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So... I've played a lot of pathfinder ERP games.. but one thing i'm always looking for is inspiration for cursed items/erotic items, that make sense from a gameplay perspective, for the DM (cursed items) and sexual uses for existing items.. yes it's very very nerdy. but.. I've created a google docs table of random things that I found in an old /d/ thread a year or so back...


But I'm wondering if any anons can top or add to it. posting fantasy /d/ material to make thread relevant!
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Try looking for a download for The Book of Erotic Fantasy. It was designed for 2nd Edition D&D if I recall, but it has a bunch of different items and magical STDs and such. Certainly not a perfect guide, but it's one of the only official ones to be printed.
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yeah, they're all compiled in 'pathfinder vices' the book of unlawful carnal knowledge, book of erotic fantasy, and the encyclopedia of arcane nymphology.. also Quintessential temptress. I'm just looking for unique and new ideas that aren't in there, much of the stuff in those books is a bit... awkward. many rely on rolls and such for various sex acts and that seems silly..
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Adding more random fantasy-ish pics to keep thread relevant.
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I remember posting a bunch of those items, the Wondrous Ones from the old Encyclopedia Magica. Good times.
>Chainmail bikini
enchanted to protect only what's NOT covered

>Mobius Strip lvl 1
target makes a willcheck to not remove their equipment

>Mobius Strip Lvl 2
target makes a higher dc willcheck to not remove their equipment, as well as to not dance for 1d4 turns

>Mobius Strip Lvl 3
target dances for 1d4 turns, their equipment flies off of them in all directions
Some you missed from those threads:
>Naga Crown. Innate 10-80% spell turning, Repulsion use at 12th level, lots of other stuff… and 10% chance that the crown will permanently grant reptilian features and scales upon using certain powers.

>Scorpion Crown. Wearer turns into "master scorpion" (can't find a sheet?), no saving throw. "Any individual who owes the wearer allegiance in any form must save at -5 or turn into a man scorpion under their thrall."

>Dust of Sneezing II. Not my cuppatea, but I know we have those fetishists on /d/. Lasts 10 minutes.

>Scarlet Egg of Desire. Hypnotically rocks, watching for 1+ minute makes you violently attack the first living thing you see. Replace attack with another word…

>Mishakal's Token-Egg. "When placed overnight, beneath the pillow of a woman who truly desires pregnancy, it will grant the their desire, without need for masculine participation. 5% chance of 1d4+1 children".

>Elixir of Photosynthesis. You fall asleep for 1d4x10 minutes. "During this time, a massive transformation takes place. An imbiber's skin turns a deep green and metabolism is altered. The character no longer has need of food, exjsting only on water, and must now spend at least six hours a day in direct sunlight or suffer the effects of starvation." Permanent unless (Limited) Wished away.

>Elixir of Reduction. Shrink to 1/10th your prior size until Remove Curse is cast

>Humbaba's Glaring Eye. Random power daily, chance of aging 4d10 years and / or your head growing to x4 size

>Eye of the Leviathan. Humans kept in the aura (360' radius) for 72 hours must save per spell daily or "show signs of contamination" (fishy smell, sweat in sunlight, pale grey skin, etc). After a month in the aura they become a Stage 1 Shree-Kah (losing all memories of past self). Every 1d6 months in the aura they advance one stage (and one HD). Art in book resembles Creature from Black Lagoon. Stage 7 eventually swim out to sea, turn into a Leviathan in 1d10 years.
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>Alabaster Griffon Figurine. Summons an adult male Gryphon for up to 12 hours / week.

>Girdle of De'Rah. Has other irrelevant effects, but provides ESP / Cure Disease / Neutralize Poison. Also, every one out of four weeks, "all members of the same race and of the opposite sex become irresistibly attracted to the user. […] If the user appears in public while the penalty is in effect, the PC is mobbed by pawing admirers."

>Girdle of Femininity / Masculinity. Besides the obvious, also has a 10% chance of making the character sexless instead (presumably wearing a sex-based one after a sexless one would make you a hermaphrodite?)

>Girdle of Gender Alteration. It says Gender, but means Sex. Difference from the prior is the TF takes place once the girdle's /removed/, and the wearer is mentally tweaked to not be aware of the change.

>Lizardskin Bed. By pouring reptile blood on the bed, one using it can be cured of disease, healed of injuries, or even raised from the dead. In return, they turn into a Lizardman over three months (remove curse halts its progression, Dispel Magic undoes any changes). The bed's owner (if not the creator) also undergoes these changes, but with a mental shift towards the artifact's Lizardman creator.

>Orb of Dragonkind. All within 10' have the THAC0 / Attack Bonus, AC, and Saving Throw of the Dragon within. Carrier can cast Domination on Dragons of the Color trapped within. Carrier also risks Artifact Possession and / or Transformation. (Non-existent) bonus points if one victim turns into the dragon physically, the other mentally.
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>Staff of Conjuration. +3, have seven points to cast on Monster Summoning per day. Summoning 1 uses 1 point, 2 uses 2, etc. You can also, for three charges, summon four prehensile tentacles once / day (no duration given) from your sides

>Staff of Gnatmarsh. Summon 1d4+2 friendly thru-kreen (or other insects) for 8 hours.

>Tanglefoot. "This small, synthetic fungoid rapidly expands to fill a 10- by 10-foot area with rubbery tentacles."

>Throne of Transformation. If you know the command word, sitting on the throne can at-will turn you into an ocean osprey, young girl, old man, old woman, gaseous form, or wolf, as well as (if sat on again) turn you back. If you /don't/ know the word, you randomly transform and need a Wish or Remove Curse to turn back. Retain your personality either way.

>Tome of Immoral Sanity. Cumulative 5% / day chance of "contracting" some form of insanity. Replace Immoral with Amoral, have a Tome of Fetishes?

>Tub of Fat. When the command word is used, the user gains 50% weight. Intended to be similar to a Tub of Lard (because apparently people need bathtubs full of fat for some reason), but "resembles magically-activated tub but makes you gain / lose weight" seems more /d/ suitable.

>Veil of X-Ray Vision. See through outfits!

>Wand of Beauty and Ugliness. I shit you not, you beat someone with the Ugly Wand (making them less comely with each hit) to charge the Wand of Beauty and make yourself more comely

>Mirynda's Wand of Polymorphing. Targets can be polymorphed into something of equal-or-less HD (or rocks and plants) for 7-12 hours. Tapping them with the wand to trigger the effect makes it Permanent instead of 7-12 hours.

>Robin Goodfellow's Wand. Partially polymorphs, example given being "the head of a donkey". Give people dragon dicks or centaur pussies or octopus legs or whatever?

>Intelligent Weapon. Standard /d/ humor material.
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>Well of Dreams. You toss a coin in (once a year per character), get a magic effect. Gold / Platinum: Raise ability score by 1, lower " " " 1, move 1XP away from next level, grow functional insect wings, grow eye on forehead, grow a 2' beard, get new boots, get 3GP, get 14GP, get 30 PP, well burps, coin flies out missing a bite, grow beard again, have you weapon's handle coated in honey, gain weapon proficiency, take 1d8 electric damage, "permanent" invisibility (until you take an action to break the effect / it's dispelled), weapon turns vorpal (if edged) or returning (if not), afflicted with lycanthropy.

>Well of Dreams. Copper / Silver: Turn into a Drow, skin and hair color change, level up, weapon becomes +1, world briefly goes dark for a minute, hands and feet turn webbed, swan flies from well, half of carried gold vanishes, nothing, get back coin w/ a free pouch, get five of the coin tossed in, nothing, get 15 PP, de-age (human and halflings 1d20, Elves 10d10, Dwarves 10d6), webbed hands / feet again, one saving throw improves +1 another decreases +1, turn into a colorless odorless gas for 24hr, Wish granted at random + unconscious point in future, nothing.

>Wife of Ilmarinen. Metal Golem designed as "a companion entirely of gold and silver."

>Dragon Wings. A Dragon of the same sex bro-hugs your back after you put the prosthetics on. Prosthetics meld and become a functional part of your body for 24 hours. So many other-than-chaste-hug possibilities, as well as other not-wing possibilities.
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>Wildmagic Surge Effects (/d/-related only): Hair growth, smell like a skunk, head enlarge for 10-30 minutes, shrinks for 10-30 minutes, falls madly in love w/ target until Remove Curse cast, Polymorph randomly, feet enlarge for 10-30 minutes, X-Ray vision 1-6 minutes, age 10 years, leave monster-shaped footprints (TK monster feet?) until Dispel Magic'd, switch personality w/ target for 2-20 minutes, target polymorphs randomly, target falls in love w/ caster until Remove Curse cast, target changes sex, target's feet grow 10-30 minutes.

>Metamorphose Liquids. 1st Level, Wiz. Upon touching liquid (not its container), convert 1' cube / level into another (non-magic) fluid. Cannot target living creatures (outside Water Elementals).

>Insatiable Thirst. 2nd Level, Wiz. Victim suffers uncontrollable thirst one minute / caster level.

>Watery Double. 3rd Level, Wiz. May be cast "on any body of liquid". Permanent until triggered. When triggered, "the liquid immediately forms an exact 3D image of the reflected creature" (if multiple reflections, randomize which creature's affected). Double lasts for Caster Level x Minute (or CL x round if in combat), is never larger than its mimic. If it successfully touches the victim, "it merges with the individual, covering their entire body in a skin of liquid. The victim must attempt a saving throw. If successful, the double "dies" becoming a normal fluid (soaking the victim in the process). If failed, "the watery double begins forcing its way into the victim's bodily openings, inflicting 1D8 damage per round until destroyed" (it has Nat. Armor +4 and the BAB / THAC0 and HP of victim). Works great with Metamorphose Liquids!

>Emotion Control. 3rd Level, Priest. Cast on others (1 per 5 CL), can instill a strong emotional reaction for 1 minute / CL.
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>Body Clock. 4th Level, Priest. For 1 hour / CL, target treats every one hour of sleep as 10 for recovery purposes (so only needs one hour / day, typically), and uses 1/10th air (hold breath x10 times, need less too).

>Modify Memory. 4th Level, Priest. Can create, modify, or destroy a five minute memory of their choosing in the victim (if they fail to save vs spell).

>Mindshatter. 5th Level, Priest. Instill specialized insanity in the target for a duration dependent on Wis + Int (saving throw breaks, fail they test again the next passage of that time).

>Age Creature. 6th Level, Priest. Age the target one year / CL if they fail their saving through.

>Reverse Time. 6th Level, Priest. Target, if they fail their save, has their last 1-4 rounds' actions undone. Damage suffered stands, but movement is walked back in reverse, attacks retconned, spells restored-but-uncast, etc.

>Tentacle Walls. 7th Level, Priest. Cast on a room up to 50' cube (or 125000 cubic feet). Any time something larger than a large rat enters the room, six giant black tentacles sprout from the walls and swing randomly. Nat. Armor +10 each, 25 HP. If room is vacated (or intruders die), tentacles withdraw into wall until next intruder. If all tentacles are killed, spell ends. Any killed tentacles respawn if room's reactivated.
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Updated the list with the ones mentioned in the thread, modified a few of the more vague ones to work
How about a "Box of Tentacles"

Once opened. it releases the tendrils of creature from the Outer Realms that catches and violates any living creatures nearby.

Good for torture of prisoners, incapacitate of enemies, or nights of pleasure.

Make your own stats for the thing.
I've been interested and eager to give a ERP pathfinder game a try, but I've never actually been able to find opportunities. Where do you guys go for this?
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best way to do it is to start your own, find a community with kink you like, SL, ERP forums, whatever.. and just ask if anyone's interested.
Somewhat related, anyone know the name of the hentai with orcs that fuck a guys wife and they make the husband get firewood?
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Feral Goblin swarm, 4d4 level 1 goblins, with disproportionately sized members, appear and attempt to grapple/pin the target, if successful, they can attempt to restrain the target and have their way with them until the spells duration ends (1 hour per caster level)
there's this one item I use for a scifi game I don't know if you can translate it to fantasy but

its called a kink box
it can file any word you to the persons sexual preference part of there brains

so like you can put 'exhibition' or 'being naked' and they'll get turned on by doing it and crave to do so like its always been their fetish

you can even put things like 'solving puzzles' and they'll cum from doing so and they'll lewdly crave to do more
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Crown/Tiara of Orgasmic Compulsion, this expensive looking golden tiara/crown appears to be a stylized headband of alluring charisma, however upon wearing it the preselected 'kink' becomes active, and the crown becomes locked on it can only be broken with a remove curse or better spell. most of these come with a command word that if spoken by someone (other than the wearer) they can select a new 'Kink' and that becomes something that causes the creature intense sexual pleasure.
I'd love to find a group for that sort of RPG, how do you even find one?

The problem with trying to start my own would be that I'd probably end up DMing and I'm way too subby to DM an RPG with any adult material.
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The thing with that is, once you've got a bit of a game under your belt, dominant players often want to be in control, because.. well... dominant. so they'll often take over DM.. plus as a sub, you get to be all the various toys that the players capture/use.
I guess, I just think I'd not be able to get the ball rolling too well as a result. I guess I could try though.. other anon who was interested, wanna maybe get talking?
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To the topic at hand, a Maid's outfit of submission, this enchanted maid's outfit allows you a +10 to disguise and +10 to stealth for infiltrating buildings, except the stealth is circumstantial on you acting like a submissive maid, those that see you assume you're supposed to be there and will ignore you if preoccupied, if not preoccupied (guards for example) observers will find themselves wishing to degrade and humiliate the maid, touching and caressing her/him.. if the wearer does not go along with this, the compulsion is broken and the bonuses are lost.
it's an option, openrpg often has a people looking for games, with varying degree of erp element.. it's one place to look.
Armour of Supreme Drive: While worn protects the user from all distracting emotions and feelings allowing them to concentrate fully on their task or goal.

Once removed ( or damaged by a sufficiently strong attack ) the user must make a will-save. If failed then roll 1d6

6: Hunger - You feel like you are starving and must acquire food quickly at ANY cost.
5: Fear - You break down in a crying mess, scared of anything and everything for 15 minutes before beginning to regain composure.
4: Anger - You lash out at the nearest suitable target of aggression, break a table, slap your party member, throw your goblin butler off the top of your castle etc.
3: Boredom - You lose all ability to concentrate until you rest for 8 hours.
2: Lust - Your mind is filled with distracting lewd thoughts for 1 hour, during this time your character will be unable to resist any attempt to charm or control them no matter how feeble.
1: Overpowered - You feel it all at once and collapse in a heap for 1d10 hours.
Very awesome. I like this sort of thing, an item with good properties but a built in drawback
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Updated the list with a few more items, including the ones listed in this thread, plus a few more homebrew.
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not sure how popular it is now, but it used to be a server based client with lobbies and stuff, gives you basically a tabletop, with mapping tools, dice roller, that sort of thing.
Looking into it it seems from the website that it's super dead and Roll20 kinda ate it's lunch.
File: 1417300727712.jpg (146 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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ah, well.. there goes that idea. I use SL with a custom table and just virtual mini's.. which is extremely nerdy, being in a game, sitting at a table, playing a game.. gameception.
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added nursing bra and a few others suggested to me.. no other contributors?
Necklace of annoying attraction, NPCsyou meet get a will save or become attracted to you to the point of fawning over you.. But will not listen to you or obey you in any way. But will insist on following you and attempting to get into your pants
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post to keep alive
oh god >.< some of the people I KNOW are bad enough. you want me RP with PUBBIES???? I would tear my own eyes out.
well if you take a chance on randoms, you can find some gems and weed out the rest. it's all about patience.
>Implying it's not way hotter to let yourself be used by strangers
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