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ITT: Shitty LCS experiences
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>go to comic shop with friend
>friend swears by it and the people running are hardcore fans
>go around browsing a bit
>pick out a GN from the clearence section because I liked it
>go to pay
>clerk looks at book and then at me
>"That all?"
>really confused, thought he was sincere.
>"Hey, this guy's buying clearence! Look! Big spender! It'll be $2 BIG SPENDER!"
>get wallet out to get money
>clerk leans a little
>"You have more money in there! You can buy more stuff!"
>put wallet back
>leave collected pile of change I had in my backpack
>take book
>walk out
>Go to local comic shop
>It doesn't exist
ITT: Things That Didn't Happen Besides >>79112239
Used to be this, but then a local bookstore started selling comics few years ago. The owner is pretty chill, and actually knows how to talk to people unlike the only other comic shop I've been to within 100 miles, which is staffed with neckbeards.
>go to LCS
>it's a few spinner racks in the back of a record store
>basically the top thirty popular titles
>three foot shelf half full with TPBs
>don't do orders or pulls
>staff consists of three people in their thirties who look like they never left their teenage indie phase
>Live in the backwoods, never seen a comic book shop in life
>Out in the big city, spot a shop
>Three neckbeards discussing the first trailer to Days of Future Past in the counter
>Don't know what to buy, already read everything I was interested in
>Become nervous by the clerk staring
>Remember all the overblown stories of snobish staff in comic book stores
>Dart out when no one is looking

Exciting, I know.
The people at my local comic store are usually pretty chill about a semi-casual like me. I know I dont know everything about the comics I do pick up, and I dont pretend to.

It usually goes
> Hey, anon.
> Hey, shopkeep
> Looking for anything in particular?
> Nah, just seeing if theres anything I might like today
> Cool, bro. Just let me know if you need any help.
Local record shop story but whatever
>browsing the traded in stuff with friends
>they start talking about jazz witch I no nothing about
>get bored and go see the posters in the front of the store
>there's a middle aged white guy there putting up a poster for his band
>I expected it to be jimmy buffet cover band of something but then I see the poster and it looks crazy trippy.
>my astigmatism is a bitch so I ask what band he was putting up posters for
>he turned around and he look like death and dressed worse
>he told me he didn't even care anymore
>apparently he works for a punk band from Spain that had a concert in my city that month
>they were arrogant assholes who told him to make sure that their poster was in every hot topic in town
>well the poster beyond the crazy colors clearly depicted slavery and that didn't fly at a family friendly hot topic
>so he drove all over the city looking for any store that would let him put up the posters in thier windows
>after he told me all of this all I could think to say was "oh well the posters look cool at least"
>"do you want them"
>he hands me the stack of posters
>"and if anyone asks tell them that Danny Dickfingers gave them to you"
>he then walks out of the store with tears in his eyes
>I then put the entire stack of posters in the trash and go look for my friends
Not super dramatic but

>be me
> take 7 year old cousin to LCS
>pick out books for myself and he picks out a few books for himself
>he's using his birthday money (adorable) so I have a $5 bill from him in my hand when I walk up to the counter
>clerk sneers at me and says "it's obviously more than $5"
>buy books
>never been back

I mean he didn't tell me to go fuck myself or anything, but the lack of customer service skills was pretty appalling. And this guy was the owner. Like even if I actually did think floppies were $1 each there's no reason to be a dick about it
Fuck that guy anon. Some people just never had to interact with other people or just assumed that they weren't gullible when they were kids.
>go to hybrid comic/table top game store
>lookin' fer my comics, there is a gigantic as fuck fatty in my way, holding several boxes of warhammer shit
>oh god he stinks
>hes wearing sweat pants and crocs, tank top
>he must be over 450lb, holy shit
>standing in front of the comics I was lookin' to get
>Me: "Excuse me."
>Fattie McBigs: "what?"
>Me:"I'm trying to get to those *points behind him*" Can you move please?
>Hamplanet: "No"
>Me:"Uh, why?"
>Meal maniac: "Will you stop fucking hassling me, god damn."
>Me: "Bro you're in my way, please move.
>Ajax Heart Attacks: "How about you fuck off?"

At this point I'm not sure what to do. Normally I wouldn't mind punching someone for being so fucking disrespectful, but he might legit die of a heart attack. Thankfully the manager told him to move aside, and the fat fuck just sighed in exasperation, "fuck me god dammit." this and that shit.

He's the reason people look down on this particular hobby, god damn.
>LCS is inside a big ass mall that's located at the worst fucking intersection you've every fucking seen.
>LCS is squished between a "trendy" ice cream(it's not ice cream it's some form of horror that never fully solidifies so you're left with a melted piece of shit) shop, and a hot topic.
>The location where the LCS is was originally the maintenance crews storage building so there's no fucking heat.
>The owner is a heavy drug user, like crack or some shit, and constantly talks about how he's fucking the manager over at the Target.
>No pulls or pre orders, you have to be there the day those issues drop if you want a copy.
>Owner will frequently shut down half of the shop so that he can host a game night in the middle of the fucking afternoon.
>This isn't Warhammer or Yu-Gi-Oh, or even M:tG, it's just straight up him setting up a bunch of TV's and letting people play CoD or Smash Bros.
>Whenever you want to buy something you have to let him photograph your drivers licence in case you might try something.
>This caused a huge fight when some Asian guy tried to by a Sandman Omnibus but wouldn't let the owner take a picture.
>Instead of just letting the guy leave, the owner tries to stop him from being able to leave by laying in front of the entrance.
>The Asian guy tries to step over the owner but then the owner grabs his leg, Asian guy proceeds to stomp the shit out of the owner.
>Mall security came, owner got his four other lackeys to say that the Asian guy was trying to steal shit, and since the LCS has no cameras, Asian kid got all the blame.
>He doesn't use coasters.
I've never had a bad experience at any comic shop. Guess I'll balance it this out with a good experience.
>went to visit my goddaughter and her family for her birthday.
>saw a comic shop at strip mall I was driving past.
>they were doing a small art show too (signs by road)
>itch hits me and I stop by there after party
>place is really nice, hardwood floors, well lit, not saturated with posters and stickers
>miss art show so I look around, see issue #4 of Marvels Miracleman reprints.
>forgot all about the re-release, so look for issue #1
>owner comes by and asks if I need help
>ask him about issue 1, he doesn't have it
>btw he is a thinnish guy in slacks and a button down, which for some reason struck me as weird.
>he recommends vol. 1 hardcover of MM.
>I buy it.
>we get to talking about comics in general for a little while.
>walk out of there impressed.

Most of my experience with comic stores is New England Comics (which I like), Newbury Comics (which is more music), and some hole in the wall places. More places and people like this would go a long way to restoring LCS credibility.
God speed, Danny Dickfingers. God speed...
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>rocket raccoon #1 shipped early l. I thought it was out so i drive up to LCS
>We have it but we cant sell it untill next wednesday
>1 week later
>walk in and check new release shelf
Its not there
>ask clerk about it
>dude lmao that came out last week
This didnt happen btw
I've seen people come into my LCS and spend three hours going through Magic binders and spending 25 cents.
Only had good experiences at my LCS.

> go to LCS looking for Earth x
> ask store owner if they have it.
> says it's out of print, but they have all the single issues for sale as one bundle and it's 50% off.
>shows me where it is in the store and I buy it.
>go to lcs
>pick out comics what I want to buy
>take them to counter
>have friendly conversation with owner
>purchase comics
>say goodbye
>leave store

This tends to happen a lot.
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not a shitty experience but whatever:
> guy runs little shop a few blocks down from grandma's house
> nicest guy on earth
> sold me first arc of Hellboy pristine condition at a discount not long nefore movie came out, so he could've sold for a shit ton
> bought the majority of what I have to day from him
> always recommended good shit
> gave me free ice creams, not something he usually does for most customers
> one day he's more reserved than usual, usually mingles with customers
> hasn't come out of the back room
> go to counter to ring up my purchase
> see him wipe tears away from his face and walk to counter
> his eyes are red and puffy
> his father died of cancer
> soon after he closes the shop for a while
> not sure if to grieve or because of sales
> months later he opens back up
> B&N comes to town and starts rekking all LCS sales
Running an LCS must be hard as shit.
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> Fattie McBigs
> Hamplanet
> Meal Maniac
> Ajax Heart Attacks
>He doesn't use coasters
Damn I've read a lot of these stories but that's fucked anon.
>go to Ralph's
>grab Jughead double digest
>old lady at checkout
>surprised they still make Archie
>says she used to love it
>pay and leave
That's basically my experience. More or less. Little place in Fresno.

>go in, place is cram packed with comics and magic cards
>place is barely 10, maybe 12 feet wide at most
>with counter on right, tables and chairs center, and stacks of merch on the left, its claustrophobic as fuck
>while there are regular magic playing kids, the ultra-thin aisle means most 300-400lb neckbeards can't enter
>guy who runs store looks like he got in a fight with life and lost, but he's pretty damn cool
>makes most money off of the magic crowd, since they open boxes in his store, take what few cards they want, and give him the rest for free
>so he sells most everything that isn't brand new or rare for dirt cheap
>if you are even halfway a regular, or spending more than 10 bux he usually gives you a deal for even less than the usual dirt cheap prices

It's gonna suck when this guy dies. The only other comic store I know of doesn't stock shit other than current comics. Been hearing good things about Third Eye, but haven't checked them out.
Are you talking about Thor? That guy was rude to me when I went there.
>Running an LCS must be hard as shit.
I don't doubt it. Being in a niche market to begin with. Then you gotta deal with B&N along with online retail? As an owner you have to be highly creative to draw people in. Maybe an ice cream shoppe, sell music and movies, card/vidya tourneys, art shows.
A guy I know ran a paintball shop. He worked a regular job to pay his bills but kept the place open because of love for the game.
Who knows if some of these LCS owners aren't doing the same.
That's why I don't pirate comics, and really hate when people do.

LCS guys love this stuff to death, and pour their heart and soul into it.
Some LCS though are really arrogant and idiots though.
Who? I don't know the name of the guy who runs it, I just visit now and then. What's the name of the place you are thinking of?
There's 3 comic shops near me. One is run by a normie chad but he has the best selection on trades and graphic novels so I usually end up having to go to him. Another runs a game/comic store, I don't ever go there. The crowd seems nice enough but there's a lot of elitism there and most of the stuff is back issues that I'll never be interested in. Third guy runs a comic shop by the movie theater. It's got weird hours but the guy is really nice. The movie theater is pretty much the go-to spot in my town, so he puts up with a lot of normies, and you can tell. His eyes lighten up when someone brings up something like Hellblazer or Rachel Rising. Again, he's a good guy and I make it a point to buy something every time I'm up at the theater.
>go to LCS
>it's clean and ran by an older dude
>some people playing D&D and Magic
>everybody is having a good time by themselves not bothering anybody
>Buy a DC Bishoujo Figure for my bf
>walk out
Fucking Gamestop. Where do you people live that LCS are shit?
The store was called "TVN Sports & Collectables".

They sold cards and comics, but it's the only store I've been to where the guy was mad that I was looking at comics.
I've pirated some stuff. Mostly old, hard to find things. Other stuff is to check it out to see if I like it. Unless Amazon has a cant pass up deal, I get trades from an LCS when I'm able.
>go to some small shop called clark's
>never see any other customers inside
>Clark is the owner, follows me around the store like I'm gonna steal his shit.
>try making small talk to make it less uncomfortable.
>clark got some neat tattoos, primarily the 10 lantern rings on his knuckles.
>"cool tattoos man, take it you're into the Lanterns."
>asshole snorts and goes back to his desk.
>when I try to check out he condescends my purchases

Fuck Clark
>Go to a comic shop someone told me about
>Absolute shit selection
>Not a lot of trades and incredibly little stuff from outside the big two
>Most of the back issues is stuff from the 00s with the occasional 90s book
>Leave and don't come back
I'm better off using Amazon and ebay
That a lot of big guys.
>walk to lcs
>ask about my pull box
>nothing is in it
>check the new issues
>nothing i care about
>check the wall of trades and hardcovers
>everything I was remotely interested in, I bought, someone else bought, or was too expense
>realize that it's unfair for a local store to gamble on stocking trades because they can and will be stuck with product that nobody wants and will just take up shelf space for years
>keeps happening
>eventually stop going

I feel bad for you guys with shitty local stores.
I have a great lcs, I'm just not into anything right now.
What figure anon?
>record shop

Do those seriously still exist?
Yea dude. And their fucken great.
Records are having a resurgence in popularity. You can find them at fucking Barnes and Noble now, of course there are still specialty stores around.
>Local gaming store sometimes go to got closed on new years
>Meet some guys who went there exclusively to play d&d at a different gaming/comics store we were all new to
>Magic tournament that same day
>Vaguely autistic guy keeps getting up mid-match to bother the store owner about rulings, buying snacks, etc
>Guy gets annoyed and tells him to sit down or he'll be disqualified
>Owner looks exactly like fat John Travolta from Pulp Fiction
>I'm an extra in a movie in which John Travolta owns a comic book store
Floppies are too expensive.
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>>Go to local comic shop
>>It doesn't exist
> not anymore
Thanks, DC New52.
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DSC01858 - Copy.jpg
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>>record shop

I need to stop buying records until I get a better player. Then again I buy a ton of random oddball cheap ones, especially 45s, and rip them on my roomate's cheap USB player.
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DSC00969 copy.jpg
451 KB, 800x1202
> go to local comic shops
> get free books
comic stores constantly die out if they don't support traditional games.
no one goes to a store solely for comics.
unless they are some kind of fat weirdo
I like how Woody is laying in Vampi's arms and looking lovingly into her eyes.
I don't really have bad experiences at my local store. I thought it'd be way worse since it's in the shitty part of a shitty city (Store is literally down the street from a welfare office and a Goodwill mission) but it's okay. I usually go there during the middle of the day on a weekday, so it's always so empty. It's always the same girl working the counter, too. I only saw the manager once when I went on a Saturday. It's a nice shop though, walls of comics, the ceiling is covered in action figures, they even have some rarer prints behind the counter if you're interested. They also have a section for dubbed movies, anime and foreign martial arts movies too. They apparently sell some 18+ comics, but they're in a back corner and I've never bothered to look at em.

Overall a pretty cool place. The girl is always really helpful too.
I'm not fat. Okay, I could lower my bmi a bit, but it's not really noticeable.

And, actually, to be honest, that one moved. Well, moved and then merged with another one down the street. That one has room in the basement and holes MTG and other gaming nights.
So, I guess you're rather right on that.
Anyone who has gone into Kings Comics in Sydney can vouch how fucking bad it is in there.
>Bunch of assholes who think they're famous cause they work in a popular comic shop.
>Overpriced comics and products.
>Low stock almost all the time.

God I hate Kings Comics
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oh yeah. forgot I did that.
>paying for the desecration of Miracleman
99% of LCS deserve death anon
Across the street from the Batman shooting theater.
>been to LCS several times to browse manga, not a great selection
>staff is always very pleasant
>they have tons of marvel/DC capeshit i'm not interested in
>back wall has a shelf full of independent releases, seems pretty good
>talk to manager for 5 minutes one time, she gives me a rec
>buy League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
>read it
>it's nothing special
>go back to superior japanese manga penned over 1000 times

helps that i live by a kinokuniya, too
You have your own board, nipponfag, why are you even here?
The floppy direct-market business model needs to die a swift death. It's just a completely inferior product to trades and digital. In this day and age, paying a premium for floppies when they're full of ads and generally only a fraction of a complete narrative is foolish.
Just heard about Illuminated Wars that is going to be published on here, came to check it out and get the scoop, but I couldn't find a thread. Seems like it'll be an influx of tumblr to this already tumblr board
But that's not written by one of your glorious Japanese scribes, how can you even enjoy something created by the lowly Westerners?
>Illuminated Wars

Do you know Muh Pheonix? Similar concept, basically taking the piss out of Hickman's "epic".
I never said I was going to read it, but if it is a big fast moving sticky I'll be here for the memes

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>Thrashing Doves
>walk into LCS
>guy behind the counter is on me like a fly on shit
>"ello darlin' you looking for some cute plushies?"
>politely tell him i'm just here to browse
>he keeps following me round, trying to comment on everything i look at
>weird grizzled old guy in the corner walks over
>"she's not interested, fuck off"
>counter guy immediately shrinks the fuck away, apologising
>who the fuck is this old guy to provoke that response
>say thanks to him, finally get a good look
>pretty sure i recognise him
>take another look
>oh fuck, is that alan moore?
>"so, weird question, but are you alan moore?"
>not entirely sure what to say now
>he just kind of hands me this magazine
>it's a copy of Dodgem Logic #1 signed by him

fuckin' Northampton man, weirdest place on earth
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>Go to my lcs
>they are small, brand new in a tiny town, open for a few months now
>I pick a few trades here and there, small talk with the staff
>one day I see vol 1 of Ostrander's Suicide Squad
>hype as fuck! Been waitting for DC to reprint trades of it since I herd about the movie release
>pay for it
>manager, "Oh, you know we have the recent one in stock right? Are you sure you still want this?"
>points out New 52 on the shelf
>Decline and put in an order for vol 2 when it's released
>months later pick up volume 2
>manager again, tries to push New 52
>I decline
>"You do know that Harley Quinn doesn't ever show up in this series, right?"
>get triggered by mistake
>reply "but Harley sucks."
>he and the two other customers just kind of try not to stare at me
>now days when I pick up my pull list from him he's hella awkward.
>go to lcs
>picked out the books I wanted
>went up to the register and paid
>got my receipt
>we thanked each other for our business transaction
>went home
Bullshit, i doubt Alan Moore ever leaves his house, let alone visits comic shops.

Pics of the signed comic and name of the shop or it didn't happen.
To be fair, a number of people do live in areas where there isn't a LCS.
Oh man, I know that feel. Rcently my LCS owner was going on about how Marvel was so much better than DC currently, and I was so bloody tempted to get into an argument.
I feel with ya guys.

>buy all my comics from hastings
>shitty selection most of the time, mostly Marvel, DC, Walking Dead and Doctor Who
>they never get in what I want so I have to set up a subscription for everything new coming out
>two guys manage all the comic book shit
>one of the guys keeps trying to push flavor of the week tumblr shit on me
>literally will recommend tumblr artists
>keeps trying to push harley quinn even though i tried it and didn't like it.
>im the other guy that works there
we had a cool game shop in town where i went to college, but the guy who owned it decided he was a woman one day after his mom died and went off the deep end.

he also lived there with his wife and two small children, which was fine for the bros but probably a turnoff for customers and students.

In the end he just became afraid of people. he didn't like people judging him or not understanding the appropriate ways to talk to transgender people, or people that knew him honestly slipping up and calling him by old nicknames.

just a complete emotional wreck. he didn't advertize either. I guess he figured he could get by running magic tournaments, and he could, but if he didn't get the shipments of cards on time he made no money that week.

it was sad to see this guy hemorrage money, and none of us had the balls to talk to him and try to get him back on track because, well, what can you say to a guy who's got his balls chopped off because he couldn't resolve all the issues he had with his mom, and is on so many hormones he doesn't know which way is up?


i hope someone else tries to start a game store in that town. it can work, i think, if you don't get too involved with the customers.

lad, do you live, or have you lived in Northampton?

I'm not her, but it's well known that the mad old cunt just walks about town. He shops in the Tesco at Weston Favell, he's often in the Grosvenor Centre, he drinks intermittently at The Pennywhistle, which is next door to Close Encounters, the comic store. In fact, if you live in Northampton and know anything about comics, chances are, you know where Alan Moore lives, down to the exact fucking house number.

Oh, and if you had any kind of fucking brain, you'd realise that Dodgem Logic is his shitty fucking magazine about Northampton, based on him going round town and finding interesting shit. The guy's all over town.

Get fucked, cunt.
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This story takes place about 30 miles away from my current lcs
>walk into the large gaming and comic shop
>pick up all three tradebacks of Superior Foes of Spider-Man
>go to pay for them
>guy behind the counter scoffs
>Decide to engage him, because why not?
">Have you checked this out at all? It's pretty good."
>"a whole what? 20 issues dedicated to a group of people planning how to kill spider-man? No thanks, I don't waste my time on capeshit."
>his assistant, who was done helping a customer get cards leans over to me
>"This guy, right?"
>I laugh
>he laughs
>the guy getting magic cards laughs
>guy who rung me up just stares at us
Why do LCS owners intentionally try to drive away their customers? I don't hear about this happening in any other retail market besides the few video stores in my area.
>In fact, if you live in Northampton and know anything about comics, chances are, you know where Alan Moore lives, down to the exact fucking house number

What's the address?
File: 3251111664.png (616 KB, 668x629) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
616 KB, 668x629
>go to LCS to buy some comics because I felt guilty reading too many story times
>pick up 10 comics, I don't even care what I picked up
>the guy gives me a 50% discount and throws in a free comic
>the comics I bought are still unopened in my car 3 months later
Damn dude, hold onto your butthole for a bit, its only natural to be skeptical about this kind of shit, no need to rip anybody a new one right?
My worst experience was during a bad snowstorm snow deep as hell my mom couldn't get to work it was that bad.Well its Wednesday so I head to the LCS which is usually a 20 minute walk but with the snow its an hour,I get there an hour after they should be open but its closed k wait a half hour and the owner shows up.

He apologizes we go in talk for a while talk what came out that week,I grab my comic go to the cash to pay hand him my debit card and the power goes out. And its out for a long time after a half I decided to leave and come back the next day,the owner gives me my comic says as long as I gave him the money next week it would go OK which it was
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>tfw my LCS sucks

32 Cedar Road. It's the green painted house with the snake.
Cool, i wonder if he'll sign my Tom Strong.
Because LCS are owned by people and not big money companies.

That's why a lot are what you just said, intentionally trying to drive people away while others can be fucking amazing.
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32 Cedar Rd.jpg
42 KB, 359x651
This it?
>Danny Dickfingers
I now know what name I'm using for my next tabletop character
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lecks loofer.png
43 KB, 706x669
>Fattie McBigs
>Meal Maniac
>Ajax Heart Attacks

The last one made me choke on my tea, you bastard.

Yeah, that's it. (Sorry, went out)

It's just a normal fucking house... that stinks of incense and/or weed depending on when you go past. It's pretty close to where a bunch of students live too.

You could try. He is genuinely a pretty chill bloke if you talk about his interests and basically suck his metaphorical cock.
I finally found a local comic shop and things got awkward.
>Go to local comic shop.
>Chat with the owner.
>Tells me there's a ladies night at 7pm and invites me.
>Decide I wanna go.
>Sunday cometh.
>I go there and the store is closed.
>I see other girls in the back engaged in an animated discussion.
>I knock.
>Knock again.
>Lead girl turns her head.
>Knock a final time.
>The lead girl stands up, sees me and then sits back down.
>I stand there for five minutes awkwardly before I decide to go home.
I am sure I left a pile of spaghetti where I stood.

>Go to LCS
>It's a generalized Hobby Shop
>60% model railroad stuff
>20% RC cars & gear for them
>5% Aerial drones
>5% D&D/Warhammer
>5% Comics/Manga
>5% misc.
>Ask about some new titles coming out
>Guy behind the counter that looks like John Lasseter with big curly hair says "I don't know, if they're not on the wall back there we probably don't have them."
>Ask if he knows when they might come in
>"I don't know, the guy that used to manage the comics section quit a few weeks ago."
>At this point the guy got distracted by some other customer asking about something Model railroading related and he starts having a convo with him.
>Leave store, reminded again why I never shop at stores and usually order everything online.
Any clue why they didn't let you in?
maybe they thought you were a dude
Kinokunyia is dope as fuck
Are you even a girl? Maybe they thought you were a guy :^)
None really. I guess they weren't expecting some new girl to show up.
Possibly. I'm short, black and I was wearing a thick coat. maybe I should have smiled
Anyway, I still feel awkward about the whole thing. I'm afraid to go back there now.
THE Alan More, lives in that shit hole? I knew that life as a writer is tough, but damn.
>Go to LCS
>Horrible music playing ABSOLUTE HORRIBLE LOCAL 90s POP
>Find Metabarons with Matt Fraction's Foreword for 30 bucks and Technopriests Deluxe edition for 28 bucks on the secondhand shelf, pretty good condition too
>Hide them in the back of the shelf, tell my gf she says yeah sure let's buy them (Already had recent print of Metabarons)
>350 dollars worth of comics for 60 bucks.

>Go to there second time
>Music is even worse, holy shit why are they playing this shit.
>Some old From Hell version is there(I am still missing it) but it's not in very condition
>Find Habibi for 20 bucks
>Buy Habibi and leave

I absolutely hate that shop but I find great deals from time to time from their second hand shelf. Don't buy other stuff because it's expensive. Also the owners are bald assholes.
>go to lcs
>walk inside
>asks if there's any deathstroke trades and where to find planet hulk.
>he points them out to me
>I purchase and leave with my stuff

Seriously how do you guys have these experiences. I've been to 4 lcs and they've always had nice helpful staff.
I used to be a semi-regular customer at a large toy/gaming/comics shop the next town over but I finally gave up on the store a couple of years ago after finally getting tired of putting up with their bullshit.

The last straw was getting consistently asked to leave my small backpack at the front desk, when every other customer was allowed to browse the store while carrying much larger bags (my pack's not even big enough to stash merchandise in—it's a CamelBak, I often visit the shop after my weekend run/hike). And there was this one guy on staff who was always hovering around me and looking over my shoulder when I was at the shop. This asshole even refused a return/exchange—an X-Men trade I picked up from the store was missing several pages—despite me being a loyal customer of some three years. I'm not one to pull out the race card, but I did wonder if I was being racially profiled by the staff.

I now go to a much smaller (but nearer) shop—there's a smaller selection of titles, but I can always order the stuff I want through them, and the staff are so much more personable, and they go out of their way to make every customer feel welcome.
>If you see the image while scrolling post "you can do it Danny Dickfingers" and hot topics in your area will put up posters for your band.jpg
>Late 2012/early 2013, whenever Saga started getting really popular
>Pirate most of my comics online
>Win a large amount of store credit playing Yu-gi-oh so I decide to pick up some trades they have on special
>Pick up the first couple volumes of Ex Machina and Darkling Duck among other things
> "I don't need cards from the new set"
> clerk - condescendingly: "What you don't need to make your deck more powerful?!"
> "I won, so I think it's good enough as it is. Plus I don't like buying sealed packs. I'd get some singles if you offered them."
> clerk - "Oh great EX MACHINA! So that's why you want comics? All the cool kids are reading Saga so you want to look cool by having the guy's old stuff. Fuck Saga and fuck Avengers shit man. If you were really a comic book fan why didn't you read them years ago like "we" all did?"
> "I read it a while ago and liked it, not enough to buy the whole run, but its marked down and I've got credit so I thought I'd pick it up. Is that alri-"
> Clerk - "OH JESUS CHRIST A DISNEY BOOK?! Don't tell me, you have a "little brother" who wants to read it, right?"
> He laughs so hard his actual fedora falls off his head.
> clerk - "Since you like kids books so much, here! It's the new issue of My Little Pony! I bet you'd LOVE it brony!"
> "I already read it, it wasn't very good. I'm gonna leave with my books now, alright?"
> clerk looks dumbfounded, then leans forward and slams his ham hand on the table, crushing his bag of doritos. "How did you read it already? I haven't seen you buy it -scoff- I'd remember that -scoff-. Going to another store?"
> "I read it online.. alright dad?"
> I pick my things and leave, and hear multiple clerks screaming about how I'm the one KILLING THE INDUSTRY
>Win the tournament again next week and get the first trade of Saga just to trigger him
Other than unopened ccg packs, my lcs doesn't fuck with that shit thankfully. Not even miniatures or games.

Then again he is a giant Comic Book Guy-style dude so double edged sword there.
>hating on Manara

You've gone too far this time you patronizing talentless hack.
>Enter LCS
>Owner is reading a comic, doesn't seem to notice me
>Ask him if he can help me find something
>At the sound of my voice, he looks up and does a double take
>Notices I'm a gril
>Tosses comic aside and pulls rope dangling from ceiling, lights turn from fluorescent white to harsh red and start flashing, siren blares
>Screams over the din: 'GIIIRRRRRRRRRRRLLL'
>Every guy in the store stops what they're doing and runs at me
>They tackle me to the floor
>One by one they take turns raping me
>They each have at least two turns, all the while calling me a 'fake geek' and other slurs
>Eventually they've tired of me and let me go
>As I gather my torn, tattered clothes and stagger out of the store, the owner yells at my back: "OH YEAH, AND BITCH PLANET IS SHIT!"
Ever since then I just pick up my pull and leave.
For real, not all of the anthologies are even porn I'm pretty sure one of them is just stuff like Indian Summer. Which again is much better than "Sphinx self insert masturbates to how 'smart and original' she is." the comic
File: 134567.jpg (187 KB, 600x510) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
187 KB, 600x510
That's pretty standard for most of the UK. If he actually owns it instead of renting or leasing or he doesn't need a seconds income from housemates or marriage then he's doing very well.
Yeah, that's not cool.
Perfect time to play that card.
I don't think I even have an LCS where I am now, and more generally I haven't had that much experience with them. Last year I had to hang around in Birmingham for an hour or two so I went into a comic store there, was pretty quiet but seemed to have a lot of variety and coverage, even if I didn't end up buying anything.
File: pw.jpg (5 KB, 165x115) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5 KB, 165x115
Pretty good.
I don't get the point of this, is it that you are wrong for enjoying your hobbies if they can't be enjoyed by everyone?
You can't have anything that belongs to you.
Things must belong to everyone.
Personal hobbies and possessions are evil.
Things belong to the people, not the individual.
Stop living in the past comrade.
Progress with society to the future where nothing is owned and everything is shared.
Join us, comrade.
The main problem i have with the comic, is that store is obviously an LGS not a LCS. But yes, the creator is trying to say that you are wrong for enjoying your hobbies if you don't make your hobby inclusive for everyone, which is fucking retarded.
It's great finding a place with a little bit of class. The owner of my LCS is a pretty cool guy who knows a lot about food and music and dresses like an adult. The employees are mostly indie college kids, but its better than neckbeards.

The place hasn't got the selection of the other nearby shop, but I usually choose to go just to see normal people.
>LCS #1
>ran by old woman
>keeps it stupid clean
>sticks with just comics somehow
>nice and surprisingly knowledgeable
>hours 11-7 all week
>she doesn't take trade ins
>her daughter runs a flee market shop and that's how they gather old back issues for the store.

>LCS #2
>ran by a middle age gay guy
>Jolly but strangely confrontational even if it's a friendly manner
>place is an absolute mess all the time
>can't find anything and while he is helpful it can take hours for him to find stuff he has
>hours closed sun-wed 1(ish)-8 rest of the week
>takes trade ins but makes it clear he's giving 1/4th or less the value

>LCS #3
>ran by two brothers
>you can tell enjoy the fandom as a whole
>clean place but the store itself is very rundown
>very cataloged comics but collectibles are all over the place
>selection is very mainstream
>solid hours of 10-8 everyday
>they do trade ins but are sadly rather scummy about it going as low as they can

and finally what I call 4chan the storefront:

>LCS #4
>ran by what looks like a dark hair version of the comic book guy from the Simpsons right up to the ponytail
>complete asshole that all but ignores women or anyone that looks "casual" by his standards
>has kick girls out for excessive laughing
>Store smells like thick mix of smoke and farts and is poorly lighted
>things are organized and clean what looks like once a year
>hours are random as fuck (outside it claims 11 to 5 but that is never the case) but it seems he's a safe bet to be open between noon and 3pm
>Only does trade ins with friends and what not, general public is a no
>has the best selection but is over priced
>work with his mom and find out he's 39 and lived with her all his life

1 is where I go usually with the other 3 being more of a hunt or just out of fun, however I rarely buy anything at 3 and 4.
>helps that i live by a kinokuniya, too
I'm fucking jelly. I have to go like five hours to NYC to get to my nearest one. Went to one while visiting family in Frisco and my head nearly exploded.
Lantern fans are the worst.
Same. I pirate everything else, but comics always have to come from the store. I like hard copies best anyway. My Ninja Turtles and Buffy hardcovers are gorgeous.
>LCS is 1 hour round trip from where I live
>want to check out what's available before I buy so I get my time and money's worth
>flipping through a book with several underneath my arm that I'm planning on buying
>clerk comes up and accuses me of trying to read for free
>I mention that I'm just scanning and bring up the stuff I already plan on buying
>guy still doesn't believe me, gets confrontational
>almost tell him if I wanted to read comics for free, I could stay at home and download them, but I decide not to
Yeah I have plenty of normie friends that read comics, but they only read trades. Only neckbeards and kids read floppies these days.
>it's not ice cream it's some form of horror that never fully solidifies so you're left with a melted piece of shit
you should have

Yeah. To be honest, local interviews have revealed that it's his childhood home, he loves the town (despite slagging it off at every turn) and he's genuinely happy there. He doesn't want to move, he doesn't even need to move. As >>79123980 said, it's a pretty standard UK property. He almost definitely owns it outright, considering how long he and his family have lived there.

To be honest though, if it's just him and his partner, does he really need any more than that?
>go to LCS that just open
>buy nothing since everything is #1 and years old shit
>funtock of weeb shit and gossip magazines
>it close like 3 months later and now the sign is used for a food restaurant
"comic city" turned into "comida city"

haven't seen another on the city
>Most of my experience with comic stores is New England Comics (which I like), Newbury Comics (which is more music), and some hole in the wall places.
mfw there are /co/mrades broswing comic shops near me
God I fucking hate Newbury Comics
>go to LCS
>be objectified by cis pony lovers
>call them on their gaze rape
>Be 17 get job in a lcs
>Small shop stocked big 2, a bunch of indie and even had a rack dedicated to locally printed comics and artists (sold the comics for almost nothing but would pay to get copies done up on behalf of the artists)
>simple stocking and manning the counter
>semi-casual never really into comics but need money so jobs a job
>manager let me take stuff from a box he had out the back for dirt cheap, comics that have been damaged or subs that never got picked up
>talk to a few of the regular customers to get recommendations etc

Life was good until the hamplanets came.

>after working there a year start getting a group of collage and uni students coming in at first it was once a week.
>they were back home after their courses
>they we're split into two camps 2 were marvel drones and the other 3 were DCfags always try to force DC and Marvel onto anyone who walks in and never buy anything.
>typical hygiene issues etc wasn't a horrible smell of sweat but it was noticeable.
>they're always loud and obnoxious
>slowly see a huge decline in customers no more young teens come by, even the mtg and yugioh players leave, local comic artists stop bringing in their work
>hamplanets now spend time in the store pawing over the comics with greasy hands barely buying anything
>Owner tells them if they're not going to buy anything then the have to stop coming here and damaging the stock
>hamplanets laugh in his face he starts charging them for every comic they touch
>the don't seem to care but he now threatens to call the police because they owe him money
>they get scared and leave for a long time, customers slowly start coming back over the weeks
>business is bad shop is in debt owner has to let me go, sucks but still help out for free
>after a few months hamplanets come back and drive off last of the customers owner shuts down the store due to debts.
>be 10 years later
>lcs is gone and is now hobby shop for knitting etc
It's not always the shops its the customers.
File: OTP.jpg (583 KB, 1024x1603) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
583 KB, 1024x1603
Here's one I saved
>be me
>go into comic shop every other Wednesday
>greeted by 45-ish year old woman who owns the store with her husband
>her husband works a different job to keep the store afloat
>lonely wife spends her time there every day but loves comics and listens to the halo soundtrack
>we start talking about the new location (they moved stores)
>she offers me a free poster "thanks!"
>few visits later we start hitting it off more and more
>eventually leads to her asking me to help lift some boxes in the back okay
>go in the back and start bringing them to the front
>she grabs boxes near me and bumps into me in a rubbing way
>she makes a joke that i got a firm grip
>this happens several times and then i let my hand slip on her hip
>she drops her pile of comics and slips her hand down my pants and starts jerking me off dry
>i take off my pants and unbutton hers
>im surrounded by all my heroes and they are about to watch me get laid
>i rub myself against her vagina and about to put myself inside of her when i glance over and see pic related
>i am deeply disturbed
>what would spider man think of me right now?
>this is a married woman
>my moral compass returns to me and i zip up my pants and walk away
>i will miss that store but i made the right choice.
File: 1445218857981.jpg (38 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I know LCS have given girls shitty expirences, but Has anyone ever had a shitty LCS expierence for being gay/lesbian? Like straight up homophobia?

>inb4 tumblr
>i glance over and see pic related
I was almost able to suspend fantasy and give you the benefit of the doubt but a specific comic being open to this specific page at that specific moment in time was less believable than Batman beating Superman.
It's not like gay people have a giant F for Fag stitched on their shirts, how can anyone tell if someone is gay or a lesbian unless they're making out with their life partner?
Who knows
How did they know?
>I know LCS have given girls shitty expirences, but Has anyone ever had a shitty LCS expierence for being gay/lesbian? Like straight up homophobia?
unless you dress up like stereo type dyke or fag or act like stereo type dyke or fag I can honestly say 98%of people couldn't care less if you suck cock or eat carpet, your private life or sexual choices have nothing to do with anyone else unless you are actively acting on them as if it's all you are.
What a fucking faggot. I live near a shop and they don't give a fuck that I walk in there every now and then to drop my pocket change on some backissues.

It sounds like that guy might have been literally autistic though, with a complete lack of knowledge of how social interaction works.
Threads like this make me grateful for how amazing my LCS is and even if they were bad I have a bunch of other ones to choose from.
Hang in there Danny Dickfingers
>usually buy my comics at bookmans ir zia records
>friend takes me to his favorite cs
>2 racks with american comics
>entire store filled with manga and weebs
>Danny Dickfingers
>Danny Dickfingers
File: f94.jpg (21 KB, 275x226) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21 KB, 275x226

>Whenever you want to buy something you have to let him photograph your drivers licence in case you might try something.

Holy shit. I don't know about how this works in the USA but holding people's personal information on a "just in case" basis like that is super fucking illegal over here. At best that's still some seriously shady shit and at worst that's like some form of intimidation, just... man, fuck that guy.

Please tell me you told security what happened. maybe the police, either way, that goes way beyond just being lazy or incompetent and into full-on "that shit's illegal" territory.

Seriously, I'm freaking out wondering how this guy can still be in business.
File: dickfingers.jpg (96 KB, 845x794) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
96 KB, 845x794
You can do it Danny Dickfingers
Thanks Marvel.

What store was this? Fellow New England /co
This seems too convenient to be true. Either way, I'm mildly annoyed now.
Hey ain't the person who draw this that liberal piece of shit who usually drowns whatever IT draws on speech bubbles?

I can tell for the obnoxious amount of DIVERSITY at the bottom, and hate towards them evil CIS privilege white folk, oh and because the perspective sucks.
>Manager trying to hype/push excess stock that doesn't sell so he can get rid of it.

This is normal

>Manager pushing stock that he likes personally because he thinks it's better and then getting offended when you don't want it.

This is not normal, and the kind of thing I only see in comic shops. Why does it keep happening?
File: 1452923188096.png (624 KB, 804x603) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
624 KB, 804x603
>go to a local comic shop
>it's on the underground level of a usually empty mall
>there are old-style 1800's replicated stores with no one inside.
>the only light in the entire area is the LCS

I shit you not, I felt like I entered that town from spirited away or Narnia or some shit just to browse and probably not buy anything.
LCS work isn't particularly glamorous, I hear it's pretty shit work from people around here. The only people you can rely consistently on working there are people that like comics, so you probably get a lot of cranky/spergy neckbeards running the counter.
It doesn't even seems like the guy was pushing his preferences onto anon, it seems like he legitimately thought anon was buying Suicide Squad just for Harley and wanted to set him straight, which is kinda nice. The scary thing is that we now live in a world were his assumption is plausible.
File: 1452674178634.png (167 KB, 765x772) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
167 KB, 765x772
It was the Bergen mall in NJ if any east coast fag can vouch for me.
It was a one time thing. After that, they completely remodelled the mall to where people started coming back.
It's completely gone and I have no evidence if it even existed.
ITT: no pics so not real

but man I vividly remember how fucking scared I was of this place.
File: 819583[1].jpg (52 KB, 500x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>mfw this person lives in Toronto

As a Canadian, I apologize once again for Toronto.
File: 1439220481811.png (170 KB, 397x296) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
170 KB, 397x296

yeah, might as well share a good experience I had.

>saw Tomorrowland in the cinema and loved it
>friend says they're reproducing the pin
>I now want this so bad it hurts but I keep forgetting to pop into the shop.
>a little while passes and we see Jurassic World
>Friend's fucking nuts about dinosaurs and so I finally go into the shop to get some JW merchandise, because said local shop has shitloads of really good merchandise.
>get raptor and suddenly remember the Tomorrowland pin.
>Go up to the shopkeeper and ask if there's any of the tomorrowland pins there because I can't see any with the others.
>he says they pretty much sold out and because the movie flopped he's not likely to be getting any back.
>I'm devastated, but I go round the rest of the shop anyway because damn if there's not some great stuff there.
>a couple of minutes later the shopkeeper comes up to me and says "hey anon!"
>drops a pin in my hand.
>he explains there was a second run of them made by a different company in storage that they hadn't wheeled out yet.
>Said pin is all kinds of legit.
>I buy my friend's raptor and the pin, come out feeling great.

dude went into the storage for me when he didn't have to, just so I could get a £4 bit of tat. I wear said pin on my lanyard every day.
>Walk into LCS
>Go to counter
>Guy says "So, what're you looking for"
>"Well, I'm in the mood for some comic books."
>"Heh. Alrighty, what're you looking for?"
>"What've you got on Moon Knight?"
>"Niiice. Don't see many Moon Knight guys around here. I'm somewhat of a fan myself, liked his latest run. Let me show you what I've got"
>He shows me what they've got
>I pick some comics I needed out
>I pay for them

Thrilling tales of the unexpected. I don't know what kinda places you guys go to where people are assholes, dumb casuals or snobs. Most of the comic shops I go to are just happy to have work.
That sounds somewhat similar to a local mall that was built over an underground gallery sort of thing, so you go into the mall, then go downstairs and it's like you just stepped into the 50s/60s, most of the stores are empty, but there are a few hobby stores scattered. The terrifying thing is that the ceiling is so low I can't even stand-up completely straight down there, it's claustrophobically maddening.
For some reason this got me curious, what's the band?

There are a few spanish punk with psych influences bands that are really good, could it be Tokyo Sex Destruction or Wau y los Arrrghs?

I see you.
What do you live in a palace or something?

Well, that pretentious fuck Grant Morrison owns a castle, so...
Nope, this is NOT that store. This is a place in northern Fresno.
You can do it Danny Dickfingers.
I was gon a give it as a joke gift or funny wrapping paper... but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I actually think I ended up tossing it in the recycling bin.
File: thumbnailImage.jpg (37 KB, 682x384) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 682x384
Yeah, but Grant needs that castle to actualize the hypercrisis via condensing the 5D waveparticles that constitute various quantum archetypes.

You can do it, Danny Dickfingers!

Good choice.
You should let the owner know he's issuing invitations that aren't respected and result in embarrasment for potential customers, that sort of shit creates bad rep. Also what the fuck is up with those girls
This guy sounds like a complete piece of shit....
you can do it Danny Dickfingers
I remember you from another thread a couple months back, I'm glad you found another shop anon
You can do it Danny Dickfingers
It was something "...del diablo" I looked up their soundcloud once and I didn't think they were that great, but thanks for the recs, I really like a good mix of punk and psych
My LCSs have all been pretty tame.

Back when I lived in Ottawa, the Silver Snail was the worst. Manager was a giant dick, really strict about bags, eating/drinking, reading, and there was a bench you weren't allowed to sit on (why even have it dude?) He ingrained the rest of his staff with the same terrible ethos.They were just terrible, really rude to kids and casuals (even the girls who worked there were mean). BUT, they had slightly cheaper prices than the alternatives and a helluva lot more indie comics.

In Kitchener-Waterloo, where I am now, people are generally nice. The Waterloo LCS has great staff, but they tolerate these old dudes who just loaf around the counter talking. It's super annoying when I'm trying to order something or pay.

The Kitchener one on the other hand, the staff are meh. Not as friendly except for this one dude younger than the rest who will make conversation. But again, this store has annoying people take up space, and they're kind of worse since the place also sells sports cards (and that fanbase is atrocious).

I also get trades from a second-hand bookstore with an asshole owner but good prices. It's worth dealing with his lewronggeneration attitude if I can collect 7 volumes of Fables for $7 each.

Also there was a small con here last weekend, that although had some good stuff had COMICS prominently on their sign and yet not a single booth was selling comics (beyond shitty local artists). I was miffed but some other things made up for it and I found a cheap copy of Paul Pope's Batman: Year 100 after.
Oh shit son!
My favorite place was the New England Comics that used to be in West Roxbury. It closed years ago because they raised the rent.

It's changed a lot. When I used to buy CDs it was THE place to go to, to find the bands I liked and it was cheaper than almost everywhere else. Went in one this past Christmas to look for some small gifts and it felt like they were trying to out Hot Topic Hot Topic.
File: 1427493708544.jpg (38 KB, 298x427) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38 KB, 298x427
>Go to LCS to play MTG
>Suddenly goes under so I need to go to another shop a few miles away
>Seems chill at first
>Play in a Modern tournament
>People complain that my deck is to OP so the shop bans the deck
>whatever, I think, I'm more into EDH anyways
>Play in an EDH tournament
>People complain my deck is cheap so they ban the deck again
>Getting tired of this bullshit
>Play in another tournament
>Literally throw together random cards for a deck
>Everyone complains again and I get banned from the store for being unsportsmanlike
Anon are you gonna be in Toronto for TCAF?
Friendly Neighborhood Comics in Bellingham, MA. It's been a long time since I've been by there. May actually head there in a week or few, I'm overdue for adding to the bookshelf. Another anon recommended picking up the rest of the Miracleman collections.
What the fuck is this bullshit?
The real life equivalent of getting banned for hacking in videogames, when really you're just much better than everyone else in the server.
The owner basically had a niche group he always catered to despite the group being incredibly reactive to anything.
File: 1452687586768.png (484 KB, 984x514) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
484 KB, 984x514

>People complain that my deck is to OP

This angers me so much. It's called fucking strategy, if you think a deck is "OP", you should try to find weaknesses, instead of ruining the experience for the player.

This is why I'm afraid to play in Yu-Gi-Oh tourneys, because I'm afraid my Hieratic deck will suffer the same fate.
the worst thing was that they banned Sol Ring because one person didn't have one and they deemed it unfair to him. Meanwhile the same guy bought a playset of the $100 Jace card

>they banned Sol Ring because one person didn't have one and they deemed it unfair to him.

Then he should either get one or learn to work around it, the stupid cunt.

LCS tourneys are like day-care centers full of retarded children, FUCK.
you know it! I'm the dude corresponding with you haha
I guess I just assumed because everyone seemed to really be listening to and responding to what she was saying during her very animated conversation. No one even looked away from her until she did so yeah, I dunno.
I really don't know. Maybe I should have confirmed I was going to the event on facebook instead of saying I was interested in it. Maybe it was silly of me to just show up and assume they'd let me in or something. I'll go back there and maybe chat with the owner but not for a while. The owner actually seems like a really cool dude.
Yeah, that's why I stopped going to my last LCS. I came in regularly about three times a month for a few months and even dropped over 100 bucks on items from time to time. The more money I spent, the less friendly to me they got. I didn't like the idea of leaving my tiny ass purse with them and I was essentially ignored. The final straw came when the cashier rolled up and asked me to leave saying that 'He couldn't just have someone like me in here reading comics all day.'

So I muttered an apology and put back all the comic I was considering getting and left. Maybe it was my fault. I tend to look through things quite a bit before I buy them.
>The final straw came when the cashier rolled up and asked me to leave saying that 'He couldn't just have someone like me in here reading comics all day.'
Since lcs are so rare to find, I don't ever wish for any to go out of business. But if it ever happens to that one, I can't say they didn't get their just desserts.
Holy fuck, kill yourself weeb
I have a local comic book store but I've never been in it.

What do people in this thread mean when they say 'pull' or pull box?
>in city for work, stop by comic shop on the way
>want to pick up some magic cards
>mention at the shop I tried walmart by they were all sold out
>guy at shop mentions he buys out all the chain stores so he can sell them
>prices marked up to almost double
>leave, never come back
I have literally never had a negative comic book store experience.
set up an order for comics/series in advance and the store holds onto your comics until you come by and pay for them.
The shop either went out of business or moved. There's a hair salon there now.
I can't believe people like #4 exist.
Except when Kinokuniya disappointed me by not having Tomo-chan in stock when I stopped by a couple weeks ago. Had to resort to Amazon JP. The non-English manga section at our location got much smaller than it used to be.
>be working behind cash register
>person comes up to buy new issue of Ninja Turtles
>Look at issue and look at him.
>"Cowabunga says it all" holds hand up high
>guy just stares at me awkwardly

Why doesn't nobody have fun?
Only ever went to a comic book shop once.

>Thought hey I'll check out that new shop that just opened
>Go in
>It's small
>One guy working, no other customer
>No music
>Lights are overly bright on flurcent agitating green wall paint, no music just metallic noise of lights
>"Can I help you?"
>Oh just browsing
>No idea about comic books
>Looking through stuff
>Can feel guys eyes on me at all time
>Buy some shitty "Hunter X Hunter" Book because I was 16 and thought the art was cool.
>Guy gives me free leftover "free comic book day"
>Never return
>Store shuts down 4 months later and become used book store run by old Asian ladies and some giant bean-pole old white guy with a huge beard
>They have a cat
>Comfy as fuck
>Chairs for reading
>Buy used books regualry
>Pretty much never buy comic books after
>Old guy recommends really good biography of Saddem Hussien and WW1 literature.
>Asian ladies always know exactly where everything is despite the shop looking like a hoarder's paradise. It still feels comfy somehow with it's over stuffed, over flowing volume of books.
>Old guy sometimes plays soft guitar and makes tea
>expecting nerds to be sociable

He's probably on /r9k/ right now crying about how he messed up and can never go back to your store

Wow, this seems to be none too subtly taking a shot at One Million Comix in Toronto. I've been there, it's not at ALL as pictured. It's WAY preferable to that shithole, Silver Snail.

>Go to the Silver Snail in TO
>It's a hipster coffee bar with comic store attached
>There's actually a pretty dope map of Middle-Earth in the coffee bar that's all raised topographically and huge and shit
>At the time, was interested in getting some Invincible comics I'm sorry
>Just got off work, don't have much time to look around before I have to catch the subway home
>Counter is being manned by a grill
>"Excuse me, could you tell me where I might find your Image comics?"
>"... In the Image comics' section," delivered with extreme exasperation
>"... I get that. Could you show me where that section is?"
>"That way"
>Go to the back of the store, find the manager, explain to him that I just got really shitty customer service and attitude from the person behind the counter
>Starts graciously apologizing and offers to do something about it
>Explain that I'm not looking for someone to lick my boots over it, just wanted him to know what was up
>Leave and never return
File: nyahaha.jpg (133 KB, 376x524) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>my face when >buyfags
You can do it Danny dickfingers
>Badmouthing Superior Foes
What a fucking pleb, ending made me smile.
>be me
>looking for latest volume of graphic novel series at the store
>a group of women with sidecuts walk in, looking disgusted
>clearly pointing at me and whispering to each other
>one of them has a phone out
>they leave without buying anything
>four days later one of them is on Twitter complaining that she was chased out of the comic shop by a "creep"
>my picture is attached to the Tweet
>she didn't even blur my face
of all the things that didnt happen, this didnt happen the most.
Holy fuck, >>79135058 here and reading this thread just made me physically cringe and remember ANOTHER fucked up incident. This one in an entirely different location.

>Be down in the States
>Had gotten into comics a little while ago, decide to infect my friend with the hobby
>He starts getting into it, loves Nightwing yes, he's gay, yes, he loves him like that
>Starts looking for trades, checks LCS first as I explained to him how much these places struggle
>They didn't have it
>He went and bought it from Books-a-Million down the street
>We both go in later and are making conversation with the shop owner
>He casually mentions he had to go elsewhere for the Nightwing trade
>Owner LOSES it
>Starts comparing that to cheating on one's girlfriend
>Hear it from across the fucking store
>Later find out the guy gave up the store to "pursue his art career"
>It is now managed by a more reasonable human being

God that guy was an asshole. Adam, you know who you are.
I'm jelly.
This happened when I was probably 13. It was at the Another Universe store in Springfield Mall.

>Buying a trade paperback
>Big fat guy with a braided beard working the counter
>Bring him my purchases, he looks at it and chuckles.
>Gives me the total, it was like $17.79 or something.
>Point is, it did not end on an even dollar amount.
>I give him a twenty.
>He fuckin stares at me, like he wants more money.
>I ask him what's wrong, he asks if I have .79cents.
>I tell him no, I only have the twenty.
>He does one of those condescending laugh/grumbles as he violently processes the purchase and grabs my change from the drawer.
>As he hands me my change, he says
>"Maybe when you're older and have more money you'll understand."

To this day I don't know what the fuck I did wrong. Did he behave that way with everyone who did not give him the precise cost of the purchase and forced him to make change.

I am now older, I have more money and I still don't understand.

>Epilogue; Another Universe went out of business a few years later.
File: Another Shitverse.png (566 KB, 708x437) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Another Shitverse.png
566 KB, 708x437
>It was at the Another Universe store in Springfield Mall.

Here you go, anon.


That store lasted maybe 6 or 7 years tops. The actual comic selection was shit; it was mostly just random sci-fi merch. The life-size Predator was cool as fuck, tho.
>live in a suburb and and buy comics from LCS
>substitute teacher works there, he's cool to 16 year old me
>that store closes but there's another one owned by the same guy in the city
>substitute guy works there too so I go there
>management changes hands
>they start missing issues from my in-house subscription
>stop buying comics for a few years
>go check out the other comic store in town
>it's way better
>fiancee and I redo the bathroom for $300 in store credit
>they never miss my pull list
>cool manager gets better paying job
>hot redhead manages store now
>she turns out to be a bitch but quits after a week
>long-time clerk is promoted to manager
>everything is good again
>sometimes the owner lets me look through his warehouse a few blocks away
>I can't complain - my life is pretty sweet
Can't handle the banter, senpai? Sorry you're insecure about your inferior media
He was a fucking pleb, but in his defense he thinks all capeshit is bad and didn't even know what Foes was about, he just saw the cover and assumed.
Manga is wholly overrated.
File: 1430622468280.png (3 MB, 1288x915) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 1288x915
>tfw the store with shit service and shit prices has to move, and maybe close, because they couldn't afford the rent
Hahahaha. There are at least eight other stores in my city I can go to (in a city of 800,000), and none of the others mock customer purchases or have "sales" that are the same as everyone else's regular prices.
I bet that little slut of a dog doesn't even read comics!
One of the few believable stories itt... There is a weird law about comic shops Being required to pay shitty music for some reason.
My shit experiences have started and show no signs of stopping, but it's nothing to do with the folks at the shop. The folks who run the shop are chill and hate that they have to do this, but the Canadian dollar is in the shitter and everythings is marked up an extra 35% to compensate
>There is a weird law about comic shops Being required to pay shitty music for some reason.
My main shop always has the radio playing, typically louder and louder the closer you get to the games' side of the store, because there's an erotic massage studio right next to it, and if you listen really carefully, you can sometimes here the women working. I really can't complain, because there's good discounts (in the lcs, I mean).
>Canadian dollar is equal to or 10% higher in value than the American dollar
>still have to pay 20% more than Americans for the Canadian price
>Canadian dollar drops to be two-thirds the American dollar's value
>we now pay about 60% more than Americans

I'm almost thankful that there are so many shitty comics these days; it's less temptation for me.
Oh shit, they closed it down? This was 2005ish, right?
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mfw I am hanging out with a friend who works at one tomorrow

Though I do think his store has much better comics and comics merch than a number of others I have been too. Some Newburys seem kinda like comics.. and maybe most things.. are kinda an afterthought.
>"TVN Sports & Collectables".
Checked it out on google, apparently half his customers get the same experience as you. Still, that's to be expected in the Tower district.
so theres one close to my place i went to with a friend of mines i pick up about 70 bucks worth of stuff and my friend isnt into comics but she is just with me doesnt say anything or makes a fuss just fallows me while i pick up some trades i go to the counter and the guy tells me that i shouldnt bring people over if they arent going to buy anything because they just crowed his store motherfucker i am spending 70 dollars on your shit your store is empty and your giving me shit i put the book down and tell him il be back and never went there again now i just buy my stuff online or other places
>never read comics but a huge YuGiOh! player
>go to card shop, didn't have what I needed
>see a comic book shop and says "yugioh cards/tourney here"
>go inside, ask for a certain card
>guy seems like a prick, just points to a little display and goes back to restocking some shitty comics
>all they have is shitty booster packs and they charge double what they actually cost
>get the fuck out of there immediately

>Go to physical comic shops

I hate that places because are full of sheldon cooper clones.
File: lcs anon.png (433 KB, 1600x3555) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
lcs anon.png
433 KB, 1600x3555
Here's the opposite of a shitty experience.
this makes me sad because my name is Aidan and I will never be in a similar situation
>Take a Batwoman action figure to the counter
>New sales clerk, never seen him before
>"Oh, you like this character huh?"
>"Yeah, I've got a soft spot for her. We have the same name".
>"I should probably tell you that this isn't Batgirl."
>"Yeah. My name is Katherine."
Ehh, I can see that as the sales clerk just trying to help a customer out, depending on how he delivered the "I should probably tell you that this isn't Batgirl."Still, you were there and thought it was shitty, so he probably dropped the customer service ball.
>apologizing for reading invincible

From rereading what I wrote I can see how his attitude could come across as ambigious.

This wasn't a bit of small talk while he put through my purchase, he was being dismissive and made no effort to move from the other end of the counter towards me waiting at the cash register.
you're just a dumbass, the image section is incredibly obvious.
>go to American comic shop
>get shot by the hillbilly owner of the shop
>get shot by some student who later shoots up the school
>muslims fly a plane into LCS
>blacks loot like it's 1999
>some britbong stabs me
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heres a yugioh story

>be in work nothing big
>new friend from another section comes over asks if I like card games
>tell him I used to play yugioh but dropped it around the GX era
>he tells me if I want I can come to a local bar and join a game society on wednesday for yugioh if I like
>put it off for a few weeks until I find my old cards
>throw together a deck of 45 and head down there
>sat waiting around for guy from work decide to have a drink
>end up meeting new friends who reverse mug me I went there with a deck of 45 I ended up leaving with a new deck of 40 my original 45 and around 150 new cards
>I'm a sychro player now it seems
>do some research into the rules etc
>learn about Quillbolt hedgehog loop
>Decide to add it to my deck for fun
>play at local one week slow set up playing defense while I set up my cards
>manage to set imperial iron wall
>summon quillbolt in defense
>we're have a 4 way duel, spells and monster being summoned and tributed etc
>opponents have monsters with 35k+ attack etc I have 1 set monster card all life points at 7k+ mine are at 5k
>flip up my face down its changer synchron
>ask if anyone can stop it's summoning, nope
>quillbolts effect to summon itself, no one can stop it
>activate imperial iron wall, noone can stop it
>summon cannon soldier, nothing they can do
>tribute quillbolt for cannon soldiers effect, they do nothing
>quillbolt is heading out of play, imperial iron wall forces it to graveyard, activate it's effect to summon it repeat
>they can do nothing while I fire gerbils at them each causing 500 damage
>take out 3 players with 4 cards
>i'm slapped with a house ban from reading up on card rules (they were kidding)
>they all worry about what my new deck plans are each week

was good fun haven't been able to go back in a while due to money issues.
>no real interest in comic books/marvel/DC whatsoever
>accompany gf and two mates into LCS
>Staff are friendly, shop is well presented and clean
>nose through the image/dark horse/etc section and pick up Locke and Key vol 1 on a whim
>months later my house now looks like an Image warehouse
>refuse to buy from anywhere except LCS, despite having to wait 2 weeks for them to restock the rest of Locke and Key

Customer service makes all the difference. Unfortunately the LCS is the only highlight of the god-awful town center and if i move it'll be a 25 minute drive instead of a 5 minute drive.
> buy some shitty "hunter x hunter" book
>hunter x hunter
I'm triggered
The story is ok but you haven't seen the art of it?
Until a point the art is ridiculously terrible.
25 minutes isn't bad at all. Try living in the boonies where that's the closest ANYTHING is.
Yeah I read it all online but I remember reading somewhere he cleans it up for the bound books. Loved the story tho my favorite shonen jump manga I've reas
>Be me, a Britbong
>Shop at OK Comics
>Everything is just fine.

I feel for everyone who has to attend shit LCSs.
I show up late on Thursdays to pick up my stuff, so there's never anyone there. I've seen a couple of other unsavory customers. One time this creepy old guy was hitting on the girl working the register, even though I'm pretty sure she had to be 20 years younger than him. I asked her about it and she told me he came back two days later to try again. It was pitiful.
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