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Write an /fa love story.
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Write an /fa love story.
A time traveler goes through time fucking bitches while pretending to be on the edge of culture thanks to him knowing what will happen.

It starts in post Civil War times, making it's way through the roaring 20's, sparkling 50's, groovy 70's, 80's, 90's, etc. until it gets to the near future, when he decides to stop with showing this one last girl of the future a nice time and leaves for his own time period shortly before some catastrophic event that rocks the world occurs.
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greatest love story ever told
The film takes place in Hong Kong, 1962. Chow Mo-wan, a journalist, rents a room in an apartment of a building on the same day as Su Li-zhen, a secretary from a shipping company. They become next-door neighbours. Each has a spouse who works and often leaves them alone on overtime shifts. Despite the presence of a friendly Shanghainese landlady, Mrs. Suen, and bustling, mahjong-playing neighbours, Chow and Su often find themselves alone in their rooms. Their lives continue to intersect in everyday situations: a recurring motif in this film is the loneliness of eating alone, and the film documents the leads' chance encounters, each making their individual trek to the street noodle stall.

Chow and Su each nurse suspicions about their own spouse's fidelity; each comes to the conclusion that their spouses have been seeing each other. Su wonders aloud how their spouses' affair might have begun, and together, Su and Chow re-enact what they imagine might have happened.
i cop a new pair of Chelsea boots, the SLP leather jacket and skinny chinos

maximum happiness for a year, i fuck a couple of bitches in the process but the point is that i finally buy those gorgeous boots and that awesome leather jacket
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poet's attempts to court /fa/
i'm crying>>8304433
>go to rick store
>see geos
the end
Too tired to think of the full story but I know it involves a poignant scene where the protagonnist reaches into his Rick jacket and shares his sandwich with a girl in a busy airport before retrieving his passport from the other pocket and boarding the plane
The only /fa/ love story:
>tfw no gf

>try them on
>walk around entrance
>run out into the nearest alley
>hit dead end
>turn around and see two shadows approaching
>it's Rick and Michele
>they tie you up and take turns fucking you
>Rick cums in your geos and tells you to keep them
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I met a girl when I was at war. Our cultures were extremely different. She was intelligent, kind, and had a look in her eyes that crossed any kind of borders we shared. I killed her countrymen. I said I would marry her and bring her back with me. Nobody knew of our furtive relationship. I was blown up by an IED and woke up in Germany.

I will never forget her.
urgh i miss u so much poet :-((((
An effeminate boy named Pico works at his grandfather's cafe during the summer, hoping to make some friends. He soon meets a man named Tamotsu "Mokkun", who seduces him, believing him to be a girl. Later at Mokkun's house, Pico asks Mokkun what he thinks of him, but he doesn't respond. Pico cuts his hair, and runs away. Mokkun searches for him, and the two reconcile at the end of the movie.
>See guy wearing dunks
>Get wet
>Notice they`re fake dunks
>Vagina becomes drier than the Sahara
>The end

Newfriend. Who is poet?
never noticed /fa/ is so funny lololololololololol
timber wrote this
He was a trip/namefag.

He wrote really long detailed posts and he was really kind and knowledgeable and shit. He posted inspo pics of spaceships and sci fi and shit.

Some anons didn't like him because his presence would sometimes inadvertantly derail threads. To be honest I think some pople didn't like him just because he got attention.

He eventually left and /fa/ has been hell since.
>"Oh my god sarah. look at those disgusting geos. I bet he doesn't even run. what a loser"
>"Man, look at this uppity techwear bitch in her gyakusous"
>"This family has waddled for generations! We don't run! We sulk and smoke! You'd do well to remember that!"
>"Sarah I don't want you hanging around with that boy anymore. No daughter of mine is going to be dating a goof-nigger"
>"let's just grab our passports and sandwiches and run. just start running and never stop."
>"This is bigger than just us now. PEOPLE ARE SULKING AND RUNNING."
>"We can never go back."
>"I never want to go back"


idk who timber is
Didn't even know him. Makes me sad now.

I would probably pay $10 to see that
my sides are obliterated
Hi. It appears that you have posted a non fashion thread on a board dedicated to fashion. On behalf of /fa/ I would like to inform that your kind is unwanted here. Please stop posting topics that do not fall into the category of fashion. With your help we can return /fa/ to what it was originally planned to be - A board in which fashion and not random questions can be discussed (outside of fuccboi generals).
Sage goes in a fields
good one
end is a bit shit thjo
and name should be better
I miss Jennifer.

She always had that smile that could light up the whole world, my world. She would always greet me with a hug, a smile, and an Ice Tea, which was my favorite drink at the time. We talked about getting married, having children, and settling down, that was up until last summer when things started to change.

I met Jennifer when I was in my senior year in high school in my biology class. She needed help with something, so I went over to her and asked her what was up. Things happened and a week later we're dating. I took her to Starbucks for a coffee, I had peach ice tea, she had a skinny latte. "You know, you don't have to order a skinny latte", I said concerned, with some laughter in my voice "You can order anything you want, you don't need to lose any weight or anything". She smiled, that smile that makes the whole world collapse. "Are you kidding?" she said, playfully punching my arm "I'm so fat!!". I shook my head grinning, as I knew I wouldn't win this battle with a woman. On the way home, walking beside her, I noticed her fingers brushing mine, as if to say she wanted something. I looked at her hand and they were stretched outward towards mine. She saw me looking and quickly looked down at the floor. "Are you okay?" I asked her, she smiled shyly and changed the subject. "Cool shoes, anon!". Really? I was wearing my old torn up DC's. "Oh, thanks haha, I would've made more of an effort but I don't really have anything nice." Her eyes rolled as she smiled, "Hm, boys never seem to have anything nice to wear." I looked concerned as she began to explain about her ex, who would dress all in Walmart clothes and how he dismissed anything over 15 bucks a rip off. She then started to talk about her outfit, and how she picked up everything from the Forever21 sale rack. We were now approaching her house, when she said "You see anon, you don't have to spend thousands to look good" she said as she skipped up her driveway to her front door.
"Call me sometime! I really enjoyed spending time with you today. Starbucks is the best" she said turning around, winking at me.

I called her a few days later and we arranged to go shopping. I went around to H&M with her, where it was pretty expensive. "What do you think about this?" she said, holding up an aztec print t shirt. "Oh man, I dunno.." I tried to make out the price on the tag, but she was bouncing too much to make it stay still. "Come onnnn, I'll give you a kiss if you buy it, it's a great look for you!" she said, holding it up to my body. I couldn't pass that up. I got to the counter and took out my credit card. "That'll be $30 please". What the fuck?! Oh man, I just spent 30 bucks on a t shirt. I hesitantly punched my pin into the machine and took my receipt. "We should get you some new jeans to go with your new look, anon!". I faked a smile, when inside, I was dying, and so was my wallet.
I ended up spending the day shopping with her buying clothes, and when we got back to my place, I threw all the bags on my bed and lay there. "Anon, I still owe you something.." I leaned up and was greeted by her kiss. It was amazing. I felt so alive, yet it was so surreal. I couldn't believe it was happening. "I gotta go", she said skipping down the stairs, "Call me!". Oh man, I don't know how much longer I can spend paying all this money, but it must be worth something.
About a month had passed and me and Jennifer were taking things more seriously. We had started having sex and spending a lot more time together. I was having dinner with her parents when they asked me to go and call Jennifer's brother down for dinner. I knocked on his door and opened it, he was listening to AnCo. "Hey, dinner's ready. What were you listening to? That sounded really cool." I noticed the Anne Frank posters on his wall, when his eyes shifted nervously "L-lol, pleb". I was confused, "What?", when things got even more weirder. He grabbed a baseball bat and did this weird face where he looked really condescending at the floor. When he dropped his bat on his floor and ran past me downstairs. He didn't talk at the dinner table much, apart from talking about a website called 4chan. His parents sighed and started talking to me about college. I was studying computer science at the time, her parents looked impressed. Her dad glanced at Jennifer and said, "She's studying fashion". I hesitantly replied "I know, she picked out this outfit for me". Just then her brother swished his head violently towards me and shouted "Post a fit fuccboi!!" before running upstairs and slamming his door. Her parents apologised on his behalf and we continued the conversation.
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When I got home I decided to check out this 4chan site. I didn't really know what I was doing at first, but I soon got the hang of it. I started posting on /b/ at first, I was mesmerised by the pornography and gore, and then I posted a thread about music one day, when someone called me an autist and directed me to the music board. I started posting there, and pretty soon I was completely off /b/ and exclusively on /mu/. After around a year or so, Jennifer moved in with me and I really started to believe she was the one for me. I was still posting on /mu/ but getting bored with it, so I tried fashion, seeing as though my gf was a fashion student. I was really confused with what people were like on here. People wearing all black and such, I thought you looked like ninjas!! I showed my girlfriend an outfit someone had posted and she smiled, her eyes widened as she stuttured "is.. is that Rick Owens?" I paused for a minute before her smile dropped and said "I think it is...". I asked her what was wrong and she loaded up a site called ssense. My jaw dropped at some of the prices whilst she was smiling scrolling through it all. "You should buy some Geobaskets, anon!" she said laughing. "Haha.. y-yeah maybe one day". After about a month of lurking /fa/, I had built up quite the collection of J Crew oxfords and Gap raw denim, and I had a pair of Red Wings coming in the mail too.
"Wow Anon!! You sure look dapper!" Jennifer said beaming as she opened the door. "I just got something in the mail too! It's a t shirt by Alexander Wang! And hey, I bought you one too". She presented me with it telling me to try it on. I pulled my J Screw oxford off and threw the new t shirt on. "It's.. it's kind of too big" I said disappointingly. "Don't be silly anon, it's supposed to be like that! I got it recommended to me from Superfuture!". I was curious as to why anyone would wear this, but when I created a sufu account, I soon found out. These autists were wearing oversized everything and getting over 90rep for it, could this be what fashion really is?
I posted my first ever fit on Superfuture. I was wearing my Desert boots, my Nudie raws, and the Alexander Wang t shirt. I got neg repped to like 50 and someone called Sschadenfreude really didn't like the fit, calling me a 'fukhead'. It's funny because when I posted it onto the waywt in /fa/, everyone was asking me 'w2c shirt', it was then I got a tripcode, I was 'Alexander Shirt Guy'. I started to lurk superfuture a lot more than I was posting in /fa/ after a while, /fa/ had become boring for me. The same beginners and memes posting everyday when finally, I turned 21. My GF gave me a thick present and said "Happy birthday anon!!!", her smile being the focal point of everything. "Thanks!" I said excitedly ripping open the packaging. "It's clothes.." I said frowning slightly. "Do.. do you not like them Anon?" she said concerningly. "No, no I love them!" my false smile convincing her that I actually did like them. I took them all out the packaging and was overwhelmed. I got a shirt and some shorts. "It's Damir and Rick, Anon, it's good stuff!", I just sat staring at them in my hand. "Let's take a fit pic!!". We went up to her room and I threw on my Desert boots. "Go on then, take it already."
trunks diaper pic?
>/fa/ boi and /fa/ gurl meet up
>fall in love
>drama with family, friends and other shit
>/fa/ gurl is pregnant
>complications with pregnancy
>the baby survives but is mentally retarded
>continues the legacy of his /fa/ parents
>creates yesstyle and wears flat caps like Samuel L. Jackson
>Has a good time at parties
>the end
cry if u liek dis everrtiem
Why isn't this a Derek Cianfrance film yet
Great ending, memorable quotes and a modern take on a classic.
bumping for posterity
oh my god
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>18 year old french hipster guy, hitler youth and black all day
>Meets 16 year old cousin and jumps into weird nympho relationship
>Have weird visually appealing cinimatic soft sex scenes between them with lots of milk and wide camera shots
>Have an orgy with several other hipsters
>Parents say they can't be together any more
>Hipster steals fathers gun and several thousand dollars, hides in cousins house while avoiding police
>Eggs in the vagina
>Kill one of the cousins school friends and take turn having sex with each other and the body
>Police are getting close so they flee to spain with a rich cuckhold the cousin has been fucking
>He pays for expensive hotel rooms and nice clothes and takes them to underground dog fights and shit
>Weird bestiality shit
>Rape and murder a preist because why the fuck not
>Police start tracking them down
>Shootout scene where cousin dies but hipster gets away
>Goes back to cuckhold, they fight, hipster kills cuckhold
>End scene he buys a boat and sails it to africa with half a million dollars he steals from the cuckhold

Can't get any more /fa/ than the classics.
I'm crying
>Hipster steals fathers gun
he's french he doesn't own a fucking gun
your fic is fucking irrelevant

I liked more coco's one.
>be 22
>that guy that never talks in classes
>few close friends
>in grad school
>stay up all night studying in cafe
>4 cups of coffee a day
>qt cashier at cafe
>she smiles at me a lot but feel it is just because I am a customer
>walking from class to cafe
>wearing full Rick with my hair in my face
>recognize her from afar even though I could only see a slim and dark sillouhette
>quickly look down as I walk towards her
>I can smell the scent of her perfume as she approaches me
>soon her rick dunks come into sight
>"hey anon"
>you going for coffee aren't you
>I make the best coffee, even better than that cafe stuff
>come over to my dorm I will make you some, you have to try it
>walk into her dorm
>a blinding darkness that contrasts the overwhelming hue of the outer space
>"how do you want the coffee anon?"
>b-black please
>the aroma hits me first as she brewed the coffee
>nothing sweet as it would of been out of place in the darkness that enveloped us
>she sits next to me
>"give it a taste anon"
>"not the coffee, hehe"
>she starts to caress my neck with her tongue
>a bitter taste manifests from my tongue as I take a sip of the cofee
>her kiss introduces the same taste
>I imagine the taste of her womb as my tounge caresses her
>I am immediately aroused
>overwhelming emotions consume me
>from inside islands formed like kidney stones and she like the moon and winds conjured tides that consumed them
>my phallus pressed against her as I found myself in her clutches
>she offered her anus
>I took it
>I transcend into a dimension where there is no weight nor thought
>I trusted she was there with me
>we became a shadow of our emotions
>I wake the next morning
>the room is dark and the only light is coming from the openeing of the door
>I close my eyes again for it is just as if I was to look into the room
>In that moment I felt I had to go towards the outside away from the conforting dark of this room
>she is beside me
>she glows like the moon
>her eyes reminiscent of that place we traveled
"I like your dick anon"
>I...I like yours too
>no words in our lexicon could conjure into sound what should had been said next
>she knew it as well
>this saddened me deeply
>we left that nest
>we found ourselves by the force of the wind carried to the courtyard in front of the cafe
>we waited outside the door together
>two dark crows in a flock of doves
>my heart croaks for her
>and I fear the day she dresses like the doves
>for I will lose her in the flock
>we both smiled and never flew together again
>thoughts of her plague me to this day
>memories of her gaze like a view of a rainy London winter morning from a cheap Las Vegas motel
i can't even tell if this is ironic/satirical or sincere
But um seriously how can you sulk and run i need to know
Whenever I see you falling

I close my eyes and pray

I'm waiting for that final moment

To snipe that rick owens raf simons on ebay
It's pretentious shit I wrote in a class one day. The last parts anyways. Fucking liberal arts class ate that shit up. I laugh when I read it over every time. Look at the trip name I used.
rain over prague

the doorbell rang, she was dripping wet, reeking of vodka, black hair glued to her forehead

we fucked. she cried afterwards.

i didn't listen.

she left without packing her bags

i lit another cigarette,

poured another glass

raf simons rick owens usually what im dressed in
I love money

I did love spending money

look at all this cake
> move to ny

> live next to cafe

> chat up the barista

> leave your number on a napkin

> she calls you

> comes over and you fuck her brains out

> steal her money and buy geos

> smoke about 7 cigs

> tfw no gf

See: Lost in Translation
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