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Hey /fa/, I'll be visiting Copenhagen at the end of March. What cool places are there to visit?
what are you looking for? clubs? high end fashion boutiques? copenhagen is an expensive city and surely, while it can be enjoyed on a budget, i would recommend to bring a good amount of cash. the nightlife is centered around the main street and side alleys and makes place for a great amount of bars, all not very /fa/. The high class clubs consist of these, which have people who are actually aware of what they're wearing:

Sunday/Sport Club

These clubs usually have an entry fee of 100 DKK and a drink costs 80-100 DKK. The clubs have two names which caters to namely 18+ and 21+, and you should definietly check these places out. Be sure to dress well, pickers can be a pain in the ass. Other great places:

PS Bar

Be sure to check out Christiania if you like smoking weed; they have stands selling weed like candy. Just beware that is it not legal to smoke, but is not considered a serious offense if you only carry small amounts.

High end fashion stores:
Henrik Vibskov
Storm Fashion
Mads Norgaard

Other great stores:
Le Fix (go there on fridays and have a free beer)
etc. a lot of good stores are located in the side alleys of the main street Stroget.

Be sure to grab a coffee on some corner baristo, Copenhagen is filled with these, and enjoy the culture, architecture and diversity of people. Copenahgen has a great atmosphere. Anything else you want to know?
Thanks for the answer. I'm coming from Eastern Europe, so I'm on a tight budget. I'm mainly looking for modern art places, nice pubs, underground clothing stores, things like that. (I also like high-end and avant-garde clothing but it's obv. out of budget) So far I've found these places that interest me:
B&W loppemarked, arken museum, assistens kirkegard, culture box, exile copenhagen, distortion, christiania.
Do you know them? Can you give any opinions about them?
Distortion is the summer festival right?

As far as I can tell you're going for the art experience. Arken is a great place and so is the cementery (it's more like a park). I can strongly recommend you to visit Louisiana, an art exhibition north of Copenhagen.

As far as Christiania goes it's like a place with its own atmosphere which is very distinct from the rest of Copenahgen. You're not allowed to take pictures or walk around with your phone due to the sale of marijuana. So as long as you follow the rules, which also includes no buying or selling "harder" drugs, people will be very friendly with you. All in all it can be described as an artsy collective, which has room for all types of people. They like colours.

Now that I'm aware you're on a budget, I can not recommend eating at any fancy restaurants. I prefer buffets although these does not represent danish cuisine. If you just would like some cheap food I can recommend Restaurant Ankara and Dalle Valle; two great places with cheap prices. Traditional danish cuisine is dull, but as a tourist it should be experienced, so at least one visit at a higher-end restaurant would make an experience.

Also near Ankara, on the same street, is a library worth checking out called Kobenhavns Hovedbibliotek.

As far as underground clothing stores, we have a lot. There is a street with a lot of thrift shops, each shop with its own kind of unique vibe. I can not quite remember the name of the street as I am from north of Copenhagen, but it should be near Studiestræde.

There are a lot of smaller clothing shops all around the city all centered near the main street as I said before Stroget. Be sure to check out Kobmagergade, a street with a lot of different shops. Just to name a few: Street Machine, (you should also check out Acne studios in the same area), Screwed, Rewear, Storm, Henrik Vibskov etc.

As far as going out go to the street called Gothersgade; the nightlife is centered here

If you have time to go outside of Copenhagen, I can recommend taking the train along the north coast. I am from Helsingor, and can strongly recommend going here; check out the harbour and the sandy beaches. There is also a big castle called Kronborg, Sofartsmuseet (a museum showing how they built ships back in the industry age) and the newly built library.

Oh, a must see is the little mermaid, a dissapointing statue with cult status. Also Rundetårn.
culture box is rly nice
jupiter and HIVE are nice clubs if ur just trying to pick up 16-year olds, but the music is fucking shite compared to culture box
def check out vintage shops/boutiques
also christiania is a must-see, rly nice atmosphere if ur visiting in the summertime + dank ass weed
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