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So /fa/, here is a thing I'd like to...
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So /fa/, here is a thing I'd like to discuss with you ?

>What are you dressing for ?
Is it to impress people ?
To get attention ?
To be more confident with yourself ?

For me it would be a way to fill the loneliness, I can only dress well one weekends so I feel like I'm with another person a better side of me

My beautiful me

What is the purpose of wearing fancy clothes ?
For myself.

You don't have a duty for anything you dumb slave/ sheep/ fool.

only slaves do things for the approval of others (their masters).
I like to style myself when I dress to match my mood. Sometimes life calls for a 70's party outfit or a mess of crazed tailoring and sometimes life calls for jeans and a shirt.

That being said whenever I do go to parties I make a lot of effort to let my clothes shine since I love the attention.
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To feel more confident, I was pretty much raised in a bubble so having trouble the ability to express myself through what I wear is pretty liberating.
there are enough things wrong with me so I try to fix the things I easily can
Dressing decently is so easy that there's no excuse not to. People constantly size one another up, especially on first meeting, and clothes are a huge part of that.

I've got a good face, a great body and a decent job. Why not accentuate those things?
I have incredibly low self esteem so I suppose I dress to try and boost that. I'd say I dress kinda 'out there', so I'd say I do it for attention, too.
I just like it
I like to wear nice stuff for myself, another thing is that people will treat you better, might be shallow but it's true. I also attract gay dudes even though I'm not, feels good I guess.
I dress the way I do simply because dressing any other way feels wrong, and makes me feel ill at ease with myself. It's an outward expression of my taste.
Within this, I will of course make extra effort for grills, but I never wear anything because I think they'll like it.

I also feel as if it's a defense thing for me - have seen an interview with Tom Ford in which he said during a rough patch in his life, what really helped was getting up every day and dressing as well as he could; it was a kind of armour for him.
Similarly, it helps me feel better about myself when I'm down and builds my self-esteem/confidence.

Really though, it just comes down to liking clothes. I just love clothes.
I like fashion a lot, not the type of fashion you see on this board, though. Honestly, I don't even know why I come here.

I think the way you dress describes a lot of yourself. It's a form of giving and receiving respect. For example, at a business meeting; if you are the best dressed man in the room, everyone else will respect you a little more (of course you also need to be intelligent, can't be well dressed only).

I dress well because I feel bad when I don't like the clothes I am wearing. One of the very few things that give me pleasure in life are buying clothes and reading about the fashion world.
>what are you dressing for
Nudity is illegal
>is it to impress people
Attract, appeal to them, not really impress.
>to get attention
>to be more confident with yourself?
I feel good when I know I look good. I like feeling good.

You forgot to say "m'lady", faggot.
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You know OP when i play a game the most important thing to me is to make my character look cool. Irl my character is my body so i try my best to make it look as nice as possible. Also when seeing inspiration on the internet i really need a certain garment or shoe to be happy it's like an addiction
Too bad your real life character is a fatass, amirite?
no you're wrong i'm 6' and skinny

I don't even play many games but life is a game to me

>life is a game to me

too edgy, senpai
Vanity is my vice.

Excuse me, I'm going to go lift weights and then stare at my pumped up body in the mirror for hours before showering, shaving and getting dressed up.
to project yourself out into the world and to other people, to tell them what you are (or what you want them to think you are) and to strengthen your own personal aura and create a persona for yourself that is interesting to yourself and others. that's why i do it, anyway.

other people trend hop to fit in or to appear in the know, others dress to associate themselves with a certain group of people, other dress for other reasons. mostly its about telling people about yourself and your lifestyle without having to approach every last person in the street and verbalize this.
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>he thinks life isn't just a virtual game made by god
what's next you gonna tell me you're going to heaven when u die ayy

Only true answer.
>using gaming as a microcosm for real life
i think i did this when i was about 9, but i actually remember growing out of this.
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Fashion is a facade: I want to look like I have my shit together when in reality I'm a mess.
More like compensating
And like most games that character is an asian manlet cuck
>he does not love himself
what kind of poor little shit are you?
enjoy your mediocraty
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It's a hell lot easier to dress well than to lift and improve your personality.
Is that the "just fuck my shit up" guy?
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