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Earthtone/Mori Thread
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Earthtone/Mori Thread
Dumpin what I got
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Does a khaki hat really go with khaki pants? I just got one and I'm trying to make a fit with it
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I wish there were more infographics for earth tone fits and wardrobes like there is for palewave desu
id on sweater?
also the jacket
my dude

whats the deal with that jacked

ID or something similar

Looks aight, but dude needs better boots, or at least tie those.
Can this be a thing
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Infographs are the fast track to meme. Just pay attention to the fits posted in inspo and ask w2c if you want to locate an item.
You play guitar and dress well? Your doing pretty well there
w2c jacket
W2c sucks no one ever answers
Take Palewave, use darker tones and ad more textures
All Norse projects can't ya read
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Gotta go to class now, but i still got some pics left
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how can one have such a wonderful chin+lip combo and then have those gruesome hands that can crush skulls?
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it's a photo of a magazine page so the perspective is skewed
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That's the last I got.
Where do I shop for look like this in the thread? Not quite techwear but outerwear and textures in earthtones? Patagonia is disappointing, UO is hit or miss..
Trove and The Soloist for designer
If no one answers it's probably because no one knows. I always try and help out in w2c threads when I can. Anyway, I think what the other dude meant was to ask in threads like this because people into the same style are more likely to be able to id stuff.
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I made a list of labels that can fit the vibe of this thread
I’m not gonna attempt to categorize them because many of them don’t fit one particular classification
Yes, a lot of the labels are Japanese
Yes, there are a million out there that are not on this list, so feel free to contribute

White Mountaineering (JP) - outdoorsy heritage influenced clothing

Rag & Bone (UK/USA) - modern takes on classic utilitarian clothes in comfy cuts and colors

Sasquatchfabrix (JP) - global street inspired with a definite nod to Japanese heritage

Engineered Garments (USA/JP) - uniquely modern takes on classic American styles seen through the lens of Japanese designer Daike Suzuki, made in New York

ts(s) (JP) - a different take on classic American clothing designed by Daike’s brother who stayed in Japan, fantastic construction and materials

Iroquois (JP) - lots of patterns and patchwork with nods to both vintage Americana and traditional Japanese fabrics

Share Spirit (JP) - truly globally inspired clothing designed by a world traveling designer - hit and miss - lots of pieces are, unfortunately, over-designed to the point of clownishness

Kolor (JP) - earthy menswear with playful, unique patterns and details

Lost & Found (IT) - avant garde comfycore using lots of wools and other natural fabrics

Trove (JP) - the quintessential Mori Boy brand, noted for always using super twinky models in the lookbooks


The Soloist (JP) - Takahiro Miyashita's side project alongside Number (N)ine, which he has continued after the closure of N(N)

Kapital (JP) - vintage workwear inspired, known for intricate patchwork and lots of indigo fabrics

Haversack (JP) - similar style to Kapital, workwear and military influence

Factotum (JP) - great layering pieces, some collections fit the outdoor earth tone theme more than others

Is-Ness (JP) - only certain pieces from these guys work for this aesthetic, they often walk the line between comfycore and techwear and use both subdued earth tones and incredibly crazy loud colors and patterns
I cannot for the life of me find their website. Maybe they don’t have one.

Filson (USA) - classic American outdoor gear

Visvim (JP) - streetwear meets heritage Americana

Inpaichthys Kerri (JP)- named after the scientific name of a fish… similar Americana style of Visvim

Paul Harnden Shoemakers (UK) - handmade oversized old timey avant-garde style clothes, intentionally difficult to get a hold of

Elena Dawson (UK) - One-time patternmaker for Harnden, now has her own label

STORY mfg. (UK) - minimalist boxy cut garments in subdued colors, also entirely vegan

Norse Projects (SWE) - American heritage inspired clothing with plenty of natural fabrics

Howlin’ by Morrison (BEL/UK) - gorgeous knitwear manufactured in Scotland by Belgian label Morrison

so so so many labels
it's seriously much easier to adapt womens clothing to this style, but here are a few that spring to mind
Anthropologie (US)
&Sloe (JP)
Syrup. (JP)
Rogan (US) (defunct)
Kapital (JP)
Lost & Found (IT)
Any shops on the cheaper side? Can't be spending hundreds sadly (in uni :<
[) where to cop decent chimps and sweaters. This style looks really cool, I'm building up my knowledge and style not by bit so so wanna implemtnt different stuff etc.
Who is this model, I see him everywhere here, but he always has a great outfit.

>those fit-ruining boots
what a shame

Great list my man. Some of my favorites in there. To throw in some more:

Nonnative (JP) - Military, menswear, bohemian traveller - long slouchy tapered silhouettes - sewn up in high quality, often surprisingly technical fabrics

Phigvel Makers & Co. - Americana adapted to more contemporary casual wear, slimmer silhouettes with a more streetwear oriented styling - traditional hats, leatherworking, tartans, wools, canvas, welted shoes

Old Joe Brand (JP) - 50s Americana and vintage military pieces. Slubby heavy wide-legged denim and long outerwear.
W2c shirt?
what are those pants
Eidos Napoli SS15
His name is Theo. His name on most sites is ThisIsTheodore. He crossposts on several sites including this one, though he doesn't hang out here much anymore.
Thrifting is probably your best bet. There are plenty of good layering pieces to be found. Military surplus can work if you style it well and don't go over the top.
W2c pants?
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Any good sites that ship to the UK or are UK based? Everyone always says thrifting but I don't know of any thrifting shops over here in London :(
File: 1405298998047.png (3 MB, 1379x885) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 1379x885
I think they're called charity shops in the uk? I'm sure there are many around london.

You can make cheap clothes from somewhere like Asos work for the style if you pick and choose carefully. Obviously it won't look as nice as designer, but it's a start.
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Rogan a:w13.jpg
785 KB, 1366x2048
Also, do investigate proxy services to order stuff from Japan. Since there are plenty of labels over there that fit the bill, prices can be cheaper. I dunno about the UK but shipping to the US is fast and I've never had to pay a customs fee.
I looked them up, heard some a shitty "vintage" ones but they just overprice stuff. Will have to research more. Also I guess so, gotta get start from my own price range first.

Will try, planning on getting something from teeparty, if that works out well i'll deffo look into this.

ty both anyway.
I was really into this thread until I saw this image. She looks like a japanese version of a pumpkin spice-leggings-uggs girl on an american campus.
Meh I just searched up earthtones on tumblr and picked first thing I saw just to contribute. Never browsed this thread before
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Vicose Rider.jpg
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File: Cowboy layers.jpg (59 KB, 587x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Cowboy layers.jpg
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File: Story mfg 4.jpg (206 KB, 1500x2115) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Story mfg 4.jpg
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File: Brown wool pants.jpg (147 KB, 650x978) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Brown wool pants.jpg
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w2c pants.
File: q4B1Ied.jpg (348 KB, 1403x1841) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Bumping with own fit.
Besides the shoes, is this any good?
anywhere really
they're just brown pleated wool pants
Norse Projects is a good bet on a budget

Layering one button up over another looks silly to me. I'd take off the black shirt and button up the grey one. If you're trying for a layered look, you'll want a long tee as the bottom layer or a long cardigan over the button up.
As you mentioned, the shoes don't work here, nor do the cuffs with the shoes. I'd go for brown shoes and uncuff or brown boots and keep the cuff. Simple green or brown sneakers could work. Maybe some New Balance, Brooks, or Saucony type chunky runners to balance out the heavy coat.
nice RRL sweater, I dig
Any recommendations on some earth tone hoodies?
Thinking of the Gildan Dark chocolate and Sand as just filler pieces for the upcoming winter.
i like as is cept for the double button up
replace with a tee shirt or henley
Just checked on Norse Project and couldnt find this heavy fabric.
Any other brands recommended?
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