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Merino Wool
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I've given some thought to ditching my current wardrobe in its entirety and replacing it by a 100% merino wool wardrobe.

What do you think about this idea?
What type of clothing will be hardest to find?
What are some brands dealing in merino wool garments?
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I bought a 100% merino would t-shirt and honestly i can barely tell the difference between that and the H&M tshirts i buy for basics
i mean it's nice but the difference isn't worth the price

merino wool seems to be a fashion industry meme right now
it's not as premium as you think it is, if it was the stores wouldnt have to push it so hard
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So, the stuff about it being easy to clean and being fairly odor resistant so you can wear it five times without washing until it smells are untrue?

That's the main argument for me, because I really want to have a compact wardrobe that allows me to travel with out washing my clothes for some weeks yet still be able to surround myself with civilized people.
As said, merino wool is bit of a meme status in the industry now. Huge differences in quality across manufacturers as well. I have a few basics in merino wool. They're great when I need or want to go somewhere with my bike and not smell like sweat and shit afterwards.
However you don't want to be blinded by the advertising as there are many great and functional materials for clothes that are not merino wool. Cashmere, angora, alpaca, silk, linen to name a few. Synthetics have their place too. Having polyester blended in your socks make a huge deal in wear resistance.
no garment is gonna do that for you, it depends entirely on your lifestyle and you.
I wore my t-shirt for three days in a row, on the third day it smelled a bit armpitty. I only wore it when I was out too as I walk around my house naked so I dont' stay dressed in the same clothes from dusk til dawn.
I'd expect three days out of any garment before it smelled to be honest, unless it's like a nylon or polyester shirt because sweat sticks to those for some reason.
Don't expect miracles from them, that's what the company is gonna push but no tshirt is gonna wash itself and magically become stain resistant and self deodorizing

it feels soft and looks nice, if you want to sample one i'd suggest trying out one from grana (where I got mine), but look around the internet for a shipping discount code like i did as they have a flat shipping rate of £10 which is steep for a single t-shirt.
nice pic btw. and no dont go 100% merino but merino is nice and when you dont buy maötier shit or extremly thin stuff it is verry nice
I'd never heard about this oder-absorbing property of merino wool before, although I do have merino socks. I had no idea you could get t-shirts made of it.

I actually have a pretty bad sweating problem. I'm DMing a D&D campaign on the regular, and I always wind up really sweaty at the end of them. I think it might be an anxiety thing. Applying extra antiperspirant beforehand doesn't seem to help much. Since games usually last a few hours (4-5 hours on average) I'm always worried that I'll begin to smell, and I'd rather not fit the "smelly nerd" archetype if I can avoid it. Is this worry realistic, and if so would wearing a merino shirt to games help?
I love a nice thin merino sweater (but I can't wear it directly against naked skin because sweat, I hate hand-washing although it's superior, etc.) Wear an undershirt or camisole/tank top if you're a girl.

Merino is awesome because it's not nearly as itchy as normal wool and the drape is really nice.
I read that in tech threads and on Varusteleka, two sources that are at least halfway credible lol
I have no experience with merino, since all of my knits are lambswool, but I buy from Tracksmith a lot and everything they've promised about their fabric's performance has been true so far
maybe merino will work for you as a base layer, dude
it would be pretty awesome to have a wardrobe from this if it actually works the way they describe it.
I own 8 grayboys, the hoodie, and four pairs of shorts; everything has kicked ass so far; I just don't live in a place that warrants wearing merino, ever (the jumpers are in storage)
too hot here
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