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Let's make up the roster for Injustice...
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Let's make up the roster for Injustice 2, /co/

MKX had 24 characters on the disc and 9 DLC, let's use that as a basis. So, who gets the axe and who replaces them for the sequel?
Use some of the Rogues creatively. It'd be awesome to see some crazy stuff with Mirror Master.
Keep the core 7, and give them each an archnemesis character. (Sinestro, Lex, Joker, Circe?, Black Manta, Captain Cold, Deathstroke [for Vic]). I dunno who else exactly, I'd love to see the Question and Mr. Miracle.

Also maybe Brainiac in some fighty form.
Well... Keep the big name heroes.villains from the first game, so superman, batman, catwoman, ww, harley, joker. No questions.

I'd say-- also add Faora (as a superman skin?), add Orion, Grail, Circe, Cheetah, and Big Barda, Darkseid,

Definitely Orion, Grail, and Cheetah though.
File: heresy.jpg (15 KB, 200x210) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Cheetah instead of Circe/Giganta
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Black Manta
Doctor Fate
Swamp Thing
Scorpion dlc replaced by a Predator.

Ooooh, also Hawkman, Blue Beetle (Jaime or Ted), Booster, Barda and the Atom (Ray or Ryan). And then an Earth-2 skin pack with Alan Scott, Jay Garrick and idk, maybe OG Hawkman?
Sad thing about the roster is I don't really mind the left side, aside from Batgirl.
The right side is a fucking mess though.
You already have Predator in Kombat Pack 1, why do you want it in Injustice 2?

Also add Superboy.
Less fucking Batman characters please.

Wonder women
Green Lantern
Booster Gold
Blue Beatle
Plastic Man
Martian Man Hunter
Black Canary
Power Girl
Gorilla Grood
Star Sapphire
Live Wire
Captain Cold
Black Manta
Pretty much all I'm hoping for. Make it a legit DC fighting game, and not a Batman fighting game....with some DC characters added to it.
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Atrocitus pls.
Almost perfect, but I'd keep Green Arrow and Sinestro.
Forgot about Green Arrow. Also would like Larfleeze.
Too big.
Not after he got rekt.
Swamp Thing would be cool
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Godzilla for DLC character.
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You can call me a tasteless edgelord faggot all you want, but I'd buy the game if they put Azrael in it.
Nothing's too big if you believe, anon.
I mean, if she was big as Apocalypse in Marvel vs Street Fighter, it'd be awesome. But they'd probably make her Bane-sized.
Who cares, Injustice was shit anyway tbqh
>buying video games
YOU are the one ruining the gaming industry.
Wonder woman
Green Lantern (Guy Gardner)
Mr. Terrific
Plastic Man
Big Barda

Talia Al Ghul
Silver Swan
Professor Pyg
Johnny Sorrow
Doctor Sivana
Mirror Master
Anti Monitor

Nyssa Al Ghul
The Question
Guy Gardner (Warrior Version)
The Trickster
Nix Uotan
Jenny Sparks
File: 1447592299528.png (269 KB, 476x354) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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How the fuck could they balance him?!
Add in a shit ton of alt costumes for everyone

I was surprised that there was no Bizarro or Zoom skins. That shit's just basic

Swamp Thing or Animal man could work. Maybe a Dial H for Hero button for random character?

Oh fuck, definitely Jonah Hex. He'd be fucking rad
He's in Injustice. Have you played it?
Azrael. He could be a nice Lin Kuei/Shirai Ryu stand in.
>inb4 Batman already does that
>Have you played it?
No because I have taste. How the fuck am I supposed to play a game with someone like Robin fighting some cuck like Superman? Immersion breaking shit like that is why I never played the Lego DC games.
Okay, buddy. No matter how hard you try, /v/ will never think you're cool.
>implying I go to boards.4chan.org/reddit/
Now you're going to tell us how Japanese games are somehow superior to Western games
File: nips.png (639 KB, 855x388) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Guy Gardner
Now, don't get me wrong, I love me some Guy, but it should be Hal as main, Guy as DLC. They might seem to similar, but you could easily give them radically different paly-styles.

Also Nix Uotan would be way too insane.

>Implying DLC Lantern wouldn't be Stewart just for SJW pandering
File: injustice2roster.jpg (281 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Very unlikely roster but it'd be cool.
He was already in the last injustice (although he was just a skin)
Nope because I'm not a fucking weeb like everyone else on this board who can't STFU about anime for five minutes.
So... what games do you like?
I came up with the roster as a way to introduce people to characters they never heard of. People know about Hal but how many know about the greatness of Guy Gardner?
But anon Guys' dead
Ah, that's a good idea. Maybe replace DLC Gardner with Alan then?
alternate world
Arm loss /=/ death.
I am pretty sure Guy survived the fall
I don't play video games. The controllers hurt my hands.
Is there any proof he didn't? I mean, he's Guy goddamn Gardner. Maybe his Vuldarian genes kicked in?
That fine. I would also like to see members of the Freedom Fighters and LOSH
Since NRS has a hard on for guest characters here are some they can have in Injustice 2

>Judge Dredd
>any Ninja Turtle (most likely Raphael)
>Freedom Fighters
Oh god, now that you made me think of it, I will never not want a fighting game where I can play as Uncle Sam and the Human Bomb. Thanks a lot.
There's always Other Universe/Our Universe Guy, it's not just the Regime universe characters in the game. It's like how Green Arrow appeared in the game, he's still alive in the Our Universe while his counterpart in the Regime Universe had been dead for years.
My favorite DC good netcode was just announced for MKX.

HOpefully he carries over to Injustice 2.
Actually I'm fairly sure its explained that everyone has taken the 'super pills' that put them on even footing with supermans strength
File: um.jpg (27 KB, 269x244) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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New characters I'd like:

Livewire/Black Lightning
Faora/Power Girl/Supergirl/Big Barda
Cassandra Cain/Lady Shiva/Katana
Zoom/Reverse Flash
Black Manta
Swamp Thing/Poison Ivy

Characters I want to carry over:

Superman/Wonder Woman
Shazam/Black Adam


Crime Syndicate
The Rogues
Judge Dredd/Judge Death
TMNT (Turtles, Splinter, Shredder)
That wouldn't work so well, given the outcome of the first game. I see like, 4 characters who probably shouldn't be there.

Also, no B-Gold?
Just give me Plasticman and Ambushbug.
Imagine, just imagine if they put Goku in the game..
>Use the Forever Evil story from the comics and the evil Crime Syndicate counterparts
>has simple progression of variation system from MKX
>choose between alternate reality versions of the Justice League (kind of like variations but a bit more extensive) ex. Owlman is more lethal and armed than Batman, Ultraman is more brutal and powerful, Sea King has the hook hand, etc.
>story follows the Forever Evil event pretty closely with a large chunk being playing as Injustice League against Crime Syndicate
>allows for a story that doesnt force heroes to fight one another for no good reason, and no turning good characters evil either - which I really didnt enjoy from the first game. Also lets villain roster and stories be fleshed out since heroes are initially incapacitated
>Darkseid comes to the tell everyone that Anti-Monitor is behind it all, everyone teams up to kill him before going back to own worlds (just to be able to play as Darkseid honestly)

1. Aquaman/Sea King
2. Batman/Owlman
3. Cyborg/Grid
4. Flash/Johnny Quick
5. Superman/Ultraman
6. Wonder Woman/Superwoman
7. Green Lantern/Power Ring
8. Zatanna/Annataz
9. Firestorm/Deathstorm
10. Booster Gold (here due to Injustice time disruptions)
11. Swamp Thing (here to protect the Green)
12. Shazam (running joke of him looking for his evil form)
13. Black Canary/White Canary
14. Green Arrow/Dark Archer
1. Joker
2. Lex Luthor
3. Black Adam
4. Captain Cold
5. Sinestro
6. Deathstroke
7. Red Hood
8. Poison Ivy
9. Black Manta
10. Harley
11. Grodd
12. Catwoman
13. Circe
14. Darkseid
Then Mazahs can be a boss.

DLC "universes": Zoom (for Flash), Dark Knight Returns Armored Bruce (for Batman), Jokester (for Joker), Bizzaro (for Superman), Arkham Knight (for Red Hood)
DLC characters: Power Girl, Atrocitus, Plastic Man, Vixen, Orion,

Posting until it comes true ;_:
Thread replies: 61
Thread images: 13
Thread DB ID: 426510

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