014. That's about the price of 10 blu ray films, which might be around 4.5 GB each.

The only good discussion on 4chan is general or casual. If you need any specific help, go to stackexchange instead

I gave you some ways of becoming famous - being a musician or being good at a sport. Being famous doesn't necessarily mean being an A-list celebrity.

I never said it was easy.

If you want to know about the upper class read Paul Fussell's Class.
you talk about spending your time doing productive things, but you're sat on 4chan
People (especially women) often say that this sort of advice is demeaning or superficial or objectifying something.

It's not demeaning if it is true.
Giving an accurate description of reality is far less superficial than spouting platitudes.
"Objectifying" implies that people aren't objects.
never mind a low flow shower head, take cold showers and they're so much cheaper it's not even funny
Good point, 4chan is mostly a waste of time.
Not the best use of my time. I have been eating and listening to new music in this time, though.
i think spending some time on here is ok, you can learn new shit and discuss interesting things like in threads like this

but i try to limit the amount of time i spend on it and do what you're doing now (eating, listening to music etc)
"You can't go wrong investing in _"
Unless you REALLY know what you are doing, you are probably going to lose out to people who are much smarter than you and know what they're doing.
Get serious or don't invest at all.

Gambling is almost always a really bad idea, unless there's no house.

Get a home gym. Make sure you buy olympic plates, you'll end up wanting them anyway.
-olympic plates
-olympic barbell
-2 olympic dumbbells
-6 collars
-power rack with pullup bars and dip bars
-adjustable bench
-maybe a platform

Glass and ceramic kitchenware is a scam.
Ceramic is very thermally conductive.
Ceramic and glass are fragile.
Get plastic kitchenware instead.

Carpet is very inconvenient. Get tiles or wood instead.
u wot m8
Do you really think that hentai is the reason that my left arm struggles more than my right during my lifts?
>you could pay $360 a year for a gym membership or exercise at home for free

>gym membership or exercise at home for free

>exercise at home for free

>exercise at home

check em
Dubs are for homos. And man am I one huge faggot.
Being an actor or competing in *any* sort of competition is also another decent way to become "famous".

Hell, I started coming to /fit/ because I wanted advice on how to win the IPF/strongman competitions. And while I've got a looong, hard way to go, I can still say that I've made damn good progress.

Do you have any short-term projects for becoming more popular? Ideally, something I could achieve over the span of a couple weeks.
dubs and fit is gay
you forgot to say no homo
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Is anyone here actually rich and famous or just giving out advice they think is legit?
not rich but I make 50k a year

lol are you fucking serious?

It's considered "alpha" to shower every day and wear cologne? How fucking hard is it to wear cologne? I shower on days when I exercise and get dirty, not for no fucking reason at all. We're in a fucking drought and it's dry out here. If we shower every day it dries out our natural oils and makes your skin flaky and shitty. Not to mention the fact that cologne is needlessly expensive and doesn't make women more attracted to you.

I guess it's "alpha" to not play video games too? Nigger, if you don't play video games in 2014 you're missing out on many benefits, including but not limited to:

+ Higher average IQ
+ Better color differentiation.
+ Better problem solving skills
+ hand-eye coordination.

Not to mention the satisfaction of beating your friends at party games/fighting games.
File: lol u guise.png (715 KB, 1780x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
lol u guise.png
715 KB, 1780x1000

Oh, and here's mine.
Holy damning fuck that post tipped all my fedoras.
>"Hi how are you?"/ "Find everything alright?" etc...
"I'm good/ yes I found everything alright etc."
>ring their shit up
>"Would you like to register for a store debit card? You'll save 2% on your next purchase!" etc
"No thanks/ I'm good/ fuck off"
>"Have a great day!"
that's all there is to it

I read this in the black guys voice from the ads during comedians in cars getting coffee
Yeah if I didn't exercise and had people tending to me I'd have loads of time to do work too. So would anyone else.
You got a nice simple list here bro, I'll just add a couple
>Learn to tie a few knots
>Learn how to properly use a knife and how to sharpen it
>learn something complementary to your main vein of knowledge. It will help propel you into another field should the need/want arise

How's that fedoracore?
>>Learn to tie a few knots
Knots are good, but slings are crucial if you need to carry someone who's just too fucking heavy to do so by hand (I don't give a shit how much you lift, try picking up and dragging a 350lb landwhale - WHILE supporting his neck). Learn how to do a simple webbing sling drag.
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so this means i'm a pretty well adjusted person basically?
he looks like he's concentrated on taking a shit
You get complemented by girls but guys aren't jealous of you? ok nerd
I talked to a beta with a unibrow who was over weight and wore the same hoodie every time we met who was in my lab class and he didn't know what vidya meant when I said it to him.
thank you
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441 KB, 1780x1000
I don't want to live anymore
File: 1401017609821.png (52 KB, 443x770) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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lmao Stefan in that picture

>my feet hurt
>flatlander's standing closer to pattinson than me
>nobody here is even noided
>i want to go home and shout about guillotines

That chart is really stupid. So much wrong. I hope nobody takes it seriously. I got +7 but I'm a kissless virgin. There should be "social autism" on the left which nullifies all points on the right
Yeah, not sure what to think of quite a few points on that grid
Anyone have good self help books?
>save 15 dollars a year
>15 fucking dollars
>for a shitty showerhead


Also even worse why would you run the risk of clogging your shitter to save 48$


also read >>27656600
>Don't wear shoes in bed.

What person wears shoes in bed?
Really awful picture

>long hair
Long hair can look good
>don't care how your dance style looks
The best dancers DO care how their dance style looks
You should both care and not be nervous
>straight appearance / style
Wavy and curly hair can look good
>wear cologne
did an ethnic write this?
>unusual taste in music
"Wow, you like Merzbow? So alpha"
>Economics in one lesson
The Austrian school has some interesting things to say, but this book is bad
It strawmans Keynes

>All those fiction books
You will gain nothing valuable

>All those ancient philosophy books
Really terrible
I'm convinced that ancient philosophers were retarded
The kind of person that needs to improve himself fast.
File: REMOVEKEBAB.png (81 KB, 240x266) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
81 KB, 240x266

>suggesting fiction is worthless
>badmouthing Aurelius to boot

Are you fuckin' serious, nigger? Get out my face.
great thread lads, keep it coming
File: 1395851283307.png (213 KB, 956x1621) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
213 KB, 956x1621

what's up with all these manlets on /fit/?

anyone knows the average height on this board?

also supplement info


also the best file I ever had on my pc


What the fuck? Really?

Also anyone have experience with tyrosine as a nootropic? does it work?

holy shit, thanks for this
average life expectancy in the USA, is... lets say 75 years.
you become a home owner lets say at 25.
assuming no change in savings or technology/etc
~150/yr for ~50yrs is ~7500$

>god damn light bulbs m8y
>Get plastic kitchenware instead.
Why are you purposely giving out bad advice?
>glass kitchenware is a scam
>buy plastic
enjoy being unable to clean your kitchenware, and enjoy your xenoestrogens
>plastic ovenware
are u me on lsd ?
When you need money, to accomplish your goals, gay people will alwways be nice and tryy to help you. I had this gay guy that offered to suck me and pay me. I was 18 at the time. I thought to myself hey I'm getting pleasure and money from this so why not. A blowjob's a blowjob right? Truth is I didn't like it at all getting sucked off by a guy so when I told the dude no bro I wanna stop this it's sick, he actually ended up blackmailing me. So IMO never do things that you won't want to be public.
>-olympic plates
How many?
I disagree with the long-term monogamous
I've had my fair share of banging sloots in highschool/first 2 years of college
It becomes so fucking meaningless. I've been with my gf now for 3 years and wouldn't trade it for what I had as a single guy by far. Shes hotter than most of the women I hooked up with, smarter, can actually hold a convo, we both find eachother interesting

Plus, in terms of 'how often you get to fuck', I get a blowjob 2-4x a week, and have sex every day. How often does a single guy get laid? (Without devoting hours a day to finding a mate)
I'm 5'11 150lbs and my cutting intake is ~2000
>acquire aesthetics
>possess BBD (big beatiful dong)
>become camwhore, showing face
>acquire popularity
They don't even sell incandescent light bulbs where I live now so you have no choice but to change to compact fluorescent or LED. The image says to change to fluorescent but if you change to LED you save more energy and you will probably have the same bulb your entire life. So you save even more.
How the fuck am i supposed to change my oil for 10 dollars?
Where can I buy oil and a filter for 10 bucks?
That info graph is dumb
I'm pretty sure the temperatures the pic suggests for the thermostat are just what environmental engineers want you to have your thermostat at. Not actually deemed comfortable for anyone.
>Stop the porn
>You will also find it messes with your lifts, making one arm stronger or weaker than the other, and can cause weakness and stiffness
this is just beyond retarded
Find a hobby. Something that is niche. It can give you something to focus on and work towards. For example, I started listening to proper dance music and now I'm starting to DJ.
>wow now I know all these made up stories I'm so good now!
You may as well be reading Twilight or 50 Shades of Grey
>implying all plastic kitchenware has a rough texture
>implying all plastic kitchenware leaks xenoestrogens that can be taken into the body
however many you need
Depends how strong you are
500lb will be enough for several years
correct, the overload from rubbing your dick for 10 minutes is negligible compared to lifting up the heaviest weight you can over your head
File: image.jpg (58 KB, 762x486) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be 18
>just got braces last week
>gonna have to start college as a metal mouth
>have to wear braces till i'm 20

W-will I make it? How will I survive being a cyborg nigger for my first two years of uni?

Pic unrelated
it's better than having a fucked up mouth for the rest of your life

>wow now I know all these made up songs I'm so good now!
>wow now I know all these made up pictures I'm so good now!
>wow now I know all these made up historical landmarks I'm so good now!

By your shitty logic, being cultured in general is bad. You honestly think that you gain absolutely nothing from reading fiction? You think you don't gain a larger vocabulary, an increased ability to explore thoughts and ideas, a greater repertoire of things to discuss with people, the ability to draw greater metaphors in the circumstances of explanation, etc?
The human minds excels at creating and understanding narratives. It's one of our natural talents, but just because it's "make-believe" it isn't worth it? You must either be the most boring person on earth or an angsty teenager mad at his teachers for making him read books during his vacation. Either way, you're a sad faggot and I pity you.
Look, reading fiction isn't bad, just terribly overrated.

It irks me that it's one of the first things people suggest when discussing self-improvement.

If you want to be REALLY insightful or cultured, try studying something non-fiction, actual science, actual history, actual psychology, actual economics. That would give you a much better repertoire of things to discuss with people, the ability to draw greater metaphors in the circumstances of explanation. If you study REAL things, it will make you better at talking about REAL things.

When I said "you will gain nothing valuable" regarding fiction books, it was a bit of hyperbole, but if you just read the books and don't analyse them or learn about the settings IRL and so on, you really won't gain much valuable at all.

Do you think knowing Animal Farm makes you cultured or something?

Of course, everything in moderation. My oldest sister does nothing but read terrible pop-fiction novels all the time, and she's as dumb as a box of hair.

But still, "you will gain nothing valuable" is not just hyperbole, it's flat out false. There are numerous studies that link tangential improvements in brain cognition and social intelligence marked with the reading of fiction (http://online.liebertpub.com/doi/abs/10.1089/brain.2013.0166 , http://www.sciencemag.org/content/342/6156/377.abstract , http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/10400419.2013.783735#preview). Further, there are even studies that claim that lack of recreational reading can lead to a large gap in academic performance (http://www.psychologytoday.com/files/u81/Stanovich__1986_.pdf).

Reading fiction has a very practical application for self-improvement. But of course, like anything, focusing on it alone isn't gonna solve everything. Just like tying knots, casting fishing lines, or lifting heavy ass weights. To improve yourself, you need to test all things, and hold fast to what is good, motherfucker. You can't just demean an entire area of thought because it's "make believe."

And you'd be surprised how more frequently people will appreciate and allusion to Animal Farm, rather than to Keynesian theory, or the laws of thermodynamics. Reading is more accessible, therefore making reference to it is far more applicable from person to person.
dis p. tru mayne

I read a lot of fiction, but the knowledge you get from non-fiction is much more applicable to everyday conversations. Get laid once when this girl told me she was from Malta and I started shitting on her pea-sized country. Got laid another time discussing the Bosnian-Serbian conflict with a Serb. Made friends with a gaggle of Muslims while traveling by talking about Saladin.

Obviously that kind of knowledge was never remotely crucial, but people like it when you know practical things and it can lead to some pretty fun talks. If you have some abstract shit on the back-burner, that's fine, but opening with that shit is dumb.
Elaborate. This is the only post worth replies in this thread
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>Dont drink alcohol = beta

That is medically ignorant
/shit list
>Get plastic kitchenware instead
or buy from the second hand store.
or just don't be fucking clumsy.
>Everything can be reduced to systems and cycles
>Everything can be traced to a cause, and an effect
>Everything is related, even if by a thread
ah, the naive determinist engineer.
bro, I was you six months ago. then I tried to understand how girls work. some things just don't have impulse responses.
I'm thinking of reading The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli to help with my social interactions. Is this a good idea?
it can't hurt to read it
>not reading fiction
You are autistic
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