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Jewelry Help
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Hello /diy/. I've been reading into jewelry making and was wondering what guides, books and other essentials and resources any of you would recommend out there.

I really like circuitry jewelry like pic related, and was thinking of making it for fun and maybe profit.

I know my way around a workshop, so have at it in what you recommend.
im a guy. I use to make glass jewelry and sometimes still do.

this is the best advice i was ever given make 20 different things. if something sells make two more similar ones.

also circuit boards have those sharp things.
Thanks for the sales help.

"Sharp things?" If you mean the edges, they can be sanded down to be smooth.
Good info.

GF makes jewelry full time. Circuit jewelry looks cool but I'm not sure how popular it is with women. A quick Etsy search would work.

I think sharp things refers to the contacts on thru-hole boards.

As for guides. Unless you want to go into higher level stuff like casting metals, faceting stones, or other things like that. Just trial and error and maybe youtube would be the way to go.
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I am male too as well

I know it's niche market and all, but I don't intend to make this like a full brand or something. I don't know really, maybe for "geeky" or "techie" girls I guess?

On that note, I'm just doing this cause A) I am a tinkerer and have a lot of scrap electronics and B) I think throwing some of my post-salvaged boards would be wasteful and finally C) cause I think it's neat at least.
Girls will still buy it. Just won't sell as fast as traditional jewelry.

I think pieces like the pic in OP would do better than pieces with actual components on them.
>making jewelry out of PCBs
enjoy inhaling your fiberglass and resin particles
Ya know those things are pretty toxic? Filled with lead and bromine and stuff.
Not if they're RoHS compliant. RoHS came in effect over a decade ago.
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I made this finger ring from tree wood, it's a size 7.5
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What would actually be cooler would be etching your own pcb jewelry.
>tree wood
shiggy diggy
Do you know what else can contain bromine? Soft drinks (as BVO: Brominated Vegetable Oil).
I've been thinking about it, but how would I go about doing so?
You know what's banned in the eu as a food additive? Bvo.

Coke and Pepsi took it out of everything except mountain dew and Gatorade two years ago I think.
It's pretty easy...gotta play with some acids though, but that's basic safety stuff, nothing too bad if you take appropriate precautions and work carefully.
or google for "diy pcb etching" for a lot more how-tos

That way, you can customize your design for aesthetics instead of it being more of a "found art" thing.
Should have been more specific sorry

Tree hardwoods
It wasn't necessarily sales help. You can make anything you posted without a book. The top one will probably hang funny on some people. Thats where tinkering comes in. If you go to michaels, jo-anns, hobbylobby or whatever you have you can find beginner level design and tutorial books. I think they are silly and have never purchased one. If you just want to know how to make findings, etc. they have magazines there for that too.

If you go to a craft schools, art galleries, museums, fancy bead stores or look online you can find a book by artist working in the medium for a long time with fancy pictures and inspirations. They will not have tutorials and are aimed at other artist who can pretty much figure out how to make it by the picture. I think for a beginner you want to turn out and refine pieces. So not necessarily building a brand but you have to make a lot of jewelry before you realize what resonates with some people.

As other adnon said specific techniques,lost wax, casting, engraving, will all have their own books. In general terms too many people acid etch without proper knowledge of the dangers.

i was referring to fiberglass. nobody likes to wear dangerous jewelry
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