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hi diy, i'm considering building my...
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hi diy, i'm considering building my own arcade stick both for a school project and for myself to use since i play mostly fighting games and i don't wanna buy a stick for 100+ dollars since those pieces of shits are overpriced.

I'm wondering where i could find cheap parts to use to build it since i have zero knowledge about where to buy and wherever i check parts go for a lot, but it really wouldn't surprise me if you could build your own stick for a lot less than almost 100 $.
Any suggestions would be appreciated whether sarcastic or sincere :)
shameless self bump
>100+ dollars
Here ya go OP, great stick that will last forever for under one hundred USD.
ha, i actually laughed at that

But again, i'd rather build my own :)
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>ha, i actually laughed at that
I've had mine for over seven years, and it still works perfectly. The real issue is that you're probably either underage or new to this site, judging from the way you post and the fact that you think you need to bump threads on a slow board such as /diy/
I suggest lurking for at least a year before posting so that you understand the site and boards better, and using google for instructions on things you're impatient to do.
first time posting anything here so yea i'm new, but not underaged. I'd just like to build my own stick and i thought who to ask than the do it yourself subforum. and believe me, i've got a couple of sites open but i'd just like suggestions on cheaper parts
Well there's nothing wrong with being new, as everyone was new at one point. The thing is that pretty much every website has its own culture, which gets further segregated by individual boards. You'll find that certain modes of speech are far more accepted here than others, and others will just cause people to tell you to fuck off etc. The very best advice I can give you is to post very infrequently but lurk the site often so you can understand how things work here, this will help you to have actual conversations instead of getting mindlessly negative responses.

Wish I could help you with your project, the best I can do on this particular subject is offer you the under $100 alternative. Best of luck though.
thanks anyway, i'll consider your suggestion :) I've found this subforum not so long ago and it is quite intriguing to say the least
Not on the same scale, but I recently built an extension to my gamepad (An XBox 360 thing) for playing Elite Dangerous. used an Arduino Uno (Although I understand a Leonardo is better for additional inputs) because you can reflash it to be a USB HID device. I only added a thumbstick, a throttle control and a button, but it can handle a lot more, plus there is a great free utility for the controller software itself - https://code.google.com/archive/p/unojoy/wikis/GettingStarted.wiki

Arduino's are dirt cheap, and the electronics you would need shouldn't cost more than a few dollars. Biggest hurdle would be the actual casing for your system, either find somewhere to 3d print your own or else use an off-the-shelf casing and dremel holes for buttons and stick.
Home from work, here's my thread on the ED forums. Sure, it's ugly as sin, but might give you some ideas? https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=224781
If you know exactly what you need, or can figure it out based on datasheets,


If you don't know what you need and don't have any experience designing and building electronics,

It's going to cost about 100$ to build it with quality switches and a decent joystick, with a good interface.
You build your own for quality, not to be cheap.

He's telling the truth anon. Quality parts and time investments will run you over $100 usd probably

Joystick = $20
8 buttons (minimum is 8) = ~ $25
PCB = (everything but 360) = $35
Wires = $8
screws / nuts/ cable sleevs = $4
plexi panels = $20
wood = assuming you get it from shop class its free.

total = > $100

hell of a fun experience though.
Banggood, dx, aliexpress: you can get parts for cheap, $10 for a stick, maybe $1 a button, < $10 for a controller . Build plywood box, use hole saw, mount parts, wire to controller like cheap arduino Leonardo clone. Write simple sketch to read pin inputs and use the HID library to output keyboard scan codes.

If you have no tools, no supplies, no scraps, it can easily cost more than the $100 for a prebuilt one. If you have scrap wood to use, tools, wire soldering iron or crimper, paint or laminate for finishing etc, this could cost $30 for 1 player. Don't expect less unless you have plenty of parts & materials for free
amazon sells a small usb to arcade button interface, usually for about 10 bucks. you can get an icade bluetooth arcade controller with 8 buttons and a crappy joystick for about 14 to 20. you then buy a 8 way joystick of a better quality depending on how much you want spend. remove the bluetooth interface from the icade and wire in the usb interface to the buttons, its actually really obvious how to wire it if you take it apart. remove the ac adapter port and push the usb cord through that hole. unscrew the joystick and put the better one where that was or just use the icade one. you can replace parts as they wear out and upgrade as much as you want. if you want more weight to the box put something heavy in the icade or build a wooden box with holes in it. the process just seems complicated when you over think it.
I looked this up myself

stick - $20.95 - http://www.focusattack.com/sanwa-jlf-tp-8yt-joystick/
ball4stick - $2.25 - http://www.focusattack.com/sanwa-lb-35-balltop-dark-red/
main buttons - $19.6 (8) - http://www.focusattack.com/sanwa-obsf-30mm-pushbuttons-dark-red/
start/select (24mm) - $3.9 (2) - http://www.focusattack.com/sanwa-obsf-24mm-pushbutton-dark-red/
pcb - $11 - http://www.focusattack.com/ps3-pc-zero-delay-usb-encoder-pcb-japan-style-controls/
clear case - $55 - http://tek-innovations.com/arthobbies/?loc=tek&tekid=1&tversion=official&item=120
neutrik NAUSB A/B- $8 - http://www.focusattack.com/neutrik-nausb-wb-ab-usb-feed-through-black/
*optional Male A-B USB 2.0 - $5.25 - http://www.focusattack.com/10-foot-male-a-b-usb-2-0-cable/

Obviously adjust to how many buttons you want and read up on the case

you can even get those cool clear buttons/stickballs
OP here
holy shit i thought this thread was deleted yesterday, thanks for all the info you guys :)
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