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ITT: we recommend fellow /co/mrades non-capeshit...
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Go on. I'm in the mood for something that is not capeshit. Looking to expand my horizons.
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noncape recs.jpg
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Here. The /co/ rec tumblr is a decent place for recs, even though its been dead for years.
Kinda random suggestions with some of my backlog thrown in

Cherry Poptart
Herbie Popnecker
Badger (I don't really consider it to be capeshit)
Archie Horror comics
Blazing Combat
Mouse Guard
Charles Burns's Black Hole
Age of Reptiles
Dark Horse Conan ca. 2003
Strange Sport Stories
Rogan Gosh
Acme Novelty Library
Cat & Mouse
Rio Kid
Negative Burn
Sorry for not explaining or describing them, it's late, and I'm kinda busy with other stuff.
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It would help if you would tell us something more specific about your tastes.
I've already heard of or read most of those.

I was looking for recs for more recent, more under-the-radar stuff. Any recent indies worth reading?

Out of those, which would you say was the best?
Rachel Rising
Glitter Kiss (so bad it's good)
Godzilla in Hell
Paper Girls
>Out of those, which would you say was the best?
Man, that's hard to answer. They're all mostly different from one another.
Cat & Mouse I recently started reading, about some ninjas that work for the Mafia. They meet this veterinarian dude who got transformed into something resembling a devil. Really interesting, well written characters, great late 80s/early 90s indie B&W art.
Post on /wsr/
File: 14_10.jpg (257 KB, 1000x1537) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Alabaster Wolves
Amala's Blade
American Vampire
America Virgin
Amity Blamity
Atomic Robo
Billy the Kid's Old Timey Oddities
Black Metal
Casanova Quinn
Cow Boy
Cowboy Ninja Viking
Criminal Macabre
Daisy Cutter
Day Men
East of West
Federal Bureau of Physics
Fluorescent Black
Freaks of the Heartland
Freak Squeele
Grindhouse - Doors Open at Midnight
Heavy Liquid
Ignition City
I Kill Giants
I, Zombie
King City
Locke and Key
Manifest Destiny
Mercy Sparx
Monster on the Hill
Mouse Guard
Multiple Warheads
Old City Blues
Orc Stain
One Trick Rip-Offs
Peter Panzerfaust
Punk Rock Jesus
Rachel Rising
Reed Gunther
Scud the Disposable Assassin
Sky Doll
Super Pro KO
Ten Grand
The Anchor
The Ancient
The Colonized
The Creep
The Goon
The Great Dead
The Manhattan Projects
The Massive
The Nobody
The only Living Boy
The Pirates of Coney Island
The Stuff of Legend
The Sword
The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys
Tokyo Storm Waring
Underwater Welder
Viking: The Long Cold Fire
Where is Jake Ellis
Who is Jake Ellis
Wormwood - Gentleman Corpse
Y - The Last Man
Zeke Deadwood
>Paper Girls
This good? I'm interested in reading it.

Might check it out.

Also anyone can ask for recs if they want.
I'll give you the download links
Cat & Mouse 01 (Aircel-1990) (Rumor-Novus-HD)

Cat & Mouse 02 (Aircel-1990) (Rumor-Novus-HD)

Cat & Mouse 03 (Aircel-1990) (Rumor-Novus-HD)

Cat & Mouse 04 (Aircel-1990) (Rumor-Novus-HD)

Cat & Mouse 05 (Aircel-1990) (Rumor-Novus-HD)

Cat & Mouse 06 (Aircel-1990) (Rumor-Novus-HD)

Cat & Mouse 07 (Aircel-1990) (Rumor-Novus-HD)

Cat & Mouse 08 (Aircel-1990) (Rumor-Novus-HD)

Cat & Mouse 09 (Aircel-1990) (Rumor-Novus-HD)

Cat & Mouse 10 (Aircel-1990) (Rumor-Novus-HD)

Cat & Mouse 11 (Aircel-1991) (Rumor-Novus-HD)

Cat & Mouse 12 (Aircel-1991) (Rumor-Novus-HD)

Cat & Mouse 13 (Aircel-1991) (Rumor-Novus-HD)

Cat & Mouse 14 (Aircel-1991) (Rumor-Novus-HD)

Cat & Mouse 15 (Aircel-1991) (Rumor-Novus-HD)

Cat & Mouse 16 (Aircel-1991) (Rumor-Novus-HD)

Cat & Mouse 17 (Aircel-1991) (Rumor-Novus-HD)

Cat & Mouse 18 (Aircel-1991) (Rumor-Novus-HD)

There should be mirrors on the archives, if you don't like Tus, or if any link is broken.

I really have to go now, hope you find something which you enjoy.
Well, there's other people in this thread, so here have some more.
> Any recent indies worth reading
I don't know how under the radar it is but Southern Bastards is great and clearly where Aaron is putting his efforts.

Sheriff of Babylon is two issues in. It's by Tom King (He's doing the Vision comic and did that great Grayson FE Tie in). It's Vertigo so technically DC.

Godzilla in Hell. Maybe not an indie but fantastic all the same. Every issue is a new creative team and it's all good
Death Vigil is fun. So is Wayward.
File: vertigo pt. 1recs.jpg (475 KB, 1280x1651) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
vertigo pt. 1recs.jpg
475 KB, 1280x1651
File: vertigo recs pt2.jpg (493 KB, 1280x1651) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
vertigo recs pt2.jpg
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>This good? I'm interested in reading it.
Check out the first issue. If you like it keep going because it maintains a similar tone and atmosphere throughout (we're only on issue 4 though). It's really hit-or-miss but I enjoy it alot.
>30 Days of Night
>Godzilla in Hell. Maybe not an indie but fantastic all the same. Every issue is a new creative team and it's all good
I've read the first few issues but fucked up and didn't read the rest of a storytime while it was up. It was great reading though.


I'll check it out.
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3 MB, 2292x2700
Here's a better list.
stay bullets
Essex County
File: godzilla in hell.jpg (192 KB, 1008x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
godzilla in hell.jpg
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>Godzilla in Hell
Definitely read it, the trade should be coming out within the next month or two if you can't find the individuals anywhere. Greatest book of 2015 in my opinion.
Godzilla in Hell got me so pumped for Godzilla stuff its ridiculous
How the hell did you get that from GiH?
A whole lot of Ninja Gaiden involves tanking Fiend after Fiend and pushing through different planes. Gave me a similar impression to Big G going through his demons and fighting through the layers of hell.
Oh fuck, that's a good point.
Half of these are fucking amazing 10/10 must read comics and half are indie garbage. But great taste overall.

>Badger (I don't really consider it to be capeshit)

It's not. It's literally about a dude who wears a costume because he's mentally ill. There really aren't any "cape stories" or characters that fit the "superhero" mold.
Some people are really anal about capeshit and costumed characters.
Not that guy, but Badger is the best fucking thing I've ever read. Cherry Poptart is also must read, though it's porn fyi. Dark Horse's first volume of Conan is also the best indie book of the 21st century and you're missing out if you don't read it.
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Everyone should read Fearless Dawn right now.
File: Prints.jpg (560 KB, 2096x1266) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Reminder that Mister X is STILL the most singularly unique vision in the comics medium over 30 years later. AND it's had probably almost definitely the single greatest revival of any classic series in history.
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Great book. Mannion nails that weird pinup style
Any of it. Mainly find/read the Hunter Rose related arcs. "Black, Red, White", "White, Black, Red", etc.

1) Hero Discovered
2) Hero Defined
3) Hero Denied forever never

>Sandman Mystery Theatre
Matt Wagner fucking loves the 1920's-1930's
Grendel vs. The Shadow is my personal favorite Grendel story and easily one of the most underrated crossovers of all time.
What're some OPERATOR AS FUCK comics worth reading?
File: scout.jpg (78 KB, 400x614) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Literally the greatest post-apocalyptic story ever told.
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