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Best animated films
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What are anons favorite animated films? Mine is pic related.
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Some combination of El Dorado, Steamboy, Titan AE and Redline.

I guess I should watch more obscure things.
All of those are good, besides Titan AE which I haven't seen so I can't say.

Steamboy and especially Redline were great in terms of visuals. Though I didn't care as much for the narrative.

If we're counting anime then I'd go for End of Evangelion and Angel's Egg but Feherlofia is still pretty high up there.
Feherlofia is awesome, good choice! I don't think I have one favorite, maybe the Iron Giant, so I'll just rattle off a short list of semi-obscure shit with cool visuals that people should watch.

Fantastic Planet
Aachi and Ssipak
Strings (puppetry is animation right?)
> The Land Before Time (88)
> Atlantis - The Lost Empire
> The Secret of Nimh
> Titan A E
> Mulan
> Evangelion 2.0 - You Can Not Advance
> The End of Evangelion
> Evangelion 3.0 - You Can Not Redo
> Ghost in the Shell

Note - I know EOE is a superior film and piece of art than 2.0, I just enjoy 2.0 more and find it more rewatchable.
Sleeping Beauty
The Thief and the Cobbler
The Sea Prince and the Fire Child
Mind Game
The Book of Life

Feherlofia is pretty great too
Most of Satoshi Kon's works.
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I won't even touch upon the differences between the stories and characters in both, since that has been that a million times. But a huge issue I have with the Rebuilds are the visuals. The visual direction is a pretty big miss on several levels. In terms of shot composition Eva and all the shit Anno has done after it was masterful. Even his live-action work looks amazing (pic related). The rebuilds are just much blander when it comes to the angels, how all the elements are set and what you can deduce from them alone. The shots in the original carried weight with them so that you just couldn't keep your eyes from them. Half of evangelion could make a good wallpaper. Add to this the whole coloring scheme. The rebuilds are just too colorful. It seems Khara took over from their later Gainax works, especially Diebuster and TTGL. The artstyle itself is great, but it worked with those since they were more comedic and over the top. Evangelion is rather dark and psychological so the more toned palette of the original was a better choice.
Lastly the choreography and action sequences. It just seems that without Iso or Yoshinari the the action scenes didn't seem as impactful. They were polished and nicely animated, but nothing as striking as some of the best fights from the original, the last fight of Asuka with the artificial angels, the fight of Shinji and Asuka with the double angel, the scene where Eva Unit 01 eats one of the Angel's or when Eva breaks out of the inter-dimensional angel. It doesn't help that the rebuilds used lots of CGI as well.
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Forgot pic related.
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> not one mention of Triplets of Belleville
> not one mention of any of Nick Park's clay flicks
> not one mention of Bakshi or Bruno Bozzetta

this thread
1. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
2. The Iron Giant
3. Toy Story
4. Ghost in the Shell
5. Aladdin
I find Bakshi's work to be similar to your pic, pretty damn disgusting.
there are like 6 replies fucktard
Can't agree.
I typically hate CGI animation, like I HATED the animation for the armor for the suits in the Iron Man Anime (show only, movies did better)
But there is no point in 2.0 that I recall the animation looking bad to me on any level whatsoever.
1.0 had issues with the 2nd fight being very stiff and in 3.0 the Wunder looked out of place at times especially early on.
But 2.0 was fantastic Animation wise and had one of the greatest endings to any film I have ever seen.
I think they intentionally set out to do different things with some of the fights and that is why they feel different, the original Zeruel battle was meant to be haunting and unexpectedly horrifying and In the rebuilds, it's meant to be this thunderous epic beyond words Retribution and Doom coming down and utterly destroying the Angel after what it did to Rei, pumping the audience up with Shinji standing up and doing something for himself and who he cares about only for that beautiful Triumph be shattered by the consequences.
This... >>78918367
Is me and thank you to this >>78918568
Guy, Phantasm and Iron Giant should defiantly be on my best Cartoon List.
>no one mentioned one single Madhouse of Studio 4C work
i love Coraline's visuals, music and also having a very creepy theme while it still appearing to be a kid's movie without going Tim Burton levels of full-retard.

File: garden.jpg (363 KB, 1600x1063) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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wrong pic
This entire film was beautifully shot, and all done on ink and paper.
I have yet to see something as ambitious as it done today.
Sorry for the dumb question, but are those supposed to look like legs spread open in the lower left? I haven't seen this.
I can't exactly remember, I think it was some valley. But the film has lots of sexual imagery and stuff like horses and trees giving birth so you never know.
You should check out Old Man and the Sea then. The thing is entirely animated by paint or Midori-ko by pencil. Both are really amazing to look at.
I have seen it, along with My Love.
Both are absolutely stunning.
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Time travel shenanigans with satan.
File: quality.gif (2 MB, 400x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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came to mention thief and cob, but someone beat me to the punch
ones not listed yet from the top of my head

lord of the rings (1978)
secret of kells
watership down
summer wars
perfect blue, or anything by satoshi kon for that matter
Have you seen Midori-ko? Contrary to this trailer the story is actually quite fun and unique:
The Congress, even if it's 50% live action
The Last Unicorn
Heavy Metal

Probably some other shit im forgetting
Remove 3.0
No it was a incredible experience, it puts you perfectly into Shinji's shoes of confusion, horror, guilt, bonding, hope and dispair.
source? image search yields more 4chan, and "Time travel shenanigans with satan." was not a productive search
I know it's by the same director as Feherlofia, try to search that.
The Tragedy of Man
This movie is not out yet but surely will be one of my favorites.
File: 9x9.jpg (3 MB, 2720x3077) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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+ Fantasia, Akira, Mary and Max, Fantasia, Prince Achmed
+/- 5 cm
What's bot-mid?
Happy to help, bruv.

Toy Story 2
>video games

Feherlofia, the legend of the son of the white horse, great animation of the Soviet era, really good

Thanks for this, looks amazing.
Beauty and the Beast
The King and the Mockingbird
Big Hero 6
Castle of Cagliostro
Inside Out
Toy Story 1-3
The Iron Giant
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Thread replies: 45
Thread images: 15
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