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blast their ass
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I want to play a really loud and high note on a speaker to annoy the idiots at a club 50 meters away from my house, i live on a second floor, have a fully functional balcony and can point a speaker directly at them if it's needed, so how should I do it?

What speaker should i use?
What tone should i play to make it as annoying as possible?
Is doing this legal?

I live in argentina, and 10 years ago my neighborhood was a residence place, but now it's filled with fucking night clubs.
What they do is perfectly legal, they play music loud all the night, i can't sleep, i can't do shit. My whole block is filled with trash because of the idiots puking, fighting, etc.
bumping for interest
any local authority? police? local residents association of any kind? community centres? church? local town centre?
But to answer your questions as they are, just get a megaphone, and constantly babble annoying things into it while pointing to the place you want to annoy, alternatively record an mp3 and then play it constantly
Ok that's a pretty good idea
But do megaphones have an aux jack?
most have nowadays
Step 1: Don't be a dick
Step 2: Go to an audiologist and get some filtered earplugs made up, then you'll be able to sleep through a plane crash anon.
I want to be able to hear my alarm too
I guess im too much of a dick for wanting to sleep normally though. I'm sorry
Things that come to mind:
-LRAD (probably not DIY)
-visual distractions
-Electrical interference
-Other sound interference like you've suggested

Maybe you could just get a mobile phone jammer and stick it inside somewhere. Nobody is going to stay there if they can't connect to their friends.
visual things are bad because they will know who is fucking with them

sound things will be bad for yourself and neighbours

long range jammer is hard to make

op better start rallying his neighbours to complain to an authority, and to club management, etc
Isn't what OP wants a strong AM signal pointed over there for to interfere with the club's system?
What about a speaker array? It's theoretically more directional so you can aim it and not disturb the whole neighborhood. You could use those cheap buzzers and solder something like 100 of them together.

Although I don't know if it's the proper way to handle this. Drunk loud assholes can remain rather unfazed by loud noises. Cause they're drunk (and loud assholes).
all sounds stuff will disturb your neighbour more than the club, no exception
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LRAD is the only way
Jammers are hard to make, illegal, and if powerful enough to be effective, will probably piss off any hams close to you, which means the FCC will be sicked on your ass.

AM is easier to make, but also easier to annoy hams with.
AM gets into everything.

What's with this board and people wanting to try EMI jamming without knowing anything about basic radio propagation?

Even if you're not bothering anyone else in the area, hams will still report you just to report you because most hams are old people with an authority complex.

But to actually answer OP:
If they're blasting audio I don't see why you couldn't.
The only issue I see is it will annoy you and people can tell where it is coming from, which is bad if the wrong person gets angry.
As far as tone I would try an interference pattern. Either to create a warble or just an annoyingly distorted sound

I'd try something in the lower khz range, like two tones: 5500hz and 7520hz.

As for the speakers, tweeters or a compression driver.
>which means the FCC will be sicked on your ass.

Op stated he lives in Argentina. So that is not an issue. It is still a stupid idea.

Op, annoying people won't accomplish shit. You need to try and fight them legally. Your neighbors are probably all annoyed. See if you can get an ordinance passed.

Also call the cops, do it nightly. I'm sure you probably have noise laws there. Plus a constant police presence will keep people acting better. Plus if they have to constantly break up fights and the likes, they are more likely to put pressure on the club.

If you want to go more drastic, hide with a paintball gun and gun down annoying fucks.
>What they do is perfectly legal, they play music loud all the night
I didn't read the whole post before I posted either.

But yeah it still is a stupid idea, the point was more towards the fact that I've seen many threads on this board about "how do I jam x"
"It's only a problem if I get caught"
"it won't be that powerful"
"what are they gonna do track me down to my house? that's not possible"
Op here, like I said, joining the neighbors is not an option since it's mostly very old people, theres only one guy under 40 in my block (that I know) and since the police is fucking corrupt calling them is not an option, but since they are old, wouldn't it be a good idea to play high frequency sounds since the old farts can't really hear them? Correct me if I'm wrong
Yeah, but frequencies that high are typically too high for anyone over the age of 30 to hear.
Plus the higher the frequency the more directional the diffusion and therefore the easier it is to know where it's coming from.

Plus if your older neighbors have particularly good hearing they will still be able to hear it.

I think it's usually 18k or higher, but higher frequencies require more power...

The best, and least risky option, would probably be to install mechanical attenuation, which if you're renting probably isn't an option.
I inherited this place, I'll look into that
So I Googled it and apparently it's some kind of electric device? An attenuator? It decreases the power of a signal while maintaining its waveform? Would you mind enlightening me about this?
It is, in layman's terms, sound proofing.
Thick, dense fiberglass or rock-wool works well, and I would recommend making the doors and windows that face the clubs airtight, which will help greatly with noise.

Double pane windows (especially the vinyl kind that have an air-gap in between the two panes) Will also help significantly.

Basically the more you can absorb and seal off the sound waves the better, but ventilation is important too.

Unfortunately this is not a cheap option, but it will block out noise and insulate the building well.
In the long run it will be much more effective, and might save you on heating/cooling bills.

Plus there's no risk of pissing others off.
I pretty much meant passive attenuation like above, sorry that wasn't more clear.
juste drop fake drug bags around clubs but put laxative inside
or sleeping pills
Idk the house is pretty big I'm not sure I can afford it right now.

This will sound childish and immature, but what about smell bombs? They sell those at prank shops I believe
I know it's petty but well, this is a revenge for paying off the cops
>but what about smell bombs?

The ones in the glass vials you break open work extremely well.

How good of a shot are you with a sling shot?
I usually go fishing and in the fishing store they sell slingshots, but yeah, i used to shoot them when i was a little brat
although if i press them too much they could break in my hand..
Get PK sound up in that

Buy a sweet pellet rifle, get one with a scope and a try to find one that's silenced. I'm sure the music will cover it but you don't want a passers-by hearing the shot. do not hit anything besides people because the cops can use holes to trace the trajectory back to where the shot was fired.
Just set the club on fire.
I also live in Argentina, and one time a club sets there, they already bought the autorieties somehow to let them play music loud, sell alcohol to minors, drugs, etc.
Me gusta esta idea, un par de molotovs

Para responder a tu preugnta, en Palermo hay un bar que tiene un vecino arriba que se quejó del ruido. Cada vez que al tipo le molesta el ruido saca una corneta de aire (esas de latita de aerosol) y la hace sonar un rato. Los del club bajan la musica y hacen un happy hour cada vez que el tipo hace eso.

Creo que podrias hacer algo parecido. Pero tené en cuenta que las altas frecuencias son de poca energia. Son faciles de atenuar y no atrviesan paredes de ladrillo muy facil.

Por regla general, el espesor del material que tiene que atravesar es igual al ancho de onda de la banda a partir de la que se empeiza a atenuar.
Paredes finas= empiezan a atenuar frec altas
Paredes gruesas= atenuan desde los graves en adelante
try Mahler's no. 4
Hola, soy el OP
Vivo en Palermo jajaja
Odio esta nueva onda de traer boliches a barrios residenciales y llenar una cuadra normal de villeros
Ya tengo una honda ahora me voy a hacer esas bombitas de olor
Deseenme suerte
>have a fully functional balcony
nice, my balcony is still in the shop but shell be ready for summer though!
As in open to the sky
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