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my bedroom sucks
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Anyone keen on helping make me this space more hospitable?
I bought this place 3 years ago and have the kitchen/dining, living, and bath rooms un-bachelorish. But,honestly, I am just stumped in the bedroom. I just got the bed off of the floor last month (and I have a skirt for it somewhere).
When I scoped the place out, they had some sort of fabric lined board against the wall (as a sort of head-board) that had lights (sconce) attached to it. I'm guessing that they were plugged into a socket behind the board thing (not hard wired). I thought that was a good look.
Anyways, I want to get rid of the baby TV, put one at the foot-board wall of the bed, and... that's where I'm stuck. There is a 3/4 bath to the left of that mirror that needs to be put back up on the bedroom door, and a sliding two-door closet running next to it on the same wall.
I'd prefer not having night stands (not a lot of room for them), but I'd like some light besides the overhead (dimmable).
I can't hardwire stuff without massive amounts of cursing, fixall, and tears. I have a drill. And a ladder. I know enough about DIY and home improvement to know that I shouldn't go it alone.
I can show more pics, but it's pretty much this square.
Your text is hard to read if you are not trolling, so basically you want us to decorate your room, you need to show us more pictures and tell us the size of the room and the windows and the door and how many people sleep in it, etc
Insufficient data for a meaningful answer.
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sorry, wasn't expecting immediate replies.

>so basically you want us to decorate your room

Well, if you want to or have the time...
Sorry for not enough info. Here's a pic standing in the corner where the CRT TV is. Room is 11' x 12'.
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Bathroom door jam in the right of pic.

I'm too old to be asking how to do this.
I live alone.
I don't want it to look like a student's fuck pad (not that that is a bad thing), I just want it to look inviting for me, a 30 something who needs a comfortable place to sleep in that doesn't look like a teenager with milk crate furniture put it together.
I'm helpless and need some advice.

I can /ck/ for advice trade...?

The ol' VCR/TV combo. Love it.

Well, why not destroy everything and basically build a new one from ground up? Your room as it currently is, is totally still in the 1998 era, which needs to die a long time ago. It is no longer a matter of what to keep, because ANYTHING is better than your current set up. But the good side of this is, you have total freedom, and you have a good fun project you can spend time on.

First thing first, you need to draw a bloody floor plan just to show the measurements and doors and windows. We can start from there.

E.g. Flooring: Choose carpet or wooden or something else, etc
Wall finish: etc
Also, I'm a fan of built in stuff, so would you be in favor of using some wall space to make a lamp niche at the level of the bed?
alternatively, instead of a nightstand, build a headboard with shelf space.
Those blinds are horrible. Trash 'em.
Get a new set of bedding.
If you want to keep having a mirror in your room get one that you can mount on the wall, maybe with a wooden frame.
New paint wouldn't hurt, perhaps something lighter.
Redo the furniture positioning, putting the bed on a corner would be nice, I think.
Get a nice tall lamp.
Should I even bother saying something about the christmas lights
If your wall is hollow and deep enough, then yeah, but this is highly unlikely
nah, you just take advantage of the 3 1/2" in the wall cavity, and have a shelf stick out. so you get a 6" shelf with only 3" sticking out from wall.
That will just look like a regular book case so I don't see the point
Things to do:

Buy a nice bedding set. I prefer white for my bedding.

Attach a headboard to the bed (/diy/ or /buy/ IDGAF).

Get two night stands that match the headboard.

Get two matching lamps for the nighstands. Get low wattage bulbs or a dimmer setup.

Attach your mirror to the wall, or get rid of it if you have a mirror in the attached bathroom. Consider framing the mirror if you put it on the wall.

Remove the TV. TVs do not belong in bedrooms.

Make sure your stuff matches your dresser if you want to keep it, or replace it.

Get a nice corner shelf that fits in. Put a potted plant on it if the room gets enough light for it. Maybe a nice big jar candle to set that sexy time mood.

Hang some shit on you walls. Preferably not posters, definitely no unframed posters.

A floor lamp might be nice if there is adequate room.

I don't like your blinds/shutters, some nice colorful cellular shades would look great. Make sure to get blackout lined ones.

If you go white on the bedding. Consider some accent colors in the form of pillows or a throw blanket. Matched to the cellular shades would be perfect.

I can't see your flooring. Does it suck? If yes, consider replacing. If it's a hard surface, get a nice rug.

You could consider painting the room, or an accent wall. I couldn't really help with colors unless I was there. No bright colors in a bedroom.
Hang those christmas lights up on the wall in the shape of a penis.

Hang the mirror on the wall too

Need art on walls. Seeing as how this is 4chan, Anime posters.
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