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Hey this probably seems really stupid to...
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Hey this probably seems really stupid to a lot of you guys, but i'm working on my first stencil and I need some input on how I should go about the layers. Here's my drawing, i found the original on google image and recreated it by hand.
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0123161218 edit.jpg
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So the shadows inside the face, circled in red, i assume should be the first layer. And the hair & beard silhouette i assume should be the second layer. But how do i go about putting the details inside the hair and beard circled in green.
Your thread will be here a week no need to bump.

Think about this. Stencil one is shape of the head but a black silhouette. Stencil two is the white of the face including the green highlights. Stencil 3 is the black of the details marked in red.

Spray fixative and proper registration will aid in the delicacies.
3m super77 is pretty gud, go lite on it though.
I don't understand though. I'm using black spray paint on a white canvas to replicate this. If i'm cutting out everything that is black how can i cut out a stencil that contains the green highlights, because they are islands that don't connect to the rest of the stencil.

Maybe i should just use white spray paint for those details
2 black layers or redo the pic so no islands
I second >>934698, generally the picture is drawn with no islands of white.
All the red can be cut out, no problem. I would adjust the picture by adding an achor point or two for the face, possibly by the chin. It doesn't need to fully support it, just align it so it's repeatable.
The green stuff... yeah that's why you can't use any b&w image for a stencil, you need to adjust one for it. old school (pre electric) way to replicate is stamping, make a stamp with all the white space recessed and it will be supported by the back of the stamp.

Layers is only for >>934687 when you WANT an island, but much MUCH more commonly for if you want multiple colors on a stencil design. Blue layer, red layer, black layer etc.
Thanks for the input. Can you elaborate what you mean by anchor point
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i think he means this (pic related)

you have to connect the large white islands to the rest of the substrate. you are going to have to to get any of the facial features

i would suggest removing a lot of the small black bits inside of the face anyways, they look like unnecessary features that will not add to the stencil IMO
have a look at other face stencils, there are spits in the hairline/jaw line where you can add those anchor points and not have it look like a shit stencil
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gotta turn them islands into peninsulas is what im sayin

here is a travis touchdown i made
Okay thanks, i'll keep that in mind for next time.I already made stencils for this, so i'm just going to do the face and the islands with a white spray paint and see how it turns out.
The Big Brother Is Watching You.
I was actually saying that you can get by with one point touching, like the right side of >>934860's face (left of picture) will be floppy, but the anchor will help a TON on having repetitive spacing and reduce a lot of the setup time. It'll also help keep you from having overlap. I was saying if you get rid of a little bit of black space, you can connect his chin to the outside and I think it will work/look ok. you can try altering the stencil you made with tape (and then cut the tape to shape, no one likes square edges in organic features) and see how it works. I think it'll help a lot to keep you from putting the face too high or to the left etc. although you'll still have to be careful not to tilt it because it's a small point.
Also, >>934858 think about how to connect some of the small white islands in a way that doesn't look shitty.

OHHH. Yeah, FYI generally stencils assume you cut OUT the BLACK space.
Or whatever isn't the color of the outside border. If you're cutting out the WHITE space, it's going to look shitty IMO, depending on the background, (among other things stencils benefit by having a sharp edge line, if you don't have a border then it kinda looks like shitty tagging spray paint fuzz out. unless that's what your going for for a specific effect) Also while you CAN place mid sized islands by hand, small ones are crazy hard.

Sorry, I apparently have been giving you confusing advice. Since you already have stencil cut, share a picture of the spray and I'll have a better idea on suggestions for how to do better next time/small fixes.
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