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Litter boxes, cat facilities areas thread?
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Litter boxes, cat facilities areas thread?
-how many cats share the box?
-What kind of box do you use?
-what kind of litter do you prefer?
-how often do you scoop the poop?
-how often do you completely replace the litter?
-what do you do to keep odors down? (aside from the obvious "keep it scooped out")

I'll start: When I first got my cat, I noticed she'd pee over the side of the box (it was a smaller box, not very deep) so after some research I decided to make a box that forced her to get IN the box (rather than "hover" on the edge of it). This has stopped the erratic peeing 100%! Also since the sides are tall, she's got something to scratch instead of ruining my walls!

I've tried many kinds of litter but my favorites are Arm& Hammer and Tidy cats (clumping). I've settled on the Tidy cats that comes in the 35lb bucket because it seems to provide the best bang for the buck. Clumps well, cost efficient, not terrible smelling.

I've got two cats, they have separate boxes. The box pictured is probably 18x30 inches (and quite deep). I usually fill it 3-4 inches of littler and scoop every 2-3 days.

the 2nd cat has a much smaller box and it tends to get soiled much quicker. I'm not sure if it's because there's 1/3 of the amount of litter or if it's something else. Although I use the same litter in his box, his pee doesn't clump near as well as hers does. I would mention that the cats have very similar diets.

Anyone else want to share their routine? What works, what doesn't?
You know whats best sollution? Teach cat to pee and shit outside. No more litterbox.
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Scooping is for poors. Rotating basins and conveyor belts are for engineers.
take my money! it looks very small however
Nah, I have three cats and it's a godsend. The basin is about one catlength. They do kick up litter but that's what a mat is for. It rotates constantly, one full turn per hour so the cat doesn't even notice it, doesn't scare them, totally silent. And it's basically always completely spotless.

Best $100 I've spent all year.
>how many cats share the box?
2 cats, 2 boxes

>-What kind of box do you use?
normal cheap ass litterpans, but i put a couple carpet tiles around them to catch stray litter from their feets. I keep about 4" of litter in them like op

1 cat is ~6lbs the other is closer to 8

>-what kind of litter do you prefer?
use the yellow 35 lb buckets w/red label

>-how often do you scoop the poop?
erryday, sometimes twice if the smells get to me or we're having people over

>-how often do you completely replace the litter?
about every two weeks

my cats come when theyre called, and both can catch with their paws, but i havent been able to train them to only shit outside yet
all very cool!
Try putting the box outside

Clumping success is my #1 concern. A good clump makes for an easy to clean box.
I suggest trying a few brands to see the difference fro yourself.
I use a fairly pricey litter with a nice scent and amazing clumping. Mostly clay and very fine grain littler. Mixed about 50% with the cheapest, often store brand, crap clumping litter to cut down on the scent of the expensive stuff, and make it last longer due to said wallet rape.
Once you find the right mix or performance/cost ratio of a single brand, you're in quick and easy clean-up end zone. All that is left is the proper disposal of waste.
same here. I never understood non-clumping litter. So you have to replace ALL the litter? who wants to do that!?

I use the tidy cats in the big bucket (with either red, blue, or gray lid. Clumps well. For some reason, though, my male cat's box is so much more messy that the female's box. His clumps don't hold tight and often fall apart as I'm scooping them, causing the crumbs to spill out and make a smelly mess. I may try a different litter for him
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Check this DIY cat shit out!!!!

Had 6 cats, now we have 4, but may get more. We take them in from outside when we feel bad for them. Used to use totes with a hole cut in them but our long hair hated them so she shit right outside of them. No matter what I did. And it ruined our bathroom just having it in there. I had this old laundry area in my hallway so I made a huge cat bathroom, on top of which I keep certain vegetative plants

There's a lockable flap door you can see here, for when we lock them up at night with us, and a tunnel through the wall into our room. Some times they just really have to shit at night. This was when I first made it so I covered the floor with boxes so they had no choice but to poop in them, now I have three normal sized litter boxes in there, good options, and a good walkway they can barrel through when they're done

We live in the middle of a forest in the UP so disposing of clay litter costs money, and is the only thing we'd have to take to the dump. Clay litter also gets all over the floor, sometimes on the fucking counter. One of our cats pisses like a hose so it turns to muck.

WOOD PELLETS!!! You have to scoop them the reverse way of clay litter, shake the dust into a bucket, throw back in the good pellets, scoop poop first. There is never any smell unless they don't bury their shit, but in their own enclosed space they have no problem with that any more. 5 bucks for a forty pound bag, too. I just trek out into the forest where I have my designated wood and cat shit pile. I'm interested to see what kind of mini ecosystems may form in the ammonia rich wood pile.

Scoop every day for maximum pellet efficiency, though skipped days are never a bother, happen often really. My wife cleans them out every now and then but I never see the need unless there's some shrapnel on the walls
3 cats - 3 BoodaDomes - 3 different areas of the house.

Regular cheap cat litter
Scoop once or twice a week
Total cleaning (empty litter wash down with vinegar) once a month
Why cut an entrance to the box? A cat can get into a box that tall with no problems and the opening increases the likelihood of making messes outside of the box
op here, if you're referring to me, it's because she's a fat fuck who couldn't jump over the side. There's still ~5" step up there (hard to tell from the picture. The reason it's made like this is so she can't stand on the side and piss outside the box onto the floor (again fat ass). I googled it, apparently I wasn't the only one with that particular problem:)
one person says (s)he cleans the litter box 2-3 times a day! WTF, who has time for that!!???

I use a kid's swimming pool. Works pretty well other than the bottom is not smooth
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I clean mine at least 2 times a day cause my cat is really picky but he goes outside for the most part
As someone whos owned 13. Yes 13 cats. At one time.. Only had 1 litter box! Yup. Scoop twice a day. Scoop, feed them scoop 30 minutes later. Good until the end of the day. Then scoop again. Now I only have four cats living with me. All indoor cats always.
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anyone ever see a cat use the (human) toilet? That shit blows my mind!
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I use one of these for two cats, filled to the brim with a five gallon bucket of litter.

I also have two of those, cut up and spliced together to make an L-shaped boxed for 4 ferrets and filled with pine pellets.

It works for me which is good because with all these pets, cleaning up shit is pretty much all I do. I have a collection of plastic bags by the front door for the dog as well.
nice! sounds messy though, do you lay newspaper out under the boxes?
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no, the ferret box I made was to cover most of the bottom floor of their cage on the left. Its L shaped so they have a bit of room to come down the ramp and leave the cage. They only go on the first floor to shit and exit the cage. Most ends up in the box, and the tray is easy enough to clean for anything that misses.

The cats get a bit of carpet to catch stray litter as they leave. Its actually not that bad. I enjoy a house full of pets and its not hard to stay on top of. If I put them up and you came over you'd never know I had this many pets. People are shocked at the lack of random pet smells when they come over.
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