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Please help me, /diy/ this is very important...
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Please help me, /diy/ this is very important and I have no one else to ask. I'm on my own with this.

pic is a quote I received from my contractor. It seems very overpriced but I have no bases off that.


This is for my first condo that I purchased 1000 sqft. Closing will be in 2 weeks. I already purchased the flooring (laminate). The quote includes the paint that will be used. The mirror that is mentioned is a giant mirror that takes up an entire wall. The contractor will remove it. He is including two used (but clean!!) toilets.

Thank you all so very much!
Install toilets yourself. 10 minute job per. Charging you twice for base molding? (Floor molding) buy and install outlets / switches yourself for a cost of 5$ per.
he's including the toilets though. Isn't $180 worth it for toilets and installation?
I'll probably remove the carpet myself. Is that difficult?
Where do you see floor molding being charges twice? He's charging me got installation and painting.
I'll definitely do the outlets myself and the mirror seems to be attached to the wall which might include some sort of cutting/tearing to remove. I might need his help to do that.

Thanks for the reply
3,275 for paint? Is this gold flake paint? Personally if it were me, I'd let him take care of the flooring and electrical and paint it yourself. Invite a few friends over, but then some beer and pizza and save yourself about 3 thousand dollars. Also what does the "repair"ing of the wall entail? Is he installing new sheet rock? Is it just patching up some holes?
That's including paint and labor.
He's not doing anything electrical, just replacing outlets I guess. I'll do that myself. There are a few spots on the wall that will need to be patched. And the veiling has some very minor water damage from a few years back (dry now). I really don't see myself painting. Not that I'm not capable. I painted an apartment 10 years back and it went awfully. I'd like to think I've learned from my early mistakes, but the ordeal was so awful I don't watch to touch paint again. I don't want to risk fucking up my new condo. Thanks for the advise though, I appreciate it man.
if you think that is too much you better start learning to do stuff yourself.

the price is not too bad but there are a few things that dont seem right. used toilets arent $180 each considering i can get dual flush regular bowls for $85 new and thats canadian dollars

also, $200 for replacing outlets and switches where 'requares' doesnt make sense. you either need them or you dont.

go get another quote from someone else to compare. always get more than one quote.
Even though he's including toilets and installation? I thought that was reasonable. I'll do the outlets and carpet-removal myself.
That's just a lot of money to spend on paint I think. Just my opinion. Also pulling the carpeting is actually pretty easy. Takes a good amount of elbow grease but the actually task itself is quite simple. If you decide to do it yourself, you'll need a pair of pliers to pull all the staples out after the carpet is removed, which is probably the most tedious part. Also I recommend a good scissor/box cutting knife. If you got a 12 foot wide room, just cut the carpet in sections of 4 feet wide, roll em up, and tie em or throw em in a black garbage bag. Picking up an entire rooms carpet at once sucks.
Great advise. You guys convinced me to do the carpets myself. Thank you
Now if only we could've convinced you to paint we'd save you another couple thousand.
I know I know, but I don't have anyone that can help out.

The experience I've had painting on my own was awful. It's expensive, but I'd rather leave that to a professional. At least I know the better man is painting the condo I plan on living in for the next 10+ years
if your determined to not diy it, then call 2 other contractors in your area (preferably not related to this guy) and then compare the 3 quotes. pick the cheapest, unless the cheapest is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper... which is usually a red flag that they're going to screw you somewhere else...

this guy is right.

this is just a quote, your not indebted or stuck with this guy, and since we don't know where you are we can't tell if it's really reasonable or not. if your renovating a downtown Manhattan apartment then the quote is gonna be way different than a West Virginia doublewide....
Contractor here. The best way to save money on your project is to do the demolition your self. Maybe if your handy you can do some of the work too, but there is a diffrence between "I'm kinda handy" and "I do this for a living"
I can fix my own truck, but I don't. The mechanic is much better at it.
Good advise. I'll do the carpet removal and outlets myself. If the mirror is easy to remove, I'll do that myself as well.


underlainment... seriously?


required? requested?

is this bruce wayne's bathroom?

>Friends and family discount

should have taken more off for being this retarded and not being able to spell properly
It's more than I would pay, but it's all stuff I have experience doing so I would feel like I'm getting ripped regardless of the price.

If it's worth the effort to either do it yourself or learn how to do it yourself then it's a good deal.

As always with contractors get another quote.
I'm getting a cork/underlain layer under the laminate
He's providing to toilets. He's just charging me for the install, which I can do myself, but hey, free (kinda) toilets
>should have taken more off for being this retarded and not being able to spell properly
He misspelled one word, I think he meant required
What state is this in op?

Rates here in CA arent that high specifically around the LA county, but then again I dont know much beyond wall repair

What I do know is the city will fuck you with the permit costs
South Florida, Do I need a permit if it's a condo?
Im assuming you do if a permit is required to remodel apartments here in LA
I'm not making any additions. I have no bases off this but it would seem silly to need a permit to paint and change the floors. Unless you mean approval from the HOA?
You might be right on that, I assumed you might have because I read stories on how annoying it is to work in the east coast (States such as NY, NJ are two mentioned most)

Good luck on the side jobs youre tackling. Painting isnt as scary just be patient with it
Thanks man. Everyone except my father is telling my to paint it myself. I might just do it
Actually pretty good price I do flooring for a living as well as handyman type jobs. Prepping for laminate so it doesn't crunch and crack at the seams can be a professional jod depending on the condition of the subfloor. Everything seems ligit other than spelling if he gets underbid on anything other than painting be Verry suspicious. Most diynosaurs are cheap bastards with no real building experience if in doubt vet an alternative bid
Yeah man no prob you can look at it the way I do if worse comes to worst you can just hire someone to do it.

Try to take on a small portion of a wall and if you dont feel confident painting it, fuck it just get someone professional cheap
Spelling should be the last concern on anybodys mind when hiring a contractor. If the man is known for doing a good job, I wouldnt give a fuck if he made a few spelling errors here and there.
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