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I sat through all of them. Here’s my thoughts:
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I sat through all of them. Here’s my thoughts:

1>>> >>10>>>3>5>2> 7>4>12 >6>8> 9 >>>13 ?11?

1 Land Before Time-- Classic
2 Great Valley Adventure-- Alright, sappy but gets a pass because of Chomper and the soundtrack
3 Time of Great Giving-- The first pretty good sequel, the drama actually feels real
4 Journey to the Mists-- Decent, the animation was really dark and all the songs were solid
5 Mysterious Island-- Second pretty good sequel, had Chomper and ‘Always There’
6 Secret of Saurus Rock-- Bland and forgettable save for ‘Legend of the Lone Dinosaur’, some of the worst animation in the series
7 Stone of Cold Fire-- Decent, Pterano’s one of the few good villains in the series
8 Big Freeze-- Bland, somber downbeat tone but ruins it with really contrived drama and some of the weakest songs of the series
9 Journey to Big Water--Obnoxious, virtually no conflict and way too cheerful, but the animation’s pretty.
10 Great Longneck Migration-- The best of all the sequels: good writing, ‘Bestest Friends’; the only film that comes close to the original’s emotional impact
11 Invasion of the Tinysauruses-- Weird, a lot of the characters are at their most unsympathetic yet the movie’s still pretty upbeat
12 Great Day of the Fliers-- Bland but pretty to look at and kinda funny at times
13 Wisdom of Friends-- The worst movie by far, the Yellow Bellies are god awful abominations
Song Tiers:
>Objectively good (Cannot see how someone can’t say they’re good songs):
* If We Hold On Together (1)
* Always There (5)
* Bestest Friends (10)
>Good (I would safely bet most open minded people would enjoy these songs):
* You’re One of Us Now (2)
* Better When Your Big (3)
* Grandma’s Lullaby (4)
* It Takes All Sorts (4)
* Legend of the Lone Dinosaur (6)
* Beyond the Mysterious Beyond (7)
* No One Has To Be Alone (9)

>Subjectively Good (I liked these songs, not sure about other people):
* Peaceful Valley (2)
* Kids Like Us (3)
* Who Needs You (4)
* Big Water (5)
* Friends for Dinner (5)
* On Your Own (6)
* Adventuring (10)
* Girls and Dads (11)
* Things Change (12)
* Flip, Flap, Fly (12)

>Neutral (Songs I can see someone else liking or disliking that I neither liked nor disliked):
* Eggs (2)
* Stand Tough (3)
* Family (8)
* How Do You Know (13) - I swear this one rips off ‘God Only Knows’
>Subjectively Bad (I disliked these songs, not sure about other people):
* Very Important Creature (7)
* The Lesson (8)
* Chanson D’ennui (9)
* Imaginary Friend (9)
* Me and My Dad (10)
* If Only (11)
* One of a Kind (12)
* YellowBelly Bounce (13)

>Bad (I would safely bet that most open minded people would hate these songs):
* Bad Luck (6)
* Good Inside (7)
* Say So (13)

>Objectively Bad (I can’t see how anyone can’t say these are bad songs):
* The Mad Song (8)
* Creepy Crawlies (11)
* Stupid Stompers (11)

So yeah, if anyone cares.
I'm more curious as to whether or not you binge watched them all.
Hell no. I think it's literally impossible to see all of them in one day-- I watched them over the span of a week.
I was curious is all.

Wisdom of Friends is the latest movie yes?

I really wonder how this franchise, well, became as expansive as it is.
Are you gonna see the 14th one?

I did some research. You can owe it all to Universal's simultaneous love of money and utter contempt for the people working for it.

Universal Animation Studios tried like hell to keep from going belly up for decades, and the Land Before Time series was the only thing making enough money for them to keep them from being shut down-- that's why they made one like every year. Universal eventually stepped in and closed the studios once they were getting to the point that they were only breaking even and mothballed the franchise.

Now that The Good Dinosaur and Jurassic World came out, guess what? A 14th is dropping early next month.
Well, I care. I've got these movies and have been intending to do a similar marathon through them all, but haven't had the time for that so far.

I've seen a few of them in different occasions though. I heard some interesting spoilers about movie 10 and watched it for that reason, and ended up enjoying it. Good to hear I wasn't alone in liking it, but pity to hear that none of the rest apparently reach its level (let alone the original movie's).
Of course. It has to better than 13, which is good enough for me.
I was trying to be objective in my rankings-- the only ones I didn't like we're 13, 9, and maybe 11
So they figured 'dinosaurs' are the new 'zombies'? Or that they're simply 'back'? Either way, number 14 will surely not be the last at this rate.
There might be one you'll find as good as ten-- I honestly only disliked 13, 9, and maybe 11 out of the bunch, and even then only 13 is the only one that's objectively bad.
Dunno. I guess it'll depend on how well it does. It's going to be wallmart exclusive, which would probably be the biggest reason I can think of that it might not do well.
So I guess Walmart is major player in it's distribution, which is the only logical explanation as to why it's exclusive there.

Sure it won't be like a time exclusive thing?

Or even having it to where you can only physically get it at Walmart, but Google Play, Itunes, Netflix etc will be options at least later down the line.
I'm really not sure. At some point they'd have to let others distribute it, I imagine, and I'm not sure about digital release. Seems kind of foolish not to given the way the wind's blowing right now.
My ratings:
Best: The original. R.I.P. Duckie :(
Worst: All the rest, which are complete shit.
How many have you seen?
Only the first 3.
By 10 years old I knew they were garbage being chugged out to make money on a licensed product, even if I didn't know it in those terms.
I can not think of any other movie series, live action or animated, that needs to be allowed to just die, more so than The Land Before Time.
It worked as a one shot. I get, maybe, one or two direct-to-vhs sequels. 13? that is obscene.
You'd be surprised how well they age-- I was in the same boat when I was a kid. I think at a certain age you just instinctively reject anything that seems to kiddie. One of the fun things about watching them when your older is that you're actually conciously aware of what real world metaphors and issues they're alluding to-- and a lot of them are pretty heavy for a kids series.
>Praising the songs
The problem with these fucking sequels is how they were turned into dumbass standard children's film stupidity with them bursting into songs to talk about their feelings
I've never heard any other animated series get more shit for having songs in it. Having heard them all, a lot of them have kiddie lyrics, yes, but not all of them, and the actual music is catchy for most of them.
Around the 5th movie is when I started realizing that these movies were actually stupid. Also I was old enough to have an inkling of knowing who Don Bluth was so I started falling out of it
>I've never heard any other animated series get more shit for having songs in it.
Because the original movie was a masterpiece and was an animated picture from a time of Disney domination that didn't need songs to hold the kids' interest.
He's getting big fat royalties for these movies, so forgive me if I don't shed a tear for how his artistic vision got 'ruined'.
Which one was the one where Littlefoot got his dick wet with some Longneck poon of equal age?
Yeah, but it wasn't a big company making the sequels. UAS was basically left to fend for themselves by Universal, and they knew having songs in it would get kids to buy it because they didn't have the luxury of putting these things in theaters.
And some of the songs really are good-- as in I could see them appearing in a theatrical Disney release. Take this one for example:
That'd be 4. Or 10, depending on what gender your talking about.
Poon is female, so I'm guessing it was the fourth.
Yeah, sounds about right. It's kinda be semi-incest if it was 10, anyway.
I would say
AoR The Hunt > AoR Tribal Warfare = AoR Ancient Egyptians >AoR The Journey
I stopped after they no longer use traditional animation.
So around 8, then? I'd recommend at least seeing ten before completely giving up on it.
One of my hobbies is getting drunk and watching horrible animated movies. Are any of these good alcohol-induced haze movies, do you think?
Most of these films make me think back to the most innocent, pure parts of my childhood, so I imagine trying to watch them while drunk will just make you incredibly depressed.

However, 13 might be a candidate. The thing is, it's not the incompetent kind of bad that's fun to riff-- it's just that the guest characters make you want to put your fist through the television screen.
Actually, scratch what I just said-- 11 is weird enough to work with alcohol. Not sure if I'd call it bad, though, let alone 'horrible'. 8 might work too, just because of how contrived the drama is, and it's probably a fair bit worse than 11. The thing is, these movies are bland or mildly annoying at their worst-- they never veer into outright bad territory except for 13.
There was only one movie. There were 12 subsequent abominations of which we must never speak lest the 13th and final abomination bring ruin to this world.
Destroy us all.
Destroy us all.
Destroy us all.
Destroy us all.
Why? They weren't bad. It's easy to mock them for how goddamn many of them there were, but if you knew the backstory to how they were made you wouldn't be complaining. The Land Before Time sequels were a matter of life and death for its animation studio, so they did their best with what they had and tried to be as profitable as they could without going half assed.
I can only imagine the horrors of being an animator working there at that time. Production meetings must have been hell.
From what I read the producers did like the series-- they were glad to work with it, hence why most of the same people who worked on it up till 13 are still on the upcoming 14th movie despite it being 8 years later. It was more just dealing with Universal Studios, who were massively unhelpful to their studio and barely lifted a finger to get them other projects.
Thank goodness Bartok the Magnificent was made by Bluth himself.
How do you mean?
Bartok the Magnificent. It was a DTV spin-off to Anastasia. It was released separately from Anastasia on VHS, then it was a bonus disc on the DVD and then it was a bonus feature on the Blu-ray.
Don Bluth himself directed it and it was generally better than most of the other sequels.
Oh. Well yeah, of course it would've been awesome if Bluth could have directed a Land Before Time sequel, but I don't think it would have been as good as the original if he did. Remember: it also had Speilberg and Lucas behind it. I think the sequels did the smart thing and tried to tell their own stories without trying to up the original. After all, how many times could these kids have the kind of earth shattering tragedies happen to them as they did in the original?
My question is how does the cartoon show compare?
If you're one of the following:
* You're a Chomper fanboy
* You're interested in seeing characters from different sequels meet, like Ali's herd trying to kill Chomper or Littlefoot getting pissed at Doc for questioning his friendship to a sharptooth
* You want to see Ducky be a villain or listen to Spike's thoughts in his own voice
* You're just a huge Land Before Time geek

Then you may like the series. Otherwise I'd stay away, as unlike the sequels they really do mostly just appeal to kids and kids only. Still, Ruby's awesome-- there's a reason she's making a jump to the 14th movie.
I liked the few episodes I've seen-- about on the level as the Aladdin TV show. The songs are annoying but fuck, not only did they bring back Chomper but they made him a main character, and he's fucking adorable in every episode.
After the original, which was the best, I liked the first 7 sequels + the 10th one.

8 and 9 were bland but enjoyable. I do dislike the change in animation that starts with 8(the increased use of CGI and the change in color palette). It just doesn't look good IMO.

11-13 were shit(though I guess 12 was okayish), and I wasn't fond of the TV series episodes I saw either.

The 14th looks like it might be better. I'm hoping that the magenta yellow bellie isn't in it muh so that I could try cutting the scenes out.

Here's how I'd rank them:

Tv show

On a side note, I'm happy that Bluth's Indiegogo is successful so far.
>Aladdin TV show
Why the fuck am I only just now learning about all these Disney TV shows. I had no idea there was a Tarzan TV show until today, only had the vaguest memory of a Lilo and Stitch show, and now you're telling me Aladdin had his own series? Next I'm sure I'm gonna hear about a Little Mermaid and Frozen series or something dumb.

And why won't they release the shits on DVD I can't find them anywhere
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>Next I'm sure I'm gonna hear about a Little Mermaid

You for real?
So...how much time has passed since the first film?

I'm honestly surprised that they haven't made a 3D one yet.
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I don't think it's ever been specified. The first sequel takes place not that long after the first film though.
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