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Custom GBC ideas?
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Hey /diy/ I've got this GBC here, going to do a front light mod on it, before that I wanna try and customize it . Spray paint? Custom light? Any ideas appreciated.

>pic related
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>actual color of GBC
Custom cases look cool.
Ye but as of now I have no idea how to go about it, any ideas as to how I could spray paint designs without it getting sticky? I was thinking regular spray paint with some stencils then using a final coat of matte spray to make it smooth and shiny. Dunno how well the plastic would look and feel though
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>- First ask Google, then ask /diy/. Your question will probably be better received if you do so.
Use acrylic lacquer paints.
If your painting plastic you don't need a base coat and don't need to clear coat the finished paintjob. Since the lacquer is already shiny or matt depending on witch one you buy.

They have them in spray paint form. You can watch a few tutorials online about using stencils to get a pattern. Or get a nice aquarelle paint brush for lettering and draw your own free handed.

I see a lot of people doing Xboxes this way but a lot of them just nigger around with the paints.
Watch a decent model maker spray paint something, and pay attention to how they do it.
Don't overspray a spot do light passes so that it gets evenly coated and give the paint time to dry and cure.

This is where most people nigger it up.

On the paint they have both dry and cure times.
See when paint is dry you can paint over it with another paint but its not ready to be lacquered since it still needs time to release the solvents left. if you hit it with lacquer before it's cured well you close it up inside a layer of thin film and it gets all sticky.
>not priming
>not protecting paint job with clear coat
u wot?
I'm just going to paste my response from the other almost identical thread. Good luck, anon!

*Replace the battery contacts if it was stored with batteries inside
*Buy a flash cartridge and load it up with your own ROMs and tweak your save files
*Install a rechargeable battery
*Replace the CR2025 battery in one of your Pokemon games
*Intentionally fuck up a capacitor and learn how to replace it
*Install a functioning a battery indicator light
*Install one or more screen frontlights and buttons to control their individual intensities
*Install a break out board to improve backlight sharpness and contrast
*Swap out the case, buttons, and screen cover to something more your style
*Change the processor's clock speed by intsalling a variable clock
*Install Prosound mods to improve sound clarity and add audio outputs
*Use a MIDI-USB interface and sample your Gameboy or record it running LS-DJ (Little Sound Dj)

Bonus points: Change the clock speed or the crystal oscillator and sample the modulated tones
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>no preparation of surface
>no primer
>no clearcoat / laquer
>no sanding / wetsanding

This guy's a pro.
Get one of the glass screen cover replacements. Much harder to scratch.
unless it's broken don't fuck with it
leave it as it is originally and if it eventually gets worn down then do some custom work on it
I've been toying with the idea of using a variable clock chip like the si5351, having preset clocks pre-progrmmed in so on a whim you could have it generate a double, half, quarter, whatever clock signal. more precise than ones where you just turn a knob or switch between two clocks.

not sure im ready to tear one apart yet though to try.
Other anon here. Also want to try my hand at a custom system. Total newbie to this sort of stuff. But what I want is to put my android phone into my old gb case.
I'd also like it to have 6 face buttons like a fighting game pad.

Problem right now is that the lcd screens I have are too wide to fit in the gameboy case. So I need another one, or put the lcd in sideways. Thing is that I kind of like to have a big screen, so I'm not sure what to do.
Additional achievement for you: make the battery usb rechargeable.
Is it possible to just connect any lcd screen to any system with a little work? How would that work?
>>919850 here
Going to the store today and buy a triwing screwer, miniature screwdrivers, some device to cut through parts of the gb case, and probably some quacktape. Anything else I should get?
back from the store. They had no triwing screwdrivers, their miniature screwdrivers were too big, and I could only buy paint per liter for 13euro a pop. Wanting 3 colors that's 39euroblings. + I needed a dremel to cut through the gameboy's plastic, which was also at least 35eurobangs.

I said fuck it and left the store without buying jack shit.
Lmao never buy local, 9/10 times it will be more expensive. Use eBay, I got a tri wing for 2$, and a custom shell for 8$ also a front light for 15$
Yeah I'm looking at some stuff online now.
Found a site that sells lcd screens. The only thing I'm worried about is how to connect the lcd screen to the rest of the phone, and how the touch screen and resolution will work with that. I'd probably need a converter cable or some shit .
Generally, no.

The Nomad is an exception because it has a composite video out, so you can take the matched screen and driver out a portable TV and feed the driver from the composite signal.
Generally, with ABS, you'll want to use a vinyl dye and do no surface prep other than clean it.

If you sand it, you'll sand off the original texture it was molded with.
fuck. Then I have to find another phone type of phone that would fit within the confines of the gb's case. I wouldn't even know where to begin. everything's 16:9 nowadays. A ds is shit for emulation, and the psp screen also doesn't fit.
Keep us updated man
I'd like to but I work 40 hours a week. So I'm probably not going to have much to research this stuff and order what I need. I need to solve my lcd problem first. Or squish my xperia play lcd in the gb case. But looking at it the display is 6mm wider than the gb case.
>Xepria Gaymen phone
Is that thing useful at all?
You could use a raspberry pi zero with retropie, it would solve your space problems and lcd compatibility
no, it had lackluster hardware on release and now it's ancient.
I will eventually make my own thread for a old Dot Matrix Gameboy refurbish/updated components, but for now I'm just going to ask a few questions and see what I get.

The gameboy turns on and lights up, with the iconic nintendo logo coming down the screen, but the logo is slightly distorted with the tops of the letters messed up. Then it just stalls there with the nintendo logo sitting in the middle of the screen. Anyone have any ideas what may be causing this? I've only tried this with one game so maybe it's the game?

I'd also like to whiten the case up, and I plan on using the peroxide+oxi+uv method to do so. Anybody have experience with this? I was thinking applying a uv resistant layer after would be smart but what would work best? Something that doesn't leave the thing looking shiny, sticky, and/or smelly would be optimal.
>The gameboy turns on and lights up, with the iconic nintendo logo coming down the screen, but the logo is slightly distorted with the tops of the letters messed up. Then it just stalls there with the nintendo logo sitting in the middle of the screen
Somebody never had a gameboy as a kid.

The "Nintendo" is read off the cartridge. If it's in any way messed up, the Gameboy won't boot it.

What you need to do now is take the game out, blow on the contacts, and wiggle it in and out of the slot a few times.
I did have a gameboy but never once did I need to blow on the cartridges to make them work. That was always specifically a NES issue that I never needed to do with other Nintendo consoles. But thanks for the somewhat obvious advice.
Still have 2 Gb sp's, 2 advances, and a color
It was any cartridge.

3 game boy colors, 1 pocket and 1 OG reporting in.
Ok, so after many trials of blowing and wiggling, here are the results using pokemon red: game boots up past the Nintendo intro and everything looks fine, but eventually the screens fades to nothing but the battery light is still on. I'm wondering if this could be an issue of not enough power? I'm using fresh batteries but maybe the connections to said batteries are damaged and not providing the full ~6V. Any ideas diy?
Are you sure you have full batteries?

Because that's exactly what it did when you didn't.

You could take them out and rub them for another few minutes' playtime.
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Kitsch bent for some custom buttons (you could of course make some yourself) power led swap, glass lens.
File: IMG_20141108_001428.jpg (1008 KB, 1920x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You could buy clear shells from eBay and paint them up with clear paint.
File: IMG_20141015_210026.jpg (247 KB, 1152x1152) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You could take out the plastic lens, trace it onto thin glass or some other plastic and cut it out, print out a design and cut and glue it under your new lens
I just found a replacement shell set on banggood for < $9. Way better to hack that up for a project, than to destroy a working gameboy.

Do the ebay ones you've gotten have the buttons, or just the front & back shells?
ebay usually has the complete set with buttons, lens, even the sticker that goes on the back for around 10$ , sometomes with a frontlight for around 17$

Everything I've ever done on gameboys has been done with shells I've acquired through collecting. You can find a working clear shelled gbc's on ebay sometimes for around 15$
Mah nigga

Is the GBC mod community alive or are it all dead geocities pages?
Is ded
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