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What's /fa/'s morning routine?
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What's /fa/'s morning routine?
Hard mode: Night routine?
Extreme mode: [spoiler]Weekend routine[/spoiler]
Wash my face, moisturize for every mode
wake up, wear clothes, grab bag and leave
Mine is simple at night

Come home, wipe makeup off, wash face, apply serum, apply moisturiser or night mask (depends on what i use then) and sleep or do things like browse /fa/
In the morning, if my face is a little puffy, I'll put on an ice pack while doing my stomach crunches. I can do a thousand now. After I remove the ice pack, I use a deep pore cleanser lotion. In the shower, I use a water activated gel cleanser. Then a honey almond body scrub. And on the face, an exfoliating gel scrub. Then apply an herb mint facial mask, which I leave on for 10 minutes while I prepare the rest of my routine. I always use an aftershave lotion with little or no alcohol, because alcohol dries your face out and makes you look older. Then moisturizer, then an anti-aging eye balm followed by a final moisturizing protective lotion.
>6:40 - alarm goes off
>7:00 - still lying in bed thinking about what to wear
>7:10 - fuck, no time left. jump out of bed and throw something black on
>7:15 - leave for train, hungry because I didn't eat breakfast
>sit on train listening to same few songs for an hour
>1000 crunches

r u trying to b8 me
pushups and leg lifts while water boils
drink coffee while watching hentai
brush teeth
go eat a big breakfast
>not knowing what this is from
a.m. - walk and feed dog, brush teeth, rinse face with cold water, glossier priming moisturizer, khiel's BB cream, stowaway mascara & blush, rosebud salve for lips, tea, pack lunch and tea to-go, dress

p.m. - 6 or 8 pm yoga/pilates class, dinner, brush teeth, shower, glossier milky jelly facewash, khiel's midnight recovery serum & avocado eye cream, read/watch x-files or criminal minds, tea, tumblr, sleep
>wake up at 5:30
>get up at 5:35
>piss and brush teeth
>do stretches for 5 minutes
>shower, shave, and do my hair, all of which takes about 30 minutes give or take
>spend 5 minutes figuring out what I want to wear
>spend another 5 minutes getting dressed
>turn on the stove and heat up oatmeal I cooked the night before
>make lunch while oatmeal is warming up
>eat oatmeal while browsing 4chan
>leave the house at 6:58

I've been doing this every weekday for four years now.
>wake up
>realize I have a boner after a wet dreaming of having sex with a girl
>be sad for a minute realizing lack of a girl not beside me
>drink some water
>put oatmeal in microwave and fry 2-3 eggs
>take 60mg of vyvanse
> get in the shower and start doing my hard thinking of my plans for today
>moisturize body
>check emails and youtube for new videos
>go t0 work

used to be worse when I was in a relationship and I constantly had to check my phone for messages. ex-gf always got mad when I didn't text back in under an hour
>wake up
>drink a pint of water
>shower, cleanse/scrub etc
>spend awhile getting my hair looking acceptable
>roll a few cigarettes to smoke during the day
>be on my way

>wake up
>prepare coffee and pair of toasts
>take a shower
>apply keratin treatment for hair every three days
>shave facial hair
>clean face with micellar water
>apply mattifying cream foundation
>dress up
>apply bbcream
>create fake eyebags with red and black eye pencil
>eat and drink toasts and coffee
>brush teeth
>take chewing gum
>run and take bus
> wake up whenever, usually 8:30-9
> lay in bed, check work emails/personal emails
> rub one out while gf works in other room because she's busy
> get up, clean up, piss, shower, shave
> think about eating something, usually a banana or small bowl of non-sugary cereal
> get dressed
> go to the office around 9:30
> grab another coffee on the way to work
> at my desk by 10
> fuck around most of the day
> make 150K + options
> skip out for 2 hours around lunch to go running
> "work" until 8PM
> drive home
> troll shit online
> go to bed
> repeat

I hate my life, really. It's so devoid of meaning. At least I have /fa/.
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>roll a few cigarettes to smoke during the day
My daughter ain't ever gonna find a nigga like meeee
shower, wash face with brush, shave, moisturize extensively
wake up
have shower

wash face
add panoxyl
>6:00am wake up
>brush teeth and take a shower
>wash face with african black soap
>leave my hair and face to air dry as I get ready
>put cocoa butter once my face dries for moisturizer
>get bag
>leave home
>eat breakfast at uni
Patrick b8man
night mode

>come home at 4pm-ish
>get undressed
>work on work
>eat din din
>chill out on the interwebz for a few hours
>sleep at 8-10pm for maximum sleeping hours
Morning: Wash face, shower, brush teeth, shave every other day.

Night: Brush teeth, roll into bed

Weekend: Why would I even get out of bed?
File: 1453742541313.jpg (210 KB, 743x738) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Do you not eat breakfast? I never understood why people brush their teeth right after they wake up. I always brush after my breakfast.
>wake up 6:10
>finish shower at 6:30
>decide what to wear & get dressed 6:45
>eat breakfast and brush teeth 7:00
>use restroom if I need and off to school
>wake up
>brush teeth, piss
>coffee while I get dressed
>grab an apple on the way out the door

>brush teeth
>go to sleep

Shower every 2-4 days or after I run.

>same, plus eggs for breakfast if hungover
>wake up.
>stare at the ceiling for a good 5 min before standing up.
>have a fag stand on my balcony out looking depressing queens.
>cold shower.
>Put clothes on that I have put to much work on and would never compensate for my lack of personality.
> get in my car to commute to work in complete silence.
> drive over the Brooklyn Bridge contemplating stopping and jumping off.
> head to my boring desk job
> patricia comes to my office for small talk
>act normal
> usually pack something to eat during break
>go home indifferent
> browse the Web looking at clothes for 2 hours straight.
>Eat again
> have another fag on my balcony look at the drunk college kids bumble about.
> I wish I went to college
> no I don't that sounds horrifying
> lay down in my bed sometimes look at my exes social media see what she's up to
> think about how long it took my ex to find out I'm a shit person. Have a laugh usually my only genuine one that whole day.
>masterbate about it and go to bed.
> repeat until I die
>all these early risers

brush teeth
pat face dry
apply cerave moisturizing cream
wait 15 mins, apply neutrogena 55spf sunscreen

brush teeth
wait 30 mins then apply vitamin a serum
wake up 5:30
eat scrambled eggs and toast
make coffee
make a sandwich for lunch
drink coffee while skimming through 4chan threads from last night
brush teeth
try to leave by 6:45

hearing about other people being semi-depressed all the time makes me feel alot better about being that way myself. thanks /fa/
>>do stretches for 5 minutes
I should start doing this, I'm always so cramped when I wake up but I do nothing about it. Gives me tension headaches because my neck is so sore.
honestly, the only thing sometimes that keeps me from just taking a bottle of pills and not waking up is:

- I have a gf who adores me unconditionally; she'd be destroyed if I did; and
- running. running keeps me relatively sane. it's the best mental health exercise there is. better than any drug I've ever tried.

...and it keeps me looking slim and trim in my business attire.

Depression sucks, pham. But you can manage it.
check'd, but I agree. It really helps blood flow and basic movement.
>wake up
>wash face
>get dressed while kettle boils
>two slices of vegemite toast
>cup of tea
>brush teeth
>out the door

DEBATE: Shower in the morning or at night?
BTW Anyone who says nighttime is literally 10 years old.
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yoga. no joke.

plus grils in yoga pants.
My weekend routine is the same except no work and on Saturdays I go get groceries to sustain my life. Here is my last Saturday starting from the grocery store.
> Go to produce aisle
> look blankly at the fruit give a normal amount of time pretending to examine the fruit before I take it.
> go pick up some kale.
> pick up some tofu
> go to meat section young woman there looking at chicken.
> she looks at me an smile I look away towards the meat to complete my objective
> look back she is still looking at me
>gave a half ass nod and walked to the checkout line.
> different cashier this time she is unaware of my behaviour.
> cashier tells me good morning.
> give her the ol hi and shake my head up and down slightly two times
(this may sound wierd but I've seen other people do it.)
> cashier asks me if I want to give them my personal information so they can store it on to their corporations database.
> no thanks maybe next time.
> I never will
> went home
> worked on my side project
> read my emails I usually don't have anything except this time.
> have a message
> from my highschool crush that I have spoken to once in my life.
> she's in the city and wondering if she can meet with me for coffee. And maybe I could give her a tour around the city.(lol)
> Thought about it for 5 min. Decided just to ignore it.
> who sends emails to schedule social interaction
> That's wierd.
> I hope I don't bump into her.
>but that's highly unlikely.
> go to the track and run long distance for about an hour.
> running feels really good. I don't think about anything.
>go back home
> have a nice shower. I recall looking in the mirror after and saying to myself it was a nice shower.
> browsed fa for a little
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Wake up do like 10 mins of bodyweight exercises and stretches (helps me shake the morning off)

Eat oatmeal and tea

Shower (exfoliate face every other day)
Brush teeth in shower
Wash body with that kirk's castle bullshit
Last minute or so let hot water run on face
Shave (merkur/proraso)
Alum block
Wash off alum block apply witch hazel
Cologne light as fuck + deodorant
Jojoba oil in beard and hair + beard balm
Lotion as needed (legs/hands get dry in winter)
Foot powder in the boots and off we go

Once a week:
clip nails
nose hair/pube trimming
cut hair
youre a big guy
for you
>Wake up 6am
>Drink 500ml lemon water
>Take fat piss/dump, ready playlist for exercises/shower
>Brew coffee while doing exercise routine
>Eat hard boiled egg and coffee
>Floss, brush teeth, mouthwash
>While in shower, apply an exfoliating facial scrub
>Use deep cleaning body wash
>Follow up with a moisturizing shower gel for balls, arms, legs
>Finish with non alcoholic face wash
>Style hair, apply deodorant, use cologne
>Masturbate furiously to occult academy themed hentai
>Apply moisturizer with spf 20 to skin
>Browse 4chan for rest of day
>wake yp
>lie in bed for longer than i should
>piss, brush teeth
>go downstiars and turn on coffee shitter
>tak showr,
>wasbh fac
>so hauir
>>drink cidfe'
>leav of school
>wake up
>shower, shave, shit.
>smoke joint
>jerk off
>get dressed, kick the jams, coffee

Thats it usually
But what do you like... Do then?
Can you explain how you can be unhappy making that much? I literally would be thrilled to pull in half that
He hasn't figured out what drugs are yet
Because money really doesn't buy you any additional happiness. Sure, I have 5 cars and a closet of decent clothes... but it's just stuff.

Find something spiritually fulfilling (and I'm not talking about religion - unless that's your thing).

I was just as happy in my early 20's making 25K a year cooking in a pub in a big city as I am now. Maybe even more so: roommates, late nights, lots of pussy, met tons of different people all the time.

Now I just work, run, work, surf the net, delegate shit to people beneath me, eat, shit, sleep.
Friend, I've done everything under the sun except smack. I never could convince myself sticking a needle inside me was okay.

Blow is fun, dope is alright. Crack I did one single night in my early 20's and never again - I realized that night how insane it was and how people destroy their lives. I have bottles of amphetamines sitting around that I convinced my Doc to give me; helps me focus when I actually get a flash of inspiration and feel like working.

E and MDMA were fun, but I'm too old for that shit anymore.

I don't even really drink anymore.

Don't get old, friends. It sucks. Stay in Never Never Land forever.
Maybe he shouldn't have done drugs and fucked his dopamine/serotonin receptors up for life
Why dont you just buy a house and some clothes and retire at whatever age you are and have fun again and start a rock band or something. Also you're never too old to do hella lines of special K while listening to My Bloody Valentine or Throbbing Gristle or something.
It seems like you have become complacent in a life of emptiness revolving around earning currency. Why dont you find a reason to keep existing? Obviously you feel that the goals you are accomplishing are not making you happier, so why do you even bother to continue accomplishing them?
Naw, my brain was fucked long before drugs. Had some bullshit as an early teen that fucked it all up. Drugs came later. I won't bore you with the sob story.

Not there yet, maybe another 10-15 years.

lol omg it's cooltop. another blast from the past.
if i knew the answer to your questions, I wouldn't be where I am.

It's alright, I'll figure it out. It's cyclical.

I don't mind talking about it here 'cause I'm nobody here, I don't tripfag, so there's no ties to my meatspace life.

Sorry to hear that shit about when you were a kid. On a serious note hope shit gets better anon.

Why is everyone on this fucking board so depressed?
What if you're too old to do what you really wanted in life by then?

And you look back on your entire life and saw it was completely misspent.
I literally spent all day jerking off in bed and I'm not depressed. I did write a song I really like, though.

I mean really like. I always wanted to write a song that I wasn't just complacent with, but that I felt proud of .
I think it's more a function of our attention deficit society today: instant gratification in just about everything. We're all looking for something more.

I've done plenty already: ran a half dozen marathons (crossing the finish line in NYC was an amazing experience), seen most of the world, done some important work... hell, I've even been on TV a couple of times.

Honestly, if I died tomorrow by some freak happenstance I wouldn't leave feeling unsatisfied.

I was thinking about studying Buddhism a little to see if there's something there for me.

Maybe I need to build a little more mindfulness and learn to meditate.
>tfw no dubs
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I'll answer regarding hygiene since your image is a dude shaving.

>Wake up
>Wash face with Khiel's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser
>Brush Teeth
>Apply Cologne (usually Margiela Jazz Club)
>If it's been dry out, I apply Khiel's facial fuel moisturizer

>Wash face with Khiel's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser
>Use Khiel's Body Fuel body wash and shampoo
>Use Khiel's Rice & Wheat Volumizing Conditioning Rinse
>(If I'm shaving after) Use Khiel's Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub
>>(If I've recently gotten anywhere waxed) Use Jack Black Turbo Body Bar Scubbing Soap instead of body wash
>Leave Shower and Dry off
>Use Got2b pomade to style hair
>(If Shaving)
>Use Sandlewood Shaving Cream from The Art of Shaving
>Use a black coloured pencil to draw beard outline
>Shave with Meuker Razor with Feather Blades along the beard outline
>Rinse skin afterward, rubbing off pencil line
>Wipe face with pad covered in Khiel's Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion to prevent razor bumps
>Apply Dior Higher Aftershave
>Apply Acne Cream from Demotologist
>Apply Khiel's Midnight Recovery Oil if my skin is dry
>Apply Khiel's Midnight Recovery Eye Cream if I don't have a lot of time to sleep that night
>Apply Anthony Alcohol-Free Deodorant Stick
>Apply Anthony Mint and White Tea Lip Balm if my lips feel dry
same as mine except I apply coconut oil instead of sunscreen
I wake up at 9.20am feeling fucked, I force down a piece of toast, I brush my teeth nearly throwing up, I drive to work and contemplate steering into on coming traffic

I get home from work, look for a new job on the interent and lie in bed browsing 4chan until midnight when I go to sleep

I will get drunk at least one night of the weekend and in a severely hungover state I will go buy lunch somewhere the next morning
Because you either breathe through your mouth while sleeping or leave it closed. This means your mouth just stews and you get bad breath.
>wake up around 8-11 a.m.
>go to the bathroom with straightener so my roommate doesn't see it (im a guy)
>straighten hair, brush teeth, wash face (takes 45-50 min.
>make tea and browse internet for a couple of hours along with stumbling around the house for a couple of hours
>realize i skipped breakfast and eat a snack
>practice on my guitar and work on my music
and usually, i have to work most days like at 5p.m so my days are pretty chill
disregard the grammar errors, just got off work
Wash my face with desert essence face wash w/ tea tree oil in the shower
After shower prep beard for shave with Occams pre-shave soap, leaving some soap on for slickness while shaving
Apply Occams original shaving cream and shave, I use feather double edge razor
Rinse face post shave and apply alum block, clean up shaving equipment for a minute or so then rinse alum off
Apply Thayers witch Hazel after shave and continue cleaning up shaving equipment, brushing teeth, etc for a few minutes
Apply Men-U matte 'skin refresh' toner
Apply Men-U matte moisturiser

I have somewhat oily skin and shaving tends to aggravate the shiny-ness on my cheeks so I prefer to use a tonic aftershave then use a matte moisturiser on my whole face instead of using an oilier balm moisturising aftershave
brushing before breakfast is better for your teeth, protects them from the food since OJ has all that acid. I guess the best is to do before and after breakfast
shoutout to the coke boys
> wake up 9.30 am
> "fuck my life"
> shower, face cleanser, rogaine, take finasteride, (fuck me I'm only 20) antidepressant
> If I'm feeling extra fucked up take a benzo
> get dressed, make coffee, eat breakfast
> style hair
> go to work, usually arrive late as the place I work doesn't really care
> usually leave work around 4:00ish
> Night School from 6-8
> come home, study, contemplate suicide
> once or twice a week smoke weed/take opiates/snort coke, really anything thats around

close to the edge familia
get off the pill. you can't be that young and think lifes not worth it... im sorry man.
File: 1386151886843.png (316 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Go to bed at 5AM
>Wake up because it's too hot to sleep in during Ausfag summer weather
>Make a cup of tea
>Watch an arthouse flick
>Brush teeth
>Exercise for 3 hours
>Go to bed at 5AM
>wake up at 7pm
>pull gun out from under pillow
>take gun to kitchen and set on table
>hug German shepherd
>drink 8oz of orange juice from the carton through a bendy straw
>take gun to bathroom
>light cedarwood incense and poop from 7:20 to 7:30 while shaving on toilet
>start car
>eat poptart while sitting on kitchen floor with German shepherd and gun
>put on pants
>brush teeth
>holster gun in compartment in car
>leave for work at 7:45
>show up 5 minutes late
>take extra 7 minutes getting into uniform
>get in ambulance after my partner has already made sure all of our equipment is in place

>go home
>take off pants
>set gun on toilet
>take hot bath for 30 minutes
>wash hair maybe every other week unless I got blood in it at work
>German shepherd lays on bathroom floor
>stumble out
>feed dog
>fall asleep on couch shit posting
>stumble to bedroom

I have no routine other than shaving, I have really clear skin
what human being wakes up at 4:30 while leaving home at 8:00
File: 1452206442061.jpg (65 KB, 539x526) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>wake up
>lay 20 more mins
>get dressed in jeans and shirt
>brush teeth, wash face, piss & shit
>make some coffee
>decide what ill wear
File: 1401115244618.jpg (45 KB, 670x472) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>create fake eyebags with red and black eye pencil
File: 62984463.jpg (3 KB, 122x90) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Wash face and teeth, some paste in my hair when I go outside and some hair is sticking out or something.
No paste the weekend.
know the feel. i've gotten better lately, but never truly considered ending it because I would never do it to my family.
19 and on rogaine and finasteride too bro
>wake up
>lay for ten minutes at least shitposting or checking messages
>light incense
>straight to the mirror
>inspect myself
>be either disappointed or indifferent about how my skin looks today
>down some water
>turn on bluetooth speaker, choose shower songs
>shower (Dove Shea Butter Soap, Some cheapshit shower gel that smells nice)
>back to my room
>choose getting ready songs
>'choose' what to wear (same thing every day)
>dance around in boxers like a fgt
>Bleu de Chanel or Armani Code
>style hair
>tea tree shit on face
>clothes on
>eat banana
>pack bag for the day
>forget something
>go back
>get it
>cycle to class
>be late
he's b8man
Wake up, brush teeth, change into running clothes, go for a quick 4 mile before school, get back, shower, style hair, contemplate suicide, eat something usually oatmeal with peanut butter or eggs, grab back pack, attend first class of the day.

Do this all before 7:30 usually.
Night mode is shower after practice which usually runs until 6:30, eat protein rich dinner, HW till nine, CSGO game, watch some TV/jack it, sleep by 11/12.
I wake up at 5:30, shower until 6 and preheat or cook something in the oven in the meantime until I'm out. at around 6:05 I'm downstairs and at 6:15 I'll have a large breakfast prepared for myself that usually ends up consisting of dinner foods. Tomorrow I'll be making eggwhite sandwiches with American cheese and bacon. I usually had a hot drink with it, which I loved, but I've given up coffee because caffeine stopped being magic and I don't want to drink more than one cup a day. So I have either a tall glass of icewater or hot chocolate. I sit in my living room legs crossed behind the low table inbetween my couch and TV and eat MOSTLY while watching an episode of King of the Hill, but lately I've been watching Samurai Champloo since it's now on demand. I get relax as fuck to be quite honest senpai for that half an hour. After I eat I go upstairs, blowdry my hair, brush my teeth, gather my things and leave at 7 for classes. If it's on a day where I have work I do the exact same thing but I stay up earlier or later the night before depending on my shift.
You sound like you've got your shit sorted
I don't but when I discovered how good coffee makes you feel in the morning as a Junior in HS year my morning schedule began evolving around brewing a cup of coffee and having time to drink it. I think everybody should wake up early and big ass breakfast not for health but because it makes you feel so good and watching King of the Hill makes me so happy.
inspiring desu senpai

Really nice routine.

but seriously sharpening and boosting the clarity up by 300% does not look good and everyone knows it looks tryhard as fuck.

>I -g-g-g-got abs
>s-s-s-sick definition am I right #nofilter

fucking morons

inb4 jealous
>I am
inb4 autist
>I am
File: cozy.jpg (35 KB, 444x444) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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his routine honestly sounds wonderful
I feel that for sure.
I love the feeling of having a leisurely start to the day with a cup of coffee and a good breakfast. Really makes me ready to tackle the day rather than feeling rushed into things.
Morning routine:
>Get woken up at around 8:00 by dog
>Take dog outside to shit and piss
>8:15 My turn to shit and piss
>Clean up room and tidy bed
>Feed dog
>Browse through all my social medias & 4chan
>8:30 Connect phone to bluetooth speaker
and play morning playlist
>8:31 Shower, brush teeth, face scrub, jack off
if I feel backed up
>Pick out work clothes or school clothes depending on
the day (Work:Boots, black jeans and black shirt.
School: Slim chinos, short sleeve button up, running shoes)
>8:55 Coffee or protein shake, multivitamins
>9:00 Play some Pokemon online
>9:30 Text a few chicks "Good morning beautiful"
>9:35 Hop in car to go to either school or work depending on the day.
I was entertained
two step guide to a clear face:

1. Wash your face
2. Eat healthy

seriously, you don't have to bother with stupid cleansers and soap, just wash your face in the morning and at night and after sweating, and make sure to keep a healthy diet
jumping str8 to extremode here we go
>1700 quit work, buy alchohol usually, usually the cheapest red wine
>1900 home, either ma's cooked for me or i cook for her. either way we smoke some ciggies and drink a bit of wine together. play some old school hiphop and house tunes to get in the mood.
>2000-2100 hit up some preparty or bar with friends,usually a spliff or line of some sort by this point. or both.
>things get hazy, but usyally between 2 or 3 am we get to some club
>by 6-8 am i go home, otherwise afterparty consisting of more spliffs and more lines (usually skip the lines by this point though. what's the point to getting strung so early in the mornin anyway, weekends not over yet is it?)
> 12-16 saturday i wake up. rinse repeat.
weekday morning routine
>1000 i wake up, check social media
>1010 out of bed, cook some oats with lingonberryjam
>1030 finnished eating oats, which i have eating in front of the computer, and start sporadically cooking food for my lunch box and doing burpees and other half assed training shit.
>when the foods on the stove i might smoke a spliff, i usually don't, and instead just browse internet
>1200 im done with food. i pack it into my lunch box, after which i quickly clean my balls and armbits (i have atopical skin, leaving me with virtually no pimples (i've had 7 my entire life, but my skin i superdry and get infected or damaged easily. mostly now for skin products i use avocado oil or something with cortizon, but try to steer clear of it as much as possible. also no soap, no shampoo, no deodorant, no perfume, nothing. hence i try not to shower more than once a week)
>1230 start getting dressed. always fly
>1330 leave for work. check myself out in the mirror. looking good.
Morning. If I go to sleep with my hair even slightly damp it looks all fucked up in the morning.
Work day routine.

>6.30am wakeup
>take a piss then have a shower
>wash face or shave in shower in necessary
>get changed into work clothes
>pack bag for work
>go downstairs and put the kettle on
>iron a shirt if i need one
>have a cup of tea with toast
>go back upstairs to brush teeth and grab stuff i might have forgotten (charger, hair ties)
>try to hit the road by 7.40am

I hate it.
Do my makeup
Fart Jamal's cum out of my ass
Make Eggs for Jamal

I'm a grill btw

no, his routine sounds like the kind of human who sleeps at 8 pm


the kind of human who has zero social life whatsoever

fuicking fag
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>wake up at 7
>eat 2 fried eggs with a shitload of Chalula hot sauce
>drink a few cups of water
>shower, use Paul Mitchell awapuhi shampoo and some nice mint soap

Fuck liquid soap

>get out and dry off
>comb whatever bomb ass hair do I want, hair complies with whatever I do even without gel
>put on boring grey pants and blue polo for school

Pls no b&, senior

>hang myself because it's not Friday
Wake up.
Planks and stretching.
Get dressed.
Eat oatmeal and drink coffee.
Brush teeth.
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