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Japanese street wear brands?
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Japanese street wear brands?
I'm having trouble finding any good ones.
>inb4 Bape.

Web stores and Ebay Pages welcomed.
Yohgee Yamomotor.
cav empt
A Bathing Ape
Are you looking for places that ship internationally or within Japan? A lot of Japanese Clothing is easy to get in Japan, hard to get outside of it.
international shipping

Lad Musician
Mikio Sakabe
radio eva

This is just jap brands, hardly streetstyle. Look at trove thats nowhere near the aesthetic
Visvim is also arguably americana

I've always associated with lad as being more punk rock but i guess that fits in.

Mastermind japan
what about Diet Butcher Slim Skin?
Goes more into rick's aesthetics and the like, altho take my word with a grain of salt. Most brands are clumped together in rakuten and y!jp in terms of similarity so thats how I've been looking at it.

Like carpe diem and all the labels that broke out off it.

Facetasm for example also reminds me a bit of raf with the colorful prints and some unique pieces, which also fits into streetstyle but they also do oversized comfy cardigan jackets in light grey

Trove is "mori boy" / comfy but also geared more towards outdoorsy

>Mikio Sakabe

None of these are streetwear brands


Undercover is not a streetwear brand

Streetwear =/= Street Style

Also stop using the term comfy it is cancerous for the board

DBSS is far as fuck from Rick

Also stop using the term aesthetics like that

Is this fucking 2006? Do you watch project runway?

Tons of buzzwords and baseless assumptions, your post is shit
Just my take on it, I did say take it with a grain of salt. First thing when i think of dbss is the shoes which imo has some similarities to geos but fair to say thats where most of it ends.

Also i'm interested in what UC goes for or is this categorization of brands pretty pointless?
Saves a person from writing layering knits and full cut clothing no?

it's not pointless ur mum is pointless
uc started from the streets but has been in Paris 10+ years strong it is far from streetwear it is a legitimate designer label
just because it has streetwear and urban influences it doesn't define the entire brand
streetwear is supreme c.e etc
uc is not streetwear

no u dumb dumb streetwear and street style are two completely different things and aren't even the same type of words, they are not interchangeable

streetwear is the style of urban clothing that came to be during the late 20th century and early 21st century with street culture influences like hip hop, milsurp and other subcultures

street style = what people wear on the streets, it could literally be any style of clothes, street style doesn't mean a certain style of clothing it means what people choose to wear outside their own home in urban environments

also holy shit u think such vague fucking elements as "layers of clothes" "knits" "voluminous clothing" define streetwear? ur fucking retarded
internationally, otherwise i dont think op would be asking. help a brother out
mostly heard rarely seen
there aren't to many i can name outside of what other anons have but there are some korean brands as well
and juun j just to name a few .
Why is this shit so expensive? Shit! Supreme shit is cheaper
What are you even on about? It was directed at "comfy" being a buzzword.


Depends on what you're looking for really...

Neon color/pop:
-Original Fake (now discontinued but still easy to find)

-Hyteric Glamour
-Beams/United Arrows
-Pretty much all Japanese denim brands (sugarcane, kapital, flat head, momotaro, etc.)

Black/dark toned:
-Bounty x Hunter
-Mastermind Japan
-Fingercroxx (Chinese, but worth the mention)

More 'high fashion' based:
-Cav Empt (maybe?)
-Number (N)ine (maybe?)

-Clot (might be Chinese)

Sites to check out:
-cliffedge.co.jp (good luck over paying)
-zozo.jp (gonna need a proxy)

I think that's a decent start, let me know if there's anything more specific you're looking for.

juun j is not streetwear
dbss is nothing like rick. dbss is another one of these fairly trash "punk influenced" japanese labels (see undercover).

They happen to have put out a few nice sneakers which are unmlike most of their other clothes.

the influence of streetwear on UC is really really strong. Heaps of shitty standard garms with shit painted/transferred/printed on.
plastic tokyo
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Thread images: 2
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