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Heavy Use Dishwasher
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Evenin /diy/nosaurs,
I am on a committee of a co-owned house and was tasked to buy a new dishwasher for the kitchen. It is a shared kitchen with two dishwasher for the 11-15 residents.
Needless to say, the dishwasher gets used a lot and one of the two finally crapped out. I am looking for a real hardy dishwasher (that fits in a standard, under the counter space) that is $550 or less. What are your suggestions?
I was sent these two from another member but was wondering more opinions.
Honestly that's probably the best you're going to get for that budget. I'd personally go for the second one because I don't like white but they're basically the same.
for the love of god do NOT buy from sears. I had a MISERABLE experience, buy from best buy if you can, i had an amazing experience. Anywhere but sears for fuck sake.
Find a local dealer and get one that has been discontinued.
What for I look for in said local dealer? Like I'm fine with a scratch and ding, but I want something to last at least one load a day/every other day type use
Just go find a hometown place and walk in.
Most of these places also service their appliances, so its vastly different getting sales advice from them as opposed to a random 19 year old at Sears.

See if they have scratch and dents, or they have closeouts. They will usually try to cut you a deal.

And if they are dicks or you dont find something you like, just walk out.
I got a good deal on a returned fridge from my local guy.
try any of these
source i work at sears
these are basically whirlpoods but usually cheaper
Get an American made Whirpool or Kitchenaid, the basic models are like 500 bux.
Protip: They're exactly the same and made by the same company, just with different electronic features.
Source: Just bought a kitchen full of shit from a small local dealer
As someone who has worked at sears for a short stint I can say i would not purchase from sears unless there was a really good deal there. The service for the service plan always seemed to cause more problems but that could just be the region. 203 area code.
appliance repair fag here.

don't buy from sears. they blow, and your stuck dealing with A&E if you get a warranty.

buy the cheapest whirlpool... if you can find an amana dishwasher that has the mechanical timer then get that. it'll use the same pump as the whirlpool..

if you really want to compare what you get on either of those dishwasher punch the model into repair clinic and compare parts... both dishwashers you posted for example use the exact same drain pump, sump assembly, sensors, heating elements, circulation pump, and a few other odds and ends.. the only difference is that the control on one faces out, while the other faces up.. and it's somehow worth 100$ more because of this...

personally I'd buy the cheapest one and get a 5 year warranty on it.. make sure you get the business waranty if you are a business.

... when it gives you problems in 5 years .. buy a new one.

make sure your residents don't throw stuff in there that shouldn't be...

run fucking cleaner through it once in a while...

buy a model with the mechanical timer not a control board if you can find it... amana had one a while back... frigidaire has one as well but frigidaire sucks imho... also amana is owned by whirlpool and the mechanical timer model uses... surprise the same circulation pump that is in those two you posted... and the same drain pump.. and the same water valve most likely... and a few other odds and ends... and the mechanical timer doesn't have buttons that fail when water gets in them, or circuits to fry if you get a power surge... oh it probably uses the same damn heater element as well... and I've only ever seen 1 style of soap dispenser... which incidentally appears to be made in korea in the same factory that makes LG and Samsung because I swear the ones that go in those look fucking identical to it...

don't confuse american made with assembled in america
cheaper, but your stuck going through sears service if you have an issue in the first year, and whirlpool offers no manufacturer support on ANY kenmore product... once they sell it to sears they wash their hands of it...
I bought a Bosch on sale at Lowes two years ago that will strip the black right off your commemorative Obama sandwich plates it cleans so well. Around $550 delivered. Sale + 10% coupon which are available everywhere.

Sears is an absolute shit.
Lowes is a shit too but they had a deal.

There should be President's Day sales in some big-box stores so you're looking at a good time. Then another sale for Easter.

Or go find one in the $800 range you like a kick it a few times, then buy it clearance a week later. Lifehack.
I actually have met the Sears ceo. Something about him made me uneasy, like he was nice on the surface, but I wouldn't trust him with my trash. I looked him up and found out how he fucked over Sears as a chain. What a right cunt.
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