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Globalized Fetish
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Post a pic, and the fetish represented in that pic is instantly (and permanently) applied to every reproductive-aged female in the world.

Make sure to post a pic as often as possible (this isn't a sewing circle), and explain how your fetish of choice has just fucked up/improved society.
Spontaneous, unexplained 9-month pregnancies (no one knows what's gestating in every woman's belly, but it probably isn't human), along with expanding & explosively lactating tits.

Bonus mode: the moment women everywhere are suddenly made pregnant, whatever they're wearing is magically swapped for tight rubber clothing that encase their bodies and expose their best assets.
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Women are suddenly robbed of their limbs and find themselves displayed in public, often in whatever brick-and-mortar non-grocery shop they frequent the most, or the front yard of a male friend, colleague or classmate.
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The other thread already fell off?

Women are now subject to the three laws of robotics on a biological level.

0. A woman may not harm mankind, or, by inaction, allow mankind to come to harm.
1. A woman may not injure a man or, through inaction, allow a man to come to harm.
2. A woman must obey the orders given to her by men, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
3. A woman must protect her own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

They are fully aware of their actions and can mentally (or verbally) protest (unless ordered otherwise), but they can't do anything about it.

Yes, I'm not sure what happened there.

So, the law forbidding women against harming humanity - is that to ensure that women don't somehow sabotage their own ability to reproduce, hence spelling doom for humanity?

Otherwise, there's not much they couldn't do to humanity as a whole that wouldn't specifically harm men in some fashion.
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Just put it in from people complaining last thread really. It's added on to the laws of robotics to close a loophole, but In reality (ha) it wouldn't change much since women don't have the same abilities as robots.
globalized fetish: all stds are extinct, women can control whether or not they get pregnant thru force of will, and they cum easily and repeatedly thru penetrative sex

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The population undergoes a dramatic overnight transformation. Men grow slightly shorter, sprouting vaginas between their legs, losing muscle tone, and growing breasts. Women grow to equal the men in height, and also grow cock/balls to match. The faces and body structures of both genders smooth out to become a soft, feminine take on androgyny. The lines of gender have been erased as society falls into futa equilibrium.

This wouldn't be the end though. With the lines of gender erased, masculine and feminine becomes defined by personality. Who is the "dominant" in the relationship? Who carries and nurses the children? Those questions are answered in the most primal of ways.

Hormonal changes triggered by mixing the soupy mess of sexual chemistry cause heightened sexual aggression in the general population as well as accelerated production of sexual fluids. Dominant futa, or "breeders" emerge, who subjugate and bully the lessers around them with the shafts of their cocks and the hot cum in their balls. The humiliation factor is heightened tenfold once it is discovered that pregnancy is a genetically one-sided affair, with the inseminator contributing 100% of the genetic code to the offspring, thus turning the impregnated bitch-futa into a lame breeding vessel.

Many of the weaker futa fear the abuse and sexual violence and seek out the strong for protection, accepting servitude in exchange for safety. Of course, servitude wouldn't be much better. The doms traditionally lock the male genitals of their slaves in chastity, attaching a chain to the end of the device to keep them leashed up and safe, before using them for breeding and sexual release. When the slaves need release, they are led to a cum receptacle in the wall and whipped as they spilled their seed into the receptacle, which in turn empties the cum into the slaves drinking trough.
Wouldn't they find out as soon as the baby is born? I like the idea but come on anon...
hey I totally want to write a hunger games orwellian porn story where people a GMOed/surgeried to all be weird castrati with little nub penises and general androgyny that's really similar to this. If you want to collab or something it sounds so fun. I'm not sold on the political one (i just think it would be funny) but I love magic stories too.

I was also thinking of the hierarchy of societies being replaced by fetishes and personalities like you said. Like I personally would love to be an androgyne servant/sex slave.
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Instead of bleeding, cramps, pain, etc; women lose limbs during their periods, and grow them back afterwards over a period of a few hours, typically a nights sleep.

Just like some women have really brutal periods, and others have mild ones, some women will lose a hand every month, while others will lose all of their limbs, sometimes breasts fall off, sometimes their hips.

In most 1st world countries, girls get taught how to deal with their occasional disabilities in sex ed, or some course during school. Eg: girls who lose their arms will be taught how to write with their feet, etc.

Women who become pregnant lose their limbs, the further into their pregnancy they go. The scientific reasoning being "more resources for the baby, etc." Pregnant women are already more physically vulnerable, this is just an exaggeration on that.

Due to this, (non-pregnant) women are more desirable for infantry combat and more dangerous "manly" activities because their limbs are capable of growing back. Obviously this changes gender dynamics quite a bit.
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Oh sure, but perhaps every woman's offspring is different (though their bellies may be inexplicably shielded from any of our ultrasounds/MRI technology), turning every woman into a kind of living, fucked up surprise present - no one knows what's inside until the surprise pops out.

Some women end up gestating animals (either whole individual beasts or entire litters of puppies, kittens, piglets, whatever), rape tentacle creatures that instantly turn on the mother and any other female in the birthing room, aliens, eggs, demons - if it can fit through the average woman's birth canal without killing her, you can pretty much guarantee that it's suddenly appeared and is gestating in some poor, unfortunate woman's belly.

Hard mode: women spend another 3 months gestating whatever's inside them, resulting in every reproductive-aged woman sporting a giant 12 month-pregnant belly and even bigger, milkier tits.
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Because I like my globalized fetishes being at least somewhat a gain / not entirely forceful or negative.
File: LMED2.png (180 KB, 1066x719) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The second half.
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A construction company finds an unusual stone, which, once removed from its resting place, lets magical energy flow back into the world. The capstone has been in place for so long that the initial release triggers transformations in random people, making them into races from fantasy or anime (elves, centaurs, catgirls, Saiyans, kaiju, etc.). Those who remain human find that the energy will do pretty much what they ask it to if they make the request in a language other than their native one (Elves can do the same thing by rhyming, and fairies can manipulate it with their will alone, but the change causes them to favor sensual pursuits over intellectual ones, so they mostly just conjure food for themselves while wandering aimlessly, looking for fun). Since the change reflects what was already in the hearts of the changed, nobody really minds all that much, except when a serial-killer-turned-kaiju attacks, or someone gets butthurt because their sister lost a magical duel and the winner put a geas on her so she has to serve him for the rest of his life.
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All people with disabilities become 10/10,very smart,and they don't age. They gain super human abilities that relate to the cured disability.

Women who reject the men who're the nice guys & chased after the bad boy,or are rude to the disabled become monster women.

These monster women gain disabilities that tie to the monster physical form.

The more successful or attractive they are,the more severe their animal transformation is.

Men who have done the same as the transformed women, become randomly disabled. Men could gain severe disabilities such as down syndrome.

The non disabled folk who treated the disabled correctly forever don't age unless willed otherwise, become younger,and a little bit smarter.
hahahahaha, oh my god that is pathetic anon. just re-read what you typed out onto this page and kill yourself afterwards. you fucking sperglord hahahaha
Have you done anything bad?
Woman revolt, take over the government, stop wars, pollution. 24/7 surveillance is installed everywhere, criminal behaviour is punished swiftly, MMA is banned...

Have you even read Asimov? All his stories are about why the laws are shit.
I mean, he seems like a bit of a sperglord, don't get me wrong, but not nearly as much as you seem like an asshole.

Couldn't work. The point there is that robots/machines are always able to physically overpower the humans or exert complete controll over infrastructure. Women are not capable of doing these things.
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What in the actual entirety of fuck...? I think I have just witnessed something truly incredible.

dude. I think you have the disability
Your fetish is that you want to get Down Syndrome, eh?
A slow, painful and humiliating of every human female alive into piggirls - specifically the pig/woman mix seen here: quadrapedal (and unable to stand upright or walk again) with a minimum of 6 human tits running down their bellies (copies of their original tits), tails, hooves for hands and feet, ears and a snout.

The average transformation takes about a year to complete, resulting in women forced to contend with a very gradual loss of independence, mobility and dignity, though each woman's transformation is slightly different - some change a little faster, some change a little slower, with some parts changing before others, and some women finding their minds corrupted with pig instincts and behaviors faster than other victims.
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How exactly are women going to accomplish those things? They haven't gained superpowers.
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All genders of both male and female instantly and permanently get reversed
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I'm ok with this
I like me some Tenno ladies, so I guess I'll go with that. I can't see how this could possibly go wrong.
Does that book take place after everybody gets Tang'd at the end of NGE? Because that's what it looks like from the cover.
Two changes: one small, one big.
Small one: Women turn into animal girls, but every woman has a different animal.
Now here's the big one: it's directly tied to how much skin they're showing. So a woman dressing herself (with help, obviously) might find her hooves/paws/whatever replaced with hands after they go through the sleeves of her shirt. This goes in reverse as well: as the clothes come off, the animal comes out. Also, all the above applies to mental changes as well as physical.
Am I doing it right?


But: how covered up does a woman have to be to become fully human again? If she's wearing shoes, tights, a skirt, a shirt and jacket, what parts of her are animalized?

Does this mean that no woman can change clothing or even bathe without becoming mostly animal and losing most of her intelligence until someone else clothes them again?

Also, how extreme can the mental changes be?
I figure sweater and jeans is enough to revert everything, possibly with the exception of the ears and tail.
Undergarments count as clothing too, so... Honestly, I'm not sure. Probably something of a gamble.
As for mental changes: They retain their personality and intelligence, but start taking on animal instincts that get stronger the less human they are. So to use pigs as an example, that would mean stuffing their faces and rolling in mud.

Hmm, so every woman would need someone to help clothe them and bathe them especially if they become distracted enough while their minds are dimmed by their animal instincts while nude they might never actually get around to even trying to bathe or clothe themselves again and retain their human forms and willpower?
Even at the peak of animal-dom and the instincts that go with it, they'd be aware that clothes are good and should be worn. However, they will most likely need help with the actual donning.
With regards to the mind: Think of the instincts like any temptation. Eating junk food, playing videogames instead of doing homework, watching porn... Consciously, you know you shouldn't do it, but it's just so much FUN!
>Women who reject the men who're the nice guys & chased after the bad boy

This is cringeworthy to read. You're either a teenager or an adult in serious need of an attitude adjustment. The general idea of bad people becoming animalistic monsters to reflect their inner nature is good, but dear lord that line is such a stereotype.

We're all posting to a thread about transforming at least half of the planet's population against its will. We're *all* in need of an attitude adjustment.

That said, I'm fine with >>5729508, but more along the lines of >>5729496 where women lose a good chunk of their human minds when naked and have to be herded back into clothing again so they can regain their humanity.

Women now live in fear of being stripped against their will, and the things they'd do (and would be done to them) while their human minds are out to lunch.
i think there's something like this in the bible

Other things to consider: women's asses, cunts, bellies and thighs would de-evolve whenever they have to drop their jeans/undies to go to the bathroom. And men would learn how to put a bra on women since women would no longer be able to manipulate the hooks with hooves (that is, if bras can even fit on women while they're still mostly animal).
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all girls must now wear flipflops, and must surrender her feet to any guy upon request.

refusal to do so will result in the girl being tied up and placed in foot fetish stations, where guys can play with her feet however they want
Every time women have sex, they undergo some sort of random partial transformation. Elf ears, turn partly into a slimegirl, massive lactating breasts, growing an udder, cocksucking tentacle tail, etc.

Of course, you'd think no one would find this out until a woman had sex. Except that the moment it happens, every woman gains the knowledge that if she has sex, she'll mutate in some way (without knowing what it is)... but also that she'll have a real brainscrambler orgasm, guaranteed.

So, at first things might not change much, but as more and more women gave in to temptation, the fewer "normal" girls would be left. You'd be able to tell the really freaky girls who put out easily because they're the least human-looking.

I suppose as a side effect girls would never again be able to pull that "I'm pretty shy, I'm saving myself, never even kissed" stuff when they're eight feet tall with blue skin, wings, and a prehensile three foot tongue.

Lesbian sex results in transformation, too?

I suppose you could go two ways with that.

First way would be "Yeah, of course" and both girls change. Though maybe one of them risks turning into a human guy instead of a "normal" mutation.

Second way (much more evil) would be "No more orgasms without the cock, ladies".
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Women now begin barking involuntarily whenever they become agitated. This has the minor side effect of ending their every endeavor in politics, business or anything else that requires people taking them serious.
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137 KB, 690x761

The latter option would be best, of course, especially as lesbians (and bisexuals in monogamous relationships with other women) start hearing about the crippling orgasms other women are having. It would be a true test of every lesbian's self-control and self-respect if she can live out the rest of her life without letting her lips be split by a rock-hard cock.

Would the partial transformations that come with every orgasm be somehow temporary, or would every woman who allows herself to be fucked more than half a dozen times after this global change happens end up going to her grave looking like a mixed-up monstrosity?

Do they end up barking in any situation in which they become angry/upset, even when that agitation/anger are justified, say if a woman is about to be raped?

And is the barking sudden, or does the woman gradually lose the ability to speak the angrier she gets?

"Damn it, Jim, I told rrrroooo to do the dishes frrrruffff! From last night, I mean! Don't laugh! I.....*whimper*....I.....rrrrrrreally need you to grrrruuuff! Buff! Whuf! FUCK, I....WOOF. BARK. BARK BARK YARK *HOWL*"
>Do they end up barking in any situation in which they become angry/upset, even when that agitation/anger are justified, say if a woman is about to be raped?
>does the woman gradually lose the ability to speak the angrier she gets?
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Expanding on the Tenno thing: Warframe exosuits bond to women, keeping their general physical proportions and characteristics (if the vast majority are now obscured behind bio-synthetic plate). For the first month the only part they can successfully remove / withdraw is their helmet. This is to give them plenty of time to integrate with their suit, establish how it works, get comfortable, etcetera.

After the first month women instinctively learn how to "absorb" the suit back into themselves. Traits linger based on the type (Banshee might have bat-like ears or Saryn patches of scales, Nova a discolored breast, etcetera), and their raw physical abilities remain unchanged whilst the armor plates become sub dermal, but otherwise they can resemble their old self and cannot use Tenno abilities (such as World on Fire or Miasma) in such a state. Shifting between external and internal 'frame takes anywhere from an agonizing minute (if immediate) to a painless hour (if gradual). Due to the pain quick-shift Tenno cannot use powers for ten minutes (meaning no "I walk into a crowded area then quick-shift to Crush everyone").

Over time their ability to flesh-shape improves. They can manually alter their proportions, facial features, endowments, selectively shift parts (ex: Ember armors their arms so they can safely throw Fireballs in human shape), so that by the end of the first year they're about as fluid as they want to be. At the end of the second year, if they remain sans-armor for a week straight, they can change which Frame they become (INCLUDING male Frame options), and are (physically) sexually fluid as well.

The world, obviously, goes to hell in a hand basket long before (making anti-matter on Earth and whatnot), but the surviving Tenno lord over the ruins in a sort of Technocyte mini-Singularity. Males, by this point, are either dead, Infested, or have undergone Communion and become Tenno as well (think Vampire siring, but with nanites and exosuits instead).
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Why is text in Warframe so god-damn small? Also, here's the one somebody else made but I always post.
I tip my fedora to you, m8
but seriously what the fuck am i reading
someone screencap this and post it in a cringe/beta thread
This one is the most appealing to me. Also, along the "dog" lines, women go into heat every three months for a period of two weeks. They don't become mindless animals by any means, just consumed with thoughts of and a strong desire for sex as their hormones skyrocket. Their ability to talk coherently becomes even more constrained, barking becomes construed as a symptom/stereotype of being in heat.
File: hentai-slave.jpg (554 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
554 KB, 1024x768

When in heat, are lesbians turned temporarily straight, or do they just want to fuck their girlfriends?

Can women speak normally at all while in heat?
I would say that since heat is driving them to reproduce even lesbians who find the cock disgusting would start seeking male attention, maybe hating themselves for it, but they have to know they will be doing it all over again in three months so better not piss of their local cock-provider. But since two lesbians would likely fall under the supposed phenomenon of periods syncing up, so too would their heat cycles. Meaning Lesbians are likely going to be seeking males out together. Though the idea of one of them desperately seeking male attention, and the other resenting is kinda hot...

speech pattern at height of heat would be like >>5730306
>"Damn it, Jim, I told rrrroooo to do the dishes frrrruffff! From last night, I mean! Don't laugh! I.....*whimper*....I.....rrrrrrreally need you to grrrruuuff! Buff! Whuf! FUCK, I....WOOF. BARK. BARK BARK YARK *HOWL*"
With being nearly nonsensible before sex, but fairly coherent after having it.

One last question: when barking and whimpering like dogs during heat, do women just sound like their normal human selves making dog sounds (like the way a girl would sound when asked to pretend to act like a dog during a party game), or do they actually somehow end up sounding indistinguishable from real bitches barking in heat?
Married women are made into quad amputees and adorned with a rigid, permanent metal neck ring every time they have a child.
hmmm, Human female voice imitating a dogs bark. It would be much cuter sounding than an actual dogs bark, and they would still retain their ability of vocal inflection when they bark, howl, or whimper. Allowing for a higher, more feminine sounding noise than a typical dog bark would be. Also some barks would be combination of attempted words as they struggle to speak, if it were a real dog bark that wouldn't work out.

Pretty wierd fetish, but I think im going to be stuck with this one for a long time

Good idea. Also, this way, women's voices are still roughly identifiable even as they're stuck making almost nothing but dog sounds for days on end.

I especially love what would happen to lesbian couples in your scenario. Not only would the gradual hunger for cock be degrading enough, but every lesbian couple realizing that one of the girls in the relationship is more susceptible to the siren song of cock is going to twist those relationships in all kinds of awful ways even when the women in question are months away from being in heat again.

I wonder how many dykes would be able to resist these new urges, and for how long. And should a guy fuck a girl in heat he knows would otherwise never touch him, would she even be able to prosecute when she's out of heat again since she was technically the aggressor? Lots of quirky things to think about here.
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I'll throw my hat into the pig pen. Hell, I'll even give it a slightly spergy twist, too.

So, women around the world slowly turn into piggirls in the same style shown: ears, nose, hooves for feet, overweight, and a tail, but not much else. Accompanying this is two sets of mental changes. The first one causes all women to relax their behavior. Things like a piggirl wearing skimpy clothes and calling out people staring at her are really just casual jabs ('Don't worry about it, dude. Totally get it. I'd stare at me, too') instead of overt flirtation or touchy defensiveness. As opposed to having no middle ground, just about anything a piggirl does is level headed. The default behavior here is 'chill and collected' and results in a whole upswell of self-confidence among women that isn't anchored to any particular thing; it just exists.

The second change has to do with a woman's honesty to oneself. The less honest a piggirl was or is, the more compulsively slobby they get. A majority of piggirls are sweaty by nature, sure, but doing things like rolling in mud or eating messily come about because they are trying to conceal their true self for whatever reason. The easier it came to them to be insincere before the turn, the easier it comes to act completely shameless and do outright disgusting things in public after. This isn't a litmus test for lying; a lie isn't going to change how a piggirl behaves in the slightest (outside of the scope of keeping the lie straight, nothing to do with being a piggirl), plus some girls are simply taking advantage of expectation to experience repressed desires publicly. These outbursts of gross carnality are a result of inauthentic behavior in the person herself. Eventually, the consensus is to contain anyone who cannot shape up on a farm like the pigs they actually are.

I'll be taking my autism awards points on voucher, thank you very much.
File: nowazetto_5.jpg (112 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Women gain a demonic familiar upon their first menstruation, that dedicates itself to the humiliation and awakening of masochist spirits in that woman. Everyday it will compel her to new levels of depravity, and force her to indulge every sadistic idea the familiar wants.

In fact, society just accepts the familiar as the new woman, while her original primal woman form as just an accessory. Some cultures believe that, with the advent of menstruation, this is a sign of the woman exiting a second living womb, as only the original woman can bear children, and as such are kept around to be bred.
Hm... I like it...

In a world where all women become (presumably overweight) pig girls, what happens to women who are naturally scrawny?

I know a tiny, skinny woman who has a hard time crossing the 99 lbs weight threshold no matter how much she eats. Would she just develop a little belly/paunch, or would she double in weight and become an honest-to-goodness fat pig?
Hm... She's short and has a narrow frame you're saying? In that case, I'd go with little belly, myself.

Yes. Generally very tiny with almost nonexistent breasts, though she still has a decent hip/waist ratio and a fantastic butt.

I picture her belly and torso rounding out a little into a pleasing sausage shape as she transforms into a slender "piglet" girl, as opposed to other women who may just turn into bloated sows with folds of fat, etc.
>decent hip/waist ratio and a fantastic butt
Well, now we know where all the fat's gonna end up...
women are forced to have human emotions.

Nooooooo! But then it won't be a fantastic butt anymore!
File: [Tips fedora].jpg (30 KB, 550x427) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
[Tips fedora].jpg
30 KB, 550x427
What? No, I'm saying it's going to get even better. Shit's magic yo, real world logic need not apply.
Also, in response to >>5731575
Pic related.
File: 1411572187566.jpg (311 KB, 750x656) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Transformation into disassembled robots that are mysteriously delivered to a male friend/relative for re-assembly.

Illustrated instructions for re-assembly are included in the box (though the text is in an indecipherable alien language), but with enough common sense and decently-stocked toolkit, any guy can re-assemble the woman in question.

Since the instructions are difficult to decipher, the re-assembly of each woman will likely require some experimentation, resulting in most women first snapping back to life for the first time since their sudden transformation in a partially-assembled state not unlike C3PO in The Empire Strikes Back.
I'd say at minimum, you could always get a decent pinch of fat on a piggirl, regardless of their weight tendency. Anything less may be considered anorexic depending on the person's habits.

This also raises the question about what piggirls should be made of - human flesh or pork?
Do the women retain their memories / personalities or are they blank slates / can be optionally reprogrammed?
Possibly a third, new option, but my take would have them be more humanoid than pig; really just piglike traits on a human.
More human than pig, internally at least.
File: 13641671751816514.jpg (466 KB, 1000x1426) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
466 KB, 1000x1426

Women's minds and personalities remain 100% intact after their robot transformation/disassembly - in fact, calming a woman down once she's been partially reassembled and reactivated (or shutting her down again/wiping her memory before she can raise too much of a fuss) becomes a big problem for guys who end up in possession of a woman who's mind they would like to wipe (or at least reprogram) before she can call for help.

Guys quickly discover that women's minds can't be wiped or reprogrammed until they'd at least booted up with their original minds/personalities intact - much like C3PO, the last thing they remember before being reactivated in their robot state is whatever it is they were doing when the global robotization of women occurred.

Needless to say, it would take most women a few moments to get their bearings and even begin to understand what has happened to them, which may be all the time a quick-fingered creep may need to initiate a systems purge or start the reprogramming process.
File: 1318542497483.jpg (347 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
347 KB, 1024x768
>Males, by this point, are either dead, Infested, or have undergone Communion and become Tenno as well (think Vampire siring, but with nanites

Anon, you're forgetting about the savior mankind deserves.

While it would be fun to torture women in an all pig girl future by eating pork BBQ in front of them, or by replacing doctors for women with veterinarians, yeah, keeping them at least partially human on the inside would be a good idea, especially if we want to be able to produce fully human male children in the future.

Though since we're talking about seemingly magical transformations in the first place, there's no reason you couldn't mix extremes like turning all women entirely into pigs that can still produce fully human male offspring when fucked by guys, despite having entirely porcine reproductive systems.
File: Rexfield.jpg (104 KB, 720x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
104 KB, 720x480
All women are suddenly pilotable mechs and every man knows how to pilot them.

The mech age begins.
How the hell does reproduction work?
who cares
Look I just got us all mechs. Let's not nitpick.
You've also doomed the human race, numbnuts.
Onahole built into the mech cockpit.
And how is babby formed?
Through a factory, obviously.
File: 513651652562.jpg (107 KB, 800x662) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
107 KB, 800x662
While I love the idea of women everywhere turned into animal girls against their will, it would be fun to introduce a tiny bit of agency in regards to what animal a woman would be turned into, so victims are not only forced to confront the practical implications of what's about to happen to them, but also suddenly forced to weigh the benefits/drawbacks of various animal forms before quickly made to pick a form that will literally shape them and the rest of their lives.

I picture a mysterious figure appearing before each woman and girl, like the grim reaper, only instead of the threat of death, this spectre is wreathed in the threat of dehumanization and humiliation.

The spectre says in a booming voice: "COW, PIG OR DOG". The first women confronted by this have no idea what this choice even means until the figure presses a bony finger to their forehead and shows them a vision of what this choice means - a woman confronted by the spectre is already doomed to a life as a subhuman animalgirl, but the spectre is giving her the choice of which form she can take when transformed.

The woman understands that she has only a moment to make her choice and state it aloud to the spectre, and that if she refuses to make a choice she'll be turned entirely into one of those three animals and teleported to a farm/kennel/dairy with no hope of rescue.

The spectre eventually makes his way around the world, appearing before every woman and leaving her transformed, until no human women are left in the world and his grim work is finally complete.
Hm... Idea. Every woman gets a personality test in the mail, with no return address. For some reason*, they're compelled to not only fill it out in a completely honest fashion, but also to follow the instructions not to open up the flap at the bottom until they've completed it.
Said flap contains the classic "If you answered mostly A, you're this, mostly B you're that" thing you normally see, but with whatever the woman is most aligned with highlighted.
Transformation takes place over the following year, with whatever complications or caveats** becoming apparent about a quarter to halfway through.
**My idea about clothing suppressing the change, the idea >>5731296 had about animal instincts getting stronger if the woman is/was trying to be something she isn't, etc.

I like that you *could* just change women based in their personalities without a test or pop quiz from an evil specter, but letting women feel as if they had some say in what they become - especially when they think back to how they might've answered differently when they're crawling around on all fours after being fucked by a male of whatever animal species they've become - would be really hot.

Sounds like we're talking about the whole female half of the human race turning into a real-life Animal Farm.
Well, they wouldn't be 100% animal 100% of the time. If you ask me, it's much more interesting if
A) They're still partly, one might argue mostly, human (As in >>5731296 )
Or B) They're all animal, but with a means of turning back (As in >>5729440)
Artificial womb and synthetic ovum. Only males are born, more "women" are manufactured.
File: 1410534455488.jpg (235 KB, 900x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
235 KB, 900x900
All of a sudden a virus shows up that makes 50% of young men change over the course of 5 hours to 5 months into an obscenely voluptous, ultra femenine girly boy.
They may be pears, hourglasses, in rare cases even extremely pregnant looking or lactating.
Their dicks are all that remain of their masuclinity as rock herd, constantly oozing reminders of what they once were.

Families get woken by screams as they run into their family members rooms to discover they have ballooned and plumped into a quivering, jiggling, borderline immobile and permanently horny girlyboys that can only cry and cum as they watch and feel themselves bloat curvier and thicker as time passes.

Some take it in their stride, others become shut ins, hopsital wards get packed by the more extreme, mind broken "plumpers" but eventually life becomes 'normal' and some men long for the day they notice their jips are belling out, their thighs plumping, their chest developing into future mammoth mammaries and in some cases a once flat stomach swelling into a taut, fertile looking orb that constantly presses down on their permanent erections.

Oh, most definitely. Permanently turning all women into complete animals would get boring after a while (even with their human minds still fully intact), and giant part of the appeal of globalized animal girls - be they only partially transformed or wholly (but temporarily) transformed - would be each woman's struggle to retain her humanity and independence, even as she feels the desire to fuck a fellow beast while in full animal form or has lost the use of her hands despite still being mostly humanoid, and so forth.
File: 41117139_p0.jpg (862 KB, 849x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
862 KB, 849x1200

Only provided this is the "Mugged for lunch money and BP" Stalker, not "HAHAHA I CAN RED-CRIT FIBER VALKYR LIKE PUNY LOKI" Stalker. Though I imagine a Tenno-lite suddenly infused with Tenno powers (in other words, are you a bad enough dude to pick off fledgling Tenno?) would be fine enough as the latter, not going to see too many of those though.

Besides, it'd ruin the thematic appeal if such Stalkers were plentiful. Either for the Global Fetish or in general.
>virus has no effect
>remain fat and unattractive
>meanwhile friends panic unable to cope

another one bites the dust
No, 50% isn't infected at first, and there's no clear method of transmission.
File: 1411129193412.jpg (105 KB, 540x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
105 KB, 540x720

On the flip side, women very slowly suffering mental transformations while their bodies remain fully human (or mostly fully) could be pretty hot.

The degree to how much women's minds are altered would depend on how much you'd like to fuck them up/humiliate them, but I'd prefer they at least retain most of their intelligence and personalities even as their minds are corrupted by uncontrollable animal instincts and behaviors.
This takes place after Alien: Resurrection

The new human/xenomorph hyrbid was shred into tiny tiny molecules above earths atmosphere. Some of them attached to some shrapnel from the severely damaged ship. The shrapnel began falling to earth, landing in oceans, rivers, on land, etc. The molecules that survived the fall, shielded by the shrapnel, found their way into animals, or city water supplies. Then the animals would be hunted and turned into meat. Eventually, the molecules found their way into humans. They began bonding with the humans and it sped up human evolution drastically, but subtle. Each generation of humans would become more and more mutated into the most efficient form they can be. Women started developing penises specialized for impregnating male anal cavities without harming them permanently. Those children would be the equivalent of the, now, male drones. Designed for physical tasks, defense of the species, and as incubators for their kin. The females would retain their wombs, which would be used for growing specialized breeds of humans as well as other females and occasionally the male drones.

Now, as this new evolution of humans takes place, we keep our sadistic human nature. Underground sex clubs show up where the new fetishes are realized. Walls lined with males, latched in like sex toilets for all to use at will. Then the deposited semen is sucked out and transported into the male's mouth, so the corrosive acids of their stomachs can dispose of it.
File: demworms.jpg (269 KB, 916x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
269 KB, 916x1000
Pregnancy becomes incredibly fashionable, however, because of the huge surge in population this creates, a new breed of parasitic worm is created through magic science bullshit. These worms come in a large variety and can be carried in the womb or anally.

Worms come in different sized and functions, some will immediately fuck and impregnate a woman as soon as she births it, some will stay in the womb until labor is induced, the possibilities are endless.

Some girls put multiples in or one in both her ass and one is her womb, some men even try them out. Most high fashion designer now design more maternity wear then anything else and girls in highschool with a flat stomach are picked on.
phooph, that'd be hot as hell. probably not fun to live through though.
Oh god, my dick... that is absolutely my fetish.

The birthing process would definitely not be fun for women unless they get *very* lucky and end up spontaneously pregnant with a couple of chicken eggs or a clutch of tiny seahorses/fish eggs.

Regardless, in addition to their spontaneous pregnancies, women are altered so that they are far more resilient to extreme pregnancies and birthings, so much so that even though it would be incredibly painful and labor may take 2 days, a woman could birth a baby calf without being killed or permanently injured.
I kind've really like the idea of being a robot, especially since my husband and I are tech nerds anyway. Imagine all the upgrades & accessories. Only thing I'd object to is a lack of a sensitive sense of taste, touch or smell.
Thing is, would you want to be independent or under your husband's control? I'm betting sort of a two-tier thing which you can switch into and out of at will, but you never know.

It would be convenient to be artificial, but too many scenarios end in total enslavement.
There only needs to be one Stalker. With his one shotting ways he can buy mankind the time needed for an insane perverted genius (with a huge collar) to capture and vivisect some of the emerging Tenno and turn them into something, different...

Like, say, bloated, mutated womb engines that exist solely to pump out loads of mutated, cloned flesh. With an endless supply of loyal cloned puppets the surviving men can extract the greedy milk from carcasses of their oppressors. And with each Tenno brought to heel, more tech can be replicated into new modifications for the foot soldiers.

Skoom, Tenno. Skoom.
File: ski.png (1 MB, 1843x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1843x1024
Women lose their ability to hold in urine, and must either choose to wet themselves or wear a diaper. For women, wearing a diaper becomes an accepted and mundane (but noticeable) part of daily life.
The universe is very populated actually and friendly for the most part.

Humans become a very valuable commodity among the middle and upper class. Human Fever is coined.

Some improvements in science makes fat asses more and more a thing of the past.

Living conditions sky rocket even in places such as Africa.

It is now rare for humans to have more than two children,which makes Human Fever even more disastrous.
>Some improvements in science makes fat asses more and more a thing of the past.
Why would you do that?
>When I say fat asses I meant 300lb bodies
Ah, well in that case you want to make it one word, "Fatass". Yes spellcheck disagrees, but when the words are separate it brings >>5728800 to mind, as opposed to >>5724808
Of course, the folks from both threads are probably going to want to have words with you and/or whoever invented the anti-fat machine...
File: 146733.jpg (91 KB, 800x715) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
91 KB, 800x715
Over the course of a month, every woman's genetic code is altered so they become naturally, permanently hairless from the neck down.

In addition to this, women also find that when they're turned on, their nipples and vulvas become embarrassingly swollen and tender, as if they've been subject to a pussy/nipple pump.

Even the smallest, slightest women will find their pussies bloating and growing uncontrollably slick when aroused, to the point that their panties will be soaked through and won't be able to contain the throbbing pussymeat they're supposed to conceal, resulting in painful and embarrassing panty wedgies.

Areolas also puff up and nipples multiply in size until they become thumb-sized flesh nozzles that form a direct nerve circuit with the woman's swollen cunt, meaning anything you do to one body part with result in trembling arousal in the other. Ultimately, it becomes possible to bring even the coldest, sexless woman to a trembling orgasm with just a few minutes of sloppy pussy/nipple play, with the cunt and nipples taking up to 40 minutes to shrink back to their normal size sensitivity (during which time a woman can easily be brought to another orgasm if she isn't incredibly careful about handling her swollen naughty bits.)
This is an obvious /d/ hating troll fag. Not just a normal idiot.
File: 45525612_m.jpg (117 KB, 477x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
117 KB, 477x600

Ah, but aren't the Not!Grineer lead by the Two Queens? Who, in this scenario, must be Tenno (unless it means Queen in another sense, admittedly I don't think Grineer are Freddie's sort of style).

Either way, that's your Global. Mine? Don't especially care if I wind up being someone's Excalibur thrall or the like.
I like this, women are still human, but their brains start to develop into animals, like dogs or cows, would it slowly develop or would women instantly go from working at a desk to barking like a little puppy on heat?
It says "very slowly" in the first line. What do you think?
File: pet-girl-gallery.jpg (10 KB, 259x194) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 259x194

Yes, women's minds de-evolving would be slow, though not complete - it would be a shame if every woman's intelligence and memories were completely and permanently destroyed, but if their minds gradually became "animalized" in fits and starts without warning? That could be hot.

And yeah, it would also be hot if women everywhere suddenly had their minds wiped and replaced with the brains of dogs, cows, pigs, etc, but again, only if it's temporary so women can appreciate the horror of what happened to them. Imagine if all women lost their minds all at once for 24 hours (though no one knows it'll only last 24 hours when it first starts), with women slowly regaining intelligence again after that day is over, only know each woman is subject to random (but still temporary) "de-brainings" in the future as well.

You could never really trust a woman to do anything by herself without the potential of coming back to discover half naked, crawling all fours and trying to take a shit in the yard...
Women start out with absolutely zero sex drive after puberty. Puberty in this case, changes female bodies such that they can control ovulation consciously.

Post-puberty, after about a week without, women's libidos slowly but permanently increase the longer they go without sex.

Also, to avoid this turning into something potentially horrific, women do not age externally - so beauty until death. (oh heck men too i guess, no sense in inflicting geriatric men on women who, the older they get the more generally horny they are)

So while women may end up as sex crazed sluts if they aren't careful, they still have final say over children so the battle of the sexes would end up a bit twisted towards the /d/, but strangely similar to what it is now irl.
>Now I really want to give birth to a big healthy clutch of fish eggs
About 1% of every male born is an Alpha male.

Alpha males are immune to STDs of all kinds, are extremely physically and mentally strong, and produce a powerful musk that makes non-Alphas around them more submissive. Alpha males are also sterile.

If an Alpha male cums up somebody's ass, if it be male or female, the person becomes their total slave. They will serve them without question and all their property also belongs to them.

While this may seem like rape skyrockets, it doesn't. The Alpha males sexual appeal makes the much more submissive 'beta' males and normal females aroused. And while they may beg or whine, they will still bend over if ordered, just asking you to please not cum inside because they don't want to lose their will. But they secretly do of course, it's the best thing to happen to them. Once a Beta has been claimed by an Alpha no other Alphas will want them.

Because of this many Beta serve Alpha males while not being 'bound' to him, such as by giving him blowjobs and doing chores for him and stuff, just so that he won't get bound. Many Beta males are 'straight' and only care about girls, though pretty much every male in the world is Bi- Alphas are Bisexual when it comes to fucking and slave taking and Beta are bi only because they are puddy in the hands of a strong Alpha male.

Because of the low number of Alphas but their slaves and status- Alpha males live as the big shots in big mansions and houses, most never have to work and just make their slaves work for them, and after a long day of making the Alpha money the beta male or female will get on their knees and suck his cock like a good slave.

Obviously, I'm into Domination.
>While this may seem like rape skyrockets, it doesn't. The Alpha males sexual appeal makes the much more submissive 'beta' males and normal females aroused.

Not to SJW or anything, but, um, "It's not rape, I simply used a mind-altering musk to make them want me to plow them in their ass thus altering their mind further so that they always crave the cock and think their dicking is the best they can get in life"? Go right ahead with the global, I mean it's not like "billions die to techynocyte menace" or "[sex] turned into mindless farm animals" or "[sex] turned into rule-bound robots" are especially better, but don't try taking the high ground and saying "Oh it's totally different".

No you're right, I'm just saying it usually doesn't devolve into straight up grab the boy, bend him over, and make him a slave. Most are too submissive to really fight back. And that's not even all of the fantasy either- I also like the idea of Alpha males poking holes in condoms and 'promising to pull out' of a Beta's butt before he cums, but then he doesn't, and the Beta only realizes what happens too late, and takes just a few seconds before he belongs to the Alpha. But the submissive non-Alpha male population really DO want to get dominated underneath any egos they create, they are all playthings in an Alpha's world. They just don't see it until they become a bitch is all.
File: 1361407837179.jpg (38 KB, 500x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38 KB, 500x600

Fun fact: This would apply to you as well, 99% chance of not being of the 1% and all.

I know, the caveat of this fantasy is that I am an Alpha anyway, because that's what I like sexually. Though you can look at it that any male born as a Beta has submissive fantasies, effeminate thoughts, probably cross dresses and everything where as Alpha males always have dominant fantasies and aggressive sexual desire, so its a mix of personal tastes mixed with the caste you are born into.

I just like the appeal of the mind control fucking, the blackmail and implied power over every Beta male you come across. Some Beta cuts you off in his car? Pull him over. When he gets out to fight you and then he realizes you are an Alpha unlike him, he'll be all too willing to get down on his knees and suck you off as an apology. And if he swallows you MIGHT let him walk away from this without making him your little bitch.

But please, you know it isn't polite to judge on a porn board.
>I know, the caveat of this fantasy is that I am an Alpha anyway,
>But the submissive non-Alpha male population really DO want to get dominated underneath any egos they create, they are all playthings in an Alpha's world. They just don't see it until they become a bitch is all.

By your own fantasy, while only 1% of the male population becomes Alphas, 100% have created egos to prove to their self they are top dog / not going to be dominated. Going Global-As-Written, there's technically nothing preventing me from being an Alpha and you winding up my Beta (or the other way around), since neither of us would know until the right lock's been opened with the right key (or, in this case, the right ass pillaged by the right cock).

Well yeah I could be born as a Beta, and statistically I would more likely be.

But that's not 'I want in MY fantasy. I don't understand what's so complicated by that. Personally I'm a little offended that dominant fantasies always get these kinds of reactions.
File: 42086991_p0.jpg (1000 KB, 850x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1000 KB, 850x1200

Probably for the same reason you're adamant you aren't going to be one of the ones sucking cock after spending a day making someone else's life a luxury at the expense of their own?

You seriously aren't understanding this.

#1, it's a fantasy. Some people have rape fantasies, doesn't make them right, but they are just that, a fantasy.

#2 and more important- the world that I am posturing is not like our world. The concept of freedom for a Beta is only before they are bound, and Betas WANT to serve. They want to get fucked, become a slave, and do everything their master wants. That is the point. It's not even approachable by our standards of ethical behavior.

Obviously I want to be an Alpha not because I am some evil slave-master in real life but because it is an attractive fantasy to dominate and own other people as my harem slaves in a FANTASY. Get over yourself.
While I can't say I care for the tone of this anon, I agree with the general premise of his argument. Hell, I was the guy who posted the "Women De-evolve into animal-girls when they undress" this just up the page.
Is it a neat thing to fantasize about? Yes. Is it something I want to see inflicted upon my female friends and family members? Hell no!

Would it still be cool if women-devolving-when-they-undress affected every real-life female *except* your own personal female friends and family members?

Because I'm wondering how it would affect my own female friends and family members. (While I don't want to see my mother, nieces or sisters transformed, I'd sure love to see what my female friends change into.)
File: 1331999443924.jpg (227 KB, 461x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
227 KB, 461x600
All firearms transform into women that have a copy of the fire arm. If you're a guy who has many guns, you would have a vicious harem that fight over your attention.
>Would it still be cool if women-devolving-when-they-undress affected every real-life female *except* your own personal female friends and family members?
Eh... Probably not. I mean, it'd suck to be on the receiving end of something like that, so even if they're a bunch of strangers I'm not sure I'd be able to go through with it. I mean, if I HAVE to do it to SOMEONE, I'd likely pick a complete stranger, yes. But I'd prefer not to do it.
See, this is why I normally try to shut my brain off before I start fapping. All these decidedly un-sexy implications that arise...
How many people ITT would still like their fantasy if they experienced it from the other side, as one of the women being affected?
Pretty much all of my fantasies are submissive/masochistic in nature. My own gender doesn't matter much to me when it comes to inserting into them.
Well tell us about the fantasies and the little that would change for you in them depending on your gender.
File: 36049278.jpg (344 KB, 760x891) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
344 KB, 760x891
>turned women into shapeshifting Tenno w/ exosuits
I'm not about to complain. Though things are probably going to get awkward / murderhobo fast.
File: Gooze.jpg (52 KB, 743x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52 KB, 743x800
Every woman in world gets turned into one of these hot bird-alien bitches.
>Woman revolt, take over the government
How will they do that without harming any men?
File: I love fast women.jpg (46 KB, 400x541) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
I love fast women.jpg
46 KB, 400x541
you got that right
>Come home after a hellish day of work, voluntarily disrobe and de-evolve, and fuck my husbando until I forget all the sucky parts about being human.
Sounds good to me!
>I'm the anon who posted the genderswap egglaying bimbo fetish in the last thread
>Instead of being a massively egg-stuffed slut, I'm a cum-fountain belly inflating futa
>I'm okay with this too
File: 1411217686067.jpg (2 MB, 1381x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1381x2000

A big part of the appeal of globalized fetish threads is imagining what - if given the real-world chance - a random anon might inflict on all women if it's the only way to transform/enslave/whatever a few particular women it would otherwise be impossible to transform/enslave/whatever.

Like, if someone was *really* into the idea of turning his girlfriend (and maybe a few other women he may know, and maybe even a few celebrities) into lactating cowgirls, but the only way to do it is to also turn all reproductive-aged women into lactating cowgirls as well, would he do it?

Kind of like a monkey's paw situation where you can make anything you've ever wanted a reality, but with dire consequences to the rest of humanity.
>For men:

From now on, if you cum before your partner you lose sexual stamina. The more time passes between your orgasm and your partner's, the more stamina you lose. If you make your partner cum first, you gain stamina. In both directions, number of orgasms act as a multiplier. It is possible to bottom out at a state of constantly living on the edge of orgasm with a gentle breeze or the sight of an attractive person eating a phallic food being enough to make you blow.

The more stamina you have, the more dominant and potent you become. The less stamina you have, the more submissive you become. People at the extremes either way become psychic to a degree - domms subconsciously exert their will over others, and subs subconsciously carry out the desires of others without those desires needing to be vocalized.

Physically, doms end up being ripped and extremely well-hung.

>For women:

You know what cumming early and cumming often does to men, and there's no bigger kink for you than draining a man's stamina until he's useless.

The more a man cums inside you before you cum, the more dominant and voluptuous you become... and the more your vagina gapes. If a man makes you cum first, though, you become more and more submissive and less and less fertile.

At the domme extreme, your pheremones alone can make subs cum from a block away. At the subby extreme, even the sight of a dick can bring you off multiple times.

>For both:
Subs are all attractively androgynous. Bottom out, and a direct order from a maxed-out dom/domme can make you change your biological sex. Changing resets your stamina so you have a shot of climbing up to dom-hood.

Masturbating kills stamina a little bit at a time, but multiple solo orgasms in the same day act as a multiplier. Cumming twice alone will have a visible effect on your ability to last.
Hm... Is there any sort of monitor you can use to tell how much stamina you have left?
Jesus, imagining being a man who accidently opens a case full of these things, running in a panic, and yelling in horror as I trip, the worms catch up to me and impregnate me anally. Permanently.

Jesus some writefag get on this.
So, a slightly dom guy seduces a slightly dom guy, then they fuck all night long, the sub becoming more and more of a bitch, while the corruption of the sub just gets the dom harder.

Make it a rape story and it's golden.
source? I reversed image searched and didn't find anything.
This can only end in with a sexy Vietnam flashback
>You weren't there Man!
>When I close my eyes I can still see the three B's

Would each woman's personality depend on what gun they came from?
Well, you could play with yourself a bit and see how long it takes you to cum, then figure "well, I can last slightly less than I just did now".
Some women, at random, have multiple sets of breasts one on top of the other. Some have udders instead of conventional breasts.

Like, just two big-ass 70 lbs cow udders instead of two normal tits?
Just a single one, down on her tummy. Exact size varies.

Hmm, and all women get some kind of new mammary configuration?
No, many stay normal. About one third stay, one third get udders, and one third get extra sets.

Extra sets might mean just four, or even eight or more. They usually get progressively smaller as they run down the chest. A common configuration is two medium with two slightly smaller, but there's considerable variety. Sometimes many will be large, sometimes, the first one or two pairs will be large and then there's a drop off, sometimes all will be small. A gradient is most common.

New styles of bra and other female clothing has to be produced and getting fitted becomes a much trickier prospect.
all of std is gone as the male to female ratio are 1 to 4 all females would have at least size dd breast and able to Lactation by the time they turn 18 year old with big ass and childbearing hip giving them a very sexy hourglass body as it will be very very hard for them to get fat if they do get some fat it would all go into their breast ass hip or thigh also their pussy are very sensitive and easily tighten or lossen so matter what size cock is it's still enjoyable to females as there is no hair body

there is almost no sex law but rape is still a crime everyone is very open to sex that is why you would sometime see people having sex in public just like it's normal even strangers could easily ask for sex and not be looked at a creep or huge perv. there is no such thing as lesbian while all females are bisexual but into males more than females

dating game have completely changed as male are allow to have up to 3 girlfriend/wife since there are so many females as their partner are chosen whenever they kiss someone and it taste sweet to them so that's why every time male and female first time meet each other they would give each other a passion kiss and if they taste sweet to each other that shows possible sign of a perfect partner and after that sweet taste is found female will drink male's cum if the male's cum taste sweet too that mean she have found her mate and if it taste meh that mean he isn't perfect for her which is why sometime you would see female suck male right after they kiss each other although after few week of dating that sweet taste will go away back to normal as female's neck will seen like it have a light dark brown or black ring around her neck meaning that she have bond to male she have found leting world know that she have already found someone and belong to him which is why many females would wear collars and it is illegal for female that haven't bonded to any male yet to wear collars
females can't get pregnant by anyone only by male they are bonded to and as there are more than one female bonded to same male they would automatically love each other like best friend while they would want to serve the male they are bonded to

woah, take a deep breath there, big guy
The female body is changed over night. They find themselves unable to provide sustance to fetus in their wombs. Any child within a woman would develop a hard egg shell around them. But that’s not the only change, women find a strange thick foot long tentacle like organ growing from their pussy. What does this turn out to be? An ovipositor of course! It can easily be pulled back into the body. For a woman that isn’t pregnant it just becomes another source of pleasure, and stimulating the cuntacle is the easiest way for a woman to climax. For a pregnant woman though, it begins to twitch and writhe and drool copious amount of lube with uncontrollable need and will remain extended until they no longer carry the child. They’re constant state of arousal is only heightened in the presence of men. Eventually if they cannot find a willing partner… they’ll go mad with lust and they’ll inevitably rape the nearest man. A cunt tentacle will upon orgasm in a male body release the egg(Or eggs in the case of multiple children), and they will take root.

Now at the early stages of the change there isn’t much physically different for men. They’ll wake up the morning women gained their ovipostor without noticing much until they’re aroused. Which will result in both a typical erection… but panic may set in when they notice that their assholes begin to drip with lube… and they feel somewhat empty. If one were to explore their ass they’d notice another channel inside their anal passage which stimulation is extremely pleasurable. This leads to what can only be called a womb. They also find themselves becoming increasingly turned on around pregnant women… though always with enough clear thought to mentally resist sex if they so desire.
Changes become more drastic when they have been “Egged” Egged males will begin notice changes to their body, first it’s little thing like all their body hair falling out. Their skin becomes softer. Slowly they start losing muscle mass, and they’d find their faces drastically becoming more and more feminine. Than the bigger stuff starts to happen, their hips begin to flare outward, their asses begin to plump and they soon develop breast tissue, and begin to lactate a few gallons of milk a day . These features are always on average larger than the average female. This whole process can take 1-2 months, but, in the end leaves a man who’s been knocked up a curvy shemale gravid with eggs, and with a constant supply of milk. These changes are permanent.

A single shemale can be impregnated by multiple women at a time. Changed shemales will soon find that their sexuality has shifted leaving them 50/50 bisexual.

“Birth” happens at 9 months. Though births are not live, they remain in the egg… though said egg can be broken two weeks later producing a happy and healthy human child.

Couples, particularly those with a male who is completely against the change will likely look for a surrogate shemale birther. Which often becomes just another member of said relationship.
File: hatjoke.png (26 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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In response to you:
File: itchsmall.gif (84 KB, 467x382) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
84 KB, 467x382

Not sure what's going on here, but if you're suggesting that all women suddenly become quadruple amputees, I'd be down with that.

Imagine the sick *thump* you'd hear as 3.5 billion women and girls simultaneously fall to the ground, writhing like worms and weeping with shock, fear and horror at what's just happened to them.
File: md081.jpg (64 KB, 628x743) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64 KB, 628x743

Would the women who grow udders lose their human tits?

I love your idea, though I would have every woman either grow extra breasts or an udder, though women who grow extra breasts would find that the extra breasts would all be the same size as her original pair, or whatever size her original pair become should all this extra breast/udder growth also induce permanent lactation in transformed women.
>Like, if someone was *really* into the idea of turning his girlfriend (and maybe a few other women he may know, and maybe even a few celebrities) into lactating cowgirls, but the only way to do it is to also turn all reproductive-aged women into lactating cowgirls as well, would he do it?
Well HOW much Cow and how much Girl are they going to be?
Busty women with Extra Tits and maybe an Udder wouldn't be that bad after all...

Totally depends on the anon, which is the best - and most potentially horrifying - part.

If you get a sweet anon such as yourself that "only" just forces every woman to grow an extra set of lactating tits and/or a small udder, women would be horrified but would also learn to adjust, but if someone else had the power, they could just as easily turn women into whole cows with cow brains who are completely indistinguishable from natural-born cows, essentially destroying all reproductive-aged women and replacing them with dumb livestock.
Yes, udders would replace tits, normally. The exact configuration varies, so there's some women who keep both, and even some who get rows of tits as well as udders.

Most women also start permanently lactating, growing in breast/udder size unless milked frequently.

Women who don't grow anything extra may still grow larger breasts. Rare variations include three breasts in a single row.

That pic is actually what inspired this idea.

I wonder how flatchested women would feel about suddenly ending up now completely titless but with a big wobbling udder between their legs, or women with H cups now stuck with even more giant tits running down their bellies...
So... Man/Shemale fucks woman, egg is fertilized, and then placed back in the Shemale?
How the hell do you fuck an Ovipositor?
File: gd17.jpg (22 KB, 352x412) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22 KB, 352x412
It's delicious to think about. What if there was some way of influencing what kind of breasts they get, or rumors that it could be influenced? Women would have to decide which configuration is least inconvenient.
Gooze is love, Gooze is life.

I would watch this hentai

>>person gets wish, everyone gets mechs
>>all women are mechs
>>men work furiously to solve problem
>>never solve problem, create hybrid human/mech gynabots that can at least incubate clones
>>Female clones are still mechs after birth
>>Some humans leave thinking that if they get far enough away, the mech trait will end and humans can go back to existing as two sexes.
>>Some finally get far enough away,
>>many thousands of years pass, Humans rediscover earth
>>Mechs and their cybernetically enhanced pilots awaken out of cyberslumber to defend themselves against these invaders
>>Women in the human fleet begin turning into mechs
>>Only mechwomen and pilots can hope to defeat the earth mechs
>>Random bit about souls
>>Video of the audiance reacting in disgust
>>something something you disgust me

I think you have an award winning anime here
File: 547.png (50 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50 KB, 500x500

Shit, if women were somehow informed ahead of time that every female on Earth was going to have her mammary configuration changed and they were forced to choose what their new configuration would be? That would be HOT.

Maybe it's aliens doing a fucked up sociology experiment or some sick anon gets his hands on equipment that can fundamentally alter the DNA of human females - whoever it is decides to add the sick twist of forcing women to decide how the most valued parts of their bodies are about to be changed multiplied, making it so that every woman has to think long and hard about what configuration of extra tits and udders will be right for them.

Rules would have to be put in place so women can't get off with a relatively minor change - the smaller a woman's breasts are, the more breasts she might have to choose at a minimum, or the larger her udder may have to be, or have to endure permanent and explosive lactation for the rest of her life if she wants to remain relatively unchanged.

A woman with H cup breasts might fulfill her mandatory titty-change quotient by requesting 4 extra breasts (the same size as her original pair), but seriously debates just allowing her original 2 tits to be doubled in size and induce lactation so she can still fit into jeans and underwear, but she decides that 6 big tits are better than 2 comically titanic tits that she wouldn't be able to each the nipples of to milk.

I couldn't have expected what was going to happen to me that day. You don't really expect anything special to happen when you answer the door, right? When it knocks, about the only exciting thing to happen is that you trip over yourself trying to get to the door so as not to make anybody wait.

Except on that day, on the front step of Jezebelle & Co. (which I might add is one of the finest maternity-wear shops in the city!) I answered the door and there, standing before me, a heavily pregnant delivery man holding a clipboard.

My face fell the instant I saw that rounded, bulbous belly of his, I remember. After all, who the hell-- What kind of MALE would ever want to be pregnant? Fashionable it was, sure, but it seemed like only women should deserve to go through the pain, the nausea, the... ugh. Not men. No, men were not designed for that.

Still, this guy seemed proud of himself. As he shoved the clipboard in my face and I signed for it I asked, "Two questions - What's in the crate? ...and why are you working if you're that pregnant?"

The guy just laughed and tucked the board under his arm before stepping behind the trolley holding the heavy plastic crate, "Are you kidding me? It's great! I get paid for maternity leave whether I'm working or not. Why do you think I put up with this? I need the extra cash, and I can always chuck the kid when it's born to some highschooler too afraid to go through with the birthing bullshit. Win-Win. Where do you want this?" He asked as he pushed the crate through the door.

I stepped aside and waved him toward the back room, "Right through there - let me get the door." I stepped inside first and held the door open for him as he pushed the crate inside - I didn't realize the crate took up the whole width of the small room, so I was forced to stand back in the corner and be sandwiched between the crate and the wall. No big deal, I could climb over it later.

"Alright! There you go. And, hey, y'know-- (Part 1)

--I'd think about the pregnancy thing if I were you. I saw the look on your face, and I wouldn't knock it before I tried it. Do you know how much maternity paid leave racks up to by the time you pop out a brat? Let's just say I'll be eating macaroni and cheese tonight, and having lobster on my new boat by the time this kid is born." With a cheesy grin the guy sets the crate down and pulls his trolley out, then backs out of the room with a wink and a wave and a tip of his hat.

The deadpan expression that consumed my face was picture-perfect, I bet. Me? /Pregnant?/ Screw that. I wasn't a woman, my body wasn't made for that, and I wasn't one of those sissy males who thought it'd be fun to pretend.

Though the increase in pay like that did sound good... but no, fuck no! If I so much as saw a worm within ten feet of me I'd lose my shit, I knew.

So I went to climb over the container, and as I climbed up I heard movement inside of the plastic thing. It had no clearly marked labeling, just "ROXBOROUGH SHIPPING" stamped into the side. But something was definitely moving in there... What-- What the hell?

"Hello?" I climbed down into my corner again and put my ear to the lid. I could only hear thumping, sliding, like something was...

Then I hear, "Can someone help me?!"

My eyes widened. Someone was in there! Holy fuck! I stand up and begin to tear away the sealing tape around the edge, "Hold on, I'm coming!"

Imagine my horror, though, as when I break the seal and tear the lid off, all I see is a writhing, squirming, squelching mass of WORMS. Worms! My heart jumped into my throat and my stomach dropped into my toes and the first and only thing I could think to do was try and get out of the room.

Without even THINKING I plunge a foot into the mass of sleek, slimy worms which stir into a frenzy the second I try to move. I feel them grab onto my ankle, wedge into my shoe, slide up my pant leg and as a mashed string of sailor-blushing curses-- (Part 2)

tear from my lips, I make a leap for it--!

And like a dumbfuck trying parkour for the first time, I CLIP the edge of the container and tip it, then that side of the thing snaps off and the worms begin to spill out of the hole I made like a landslide while the ass end of the container slams back onto the floor.

Me? I'm face-first on the floor kissing tiles. I hear them slapping and flopping on the floor, I feel them smacking into my sides and washing up between my legs with the tidal flow of saline slime the were packaged in.

Ohhh... OHHHH fuck-- Fuck, fuck! I can feel them slithering into places! Up my pants legs, up my shirt, they do what they were made to do and search each and every possible space to find an orifice to wriggle themselves into. The girlish scream which tears from my lips is unlike any other and I flip onto my back in hopes of keeping my ass covered--literally.

That doesn't stop them from worming up my pants, though, and each garment I was wearing is now stained and soiled with the slime they secrete. The mild screeching they give is practically a whisper in comparison to the cacophony of squelching, squishing, slopping sounds made as I crawl backwards for the door like a feeble ingrate.

Then, to my distinct /horror/, I feel they've found my ass cheeks. Even sitting on them I feel them coiling around my cock and my balls, moving effortlessly across my slickened skin like some cunt-seeking missiles-- Christ, oh christ! The floor does nothing! They begin to wedge themselves between my ass cheeks and I abandon my attempts at escape in favor of reaching into my pants to pull the fuckers out. They haven't penetrated me--yet--but they have a taste of what they're looking for and are just fucking /swarming/ me now.

"No! No! Please, fucking-- No! God damnit!" Sweat beading my forehead, I unbutton my pants and shove that fucker of a garment down around my knees before turning onto my side, shoving a hand down my boxers. (Part 3)

I grab the invasive one--yes! got the fucker!--and I pull. It moves about an inch or two before my hands slip down the worm and I realize... oh...

oh god... oh fuck... Fuck-- FUCK-- I can't hold onto it! I'm losing it! I clench for my goddamn LIFE and hope to fucking fuck that it doesn't--

But then I feel it, first a timid little tickle at my pucker which is not at all dissuaded by how my hands grope repeatedly along the length of the worm, desperately trying to pull it away. The clenching of my virgin sphincter only seems to present a delightful challenge to the worm as the eyeless, mouthless fucker proceeds to coil his body around my cock and balls, to anchor himself, and then he SHOVES himself into my anus and... admittedly, at first it isn't painful so much as it is a strange pressure and a VERY new and frightening sensation muted only somewhat by the fact I've got about twenty different worms swirling my rock-hard cock and balls. But then, as he burrows even deeper inside of me and stretches me over the bulk of his body--which seems to be growing?! Swelling?? What the fuck!--I feel sharp strikes of pain and it I'm left laying prone, on my belly, tears spilling from my eyes as I stare at the far wall and realize that this is not something that can be undone. I can't do anything about it-- I just have to lay there and take it... But-- Fuck, oh my /god/....

In order to prevent more worms from joining the slippery invader, I hoist my ass high into the air and bury my face into my hands, letting out a sharp "FUCK!" with my cracking voice in realizing that he burrows so much DEEPER with this new position. I can feel my ass positively filling to the brim, feeling like nothing I've felt before, and then I feel the last of him go in and the pain is gone. Gone.

Replaced by a feeling, the squirming and swirling inside my ass, coupled with the /insanely/ immense pleasure I feel as the slimy fucker passes over-- (Part 4)
File: chastitymovie.jpg (152 KB, 825x1058) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
152 KB, 825x1058
Around the world, a certain change affects all men and women.
Everyone with a submissive streak finds a chastity belt locked around their genitals. Those who are "dominant", posessing force of will, charisma, and a strong personality, which is about 5% of the population, of which roughly 80% is male, are spared this. The other 95% of people are those who have a latent tendency to submissiveness which has been awakened by the change if they weren't significantly submissive before.
The belt is impossible for the wearer to remove, and it's impossible to circumvent. No matter what, there is no way to stimulate one's own genitals while belted. Male chastity belts are long enough that the wearer can get erect without pain, and female chastity belts are self-cleaning so periods don't get too nasty. They're infinitely durable, too, and can't be destroyed or forced open.
Only the penis and vagina are locked away. The anus is totally open.
Now, these belts are cruel. Not only is the wearer locked away, but the belts also stimulate their wearers. The belts have vibrators that randomly stimulate their wearer to the edge, but never cause orgasm.
As for the other 5%, they gain certain powers over the submissives. They have the ability to unlock any belt with a touch, however after 3 hours the belt will reappear, securely locked around the sub's genitals (as long as they are not penetrated by or penetrating someone at the time, in which case it appears immediately after).
File: 37810631.png (1 MB, 1200x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1200x900
However, in order to unlock the belt, the dom must have the consent of the sub. In other words, it's impossible to forcibly open a belt.
When a dom opens a belt, he basically gets a sort of "remote" that is directly linked to the belt. From then on, the master gains the ability to activate certain of the belt's functions. For example, the belt's ability to automatically manifest itself can be turned off. He can also control the stimulation function, and even bring the sub to orgasm while they are belted in this manner.
The remote also grants some control over the wearer themselves. It can't control the sub's actions, but it can be used to inflict pain on the sub or immobilize them.
If a remote is lost or destroyed, the dom loses control over the sub, but the sub ends up locked in again. The remote cannot be given away; this counts as "losing" the remote.
There are some mental changes in doms, too. While subs are awakened to submissiveness, doms are awakened into dominance. No one uses their powers to simply allow their subs to go free, because a tendency towards authoritarian control is enhanced in doms. They are also generally unwilling to allow their subs to orgasm except in very rare cases, unless they are forcing multiple orgasms over a short period of time.
--my g-spot what feels like every three seconds.

G-God... But-- Fuck! No! Why am I enjoying this? I can't enjoy this-- This is wrong! I don't want to be pregnant-- I have women for that! I don't want to be pregnant!

By the time it leaves my lips I realize I'm sobbing like a worthless piece of shit, ass hoisted into the air like some cheap whore as a pregnancy worm works his magic inside my tight ass. "I don't want to be pregnant!" I sobs great heaving sobs into my arms, ashamed beyond measure by how much my cock seems to be enjoying this, when my head simply isn't.

"--Just hurry up and get it over with.. F-Fuck-- Just--" I feel myself breaking so easily. What can I do? I can't go out of this room like this - The store won't close for another five hours - and nobody ever checks the fucking back room because the front is always in such ample stock and supply!

I'll be humiliated if I try to leave. I can't bear the idea of ruining my reputation like that... It's not like pregnant males are a rare thing this day and age, but I've made such a fuss about boasting that I'd never BE one of them, I just--

Reaching over and grabbing my pants I find a pant leg and do something I never thought I'd catch myself doing. I stuff the pant leg into my boxers and proceed to shove the fabric up into my abused little pucker - I figure with a worm already in there doing god-knows-what and fabric blocking the exit, no other worms can get in there. Then I lower my ass and lay on my side, taking note that there must be SOMETHING in vaginas and anuses that these slick bastards crave because they aren't at all interested in my mouth, my nose, my ears - god, fuck, I'd have to kill myself before I'd endure a worm going down any of those...

So for the next five hours I just... I lay there. I lay there and become intimately, disturbingly familiar with the inside of my own anal cavity as the worm burrows down and begins to secrete the DNA and mucous membrane-- (Part 5)

--necessary for the baby--oh my fucking god.. a baby--to survive in a man's anus without suffering in fecal matter or digestive juices of the tract or stomach. Who knows how they do it? I don't care-- I don't want to know. My life is ruined as I know it.

So here I lay among the thousands of squirming, horny slimy fucks still searching for a hole, slithering all over my body and all through my clothes still searching for something to impregnate. Eventually all of the worms sliding past my cock in combination with such anal stimulation causes me to cum into the mass of worms, and that only seems to drive them more into a mass frenzy! It's something I must endure for the next... six hours. I figure an hour after closing and I can sneak out when it's dark without anybody seeing.

What am I going to do with my life now?

I'm going to be pregnant...

...and...to my horror, I'm not so sure I won't enjoy it anymore. I've never felt anything like this and... I-I mean.... today's modern technology-- why should birth be painful? I could... feel this again, couldn't I?

Not worry about the consequences...?

What have I become?

Thanks for that.
tenno or warframe? tenno are humans who have been exposed to the void and been given super ninja training. Warframes are suits of armor that focous a tennos void energy and give then protection.
a tenno without a warframe is just a ninja with an arcane presence to him, and a warframe without a tenno is a suit of very decorative armor.

or alternatively you could say "women are given the power of the void, filled with the expertise of a tenno, and given a warframe" but unless you specify which warframe they get and leave it up ti fate then it us entirely possible some women would get male pattern warframes, because anyone can ware any warframe.
>finally someone wgo understands the difference between tenno and warframes in these threads

also you don't have to shape shift, the suit does it for you.
File: 1410888040289.jpg (225 KB, 545x771) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
225 KB, 545x771
Just in time for Halloween.

In fact, it would be pretty amazing if all women were somehow magically altered in the weeks leading up to any major holiday to better fit the theme of that holiday.

For Halloween, women might be turned into living skeletons, ghosts or have tits that turn into pumpkins. For Christmas, women might be cubed against their will, giftwrapped by magical forces and placed under the tree of whoever wants to fuck them the most. For Easter, women turn into bunnygirls in heat and/or are forced to lay giant, decorated eggs, and so on.
File: 1367334746983.jpg (317 KB, 619x823) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
317 KB, 619x823

I also just realized that for Halloween, Christmas and Easter, women could also be turned into candy or foodgirls in general, though I'm not quite sure how that would work.
File: 186262828222.jpg (199 KB, 800x1287) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
199 KB, 800x1287
One by one, women are whisked away by some unseen force and are returned several hours later heavily pierced, ribboned and/or tattooed.

They inexplicably return with these piercings and tattoos already fully healed, and also return either fully nude or dressed skimpily to best show off the alterations made to their bodies.

It takes about a year for all women to be whisked away and returned in this altered state, and during that time, every unaltered woman dreads the moment she may be whisked away and prays she won't be too disfigured or won't be returned naked in a public space.
File: mgzwvu.png (779 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
779 KB, 1920x1080
Fast you say?

Personal theories and in-game blurbs run all over the place, but even so there has to be /some/ point where the Warframe stops and the Tenno starts. And I'd much rather have a fleshy core than Void Energy.
All the men in the world have no penises unless a woman directly asks them for sex, in which case their penis appears fully erect and ready to go, but can be immediately summoned away when a woman says "No"

This causes some problems for schoolboys when girls tease them by asking them to have sex in the middle of class or while they're giving a presentation and a huge, raging boner appears. Women call out to professional athletes and they are stopped in their tracks by inconvenient boners. The female fans on their side scream "No!" and they're able to play again.

Rape is a purely female phenomenon as men are unable to control their penises, and women cannot be raped because the penis disappears as they say "No."
>Rape is a purely female phenomenon as men are unable to control their penises, and women cannot be raped because the penis disappears as they say "No."
But you said different women could make the penises appear again. So all a male rapist needs is a female accomplice to summon his penis back and he can rape.
Ghosts are real and they seek companionship,there might be evil spirits.

If you go to a grave yard a spirit may follow you home.

Most spirits don't have the means to take over your body,but they can communicate to you like your conscious..

Most spirits who enter one's body are just "cold" and they want to talk somebody like old people who call call centers as they're lonely.
i liek
Then the female accomplice is the "enabler", so rape is still a female phenomenon.
File: 007.jpg (248 KB, 708x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
248 KB, 708x1000
Men are now symbiotic tentacle monsters.

Your welcome.
>Rape is a purely female phenomenon as men are unable to control their penises, and women cannot be raped because the penis disappears as they say "No."

Oh ye of little faith.
File: 030.jpg (1 MB, 1280x1830) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1280x1830
The slave trades of the past never went away. In fact, instead of falling away in the dark ages, European society bred their moors selectively into a more sexually appealing subspecies: Homo Sapiens Sexus.
The species is comprised of futa and women, the male gender utterly supressed. They are strong and their bodies are built for low-calorie intake for high results, but have been selected and genetically altered to respond to any demand promptly and are sexually empathic to their owners. Their chocolate skin and silky long hair separate them from normal humans, and they naturally bond to the sexual desires around them. A race of true slaves, that require no chains or laws, just live to be used and fucked.
I don't even find this hot but that image is so nice to look at for some reason
File: md167.jpg (83 KB, 699x989) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83 KB, 699x989
So...Women loose their nostrils?

Also they apparently become slack-jawed, thinly-skinned skeletonized boob monsters.

But seriously, extra tits for every babymaking-aged woman, but instead of an orderly row of tits sprouting down their bellies, women must contend with a riot of tits erupting all over their fronts.

Hard mode: the tits are all of various sizes and perpetually lactate.
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