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Any overlap between scifi fans and /fa/ posters?
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Any overlap between scifi fans and /fa/ posters?

Most /fa/ sci fi characters? Least /fa/? Hopes for far future cops? Predictions?

Post here to reassure yourself that you'll get to look cool in 2432 and everything before then is just a phase.
Alternatively post here to tell a faggot to stop shitposting.
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tfw you'll never be able to afford acronym jackets while also being a robot
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cool drawings. saved
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robots in clothes = instant fashion

take notes yo.
how about minimalist and comfy futurist looks like this one?
so cool and clean, but i worry all black can be associated with a waiter or barista
sometimes on the daily grind on the way to work, i stop into the local dairy mart to buy a cup of instant coffee

wearing my full science fiction outfit (bit of a bookie kind of guy) as per usual, draped and covered in pockets/straps i cant use, nothing out of the ordinary

but today..

the coffee streamer wouldnt stop when i pressed the button
it just kept pouring out
black coffee
ended up getting coffee all over my sick urban "science fiction" clothing
it just poured all over me and onto the aisle

guess what i looked like?
thats what

got kicked out of the shop and banned for life when i couldnt muster up an excuse for the employee who stink eye'd me.. guess im not as "witty" as my fav scifi authors
In the future robots will do those jobs. Unless your a filthy robot no one will associate you with a barista.
the robots are striking back already
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in the future we will all look like fascists

except in white
im sure ull find another place to get your instant coffee hehe
its true isnt it? soemtimes i jsut get stares from young children.. concerned mothers around me often..

i dont get it
i just dress in my techwear "#functional" "#form" gear
big fan of it

i dont see why any child fears me like the boogieman when all im doing is wearing a bunch of floppy straps and pockets and zips in black

does anybody else know that 'sci fi dressing feel'?? its so weird just getting into all this oppressive action society has against my clothing
i dont really wear techwear but sometimes a bit "futurey". everyone dresses very eclectically in my city though and its mixed with asians, arabs and white people with many tourists so i dont really stick out as i would in some monocultural city where everyone is in walmart jeans and graphic tees.
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in the future

we will all be issued monochrome fits by the govt

to make sure no one looks like a shithead ever again

hypermulticultural cities will be the shit after the bombs drop and we're forced to congregate in approved non-radiated zones
Wouldn't it be fun to be known as the spaceman in your local suburban shithole in whatever fly over state you live in?

>"Hey, here comes Johnny the Spaceman! YO! WHATUP SPACEMAN!!? Hey look, he waved this time. Heh, that guy is great."
i would HOPE so

maybe itd be a good thing

i spent all my paycheck on these 'sci fi clothes' to "express myself" on okcupid dates

now what do i have? a bunch of shit stained "#techwear" and nothing to show for it?

i PAID 400$ for this jacket because its FUNCTIONAL
i guess we cant keep both function and form
lol. dont let her unto your weird clothing hobby til like the 3rd or 4th date man
slim fit t-shirt (if u arent fat) slim (not skinny) dark chinos and a pair of leather shoes (no sneakers). simple and clean, not looking weird to normal people and still not that divergent from your tech style
good luck on the next date man
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>bio enhancements/cyborg will be a thing in your lifetime
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/fa/ what aug are you gonna get first
i love cosplaying

man on the moon
big favorite of mine

i wear my geos (friends call em moonboots but oh what the heck right???!) and my floppy memphis jeans i saw on tumblr

pair it with an oversized darkshadow coat

then i sit inside on my herman miller x eames lounge chair
looking into the fireplace

on special occasions when i DO go out i wait for girls to approach me
im a unique guy underneath all this black clothing and a passion for fashion so it proabbly wont fail!
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someday ill have a qt cybord gf
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didnt think id get serious genuine replies

then again im on 4chan
stuff like this actually happens here
its a problem
an issue
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sure thing
as soon as they shove a speech device into a realdoll

i reckon ull have the real thing huh
just goes to show the present is shit
definitely eye aug for sick hud, seeing greater range of wavelengths, better response times and better sight performance
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and guess whos fault it is

sorry for bumping your shit thread
couldnt sage
There is someone for you out there in the cosmos, bro.
Isn't it fun though?

yea this thread is pretty objectively awful not gonna lie.
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its rough
its rowdy

its sjw moderation and janitorial work

but it
cyber arms, delts and pecs, with a back stabiliser for the extra weight

it's all about extra sets of arms
Yes, we're all having fun. When's your next online date, caf? Have you been successful so far? I've got a pretty good one coming up next Saturday that I'm looking forward to.
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I liked some of Puma's Urban Mobility collection.Minimal and a bit futuristic without being too over the top.
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im more of a free spirited type a guy

i just answer the skype call if they ring me up

im a huge fan of fucking pixels
the next oculus rift build includes a fleshlight
cant wait
rocket butt
This man gets it
Gonna be some dope vishnu looking motherfucker
i dont know what oculus rift is but it sounds like some nerd shit that even knowing what it is is enough to outcast u to nerd fagdom forever
sort that shit out bro
i want to say top kek but in the future memes will be gay and i don't want my children thinging i was some kind a faggot
it's funny as fuck though you loser have some fun who cares fuckig faggot
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im the local bounty hunter

if anything it sounds like you have an issue with masculinity

i express my SEXUAL NEED freely

i suggest u take your cucking back to a private site.. like chaturbate
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>fashion is so serious
>having fun with clothes, even talking about having fun with clothes, is a big problem and im gonna be really mad and angry if you try it!
if it was real science fiction clothing the coffee would have just streamed straight off your waterproof crotch

poser confirmed
Don't be hurt. It's just a joke. We're all having fun man.
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Thank god no Knoch or Poet shit has been posted in this thread. Inspo is good, there's some funny back and forth going on; good job so far everyone.
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All rights guys, i might post some more in a few hours
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what the fudge
yeah thank god for the same inspo pictures that where posted last year that have nothing to do with scifi
Poet pls go
that looks like marks racist friend from peep show lol
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HA HA HA helmets

helmet in oblivion worn by the resistance movement was pretty cool
Is this a real helmet or art? Having trouble telling
File: Mmrs.png (55 KB, 407x202) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's art.
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Are hellghast uniforms effay?
Because in my subjective opinion, they are fashionable as fuck.
Im surprised Demobaza hasn't showed up ITT yet

I love this near future minimalist look, kinda like the Illusive Man in ME. I think this is the true aesthetic of the future
btw ME was effay imo
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mo isnpo
File: 1399839466138.jpg (331 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The uniforms are a bit intense with the metal plate, but they can still look stylish.
you'd really like this oversized Ann D cardigan
implying robots feel anyway
what are those shoes
i need to know
File: 19superhero.jpg (43 KB, 410x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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looks like salomon

>Imblying you know about new tech anything
File: roots_4.jpg (55 KB, 555x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Salomon is some nextlevel shit right now
>do u even aspen fags
>most /fa/ sci fi characters
Adam Jensen
Khan from the new movie
imperial guard commissars.

That new movie had some of the dopest fits in recent cinema history tbh
neural enhancements.
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>tfw space magic will never be real.

glowing cyber nigger dick
like the one depicted in space truckers but better
im gonna get my brain augmented for accelerated neural response and instant anywhere access to the post-net
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Thread images: 43
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