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So I'm going to do a sizable image dump to every thing /fa/ related that I have culminated through out my time on this place. These are infographics, texts, and images that may be of use to you, or not. Some are old, some are new, some are in between, but that doesn't matter. Enjoy what you get. This will be slow, so be patient. Bump if you have anything to offer as well.

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Anyone lurking?
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Thx senpai
yay, a visitor

Moving on to text guides soon
How do you properly remove sunscreen?>>10797827
A face cleanser with lukewarm water

Some face cleansers are "heavy" so get something that won't clog your pores up.
Move on to clothes, or vary it at least. Too many sin care guides
Heading there, anon. I have a fuckload of images to post. This will be a multi-thread process so please wait. I'm almost done with skin care shit. I want to keep the genres segregated.

1. Don’t use Biore pads. DON’T USE THESE. They damage your pores like fucking crazy. Ideally, you should be using chemical exfoliants to minimize the appearance of sebaceous filaments, which I imagine you're trying to minimize. Get an AHA and a BHA treatment instead, don't ruin your pores by ripping gunk out of them.

Good AHAs are:

-St. Ives Exfoliating Pads
-Stridex Red Box
-Paula's Choice 8% AHA Gel
-Silk Natural 8% AHA

You don't scrub your face with chemical exfoliants. Chemical exfoliants work by basically dissolving the scaffolding that holds together the cells of the outermost layer. Squeezing your pores is the worst because it can damage them permanently because of mechanical stress, cause tears, and also lead to burst blood vessels that will show up over time. It's also difficult (if at all) to restore pore size once they have been stretched. Chemical exfoliation has been scientifically validated via publication. Look up AHA and BHA on ncbi.nih.gov when you have time to read actual science research.

Physical exfoliation, which is the scrubbing that you're referring to, is generally not as recommended. You should also know that your sebaceous filaments are never going to go away entirely; they're just going to be refilled. Squeezing them constantly is going to ruin your skin.

Don’t use Biore pads. DON’T USE THESE. They damage your pores like fucking crazy. Ideally, you should be using chemical exfoliants to minimize the appearance of sebaceous filaments, which I imagine you're trying to minimize. Get an AHA and a BHA treatment instead, don't ruin your pores by ripping gunk out of them.

Good AHAs are:

-St. Ives Exfoliating Pads
-Stridex Red Box
-Paula's Choice 8% AHA Gel
-Silk Natural 8% AHA
>oops, sorry for the repeat. A few more text guides and then we get to clothing.

2. I posted a sample routine a few posts above. and if you think BHA would be more effective for you, I recommend starting with that, instead.
this is what I use personally for a BHA, and its one of the few that don't burn or dry me out like crazy.

here's what it should look like
Cleanser (if needed, it isn't always) and wash with water.

toner (vit c) and let dry
put a few drops of BHA liquid on a cotton pad and rub your face with it.
after 15-20 minutes, apply spot treatment (with Q-Tip) if needed (some use tea tree oil or benzoyl peroxide. I use BHA 9 from Paula* and that shit fucking annihilates zits)
moisturize and add occlusives (vaseline) if needed. the occlusives trap moisture in and keep you moist all night.

3. start with la roche posay exfoliating alcohol and soap free foaming gel
then stridex max strength BHA pad
then paulas choice 8% AHA gel
then simple replenishing rich moisturizer with vitamin b5 and e
finish with shiseido senka sunscreen SPF50+ PA++++ if im going outside in the sun
4. My routine, I've been doing this for a week and my skin has greatly improved.

Garnier Clarify foam to wash face 2 or 3 times a day. This works great for my redness!

Indian Clay Mask, once a week, no more blackheads!!
CeraVe moisturizing once or twice a week.
Vitamin C + HA only at night.

oh and witch hazel everytime after moisturizing or before vitamin c

5. AM routine
Splash cold water on face
Acne daily repair
Neutrogena lotion with 15 SPF (live in south Florida )
Pm routine
Acne daily repair

Every Monday and sunday I use the daily pore scrub to exfoliate
6. My current routine is

Cetaphil DermaControl Foaming Wash
Avene Clearance K
Cetaphil DermaControl Moisturising Lotion SPF30+

Now this has helped my skin become much better, especially around my jaw and forehead. However my cheeks and under my lips still get the occasional pimples and these are the ones that leave scars and fucks with the pigment of my skin, I learned to not worry about them and I try not to pop them or irritate them but they still leave those annoying scars/pigmentation, anybody have tips?
7. Morning:
1. Wash face gently with warm water; end with cold water.
2. Pat dry gently with towel.
3. Wait 10 minutes.
4. Apply thin layer of benzoyl peroxide (I'm using Benzaclin)
5. Wait 10 minutes for your skin to absorb it.
6. Apply Cerave Moisturizing Cream.
7. Wait until skin fully absorbs moisturizer.
8. Apply thin layer of BB cream (Missha BB perfect cover 23)

Before Bed:
1. Wash face gently with warm water.
2. Oil cleansing method: http://www.reddit.com/r/SkincareAddiction/comments/1a1cj3/everything_you_wanted_to_know_about_ocm_the_oil/
3. Wait 20 minutes for skin to dry completely
4. Apply VERY thing layer of Retisol-A 0.025%
5. Wait for an hour for product to fully absorb
6. Apply generous amount of Cerave Moisturing Cream

I don't think cleanser are necessary at all so I only use water. Also, only use microfiber towers for your face (new clean towel everyday), and NEVER wipe, only pat dry as wiping irritates your skin. I also change my pillow sheets every day and never sleep on my sides.
8. Good sunscreen: http://eltamd.com/product/uv-clear-broad-spectrum-spf-46/

Elta MD UV Clear 46

No white sheen, no pore clogging. SPF 46. You don't even feel it throughout the day.

Now you too can be beautiful for 15 years longer.

Eat walnuts, almonds, fruit;
Drink 2–3l of liquids (not soft drinks) each day;
Get proper sleep

>Your skin is not a mess because of what 'products' you aren't using, it is a mess because of what you do the other 98 per cent of the time

General Guide: http://hastebin.com/raw/jakoyizayi
Recommended products and applications: http://pastebin.com/XeBKDSMZ
Dark circles: http://pastebin.com/t796eKvr
Soap, pH, irritants, and synthetic detergents: http://pastebin.com/51yse1NE
Popping pimples: http://pastebin.com/MufDiSfy
Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (dark spots): http://pastebin.com/GXYPdwMf
Skin tone and diet: http://hastebin.com/raw/ehesotajaf
Causes of acne: http://pastebin.com/tudaKWmN
Diet and acne: http://hastebin.com/raw/zuqabalomu
Miscellaneous information (sleep, sun damage, et c): http://hastebin.com/raw/ezuzusoziq

Skin care basics: http://tuxbell.com/index.php?title=Grooming#Skin-care_Basics
Acne treatment: http://tuxbell.com/index.php?title=Grooming#Acne_Treatment

Skinacea Links:
Retinoids: http://www.skinacea.com/retinoids/retinoids.html
Sunscreen: http://www.skinacea.com/sunscreen/sunscreen.html
Ridding dark eye circles: http://www.skinacea.com/how-to/get-rid-of-dark-circles.html
On Vitamin E
it can only cause redness in some people with particular allergies or sensitivities (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22828256) and if used along with niacinimide. What you say about broken skin is true but we must remember that this is not your skin's normal condition.

Here's more about beneficial properties of vitamin E:

In conclusion, it's a bad idea to use vita E with *scars*, but it's not useless in general.

And here's more about taking vit E supplements orally:
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Skincare Trip.png
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Finally, we can move on to clothes. Keep this tripcode in mind when using the archives. This guy posts a lot of good info on skin related grooming.
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Anyone still lurking?
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Good shit anon, thanks for dump
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Thanks for the bump. Still more to go so stay tuned.
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Glad to hear.
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plz keep going!
still lurking keep it up
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Thank you for being here.

>please select all street sign images
For the love of...
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Man, I was grade 3 3 years ago. None with the occasional Grade 1 feels great senpai.
I didn't change my diet or start a regime or anything. Adolescence just sucks and goes away. Woo.
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Happy to hear you improved. Puberty can be rough due to hormonal changes, but some people unfortunately don't grow out of it. Protip: changing pillow covers every night will reduce your chances of getting acne.
bless your valiant soul
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That warms my heart, anon. If you lurk other boards, I will be doing massive image dumps like these on /out/, /k/, /g/, and others if you're interested. Can't say when exactly but be on the look out this month. Cheers.
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could never figure out if my face was round or oval desu, how ever glad the acne went away. Gonna use these tips tho thanks based anon.
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You just reminded me, I left out some bookmarks on face care and such. Here ya go, enjoy.
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>mfw I thought 511s were the skinnies Levi's went and bought two
Fuck me. Although I doubt the store had any 510s in my size anyway. But fuck. I was like "These will do, I'll just buy a sewing machine and taper them."
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will do man
this is some handy stuff
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you truly are a based god thank you so much OP
>Might be more /ck/ related, but if anyone is interested in detox teas, here's a short guide. Proper detoxing can lead to better health through purer skin and improved gastrointestinal functions.

Mind letting me know what herbs are in those detox teas?

Yogi detox (what I have now, it's chai-like and a bit peppery, delicious)
1,810mg per bag, 16 bag (28.960g total per box)
Indian Sarsaparilla Root »
Cinnamon Bark »
Ginger Root »
Licorice Root »
Burdock Root »
Dandelion Root »
Cardamom Seed »
Clove Bud »
Black Pepper »
Long Pepper Berry »
Chinese Amur Cork Tree Bark »
Japanese Honeysuckle Flower »
Forsythia Fruit »
Gardenia Fruit »
Chinese Goldenthread Root »
Rhubarb Root »
Winter Melon Seed »
Juniper Berry Extract »

Triple Leaf Detox tea (What I'm getting because its on sale. I'm excited to see what it tastes like and to establish context in detoxing teas and also save money too. It has chinese/japanese medicinal herbs and conventional ones)
1,650mg per bag, 20 bag (33g per box)
Red clover flowering top, herb;
Dandelion leaf;
Asian plantain leaf;
Ginger root;
Fo-ti (he shou wu) root;
Schisandra fruit;
Burdock root;
Astragalus root;
Lysimachia root, herb;
Kudzu (pueraria) root;
Peppermint leaf;
Cinnamon Bark;
Isatis root, leaf;
Solomon’s seal rhizome;
Duckweed (spirodela) root;
Licorice root;
Japanese honeysuckle flower;
Tokyo violet root, herb.
On the topic of detoxing before you do detoxing, before you try to cleanse your body through your liver and kidney (which the teas faciliate and immediate) make sure your getting enough fiber.

I eat wheat bran for 30ish grams of insoluble fiber a day. I make sure to eat it as dry as possible otherwise it doesn't do mechanically what I need it to do. I also eat 2 tablespoons of psyllium husk a day for 8 grams of soluble and 2 insoluble for a total of 40 fiber. The soluble fiber detoxes the body through binding to bile and taking the toxins out.

For one who does not get enough soluble fiber, their bile is not being removed through the butt and enters back into the liver with all its toxins and gets more and more toxic load. Link that describes why soluble fiber is important to detox: https://experiencelife.com/article/fiber-why-it-matters-more-than-you-think/

Also, in addition of that, I do a parasite protocol. The three chiefs herbs of that Organic whole clove, Wormwood (artimisia absinthium), and black walnut whole (picked green).

5 cloves of organic whole clove I crush in a mortar and eat and chew immediately (3 times a day), ~1/4 tsp of wildcrafted black walnut hull powder I take 3 times a day, and 2tsp of wormwood, soaked in oil and heated for 10+ minutes then strained out of the oil I take once a day. It is important that the clove be whole because it needs to be ground at the time of eating because the oils are volatile. It is important that the clove be organic because that means it is non-irradiated. If the clove is irradiated then the medicinal oil will evaporate because of the process and the cloves will be medicinally impotent.
The reason I bring that up is because parasites and cleansing is because parasites can live in the kidney and liver and clog it up so you want to get them out or your liver can't do its job. But parasites to release toxins as they die so I do recommend taking the tea with the cleanse so you can cleanse yourself as you cleanse yourself (yo I heard).

A lot of herbs also kills parasite. A list: https://humaworm.com/formula.html I just eat what is on hand, organic and non-irradiated.

>And now we return back to clothing info
jesus christ this is some wizard shit
I'm happy to know that my time spent has served someone else. Still more to go.
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Stubble Guide.jpg
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so thats how they do it
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Remember anons, proper tongue placement is vital for a healthy jaw structure.

>tip at the top
Is there a sock guide to pair with this? I'm buying new shoes and wondering which I should get (no-show, patterns, colours, etc.)
Unfortunately, no. Sorry anon, I too have been searching for that.

I think I have a sock guide somewhere. Let me quickly get through the face change images, and I'll get back to you on that one.

>don't drink alcohol

fuck it
Thanks, Day Man. You truly are a master of friendship for everyone.
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If anything helps my fellow man and woman to improve, so be it.
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The wonders of plastic surgery...
File: IMG_5416.jpg (216 KB, 1192x901) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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...and the slight horror of plastic surgery.
>although, you have to give credit, not much the surgeon can do at that point
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Well, anon, sorry to disappoint but I don't have a solely dedicated sock guide. However, there is some sock info within this one.
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Fashion Basics.jpg
947 KB, 1413x3427
Old as fuck but still relevant as always
>What are the best quality plain t-shirts? I need something that will fit nicely rather then have the sleeves stick out and be loose on my arms. I was thinking Hanes.

You must ask yourself how much are you willing to pay?
Go to Saks, 5th Off, Nordstrom Rack, Neiman Marcus, or Last Call and check out their t-shirt selection.

They have a bunch of high brand names for ~$20 a 3-pack.
Don’t get Hanes.

Or you can look up Anvil and check out their cheaply priced selection too.

Maybe you can just go to Target and buy some plain tees in the color of your choice. Size accordingly.

Yes, it is Target. At Target you can get six white V-neck shirts for twelve bucks. SIX SHIRTS. They fit nicely after they've been washed once. But yes, they're going to be huge prior to being washed.
Okay well just tell me what to wear with boots and loafers.

Just no-shows in loafs?
File: Seasonal Colors.gif (72 KB, 1288x993) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Seasonal Colors.gif
72 KB, 1288x993
File: length_all.gif (12 KB, 454x212) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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No-shows is a bit risky, but you might pull it off. I recommend your standard 1/4 hose to 1/2 hose. It depends how formal the setting is, but those are business casual approved for someone young. Stay away from novelty socks with exotic patterns unless you're a 50 year old Italian dandy who fucks 20 something models. Make sure to coordinate a smooth transition from pants to shoes when picking out colors. Change socks every 6 months if you can afford to do so. Don't stress over socks too much, shoes will always be more important. Hope that helped.

Back to dumping.
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you have one hell of a collection
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A near essential item to every man's wardrobe.
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Thank you, anon. As you can see I've been here quite a while. Like I said earlier, I will be doing image dumps like these on other boards this month. /biz/, /out/, /g/, /adv/, /k/, /asp/, and many more.
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The Color Quotient.png
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keen for biz ill keep an eye out
ive been with it for a bit, impressed with your commitment, ill be back in the morning to see the rest
stay strong
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General notes

•Always dress in and alternate with earth tone or greyscale colors on all outfits

•Brown is a more versatile shoe color than black

•Light colors are best for day, while dark colors are best at night

•Always tuck in your shirt if it’s a formal occasion

•One upper pocket square can transform a jacket

•A handkerchief or pocket should never be the same pattern as your tie

•Lose the tie for a change to stand out once in a while

•Thin V neck cardigans are much more formal than casual thick cardigans with heavy designs and abundant pockets

•Always unbutton when sitting down, button standing up

•Show some cuff, but don’t overdo it

•A greyscale jacket should go with a colored base shirt

•A greyscale shirt should go with an earth tone jacket

•Choose clothing that is slim fit and hugs your body, but not too tight

•Your belt must always match your shoes

•A tie should not be the focal point of your outfit

•Navy suits with black leather shoes are the most versatile formal wear

•Dark blue pants always look good

•Leather with thin laces is a classy look for shoes

•Contrast your eyeglass frames to your face shape

•White tee + dark blue pants + brown sneakers +brown belt = good looking casual wear

•Dress for yourself, for your style, for your mood, and for your comfort
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Brown Outfit.jpg
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Will do, anon.
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Anyone here? I have a room inspo folder so if anyone is interested, let me know.
sure thing
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Summer Clothing 2.png
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Maintenance Guide.jpg
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I forgot about this fragrance.
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Another Routine.png
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Time for some general inspo before I move on to rooms
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Shoes & Watches.png
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i made this
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I like it.
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I have another folder on healthy habits and self improvement, but that borders the realm of /adv/, and I'm not sure how permissible the mods are right now.
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Fuck it, I'll post it. What will come targets general life improvement from various sources. Mostly reddit since they have more stickies on subjects such as this, but also parts from 4chan and 7chan.
>old thread from /fa/

What do you do when somebody calls you a faggot? What’s your reaction to hateful words? How do you handle it without looking like a bitch? And don’t tell me “okay” is a good comeback.

People don't call me a faggot because I don't look like a faggot.
No one does, but if they did I'd punch 'em in the face.

Where do I start?
It is stupid to care about someone’s comment. Be confident enough to just forget about it. And lose your obsession between the terms that are behind what makes you manly or not.

If it were walking by instead of a stand up confrontation, I’d smile at them and keep walking.

I don't ever get called this because I'm not 16 anymore. And only stupid teenagers use the word.

It sounds like you are being in an environment where people use vulgar vocabulary…how's high school?

You can respond with "You wish I was" or "You seem to know a lot about being a faggot" or “You’re the one that keeps bringing this up. You are the faggot who calls guys out all the time.”

Only once in a serious way I have been called a faggot, from someone who was trying to offend me. It was in high school when I was in a group of very close friends of both genders and some redneck friend-of-a-friend said, "You dress like a real faggot. You gay bro?" To try to butt into the conversation and act like he owned the place.

I just said "Only for you. You wanna head back to your place stud?" and he was so embarrassed that he just whimpered a “no" and left.

I usually get a very sincere face on myself that looks vaguely like Wonka's, and then I look them in the eyes, and in a voice slightly higher say "Oh. Oh? Oh, Okay," and if they continue I just interrupt them with, "Oh. Oh! Oh? OH, oh. Oh. Oh. Ok."
I can't really explain it but it works with pretty much any insults sans from those of passive aggression
File: IMG_3440.jpg (89 KB, 498x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Knock them over, but it doesn’t really happen because I’m more swollen than most people.

This hasn't happened to me since the tenth grade. So that would be a decade ago. If it did I'd just tell them "I'm straight." The real world is different from high school -- there are still cunts, but they've learned to pretend not to be cunts. Clearly you're having trouble with this lesson.

They are looking for a reaction, so it's best to ignore them. I have stubble most of the time and I frown a lot so I don't have such a problem any more. But I used to.

I usually respond with "Come treat me like a faggot then." It gets the job done, but I've come close to a couple of fights because of it.

Or the simple “No, YOU'RE a faggot!”
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There's no one to blame for the situation you're in except yourself. If you want something to change, then change it.

It really is that simple.

Stop looking for a method on how to change. You won't find that in others. It will always look easy.

It's not. They just put effort into it.

There's nothing to lose from failure, but everything to gain in success.

If it were easy, nobody would bother doing anything. Hardship breeds progress, you're just one of the unlucky ones caught in the swamp of mediocrity.

If you insist that that is the case, you guarantee that it will be. You create a self-fulfilling prophecy. And that is why you fail.

Nothing ever does come so easy. If it did, do you think there would be so many unsuccessful people in the world? Everyone, everywhere, at some point, was exactly where you are right now. The only difference between you and the people who made it is that they tried again.

What I'm saying is that your life isn't going anywhere because you haven't taken any steps to make that happen. You can't run a mile if you don't take a couple steps.

What humiliation? Do you know how big of a deal this is to literally everyone in the world except you? I can guarantee, 100%, that this girl would give even the slightest care if you just acted business as usual.
Not assume, believe. If you believe you will fail, then you will fail. If you believe you will succeed, then eventually, you will succeed, whether it be in what you first set out to do, or in the realization that what you thought was important is not.

No, you handled it like a bitch and now you make excuses to yourself to make yourself feel better. Just say that next time you'll handle rejection differently and move on.

Learn from it and cope with reality, don't deny and lie to yourself by telling yourself that quitting was the only option you had.
File: 1414031784894.jpg (266 KB, 754x1178) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's a matter of perspective. People who are prone to anxiety in situations aren't really afraid of other people, they're afraid of themselves. You need to write off anyone who would mock you as a non-issue, someone of zero worth to you. Then you sort yourself and get over it. If that girl saw that you were completely indifferent to her after that the awkwardness would've gone away in a few weeks.

People aren't half as interested in you as you think they are. From that girl's perspective you're just a guy who asked her out. She probably doesn't give a shit about it anymore, but you've made it this huge thing in your mind. You chose to leave your job because *you* were uncomfortable. It's all in your perception. Act like you don't care about it and it won't take long before you won't.

Honestly man, and I don't know why no one else has suggested this before, if you're really feeling depressed then go see a therapist. If you don't think it's bad enough to get help then hey, maybe it's not so bad as all that.

Really? The number one bit of advice, get the hell off this site. There's no real life here, and no real friends. Get out in the sunshine and *do* something. So you're unemployed? So what? Volunteer somewhere to fill your time - meet people in the process, and make yourself more attractive to employers because you're actually doing something proactive instead of sitting around all day. Take up archery, or swimming, or painting or something. Not everything costs money if you look around.

Only because I realized nobody's opinion of myself matters except my own. I've been where you are, I have, trust me. I'm reaching out to you as a brother, right now.
File: 1414031254641.jpg (27 KB, 567x367) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm going to recommend you an exercise that a co-worker taught me when I was going through your crisis.

He told me to go to the public mall, and just lie down on the ground. It's not illegal, and they can't kick you out for it.

Just go, lie on your back, and relax. Let people stare. Let people laugh. Some of them might even tease you and give you shit.

Forget them. Forget what they think and forget what they say. They can laugh all they want, but at the end of the day, you're the guy who has the stones to go lie down in the middle of a mall and get made fun of.

Promise me you'll do this.

Lesson number 1:
Nobody knows who you are

Lesson number 2:
If nobody knows who you are, what he or she could possibly think about you is irrelevant

What everyone on earth thinks about you is less relevant than a hill of beans

Find a psychologist. I mean it.
Read a novel.
Listen to Alan Watts tapes.
Take control of your life.
Sacrifice who you are today, become what you want to be.
Go outside, do other stuff.
Learn to be wrong, learn to lose, learn not to have control all the time.
Wake up, early in the morning, make it a routine.

Now go.
Why do I know this? Because look at this thread and read about everybody's problems and you realize we all have a lot in common. Our brains abhor boredom and are completely addicted to stimuli. I've heard it said that dreams are the way our brains get our stimuli fix when we're asleep. Maybe that's accurate, maybe not. Either way, your waking brain is a stimuli junkie and acts like an immature toddler.
I see a lot of posts here about people saying, "I can't stand busy work", or "I just end up wasting time playing x or browsing y" or "I just like sleeping into noon so much"
You try to do something productive, and your toddler brain has little patience and 5 minutes into it it screams, "INTERNET, NOW." Or, "JUST QUICKLY CHECK FACEBOOK, I NEED A FIX" or, "JUST LIKE 15 MORE GAMES OF 2048". You can't stand the thought of having to do something challenging and not as easily stimulating. Instead of getting a high from the accomplishment and endorphins from running for an hour, you instead opt for your vice of choice. You give in to your screaming immature toddler brain.
We all have it. We all know what it's like. You wouldn't be here if you didn't understand it this feeling. You lack self respect because you are the parent of that toddler and you've just given up and give in to all of that toddler's needs. That toddler screams, "JUST 2 MORE GAMES THEN I'LL STUDY" and you let it win.
Discipline starts by realizing that you have to live with this primitive part of your brain for better or worse. I'm convinced there isn't a single person out there who's brain doesn't demand they indulge in vices. Discipline is all about taming the toddler. Instead of just giving in all the time, you come to a mutual agreement with your primitive brain. "I study for 2 hours FIRST then I play video games. That's the agreement, you don't get to call the shots." These are the kinds of boundaries you need to set up.
File: 1434720135514.jpg (168 KB, 1002x794) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
168 KB, 1002x794
Doing this over time, you and that toddler brain of yours come to a mutual understanding. The toddler realizes that you are actually better off if you don't succumb to every short-term desire and your rational, mature brain realizes that you can enjoy your vices better in moderation and that there's much greater pleasure to be had from long-term investment. From this understanding is the birth of self-respect. You are now taking control of your life and not allowing this selfish self-serving toddler to run around controlling your life.
So what are you going to gain control over the impulse-seeking toddler that's bringing you down?
In a greater sense I've found that acknowledging these desires and letting them pass and then consciously choosing to do work is the best way I drive myself to do work.
After all, this is my life, and I better be steering it, because if I'm not, I don't want to know what is.
And to clarify, when I mean "acknowledging desires" I mean that I am not suppressing them but I understand that there will be times where they will come up.
good shop (pref online) to cop flannel shirts
File: 1414623320076.jpg (756 KB, 1200x1075) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
756 KB, 1200x1075
If it's going to be online I recommend Zappos. Their return policy makes it easy to try on what you want with no return costs at all.
File: 1408833559369.jpg (65 KB, 660x441) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Tip on learning to connect with others: Walk around and simply say 'hello' to people. This works well when you're shopping for example. Don't restrict yourself to beautiful women. Say 'hello' to older people, men, it doesn't really matter. You'll see that people either greet back, or they are too shy (like you used to be). You cannot be rejected for saying 'hello', thus this is a great way to start out. This exercise is probably one of the best because it's so simple to achieve success. Here the actual success is *saying* hello. Being greeted back is nice of course, but beyond your control. This is extremely important to remember. ONLY your actions can be a success. Never consider the lack of a response as a failure, because there can be a million reasons why someone doesn't respond the way you want/expect. Do this exercise a lot. It builds trust in yourself and you'll start to see patterns in how people respond. At some point it may become default for you to greet people that are near you. It's like martial arts: even though you may grasp the idea after a few tries, continuing to do this exercise will keep producing benefits.
File: 1408833496312.jpg (304 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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When this goes well, you can add a short remark about an actuality. 'Hi, nice weather isn't it?' It can be about anything. You see a woman looking at a blue dress and you say 'Hey, I think red will look even better on you,' (notice the 'even better'). This is where body positioning comes into play, something many guys aren't paying attention to. When you address a stranger, it's usually best not to point your body directly to him/her. Instead, point your body in another direction so you're turning your head to the stranger. This will make you come across friendly in a non-threatening way. Play around with this. If you stand really close to a stranger with your body completely facing him/her, it probably feels awkward. The other person feels that too. When it comes to beautiful women, many guys unconsciously do this as they are really interested in the woman. This makes the woman feel uncomfortable while the guy isn't even aware of what he is doing. You'll even notice that it feels 'safer' for you too when you address a woman from an angle. Another thing you can experiment with is 'rocking out'. Rocking out means you rock your body a bit back and forth as if you're about to go on your way again, but the conversation is still going. This implies that you won't be staying for long so the other person feels more comfortable to respond.
The outcome of the situation is uncontrollable, but you can make a difference in whatever happens so give it everything you have.

Help someone and be kind to everyone. It is not weakness; it is simply having a happy lifestyle. It would help the world too. What you put in life and people is given back to you. You are a noble human, so represent that wonderful aspect of emotion you carry. It is good to think before you speak as well, always.

Be respectful towards others achievements. Everyone has earned and worked hard to make it to where they are, and so can you.
Consider your true needs. List the things you want and need from a partner and the things you want to contribute to a partnership. Write these down so you can analyze them later. Then, put yourself in a partner’s position. Have you put anything on the page that is undesirable or even unacceptable to you from your partner’s perspective? Make a note of those items. Review your notes in a few days and consider how you now assess the outcome of the exercise.
Say hello when you can. Don't worry whether they greet you in return or not. The point is to open up to those you know and don't know so that you can reflect the positive part in yourself, and show it outwards for everyone to see. Have the good and self-confidence inside you be heard by others.

For those who don't return a greeting, have empathy and notice they are shy just as you were a long time ago. Give them time to mature and wish them luck. You aren't greeting for the reply, you are simply doing it because it makes you happy to be a confident person. Also, fuck the awkwardness.
good place to cop crewnecks?
Instead of being hard on yourself, just do it, as in finish whatever you have to do right then and there so you live out a stress free and relaxing lifestyle. Finished is better than perfect. Do what you need to do and you'll be okay in the end. Relax.

Love yourself. We live in a world where almost everyone is ashamed to be himself or herself, so accept your strengths and flaws. Learn to accept dignity and be humble. Being down to Earth is a healthy aspect for you and an attractive look to others, hopefully inspiring them into being natural as well. You are weird but who cares, so is everyone else.

Remember these changes are only for you. Soon you will see the good out of the changes pass on to others, especially on to your loved ones.
>American Apparel
>Again, check Zappos, they have all the retailers you need
No one controls you except yourself. Remember that until those who judge you start paying your bills is the day you listen to them. Even then, you will forever be free, they pay your bills and that’s their problem. Kill them with kindness.

Carry courage towards your problems instead of fear. You will fail, once or twice or maybe ten times. Tell yourself to forget it because you have nothing to lose. You learn from each fall, therefore making you stronger than ever. Being fearful of failure and living a "safe" life without risk taking has no improvements. With the risk taking and courage, you will win something eventually so persistence is key. Step into the fire and mold yourself into gold. You will never lose if you do not try. But you will never win either; it’s your choice. Fear of trying and losing or the guilt of never trying, therefore you never win. Which will you overcome? Which will you stand up to and say no, you shall not win?
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High protein low carb and exercise over a span of 1 - 3 months will yield results.
Coffee or tea.
Greek yogurt.
Eggs and hit the fucking gym.
16oz of ice water and a banana.
Make your oatmeal with skimmed milk or mostly water and milk, have it salted with fruit. it's boring, but it'll fill you up.
3 egg whites, spiced however you like with steamed onion and asparagus, muesli
Or eat anything you want. As long as you eat less than your TDEE everyday
What is the best breakfast for weight loss?
Wrong. Weight loss shouldn’t be your priority. Your aim should be to get healthy.
Losing weight is an inevitable by-product of becoming healthy.

Porridge made from oats with fresh fruit.
File: 279761343.jpg (136 KB, 500x418) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
136 KB, 500x418
Carbs are filling at the time of eating, but you'll be hungry soon after and probably crash mid-morning.
I've done a lot of reading about low-carb diets and I'm convinced that you'll need something filling, and energizing.
To be full - fat.
For energy/strength - protein.
These are not low calorie, I know. But 95% of calorie-deficit diets fail... because the majority of us simply don't have that willpower to go hungry for long periods of time. If you deprive yourself of food, you will crave it, and think about it, and resent yourself, and end up indulging or even bingeing on it.

My advice is to not have anything with sugar in the morning - including fruit or fruit juice or cereal.
I would say eggs, spinach and some cheese or meat.
Tea and coffee are good but they are diuretics - they push water out of your system. So be sure to drink water first thing in the morning as well.
You will soon notice how dehydrated you feel upon waking.

Apologies if you knew any of this. If you don't agree with it - no worries. Just what's worked for me.
File: 1408833754394.jpg (71 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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100g uncooked rolled oats
30g Soymilk powder (sugar free)
200ml of water
Any multivitamin powder (sugar free)
1 or 2 organic sugar packets
Collagen powder (optional)

Mix the soymilk, water, multivitamin powder, collagen and your splenda packets in a blender, serve in a plate and add the oats and leave soaking for about 10 to 20 minutes. Enjoy with a cup of red tea
A nice breakfast could be something like an apple and a piece of toast. I'd say that would come in at least than 300 calories. Or maybe a cereal--not the kids kind--with nothing on the side. Anything that involves several pieces of toast, eggs and bacon will likely come in at over 500 calories, especially if you have cream in your coffee
Chewing gum, brushing your teeth regularly, wearing decent cologne, working out, and having some way to artistically express yourself should be stuff you're already doing.

This one is well known but just drinking lots of water improves your skin. For me personally it hasn't been drastic (I used to have some spots on my forehead) but since about five weeks I've been drinking 2.5 to 3 liters water a day and I've definitely seen improvement.

Another thing I do is setting a stopwatch when I'm brushing my teeth and when I'm rinsing. Exactly two minutes brushing, one-minute bottom one-minute topside. Rinse exactly 45 seconds. I've noticed that it eliminates morning breath and during the day my breath is a lot fresher.

I used to be really sluggish all the time, hardly ate or drank anything because I was in the midst of depression and lost my appetite, but then ones I started upping my water intake, I felt so much better

no longer tired all the time, no longer lying in bed hating myself every moment of the day. Feels good, skin is looking a lot better and my face isn't get swollen in the mornings, etc.

And if you have a lot of sodium in your diet, cut that out, too. Do some physical exercise for at least 20-30 minutes, 4-6 times a week. I think taking up running every other day has really helped my skin out as well
Your spine is made up of three segments: lumbar (lower), thoracic (middle), and cervical (neck). Sleeping w/o a pillow will flatten the natural curve of your cervical spine and worsen that hunchback/neck-forward/computer guy posture. Your posture is maintained through proper hip position, thoracic spine flexibility, and trunk strength. This is where your ideals divert, being a thin-melodramatic-heroin-chic vs. improved musculature.

Look into sleeping with an orthopedic pillow if your desire to solving posture is contingent on being a passive activity (i.e. while you are asleep) or do some yoga and stretching.

Take up swimming.
If you aren't already, start flossing. The health and hygiene benefits are through the roof. Once a day is recommended, and it helps build in the habit of just doing it, but once every couple/few days is still fine, as long as it stays frequent.

start yoga
start some martial art
cut sugar
start eating veggies
get the body I want
stop satisfying myself with boredom, watching shitty shows just to spend time.
stop watching so much porn
stop buying shoes compulsively
watch more documentaries
read the books I’ve been willing to read for years.
File: Sample Diets.png (87 KB, 738x244) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sample Diets.png
87 KB, 738x244
Take note that there is no apex. The idea of perfection you have in your head is a modern concept, an abstract thing that has only vague connections to reality. If you want to know what people were like back then go watch a documentary about hunter-gatherers now. I assure you, not a whole lot's going to have changed because in the grand scheme of things, it hasn't been very long since the agricultural revolution. Those African guys with bellies bloated from starvation and arms thin as twigs don't look too perfect, huh.

Because again, there is no such thing as perfect, you are either more or less suitable to your environment. It's an idea that people use to sell you shit. They tell you something is wrong with you so that you'll swallow their new age bullshit and buy snake oil. Invent the disease and sell the cure sound familiar? Because that's exactly what's going on, and I bet you honestly considered the paleo diet.

Food was not plentiful and life was not good, we survived. There's a reason we clung to civilization as much as we did, agriculture was initially not as efficient as just going out and looking for food, but in the end it made life a little easier to stay in one place for once.

And there is no natural. Natural is also a relatively modern and abstract concept. The natural world is currently what you are sitting in. Your house is wood and minerals, elements and chemicals that are found naturally, but reconfigured in a way beneficial to you. It is natural in the same way spider webs and termite mounds are. Natural in the same way snake venom and milk are.
File: 1435109526131.jpg (38 KB, 293x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38 KB, 293x450
And yes, there are things we done back then that we can do now to benefit ourselves. But you need to be selective as to not bullshit yourself. There's a lot of pseudoscience and not much real data floating around.
If you people are that concerned about your posture
Get a bamboo futon
Sleep on your back
I don't think it's very healthy to sleep on your back on a soft mattress as its going to twist your spine to all kinds of unnatural positions, however doing the same on something harder is actually good for you.
Plus despite being harder they are actually really fucking great to sleep on, it takes like 2 nights to get used to but I am not switching back ever again.
I've just been trying to change my inner self. So few of us have control of our minds and are actually just victims of our thoughts and emotions. I started small, giving out compliments and removing all negative comments (typed, or said). I try to find similarities in strangers and myself (oh, he likes those too? NICE)
Small steps will eventually remove the negativity that makes your life miserable.

Besides, everyone likes compliments and if you get one (or any nice gesture) you’re more likely to pass it on and better someone else's day in a way you'd like.
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1.I always say the correct version of things out loud when I’m speaking to others

you know when you mess up or jumble your words when speaking or forget what you were saying

well when I take the time to repeat myself and say the correct whole version out loud
instead of the person I’m speaking to saying I know what you mean and move on

also when I speak I am very specific leave no room for misunderstanding

it takes more time (a few seconds) but hopefully will prevent some arguments and from being forgetful when I’m old

also do my best not to yell when debating/talking

it helps others listen a lot better, because unfortunately many people stop listening when your passionate about something they don’t like/agree with

2. And I don’t announce my current status unless its relevant to the other person or needs to be communicated( I never say things like I’m cold or o shit I leave that for inner monologue and try my best to only share things that have meaning beyond just how I feel)
3. When I think of something I can do to get something done/fix/would be fun I try and do that thing right away helps keep me in the moment and always prepared and less chores to do

you know when you mess up or jumble your words when speaking or forget what you were saying

well when I take the time to repeat myself and say the correct whole version out loud
instead of the person I’m speaking to saying i know what you mean and move on

also when I speak I am very specific leave no room for misunderstanding

it takes more time (a few seconds) but hopefully will prevent some arguments and from being forgetful when I’m old

also do my best not to yell when debating/talking

it helps others listen a lot better, because unfortunately many people stop listening when your passionate about something they don’t like/agree with
File: 1408833821196.jpg (190 KB, 975x651) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
190 KB, 975x651
1. Depressed people drag each other down!
2. Emotion triggers better neural activity or intelligence.
3. Creativity helps a great deal.
4. Healthy diet. (Helps to try new things
5. a changing routine. (As long as there is the ability to add things)
6. Quit cig, alcohol, coffee, and drugs!!!
7. An honest being is like a child (in all the good ways)
8. Exercise, push your current boundaries but in a healthy way.
9. Do things you enjoyed growing up with.(if you grew up destructive recognize what was mad for you and change those behaviors)
10. Stay in contact with people you already know.
11. Think about nature.
12. Writing. Math.
13. Challenge politics. Allows the person to understand society.
14. Good social network (I don’t mean on the internet!- I mean in person face to face, outside!)
15. Don’t stress. (Tackle money properly, find other ways of doing things, even if it means more work to do things right don’t ever compromise your morals)
16. Try not to be the popular one. Strive to achieve your goals instead
17. Be specific in people you want to meet. (Don’t talk to just about anyone; aka don’t hang with people that aren’t relevant to your current goals, but don’t ditch old friends you matured with encourage them to be better too)
18. Try new things.
19. Don’t sleep too often. Jump out of bed in the mornings; don’t lie there for an extra minute.
File: 1408833884066.jpg (177 KB, 864x1088) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
177 KB, 864x1088
19.B take cold showers it builds your immune response and combats the “don’t want to do that feeling"
20. Be nice when you can.
21. Think positive, don’t be afraid to seek help from relevant people when needed.
22. Avoid staying home too often.
23. Have a pet.
24. Keep flowers, particularly if it smells and looks nice.
25. Avoid dark colored cloths as much as possible.
26. Good hygiene.
27. Keep your values. If you’re not happy with something don’t let yourself be swayed.
28. Improve something in your house and/or work.
29. Listen to good music. And those you grew up with.
30. Don’t laugh at something unless you’re sincere. You cant force yourself to have fun when your not. Wait for the moment. !
31. Clean your house. (Just clean things you own)
32. LET GO OF THINGS YOU’RE NOT HAPPY ABOUT IN YOUR LIFE. Don’t make the past your burden.
33. Don’t be jealous of others.
34. Avoid porn. Minimize masturbation.
35. Take up a new hobby.
36. If you have a dim lit room, change the light bulb. Get a brighter one.
37. Get bright colors in your house. Avoid dark colored walls, furniture, and fabrics.
38. Be aware conversation topics change with age, you can’t talk about the same things over and over. Get new hobbies, go somewhere new, meet someone new, take an interest in things that will educate you and allow you to become more aware of your society and nature.
39. Play strategy games like chess
40. Its always the best idea/can help people the most by showing people what is good by being the best person you can be and leading the way rather then tell them they are wrong or not doing something right with no examples to replace what they "missed the mark" on
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Anybody still lurking this thread?
well these two (the text) are tumblrinacore, but the thread was 10/10. Thanks OP, you were not a fag.
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I bite my jaw together and smile a little so my mouth becomes wider. It sounds like pseudo-science what I'm telling you but my mouth has become wider (which looks good because my mouth is really small with big lips, so this evens it out) and my jawline is a lot stronger.

I have also started punching my fists together every now and then and I have noticed they have become a lot harder and pain tolerant - good for fighting, but not sure if it actually changes the look.
Tip: If you don't know what you're doing, never kick in a street fight.
Also, the closer you are to the opponent, the less their punches hurt, but your punches suffer too. (you don't got the range) An elbow still hurts like a motherfucker at those distances, probably even more.
Never overextend your range when punching, you will get off balance, you will fall and you'll get pummeled or choked, depending on how you land.

File: 1409084303303.jpg (41 KB, 960x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hah funny enough, those two were from /fa/. Glad someone is still around. I'm going to end it soon and continue off maybe later on in the day.
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Be your best self.

Always having a daily to-do list or schedule. Strict times to sleep and wake up.
Always be doing your highest priority task, no matter how uninteresting, unless you are too fatigued. In short, no procrastinating.
Lift weights
Do cardio
No videogames, movies, TV or distracting music.
No 4chan, Tumblr, Reddit or any other distracting websites
Use books instead of computers and the Internet whenever possible
No masturbating or porn.
No lying down unless you are sleeping.
No reading on current affairs
No drugs unless necessary
No junk food or cheat meals, always eat the healthiest food available.
Several hours reading every day
Several hours outside every day
Your life should ultimately be spent helping mankind as much as possible

Don't let anxiety, particularly social anxiety, stop you from doing anything. If anxiety prevents you from doing something, take active steps to overcome it.
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You keep coming back to the internet because it fills a void in your life. For the past 6 years you have formed your daily life and habits around your internet addiction. Understandably, it is very difficult to break habits when they have been such a huge part of your life.
However, the reason you keep coming back to the internet does not have to do with the internet itself, rather your life besides the internet. You can block websites all you want, break your router, or even your computer and you will still find a way to come back to the internet because there is nothing else in your life to fill that void.
Thank you so much for all of this.
File: bobrosspainting.jpg (127 KB, 600x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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And I have to say thank you for being such a grateful person. Remember to do your best today.
10/10 thread
Think I'll scratch up a routine to try to stick to when i get home tonight

Thanks, anon

- Anon
Well I'm happy to hear this inspired you to get a plan going. I'm going to make another thread since I hit the image limit. It will be linked to this one right now. Still more to go but we're almost to the end.
>how to pinroll
Fixed that filename for you.
Ah thank you, anon. Pardon my ignorance.
Anyways, new thread is up. Hope to see you all there.
This is fucking retarded
this thread is just fantastic
Please join us in the new thread going on now.
I'm still posting some more helpful advice and insight.
sure is 2011 /fa/ in here
>how to look like a retarded faggot
Anyone have this in a text form? Id copy and paste but individually typing out each URL is ridiculous
Can someone tell me where the shirt with the circle on in minimal designs is from?
Search post number on warosu, i did it this afternoon and it worked
esprit had one like that
Good thread OP, thanks.
Thank you
>Vapid Selection
>Following tripskank
This is all pretty dadcore era but some solid blogs
Daily reminder that your face is ruined because of your environment

the idea
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TY3bIMRKil8 [Embed]

the proper posture
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmZZfO0hXLo [Embed]

-Humans very recently have been eating a soft low volume diet, which means less use of jaw muscles and weaker jaw muscles
-Humans very recently have been weaned off breastfeeding early, so have developed improper swallowing patterns and tongue positions
-Humans very recently have had a rise in allergies, which has led to mouth-breathing and lowered tongue position
-Human bones are very malleable, force from facial muscles and the tongue alter the shape of the bones
-All of these factors combined have led to poor form and function of the face:
-- ugly, downward growth
-- a lack of horizontal growth
-- short, receding chins
-- narrow palates
-- crowded, poorly aligned teeth
-- recessed, elongated midfaces with poor cheekbones
-- less room for the tongue, leading to snoring, sleep apnoea, general breathing problems
-- etc.
The best way to try to fix these problems if you are already affected is to ensure that the teeth are together, the lips are together and the tongue is on the roof of the mouth, as well as chewing a lot of tough foods.

also for hard food just stuff like steaks and bagguettes, also definitely get FALIM gum or any other hard gum that keeps its consistency
Can someone explain this pic?
Uggo gets interventional jaw surgery and orthodontic work at an early age and it changes the course of his fate
Jesus all this advice and routine, at what point is just relaxing a part of living a good life. I don't quite think fulfilment comes as easy as just ticking enough boxes.

Then again I guess if I were actually depressed maybe I would view this barrage of info as inspiring?
take from it what you want

you don't need to become a neurotic cybor analyzing every step and being obsessed with 'doing things'

for example, I got back to thinking and reading about the philosophy of life, especially stoicism, and got on track to fix my back so I can start lifting heavy again
nice thread OP, any help on keloids? on my jawline... or am i fucked.
Anybody know how to expand images on warosu so you can save an entire thread as a PDF?
orthodontic work and a nose job i believe, they also periodically take photos of your teeth and profile when you have braces/other orthodontic work. It looks like the last row of pictures is just a follow up probably 3-5 years later
All my favorote boards, I love you. You're doing gods will anon. A lot of this info is around five years old if not more yet good and relevant. I had and lost many of these amd figured it was all lost knowledge. Thanks.
Info once properly processed and stored and after repetition becomes second nature/immediately accessible. I dont have to think about what matches with what, I remember the pics the names of the fabric the look im going for and I execute. As im opening drawers for a shirt. I dont fire up the computer and open my fa folder before I get dressed. Although I did at one point. Just don't be negative faggot. They're spoonfeeding you great information and you're like ughhh I have to put effort whats the point. Fuck you.
STHLM - ストックホルム !EFFAYoZx0A is the newer one. skin care there too. but you just need "sthlm"
thanks for thread anon
great thread op, just finish this thread and will read the second later.
Can you make a zip or rar and share on mega ? it's a pain to dl image by image
thank you

This is outdated. The sizing on Levi's has changed since then.
Thanks Anon, im lurking, great thread
Accutane fixed my shit right up
Thanks a lot for starting this thread op. I'm pretty new to this stuff and I found a lot of good advice.
that's from /lit/ and illegible in any case
horrible bottom
I'm still reading. These are okay, but most of the clothing graphics are based on Americana, prep, business cores
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