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What to wear to work
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I'm not some manager, but I do have a fairly decent job as a network engineer

Thing is I think it would be pretentious and even awkward to wear a shirt to work. Especially since I really don't like tucking in my shirts

So what's ok to wear to work _except_ shirts while looking ok? Obviously something besides polo's, since it's a bit cold for polo's most of the time

>inb4 just wear a fucking shirt
yeah just go shirtless mate
Get over your prejudices. Shirts are a staple to workwear even if you're a network engineer. And generally should be tucked in. You might feel insecure in a wildly inappropriate shirt type that fits bad but well chosen shirt that fits well should do the opposite.
Since you despise formal you should opt for an oxford cloth shirt with either a spread collar or a button down collar. Get a couple in the basic colors; white, light blue, light pink or grey. If you want darker colors have a look at chambray shirts or even denim shirts. You can wear these kind of shirts with almost any type of bottoms; Jeans, chinos, wool trousers, cords or even cargos.
And of course it's not absolytely mandatory to wear shirts but it's going to come around soon so better get used to it.
honestly, a colleague of mine is basically the only guy that wears a shirt, everyone else dresses casually as fuck

and it's just weird most of the times when he overdresses; it's a culture that appreciates skill more than appearance, and he's trying to get ahead through the latter

don't get me wrong, he's a smart dude and everything, but I don't like overdressing for stuff

but ok, point taken; I'm aware it'll have to happen eventually
>oxford cloth
that looks like a pretty ok way to start, thanks
be an adult, tuck your shirts
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silicon valley core
>sweater over shirt
or how to be basic as fuck
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make sure you wear one of those so you stop getting hair in my food
>actually eating that crap
oh america
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Seriously. You're not a child but you'll look like one with those shirttails flapping around.

Tucked always always looks better. You'll avoid the unfortunate Office Space associations with finding a cut that actually suits you (think slim, high armholes, and for god's sake look in a mirror that shows what you look like from the back). Throw on a blazer (NOT a suit jacket, but something more casual) and you're good to go.
>I'm not some manager

Nor will you ever be with that attitude.

>inb4 just wear a fucking shirt

Ok... never mind.
I don't plan on being in management either
curious, what do you usually wear?
Is tucking in your shirt REALLY that big of a deal though?
a shirt, not a dress shirt, but a casual shirt like a flannel shirt.

pants: chinos or black jeans, denim jeans are acceptable in most places too.

shoes: not dress shoes but not runners either. eg. converse or something like that.

source: i'm an engineer at boston scientific
sort of long-sleeved polo shirts, simple blouses or thinner sweaters; fairly basic but then again so are shirts and that's really the whole point of office wear

and when it's warmer I have some short sleeved shirt I wear untucked that I like, and T-shirts/polo's

yea this is pretty much what I'll be going for

I guess I'm making a bigger deal out of it than it is; I think my problem is more that I don't manage to fit my pants well enough and it all ends up looking weird
full rick
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what's so hard about wearing an OCBD, chinos/jeans, and some clean shoes?

unless you're seeing clients as a network engineer you don't need to go all out, just be clean and presentable so you're boss isn't embarrassed
> shirt

This thread is triggering the fuck out of me
ok so uhm

I see a lot of people keep mentioning oxford shirts


how the fuck do I tell the difference between them? I've looked it up and it seems oxford shirts have this sort of rougher texture; do they also go by some other name that I could google in muh country? or is it simply just about any other shirt that's not obviously a dress shirt?
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OCBD stands for oxford cloth, it is a specific fabric that is indeed different from the average dress shirt.

Most OCBDs have the telling buttons on the collar. which is essential because if you're not wearing a tie this keeps the collar neat and together (and not spread out).

Also the cut is different because dress shirts are meant to be tucked in, which is why they are long, OCBDs are shorter so you can either wear it tucked or untucked.

pic is sorta related, but there are different grades of the cloth.
cool, this is what I was looking for
thanks anon!
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