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Drawfags and writtefags welcomed.
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Drawfags and writtefags welcomed.

TG thread on /aco/
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I am pretty sure that there were more of this one.

Does it have a continuation?
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Look up [DATE] Residence on sadpanda. There's a number of stories in the same universe. I can't find a direct continuation of that particular story, though.
Wait, I was wrong. There is a direct continuation. I'll go ahead and post it.
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Actually, it goes on further, but I'm tired of uploading this.

The last part is here: http://exhentai.org/s/6187463227/832150-1

That was great....


aww :(
This is so good.
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>That mindbreak/personality death/dress up combo

Oh Baby.
Here you go, anon: http://exhentai.org/g/543158/c241e72d67/
Name is Taihen desu Gohan-san Onnanoko ni Nacchaimashita if you want to search it up elsewhere.
Best design in my opinion.
Cruise ship story author here.
I'm still working on it. I should have another part ready sometime this week.
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by the way, what kind of face does the android body have?

Personally, I'm a fan of a blank screen with stylized expressions
I did make mention it's able to make some expression, but I really didn't want to specify anything.
I figured the reader would fill in the gaps on those kinds of details.

TG, no identity death

First full story in ages. I don't know much Spanish so I probably fucked something up somewhere. Let me know what you think, what I can improve, etc.
New page of TG Harem is up.

As someone who hasn't been following the threads where are the parts out already located?
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

I've gotten some feedback already, so I'll be going back to make some changes later.
This thread is kind of dead without title.

Should I make another thread?
/d/ is always a little slow for posts, and making another thread while one is still up doesn't help
Why are you guys always putting stuff on pastebin instead of catalogued/searchable sites like TGStorytime or Fictionmania?
It makes sense if you're writing the full story out before publishing it. Stories on pastebin are usually in rougher condition editing wise. Plus this gives you more leeway to completely edit and change around the story if people don't like where it's going or you come up with something new for the beginning.
because those sites just suck balls?
But then they get lost for anyone else searching for them :/

Holding out for my shy nerdy girl to see who my favorite girl will be.
Though all girls seem top tier.
So far, we can all agree that Chelsea is best girl.
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>Implying it's not tomboy titty monster.
Some anon on /aco/ started a time travel-based prompt.


Pretty good so far. Hopefully it actually gets continued - if not, someone else can always add onto it.

I am glad that fenek did go for the ojou sama type in the end.
I don't think you fucked up the Spanish at all. For a short story of this length, I think it was really well done. You did a good job with characterizations, motivations, and the TF. The ending is kind of abrupt though. Like, if you were reading a book and right after a major scene you just skipped straight to the "happily ever after". I feel that nothing ever came of the curse, which was supposed to make the girl 10x hornier than normal and only get release from having sex, so the character got off really lightly and managed to live an unusually normal life for someone who was supposedly cursed to be a 24/7 sex addict.

IIRC, I think you were the same person who wrote that Yang Xiao-Long TG story a while back, and that one was even worse in that regard. In that story, you had this amazing transformation scene, masturbation scene, and even a good clothes shopping scene, and you even foreshadowed identity death when the character used female pronouns a few times, but then it just skips to "He likes wearing girls' clothes a lot" and "She goes to the beach and really likes her new body". I'm guessing that one was still a work in progress, though, and if so, I really look forward to seeing it finished. Do you have any other stories planned or in progress?

That was me. I do plan on continuing it sometime within the next few days.
Do you have any more pics like this or know what to search to find them?
Thanks for the feedback. I'd definitely say that one of my weakest points as a writer is finishing up a story and making sure little details added at the end don't conflict with the story. I added that 10x lust thing right at the end and it really doesn't fit with the calm ending
My problem right out the gate is with the prose. It feels too much like sweeping summarization, everything about this guy being told to us right out the gate rather than shown. It just left me feeling detached.

I get the instinct to go right to the good part, but since so much of transformation is based on character (How does this person react? Do they try and fight, do they like it, etc.?) it's really important to get us steeped in the character first and foremost.
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Hey guys. Chapter 11 of Welcome to Saturn Beta is up:

So glad to see you're still working on it. I've really been enjoying it's progression.
Did he said when he is going to post the rest?
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Waiting patiently for TheMightFenek shows last girl, hoping for shy gaming nerd.
Otherwise, Chelsea is best girl.

Also, if you are reading this TheMightFenek, if you need any ideas or dialogue, post here and I'll shoot you some ideas.
Amusingly, I feel you made the cardinal sin of a making a side character far more interesting then the protagonist.
Protag is a shit. exists solely for the TG erotica. not even a great character study, as you went with the, "oh, totes upped your libido, so you are going to suck all the cocks instantly" which, different strokes for different folks. is fine.
the issue is, you gave character, and wistful backstory to the witch. sold her soul.. devil? holds it in collateral for something.. shes working with knights templar. part with her taking his soul for a moment.. etc. SHE is far more interesting then the protagonist..

IIRC Fenek was around for a brainstorm a few threads back about harem character archetypes, so we did have some input for ideas.
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