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does /fa/ wear make up?
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does /fa/ wear make up?

if so what is your routine
I always wear makeup but changes and depends on where i'm going. I do wear a lot but it isn't noticeable because I'm good at it.

I normally wear a foundation (aramnis silk foundation), it is honestly over hyped but it's not so bad even the lightest shade was a bit dark for me but i use it cause I have it (will no repurchase)

I sometimes do sometimes don't wear eye liner on my upper lids (stila's, it's good but I'm going to try the balm eye liner when i finish stila's)

Sometimes i use natural nude shades from the original Urban decay or just use any of the shades i have from maybelines color tattoos they're absolutely goregeous and fast and easy to use.

I recommend

My "holy grail" products that I think you should go and get are yves saint laurent's mascaras and face and body foundation by mac if you live in warm areas, seriously. it's magic and doesn't get cakey and or melt and maybelines color tattoos.
Usual daily routine

>maybelline fit me concealer under eye
>benefit roller lash or Clinique mascara depending on what my eyes look like that day
>rimmel brow this way gel
>blush, usually either nars orgasm, benetint, topshop let her go or Mac ccb virgin isle

When I'm going for a more put together look then the same as above but also
>foundation (haven't found a perfect fit yet, so this changes a lot)
>a bit of eyeliner, usually benefit push up liner with maybelline master precise to touch up the edges
>lipstick, usually either Mac chilli, Mac Cosmo, Mac Brick o la, Mac barbeque, topshop wilderness, topshop temptation,
Burts bees redwood forest, burts bees Sedona sands or bourjois framborjoisie

I went through a mid-range+ or bust phase a few years ago and wouldn't buy cheaper than Mac for fear of a bad product, until I realised I was missing out on a lot of interesting high street products, so now I tend more towards a mix.

Foundation causes me problems because I haven't found a single one that works great for me. I'm very pale, very neutral toned with sensitive combination skin, so not the easiest to match. Illamasqua skin based worked for colour but not texture or irritation, Clinique worked amazingly for texture and irritation but I couldn't find a colour that wasn't slightly off, same goes for bourjois, I also can't find a match in Mac and face and body broke me out as did Estée Lauder double wear and nars sheer glow (which also read too yellow). The closest I've found so far is no7 essentially natural and loreal true match mixed. Taken alone no7 is the perfect undertones but slightly too dark and breaks me out if I wear it more than two days in a row but a dream texturally, loreal is a bit dry but matches well except for almost appearing a bit too ...saturated? for my skin (it's like I'm wearing the right colour with the brightness turned up. It's weird). So I've taken to mixing the two together and using sparingly.
Is wearing concealer as a male acceptable?
Yes, with the same rules for women: if it's well blended and well colour matched you're good.
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face shop aqua sun gel spf 40++
nars creamy concealer
stila all day liquid liner
waterproof gel liner for the upper waterline

thats it

on occasion i'll wear a slick of metallic liquid eyeliner by either nyx or ciate if i feel like it
>orange shades
just how pale are you
Where's that orange bit come from?

I think the undertone is more an issue than the paleness. Irish grandparents passed on irish colouring through my family so we look like the Addams family and my brother is a bit paler than I am but he's definitely cool toned, so I've been able to find foundations that would match him but would make me look like an anemic ham.
As soon as something leans cool or warm it looks off on me. I almost seem to have a greyish tone and foundation easily looks oversaturated and off on me because of it. A sales assistant in space.nk told me I was fair olive but that's been no help because olive keeps pulling up Mediterranean looking tones.
Fair olive tend to be greyish easily yeah, your best bet might be a light foundation, one of those transparent one that will change to fit your face. Or a korean bb cream. Then you can set it with a lightly shimmery loose foundation powder so it looks really natural and glowy.

I wear lots of makeup, usually :
liquid foundation
two shade contour
eyebrow pencil
three tone of eyeshadow
gel liner
lip primer
transparent setting powder

I use a lot of indie makeup. I love doing my makeup, especially since I mostly wear simple black stuff, puts a bit of life in there. Nicely I know how to do it and how to fcking blend so I don't look like a hooker.
>Or a korean bb cream.
I was considering a Korean bb cream actually as I've heard people complain some of them give off a greyish cast, so they might be my best bet! I just need to put in a bit more research as they seem a bit trickier to get hold of in the uk so I'll need to make sure I have the best option before I begin my hunt.
Luckily my skin tends to be alright so I skip foundation most days anyway it's just for more special occasions/when I want to make a good impression I like to use it, so it's not really an urgent thing. Just more of an annoyance.

By the way, as you're into indie brands, any you'd recommend? Not for foundation, just in general. I only know the obvious ones like shiro and fyrinnae
any tips for male makeup?
I'm assuming you don't want full coverage/obvious make up? If that's the case then with male makeup it'll be more knowing what to ignore than having any specific tips.

I can imagine the place you'd want to start would be concealers. -
Liquid formulations are best for under eyes or can be useful for drier skin although they tend to be lighter coverage.
Waxy concealers are best for pinpoint blemish concealing if you're a beginner. Lisa Eldridge has an excellent tutorial on that which is worth a watch.
Cream to power formulations are also good for pinpoint concealing but can be a bit tricker to get the hang of and make look natural.

The biggest things you'll want to pay attention to are colour matching and blending. As long as you learn to do those well (although the first can be more be you at the mercy of cosmetics companies) then you'll be well on your way.

Foundation applied all over the face can look very obvious, but if you've got areas you want to cover that are too large for concealer, eg redness around your nose or ruddy cheeks then used sparingly it can make a difference. Again, I recommend Lisa Eldridge tutorials. I think it's her acne covering tutorial that she goes through strategically placing foundation, but that's also worth a watch if you're considering it.
I should add, when I say it's knowing what to ignore I mean you can easily watch or read full face tutorials that have a drag queen esque end product for ideas but it's knowing to disregard things like eyebrow shaping, undereye baking or eyeliner flick tips if you're watching it for maybe acne coverage tips or stubble disguising.
>nars orgasm
What type of foundation should I use when my t-zone has a tendency to flake/scale when applying makeup? I normally try using urban decay and a primer but it doesn't seem to work that well.

Also what are the best lipstick shades/colors for a person with pale skin?
Have you tried applying with a damp sponge over the flaky areas? Sometimes works for me.

And lipsticks tend to be based more and on undertone and contrast levels than paleness alone.
Girls, please recommend me some good mascara. I have naturally long, black, thick lashes, but they're pretty straight so I'd like something that holds the curl of my lash curler well.
Benefit roller lash works pretty well for that. Just be sure to wipe the brush well first few uses or it can be clumpy.
Also congratulations on the eyebrows if that's you
Thanks for the rec! Nah, that's not me, unfortunately. I just posted her because I love her lashes. She's yawl on tumblr.
Why are ugly girls allowed to use makeup as an illusion to make themselves pretty, and then act and treat others like they're really a girl of that caliber /fa/?
Better than sex mascara, it's my go to.
I'm lazy so general day to day is,
nyx bb cream
nyx white pencil on inner lids
nyx lip pencil in mauve
nyx doll eyes mascara if I'm feeling perky

Ive full brows but I dye my hair black so I lightly sweep mascara some over my eyebrows for more definition

Hey presto
Are you me?
Every day
- eyebrow pen
- eyeliner (natural brown or winged black)
- mascara
- lip tint

Going out
- korean bb blended with beauty blender
- Benefit Hoola bronzer
- Benefit Coralista blush
- Eyeliner
- Mascara
- Lipstick
- Brow pen
- etude house translucent powder
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Hello, Ladies.
Jesus Christ you guys are fags
I basically aim for this pic of Keira Knightley whenever put on makeup. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

I swear by Cetaphil (also works as a makeup remover) and then put on a serum after that. No foundation, concealer, skin-toned makeup etc. because I feel like my skin is dying when I put it on. Occasionally I'll use ExfoliKate to blast away dead crap on my face.

This is the money. A dab of primer on the lids and then it's YSL palette for colour with YSL couture kajal as a shadow. Smudge it all over the lids.
If I feel like more I'll swipe some Marc Jacobs liquid liner over all of that. I aim for Winona Ryder eyes.
Nothing on the lashes because I am genetically blessed with long lashes, but I do curl them sometimes.

I feel naked without something on my brows to wake up my face. Any old drugstore brow pencil will do (right now it's Maybelline)

Tend to gravitate toward sheer stains that make it look like I just ate a popsicle. The best is Dior Lip Glow but it's 35 fucking dollars at sephora and they don't give you all that much. But it's the best. Otherwise it's YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in the darkest berry red I can find.
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Keira Knightley is so perfect god damn
any by yves saint Laurent not the waterproof one tho
If you hate clumps I'd recommend Lancome Hypnose.
lol nyx is the bomb diggity senpai
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Illamasqua just bumped its sale to 70% off everything why are they doing this to me desu.
£13 for a multi facet palette I don't need but I want.

It's staring at me but all I need is an eyebrow cake. Keep me strong.
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I wear mascara and a bit of highlighter everyday. Some days I pair it with red lipstick and a very neutral blush, or a brighter pinkish lip tint and blush. Don't bother with eyebrows since they're naturally thick. I wear foundation, concealer and powder if I'm not lazy, my skin is not that bad so sometimes I skip it. I like to keep it easy, clean and fresh.

Any good concealer and primer recommendations btw? I ran out and want to try something new that doesn't cake, bonus points if cheap
where u from anon? if ure from eu i recommend catrice/art deco camouflage concealer if u need some heavy concealing
no idea on lighter or under eye concealers as i dont personally use them
heat your lash curler with your hair dryer before you curl your lashes, it'll hold the curl better throughout the day (like curling your hair)

don't burn yourself though.
Woah thanks for the tip, I'll try it!
I bought a tube of Benefit Roller Lash today btw.
god damn you're gonna make me bow to temptation too now :(

I use Maybelline instant age rewind concealer for my under eye circles cause it's inexpensive & goes on quick and not cakey
weird little applicator thing, but eh, blend with beauty blender or fingers and u good.
the sets are always the worst thin
dont do it
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