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new thread

>tfw pleb girl with 5/10 face but 8/10 body wanted me last week
>couldnt decide if i wanted to get with her so just didnt reciprocate
>still debating whether i should have gone for it.

fuck it, im only 19 plenty more girls.
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>when the deal man throw in a lil extra
Didn't somebody caption this? Requesting.
as if anyone on fa isn't too beta to talk to girls irl
>tfw finished first year uni
>did alright but fucked no girls and only made out 3 times
>pleb flatmate banged over 20 girls

Feels inadequate as fuck. Im practising talking to girls this summer so i can finally get some pussy. this hgas gone on long enough.

>get together with girl a while ago
>she would be at least 7/10 if it weren't for her horrible fashion sense
>try to get her to wear something better
>she doesn't want to

why must it be like this
>move to new country for uni
>almost 7 months here
>no making out
>no dates
>no sex obviously
>just 1 girl I can call to, and she's 8 years older than me, and probably thinks I'm a creep or sth

I dont even care about friends at this point, which I dont have, all I really need is a gf or a fuckbuddy
>beta male

spend more time on social skills exercise, less time on faggot goth drapeyclothes & flyknits
>I don't know who you are but pls stay on this board and keep making quality posts, I don't even care if ur fat
It's a repost from the cool vault.
>tfw kissless virgin
>get shut down

im not a neckbeard, and im not ugly. smh. ah well I don't let it bother me anymore, just gonna keep tryin till it works one day.
Thats i am doing, if you read it.

Also getting on tinder.
did you try talking to girls? or even people?
>im not ugly

well fuck you. I'm ugly and have gotten laid many times. are you even trying?
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Sorry /fa/, I need to vent:
>tfw gf is on vacation with her female friends
>tfw you used to be insanely jealous and insecure about cheating but you don’t even care any more
Of course I’d still be mad if she cheated and dump her, but now I accepted that worrying about it won’t help anything, the only thing I can do is be a good bf and keep my integrity. Is this what stoicism feels like?

And to stay on-topic:
>tfw foam party almost ruins the suede on your GATs
I did
thing is
I'm not even loner-kinda guy or anything
maybe deep inside or sth, but normally everyone who knows me back home describes me as cheerful kinda guy, I'm the heart of company, joking etc. I had a gf etc

I dunno. I dont belong to any of major immigrant/international students groups, like russians/koreans/chinese people either.
>be me
>never had a gf
>6-7/10 girl tells me she wants me to fuck her
>cant decide what to do

Shes not ugly but like I dont know if I want her

yeah ;_;
i go for like 5.5/10 to. i guess my game is bad.
well maybe you are ugly
who needs friends when you have a $3000 techninja fit bought with your parents money that makes you creepy and unapproachable irl
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>tfw not a single IRL friend, dropped contact with every single friend I had
>they can't even try to communicate with me if they wanted to

At least I'm making sick cops, r-right guys?
>tfw you have so many ideas of what to buy
>tfw will be poor for the next few months at least
>tfw you worry that you won't remember all the things you needed to buy by that time
what the fuck is wrong with you
simply fucking women is like the most simple thing on eart, fuck her, if you liked it keep fucking her if you didnt then stop
like whats the big deal

not posting face. but i've had people interested in me im just autismo. n probably the same at parties.
can safely say im not ugly
tinder is for autistic nerds

approach women you don't know in public. stores, the street. stop and say hello to them you beta fuck
>debating on wether I should ask this girl out
she pretty cute and seems interested but idk if I am
where's the hate coming from? and those assumptions? did somebody shit on your poorfag fit in waywt thread or sth?
>social skills exercise
talking to people dipshit.
You run the risk of getting feelings for a girl you didn't really feel attraction towards. That will end up with you in a relationship you have no power over, because it's driven purely on insecurity.

If you can fuck without getting feelings hit that shit like Chris Brown.
You wouldn't be the first guy to get feelings as soon as they finally find some girl to have sex with though...

Don't ask her out like "will you go out with me" but definitely get her somewhere just the two of you and make some moves. You won't know a damn thing until you escalate with her. If you get rejected, that's better than wondering.
And if you don't get rejected and end up getting a cool GF (after a while of casual fucking) then that's cool.
stop rating girls /10, stop thinking about having "game" and just do it instead.
>be waiting for one thing to be on sale for months
>checking the site every day
>summer sale on
>damn do i buy now with -30% or should I wait?
>sizes S M L
>need M
>couple days later
>S gone
>couple days later
>L gone
>pls give extra discount code
>next day
>extra 25% off
>cop M
>get confirmation on email
>go back to the website
>product is now sold out
>tfw copped the last one


don't be so mad & butthurt
PS this is my new name and i'll be posting cool wisdom for the next few hours before a date.
trying to decide what to do because i never, ever, ever, go on dates in the day time.
Yeah I dont think id get feeling for her. But im a virgin and it seems like a big deal to me :> Ill probably do it if we find time.

just an example. I didn't say 'game' was a factor, I just said maybe i dont have it. and thats usually my mentality, just do it. hasn't paid off unfortunately, doesnt particularly get me in the feels anymore. but its annoying.
my sides
I don't know man, got her number through tinder so just hanging out without it being a date sounds kinda weird to ask
>tfw phobia of taking pictures
>hate my own image
>"anon get a pic on fecesbook it took a long tiem to find you!" and similar shit everyday
How do you cope with this?

Fuck these autists worried about women, this is the dream.
do it anon, but don't spend loads of time with her or you won't be able to get rid.
What nationality?
How are you all so pathetic, when I was seventeen-twenty one I was fucking girls way out of my league. It was so easy it's unreal, you get over it after a while. You're all crying about getting your dick wet, grow up and do something worth while, you're pathetic.

ask a friend you're close with to take some pictures of you, on a phone or whatever. have them send them to you via chat and upload it. not that bad!
well trust me, if i can do it, literally anybody can.
IMO game is developed through reflection of personal experience. anybody sitting around reading about "game" but not getting any experience is being a lame guy.

yes, it's good to have some theories to better grasp the reality of sexual dynamics, but to try and follow someone else's "game plan" is a stupid move because everyone has their own individual positive and negative traits.

I know guys IRL who flip shit at the mention of "game" but they don't realize that it's a PERSONAL DISCIPLINE, not some misogynistic exercise to "neg her."

What is the difference between hanging out and "a date?"
I mean, I understand the difference, but it mostly comes down to your attitude and approach. Take her out for drinks or wherever, but don't make it some super meaningful, serious, romantic, occasion. It's no difference than hanging out, except that you will be escalating. No commitment, no pressure, no expectations.
Take your autism somewhere else, you're fucking worse than Bandit (RIP) or sieg
They became endearing facets of board culture, you just hurl your autism everywhere
>autists worried about women, this is the dream.
you got that the wrong way round bruh
I kinda know this.

>gf lives 200 km away
>visit her like every weekend to keep her busy
>it doesn't matter, she slowly builds up a knew circle of friends
>she tries to introduce me to them, but they're something like my antithesis, so to her, I failed
>She is hanging with them instead of me more and more
>At first I was mad, but then I slowly understood I was replaced and this might be the way girls break up with guys.
>I break up with her officially, so it's easier for her, she seems cool with it.
>Two weeks later we meet again, I kind of started to like her as a friend
>She basically says "Did you fuck somebody? I did, he was so gentle! Just for one night of course! That's okay, right?"
>Why the fuck is this stupid bitch doing this to me?
>Literally trembling
>Never heard of her again after this.

What I want to say is: You might think you're alright with everything, but it's still fucking painful when she just says "I'm done with you, and it was so much easier than for you!". At least I'd have never imaged it to be such a smack in the face. I felt literally paralysed for the rest of the day.
I had that... A friend of mine has a professional (semi-pro I don't remember) camera and took a shitload of pics. Her friends tell they are good but I can't get used to it. I should see a psychiatrist... But thanks anon.
>but to try and follow someone else's "game plan" is a stupid move because everyone has their own individual positive and negative traits.

that's what i was saying
>get rejected so often I develop no fear of women and make normal friends with plenty
>meet girl among group of people chilling with, I know one or two from work rest are there friends or something I don't know honestly
>we're getting drunk, getting along
>she's starting to get all over, rubbing against me, massaging my head and shit
>work up the alcohol-fueled gumption to suggest we go do something later in the week
>so we go to an old timely cinema that's showing the 60s batman
>fucking quirky amirite
>good night, lulz had by all
>go to rooftop bar
>having drinks, chatting life universe everything
>"well I'm exploring polyamory atm and already have a not-bf and a not-gf and not really looking for any extras atm"
>train ride home feeling feels you people wouldn't believe
Fuck off chad
>posting on 4chan
What happened mane, throw your shoulder/back or s/t
yeah I guess I'll do something in the upcoming week
I thought about maybe asking her what she was hoping for when she started messaging me through tinder, maybe in an indirect way, but I'm scared that's too beta/autistic/retarded
>>"well I'm exploring polyamory atm and already have a not-bf and a not-gf and not really looking for any extras atm"

She was a crazy cunt anyway.

be glad you found out sooner than later.
i was cosigning, and giving my 2 bitcoins..

thats the thing.


I'm probably just awkward around girls which is off putting. w.e girls r lame.
Oh the /fa/ connection is she is very /fa/-conscious

Should have mentioned that huh
>not wanting crazy pussy
>not wanting someone, anyone, to alleviate the loneliness as your 20s slip by and wizardhood approaches
>is this what stoicism feels like
Yes anon, embrace this
You're going to make it

So that's why you can't talk to girls? You're autistic? Hang in there little buddy
> w.e girls r lame.
/fit/ is waiting for you
Shes leaving in a week so its ok
trust me bro, you dont want crazy.
I don't care about any of that shit or board culture. my place is here in feels threads because iktf and am pro at this shit.

be a retard and cry if it bothers you, or step in and cite some specific points you disagree with and possibly provide a coherent counterclaim. I would be interested in reading your thoughts. all I can really take away from your post thus far is that you had an angry emotional reaction to my thoughts, but were unable to process the legitimacy of them, causing you to lash out.

i'm one guy giving my opinion, and you're exactly the same.

fit is my second board ;_;
i dunno. like that other anon said in the copy pasta
>get rejected so often I develop no fear of women and make normal friends with plenty
guess its a win win
The sad truth these autistic kids won't accept. Girls should just fuck them in mom andbdads basement because they're cool (although afraid of social interaction)
As someone with ASD, that's no excuse
Just make friends with people and try to communicate
heh u're buttmad aren't you, poorboi
shit man that's rough. i'm sure you'll find better though
>hear about a qt from cousin
>it's her friend
>meet a week later
>get on really well
>get into really intense relationship in under 2 months
>she has anxiety, depression and self harm issues
>don't care, fall in love with each other
>she has flare ups a couple of times with her anxiety and whatnot
>push through and try to talk her out of these short periods
>it just werks
>have amazing sex on the regular
>fucking one night and pull out
>she tells me to put it in her bum
>put it in halfway but it's too big and it hurts so we stop and just go back to normal sex

>she gets invite to a party on my bday
>forgets it was my bday but then I remind her
>she goes oh shit and then says that she's gonna have to go to the other one instead
>feel disappoint, dont say anything
>it bothered me a lot

>5 days ago
>end up seeing her
>she brings up the issue herself
>tell her that if it was her bday, I wouldn't dip out for something else because it just ain't right
>she agrees
>says she's gonna come to mine
>all good

>4 days ago
>she has a flare up of her problems again because I said let's go out and sort some of my shit with the government
>she takes shower
>after her shower I say perhaps I should go alone because it's gonna take forever, etc
>leads into her going on about how her ex was a huge piece of shit and how can he exist at the same time as me when I'm not a huge piece of shit
>explain that there be different folks out there

CONT 2/3

>end up saying she should come with to sort my shit out just to make her feel better
>everything seems okay
>comes to house and talks with mom a bit
>smiling, laughing, etc
>sort my shit out(took fucking ages)
>decide to wander around town and chill, eat, etc
>have a good time
>walk her part of the way home, kiss goodbye and get cab home

>receive text about 45 mins later that insinuates that we should split up
>text her back
>no reply
>call her like 30 mins later
>turns phone off, leave message

>call her next day and ask her what's up
>she says she can't explain it but I confuse her and she doesn't know what I'm like(this is bullshit because she's said I'm super kind and enjoyable to be around) and that she doesn't know what I like (neither do I, life circumstances, etc)
>agree with her and say that we should split up
>probably shat herself because she wasn't expecting it
>try to tell her that I appreciated the time we spent together
>she gets pissed and says fuck you and hangs up
>u wot

>get text back later that day saying that she's sorry
>call her back and try to talk to her again
>try to reiterate that I enjoyed our time together
>hangs up
>u wot

>yesterday morning
>calls me twice, missed first one, didn't hear, see 2nd, don't answer
>get a text that says Happy Birthday
>don't respond
>bday party went really well
>talk to a few people about the situation
sorry you're so offended haha its okay that ur butthurt and crying irl about internet forums
No wants to read an essay of your fucking life.

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CONT 3/3
>Brother says I could get with her just to fuck her
1 side says fuck yeah and the other says nah because I feel like I'm taking advantage of her issues for my own pleasure
>Others say that I should just not talk to her at all
This is obviously an option and the one that I'm following at the moment
>A couple says that I should try to be friends with her
I don't feel like I could accomplish this one. I feel that if we met up to be friends, we'd either end up a couple or as fuckbuddies again

so basically idk what 2 do
Part of me wants to just go on without saying shit to her at all
The other part of me wants to fuck her brains out
and a tiny part of me wants to get with her again

I have a strong urge to call her on the phone or meet with her but I don't know

watt u think brahs

at the moment I just don't give a fuck but I have flare ups when I get texts and shit
>she tries to introduce me to them, but they're something like my antithesis
I know what you mean, m8. All of my gf’s male friends are mfa-tier plaid-short-sleeve-button-up-wearing plebs who like Imagine Dragons and Mumford and Sons. Honestly, I don’t even know how she got attracted to me in the first place.

"Virtue is sufficient for happiness"

pussy and beta
Trust me man, the first time isnt really any special, once you have sex it just keeps on coming.
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>I'm 19 (20 this month) and in 3rd year uni
>She's 17 (18 in December) and in final year highschool

Would the age gap make it look weird if people saw us together?
Oh well, I feel gross now. It's like throwing rocks at a downie. You're one desperate, pathetic motherfucker. Peace.
no 2 years is nothing
stick your dick in her bro

statutory that shit
what you don't realize is she is using you for her pleasure too. i didn't read any of your long ass overly detailed post besides that sentence, but i already know i'm right.

if a girl is causing you drama, she's not worth it.
and every time you feed into it, she loses respect for you. girls dance around and contort to avoid directly solving these issues and keep the blood off their hands. they crave drama.
it's your job as a guy to lay down the line. she's a girl so she's going to be emotional, and as a guy you should balance that out with decisiveness.

act like a girl, get treated like one.

man your PUA-tier paragraphs are getting annoying. we get it, you don't respect women.
That's an easy thing to say
nigga how can you say shit when you are not fully informed

there's always gonna be drama no matter what you do in any real relationship
>respect women
fuck outta here man, individuals earn respect
men and women are not the same, and if you think otherwise you are sexist. also, do you think women deserve more respect than men?

shouldn't everyone earn respect based on their own individual merits?

the problem isn't the drama, it's how you DEAL with it. don't feed her and add more drama. deal with it, and get over it.

i can't remember a day when i didn't have sex when I was 16-25

fucking pathetic virgins

Jesus christ. is this thread a /r9k/ raid, yeah treat people with inequality and no respect, cause they wont do the same in return retards.
Don't listen to all these autists and their fucking '>muh sex, muh game bullshit'

If you feel like you'd be better off with her, and that you can handle it, go for it.
If you don't, or you don't want to, then don't. What you think'll probably change as you go through this.
As to how to handle the immediate situation, I'd advise not to talk to her straight off unless you want to get back together; even if you want to try and be friends with her things are often too muddled at the start to make a good attempt at it - and she might not want to just be friends with you, or you with her. That's okay.

Do not, whatever you do, lead on somebody with depression/anxiety/trust/relationship issues and use them just for sex. That whole idea is completely fucked, and your brother is a bastard for suggesting it. You deserve respect, and so does she - if you want to leave this shit behind, fine but that's the end of it. If you are seriously considering that and you don't see what could possibly be wrong with doing it, just fucking top yourself already. Don't abuse somebody like that.

"Brambles are in the road, turn aside from them. This is enough. Do not ask 'and why we're such things made in the world?'"
holy shit r u me
/soc/, /pol/ and/rk9/ spills coming here for the past days?
That's a fucking stupidly backwards attitude; everyone is deserving of a basic level of respect until and unless they do something to cause you to lose it for them ie. make autistic, neckbeardy PUA-level comments on the internet
me2, but the stupid thing is that even though I think about all the sick fits and pieces I will get, I end up buying some ugly shit.
Is it normal to have low libido after breaking up?

Had >1 year relationship, she eventually cut off all contact. Was an emotional wreck that night, but after calling friends and crying my eyes out I've felt bretty good since.

But I haven't fapped for like 5 days and don't even feel like it.

pls reposnd
back to /r9k/ for you homie.

i don't want to question your experience, but wtf...
you must not be very observant, or worse, not been in many relationships if you truly believe that you get what you put in. things are reciprocated, and no matter what your girl friends and gay heart says, it's all very predictable.

time for you to go back to /r9k/ and cry and misuse the word misogyny.
>If a girl is causing you drama, she's not worth it
>the problem isn't the drama
Fuck up, autist.

If you want to meet with her and talk it over, and you think you both can handle it and you're not planning on leading her on, fine. Be careful.
She's above 16 so it's fine in Australia.

My concern is really the maturity. People do a lot of their growing up in the year after school.
Oh well. I'll go for it if she for some reason decides to reciprocate.
>if a girl is causing you drama, she's not worth it.
>and every time you feed into it, she loses respect for you. girls dance around and contort to avoid directly solving these issues and keep the blood off their hands. they crave drama.

QFT, and no I'm not a woman hater. You may think this is PUA bullshit but these comments are true.
>Go to house party
>"Anon you're everyone's secret crush"
>Some short chubby 5/10 trynna get my friend to set me up with her
>Follows me around flirting, I straight up tell her I'm into her best friend
>My friend tells me she thinks it's because she's ugly (which she kinda was, but I didn't want to be a dick)
>Tells me her friend's off bounds, later throws up, cries, throws me dirty looks
>Her best friend leaves before I make a move, pretty much all of my friends but me get laid

Now I feel like a dick and I blew my chance with the qt I like
>you don't get what you put in so put in nothing
>I'll make the other guy out to be the autist, that's great logic
pls go, your thoughts are just cancerous

Some people do, but some people do a lot later and some people can already handle it
If you think you'd like to go for it, people won't think it's weird unless she looks 13 or something and hell, if one of you grows out of/past it that can happen in any relationship
Have fun!
i mean things AREN'T reciprocated.
it doesn't matter if you're a "good" or "bad' person, regardless of your stupid outlook.

>tfw putting angel’s or devil’s wings on observations hinders real understanding.
>mfw it's equally unhealthy to convince oneself that self-repressions are virtues as it is to think that unfettered indulgences are freedoms. there is a balance.

basically the point is that repeated, continued drama is the problem. what i'm saying is that problems will arise, because it's in a girl's nature to test her guy, amongst other things.
if something keeps coming up, it's a problem. i'll post an example, maybe, if you calm down and admit maybe, just MAYBE i'm not stupid.
Don't misrepresent me faggots, I was referring to the use of 'respect women' to justify pedestalling them as some higher creature. Obviously I have a basic level of respect for all humans but women are just humans too, you don't have to put up with extra shit from them because they're female.
ha please tell me you recognize the irony in you saying it's autistic to make someone out to be autistic, after you tried making me out to be autistic.

if you put in NOTHING you get NOTHING. if you put in too much, you only lose out.
don't be such a loser and try to be as cool as me.
fuck iktf so bad. I do the same. I think it's to compensate for the fact that I'm a little poorfag and can't wait months to save up the money for expensive shit

so many grets are had
>Read OFT
>Quantum Field Theory
>Damn I need to do something for my exams
>tfw realising I will never get laid
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>this thread
File: 1403112761867.png (194 KB, 640x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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tfw you will never live during the crescendo of the punk scene.
>you don't have to put up with extra shit from them because they're female.
exactly, anybody who disagrees with that needs to go back to reddit and cry.

and if ANYBODY believes the MAJORITY of men don't give women way too much slack, and treat them unrealistically higher than HUMANLY possible, they should head right back to /r9k/.

everyone worships women. men love women, and women love women. wheres the love for the homies, my dog?

File: image.jpg (183 KB, 640x1136) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw qt3.14 travel gf
>met a half fillipino half norweigein whilst in Phillipines
>she's pretty fa and dresses b/w
>we go out almost every night
>have deep emotional connection, unique chemistry, lots in common
>fell asleep together in each others arms to coldplay, both our Favourite band
>tomorrow is our last night together
>tfw we will probably never see each other again
> w-why can't I hold these feels f-fug
> don't get into a relationship whilst traveling, just don't

Pic related, one of our nights out in some club
>implying they wont think youre a creep
$20k on plastic surgery seems like the best approach. that or you learn to live with the ugly

It's OK little friend. As soon as you get off the internet, leave mom & dad's basement, and maybe get psychiatric help for your severe aspergers, you'll make friends. I however can't argue with you anymore. I ruined your day. I probably ruined your week. Doritos and porn will only console you so much. I shouldn't have picked on a handicapped person like yourself. Sorry.
Hah, did I touch the nerve or sth? you're so mad, keep replying cuck
>implying that normal, well adjusted people get called creeps when only autistic streetwear teens would be
w-we're all gonna make it bruh
>why does she always like assholes im such a nice guy
File: 1350328394503.png (154 KB, 1013x767) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
154 KB, 1013x767

>thread theme
Jesus Christ you hit too many fucking buttons with that one, mate.
Accept that it was a perfect time of happiness and you were lucky enough to experience it, and that if it had gone on for longer it might seem far less golden once pressures start in on it.

Keep in touch, make a go of it if you want to - surely with our incredibly lax overseas-study/work regs she could spend a semester or two here and I'm pretty fucking sure you could over there.
If you're trolling, I'm actually going to fucking glass you at the melb meet up

Have fun on the rest of your holidays dude, remember there's plenty of effay qts out there for you

Fuck you
>beta autistic neckbeard calling someone else a neckbeard

if you're cool enough, then that's enough to pull it off. source: own phillip lim jacket so of course im fucking cool (grail cop). fucked qt models. maybe not as autistic as i think but apparently girls find that sort of thing endearing if you're attractive/cool enough. profit.
We're all gonna make it, /fa/m
Virtue is sufficient for happiness.
>Virtue is sufficient for happiness.
But also understanding reality VS idealizations will improve your life more than some stupid moral code.
>never had a girlfriend
>reject first thing to ever give me attention because she's not a model
>takes autistic ass home to cry on fa
you just have to realize that she did it to try and make you jealous because she felt hurt by you breaking up with her. I know it sucks though.
yall niggas call eachother autistic too much. serious symptom of aspergers & downs
use your parents money like 99.9999999999999999% of these socially crippled aspergers laden autists
>tfw i fuck all the girls that reject you autistic beta male nerds
>tfw the best autistic reply you can muster up will be something about another board, something about pua, or implying that I am the autistic one
>tfw i cum on the girl you likes face
>coldplay, both our Favourite band
at least show her fucking face
m8, I'm not trynna fuck a grill half my size and twice my weight
lol ok
beggars can't be choosers, homie. youre still a virgin
>realised i've been dressing like mostly crap for the last 2 years.
>dont like 60% of my wardrobe
>started going to the gym
>spend half my savings on a wardrobe overhaul

Now look good all the time and feel better. why did i cop so much shit i didnt even like. Low on money right now but it was fucking worth it.
Fuck everything that will let you. Always
but but her face brah...
File: coolexample.jpg (157 KB, 383x2230) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
157 KB, 383x2230
all jokes aside, i think you SERIOUSLY have a genuine case of asspergers disease. look it up on Yahoo and you'll see i'm right...

>i'll post an example, maybe, if you calm down and admit maybe, just MAYBE i'm not stupid.

don't talk it to death, get over it. let her be a girl and you be a guy and all will be chill. and if it isn't chill, gtfo
>couldnt decide if i wanted to get with her so just didnt reciprocate

You're lying to yourself and you're lying to us, OP. Who was it who you were so afraid of judging you?
-close your eyes
imagine whoever fa thinks is hot this week
-gain confidence
-fuck models
That fucking feel. It is so good.

>wanting to buy the Damir Doma Jacus bomber for nearly have a year
>sale starts
>waiting on paycheck to come
>day 2, S sold out
>day 3, L sold out
>day 4, get paycheck finally
>check website, M sold out
>so upset, couldn't believe it. This was MY cop
>butthurt for 3 days about it, like mentally distraught
>decide to go to website just to mire at the bomber I could've had
>M is suddenly back up
>someone cancelled order or returned
>instant cawp
>M sold out

yes...YES....YESSSSSSSS fugg Hnnng

Wore it a few times, but knowing me It'll probably end up sitting in my closet 4 5ever
im serious bro i couldnt decide. my friends were there but i wouldnt give a fuck if she was hot.
>but i wouldnt give a fuck if she was hot.
Obviously. But fucking is better than not fucking. I think you let judgment factor into your thinking.

Unless she had some horrendous flaw you couldn't ignore.
i think you need help friend.

i can't make fun of you though I'd feelbad for picking on someone with aspergers
File: 1405266181250.webm (3 MB, 960x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 960x540
>tfw walking into the club dressed in all black and feeling good
Not that guy but come the fuck on, I'm handsome, 6'2", solid ottermode, nice hair, etc. Why the fuck should I put my dick in a girl that I don't even find attractive? Yeah, I might be a virgin and have a bit of the autismo (well, not really, I'm just a bit introverted/quiet...maybe that's why fujoshits, twilight fanbitches and other undesirables are attracted to me) but I still have standards that I happen to meet.
this. my older brother is literally aspie. hes cool af and girls love him
File: 1389023347642.gif (58 KB, 752x752) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58 KB, 752x752
Reminds me of the girl I lost my virginity to.
Fade away fade, son.

But legends never die.
File: 1405031187679.jpg (437 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
437 KB, 600x600
>tfw waking up in all black and feeling good
She just had a really weak chin

and he rlaugh was annoying.

if i was really horny i pproably would.

stop making me regret it man.
She obviously told you about that guy to make you jealous mate, she's probably a lot more sad about the brake up than she showed to you.
Lol you just described me exacly
>hair in the front is down to my nose
>short on sides
>perfect length to slick it back and look fa as fuck
>I work outside, growing
>it's always in my face
>wear hair bands (no one sees me work so Idgaf
>but even then the hair slips through
>wanting more and more to buzz it
>used to rock a buzz cut, know I look good w/ it
>but I love my slick back hair
>had buzzer in hand few nights ago, almost did it
Ugh what do
Stop being a beta male and go talk to girls, bro. Tinder and okcupid don't count. Go to a mall or a bar or walk downtown. Talk to girls. You don't need pua nonsense you just need confidence and basic social skills.
yea you shouldnt hate yourself because you have asspergers. it could be a lot worse.

everyone has problems, man. dont' let your asspergers get you down. i have a friend who has asspergers and i won't pretend like he's socially adept, but i know it's possible to have asspergers and get girls.

i never had asspergers and was born a baby genius so i don't really know what it's like to be assperger but you'll be fine.
File: 1405000556623.jpg (72 KB, 480x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72 KB, 480x480
>get a job
>enter the building
>get fired two days later
>the manager was a jew and " i look too aryan "

Welcome in 2030.
File: 3f2.png (436 KB, 750x545) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
436 KB, 750x545
this is literally the most passive aggressive self loathing aspie autistic response I've ever read

Sorry you're so upset little friend. It's okay for someone with your condition to cry irl about internet stuff
I know this post is meant to be a joke but is it weird that this works for me

I just imagine being RJ King and I get a lot more confidence and I actually fuck sloots
File: 1359351317869.jpg (7 KB, 243x251) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 243x251
>things that didnt happen
>Tfw the best way to a girl's heart is through her friends.

Jealousy is a wonderful tool.
She sounds unstable as fuck I'd say stay far away and cut contact, people who are this unpredictable can ruin your shit, make a clean break and get on with your life
Bro you think im passive? the fuck you smoking homie? I was trying to be compassionate because your autism makes you very sensitive but now you crossed the line.

you are honestly the MOST autistic poster I have EVER seen and im not playing around any more. I promise you if you post again I will PERMANENTLY sage and filter you. Yes, I plan on reporting all of your posts to the moderation team for a swift, painful ban.

You have just awakened a sleeping dragon.
>Better looking than RJ King
>Still imagine I'm RJ King because that way my name would be RJ King.

It really fucking works.
>meet girl in london
>have amazingly emotional passionate relationship
>have to move back to nyc
>haven't seen her in-person in 8months
>but still skype every week
>sometimes noodie skype xD
>i finally go back to london
>we meet up at a shitty mall (her choice)
>my desire for her comes rushing back over the course of a couple hours
>as driving home she says "it's just not the same as it was"
>"there's no passion anymore"
>feel paralyzed
>stuck in her car
>she has to ask me to please leave her car

haven't talked to her since ;_;
>angry autistic rambling

don't cry spergy
Someone add this to the cringe thread and put this screencap in /fa/s most autistic moments. Can't delete it now loser, i capped it forever.
>coldplay, both our favourite band

fucking dropped
>>they can't even try to communicate with me if they wanted to
How'd you do this?
What are bookmarks?
File: downs.jpg (3 MB, 4272x2848) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 4272x2848
>in a different state doing contract work (master race computer science) for 3 months
>hooking up with a bunch of girls in the same friend group
>music fest last weekend
>zyzz mode going shirtless rain or shine
>throwing after parties at my house every night
>girl shows up on saturday night that i had seen at the fest with some of my friends from new city
>dresses tumblrcore, big green eyes, super qt, her fav band is bell & seb
>everyone leaves, she asks me if she can stay
>we hook up
>get date set up for post wine and dine later in the week
>she says her friends told her i never hook up with someone more than once
>begin having sex with her all week
>she spent the night on friday, havent slept with someone in my bed since last long term gf
>leaving in 15 days
>first girl ive hooked up with and actually wanted to keep seeing in a long time, she makes me constantly smile
cant even deal m8s
Kill urself
>5/10 face
not ideal, but still:
>8/10 body
fuck her from behind and call her pretty. that way you don't have to look at her average face, but she thinks she's pretty. everyone wins.
>>still debating whether i should have gone for it.
if you debated it, then you're subconsciously debating your sexuality, too.
>got high with my friend/future roommate last night
>his friend tells him there's a pool party
>asks me if I wanna go
>caught off guard, look decent in a casual way, but not for a party.
>tfw hate swimming
>go to party stoned
>host and his friends are nice as fuck, but I'm quiet as fuck other than talking to a few people.
>get wet because people jumping in the pool and having fun.
>my other future roommate shows up (my two roommates work together)
>didn't drink a single thing, but he makes an ass of himself by being a sarcastic fuck.
>get embarrassed by association.
full autism.
is this luke? what happened to your page brue
Don't have a Facebook or any social media profiles.
They don't know where I live.
We can call that histrionic. Don't be sad mane
tfw ~5 very bangable matches on tinder so far
am i going to get laid soon. i hope so
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