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Ice Cream Makers
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Hi /diy/,

Out of nowhere I got the idea to make an ice cream maker, having no idea where to start, I did some googling, and found that most people either do it by hand, or slap down 100$ for a somewhat large machine

I thought of making a much smaller version, and this thing here is the only reference I was able to find

Anyone here have any experience 3making ice cream, or dealing with machines?


The reference, woops
the difficulty with smaller machines is getting the ice and salt in together.
I've got a small one that doesn't use salt at all as well and I can say that they are pieces of shit, it's just not cold enough without the salt.

if you're doing it just to experiment with ice cream the bag method is probably the best, just be careful to not get salt in your ice cream by accident

if you want to make more than just a sandwich bag full, you can always make a freezer bag full by filling a freezer bag with the ingredients then putting the ice and salt in a waterproof larger bag or container
Fuck ice cream makers. Get a few pounds of dry ice and a stand mixer. Should be able to get a small order at around one or two dollars a lb.
I bought a cheap ice machine (25$) and I am really pleased with the results. You better spend time tweaking your recipe instead of tweaking your machine.

You could try to make it yourself but making everything so it scrapes the sides perfectly to make a smooth ice-cream is not easy to do.
The instructable will probably have chunky ice-cream since the scrapers don't touch the whole cooling surface allowing the mix a place to freeze solid.

The salt and ice method works but the cooling element that you put into the freezer that comes with the cheap ice-cream makes is a lot easier, less messy, consistent and reusable.
I am sure that you make your investment back quite fast once you get how to mix your own ice cream base. one you got that you can make a lot of different ice-creams.

A few of my favorites are:
Tomato juice sorbet : a very nice addition to salads in the summer, just add a little sriracha and herbs of your liking to the juice and pour it in the ice machine.
Fresh fruit sorbet: just get some ripe juicy fruit and put it in a blender, pour the blended fruit in the ice machine and you have a delicious fruity ice-cream.
Vanilla ice-cream with rice: when cooking you vanilla ice-cream base just add a little rice instead of other starch or eggs, this will give you a nice smooth ice-cream with rich chunks in there, a must try for people who like the mouth feel of their ice-cream.
Of course you can also imitate the bigger brands ice-cream. Just remember when adding cookies or fruits or chocolate chips add them 2/3 into the freezing process or later depending on what you add. The easier it gets soggy or bruises the later you should add it.

when looking for a cheap but usable ice-cream make look for one with a system similar to this one

It must have a cooled tub or cooled floor (you just place it into the freezer a day before you want to use it) and the scrapers must touch al
File: Cheap but usable.jpg (50 KB, 717x717) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Cheap but usable.jpg
50 KB, 717x717
the scrapers must reach all the places where the ice-cream touches the cooling element.
It is also handy if you can add chocolate chips or other chunks without having to stop the machine and to be able to see inside.

Oh and don't trust the recipes that you see in the manuals they almost always are wrong/suck look online and experiment to find what you like, just make sure that the mix you start with is not too runny since that can make for some course ice crystals in the finished product.

I don't know if you have made ice-cream before but you will notice that the consistency of the ice-cream is different from the store bought ones. when freshly made the texture is a lot fluffier and smoother. I recommend to eat it freshly made its delicious.
The sorbets are a little difficult to freeze because they get a little hard (unless there are fibers from the fruit still present that's why you better use fruit puree instead of juice) but when using cream/milk based ice-cream they are almost always still nice after being in the freezer for a few weeks.
Although keeping it for longer as 2-3 weeks is not recommended since there are no preservatives added.
It is recommended to leave the ice-cream out of the fridge a few minutes before scooping it just as you would with regular ice-cream.

I hope this was helpful and good luck making ice-cream.
Thank you! This was super informative, I had no idea there were machines in this range, I'll make use of all of this.

Thanks again, /diy/
that's pretty close to the one I have, they don't work well with fresh fruit in my experience, mostly due to the seeds I think.

Know any good way to make blueberry ice cream without having to make it into coulis?
What do you mean by coulis? You will need to make blueberry puree to put it into the ice machine. I have never tried small berries this way but like I said this works for most juicy fruits(melon is great just don't add the seeds).

An other option is just freeze the berries (really cold like -28°C/ -16 F)
and put them in a blender .
Just keep in mind that you cant refreeze this since it has already been frozen.
I have used this method before with (frozen) store-bought red berry mix and it worked great.

An other possibility is that your sorbet mix is to dry, adding some other juice or fluid may help.
I read about someone adding ice tea to fruit sorbet but I have not yet tried it. I guess it can be a good combo looking at the sales of Arizona's fruit ice tea.
Making an ice cream maker would make you an ice cream maker maker, and your mother an ice cream maker maker maker.
I got one of these and the motor is shit,seized up on me last time because it was too cold
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