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It seems all the big superheroes have at least one bizarre live-action project that never went forward to their name. In this thread we remember them.

>Superman Lives (1998).
Directed by Tim Burton.

Clark Kent is an introverted, socially awkward reporter who uses his extraordinary powers to protect the world as Superman, but is also alienated from the human race because of them. The discovery of an advanced artificial intelligence known as "K" in the Arctic forces Clark to face his extraterrestrial origins, while Brainiac, a wisecracking A.I. created by his biological father, Jor-El, arrives on Earth in search of K, whose power source is instrumental to Brainiac's survival. Joining forces with corrupt businessman Lex Luthor, Brainiac arranges for Superman to be deprieved of sunlight, which gives him power, and die in battle with a genetically engineered monster, Doomsday.

However, Superman is revived by K without his powers or memories of his life on Earth, and returns to fight crime as a gadget-based "Hip-Hop Phantom of the Opera", and, while he struggles to regain his lost humanity with help from his girlfriend Lois Lane and his best friend, Jimmy Olsen, Brainiac fuses with Luthor to become a bickering two-headed cyborg who calls itself "Lexiac", and moves forward with his plan to destroy the entire planet, and the fate of the world rests on Superman's hands.

>Nicolas Cage as Clark Kent / Superman.
>Courtney Cox as Lois Lane.
>Chris Rock as Jimmy Olsen.
>David Hyde Pearce as K.
>Tim Allen as Lex Luthor.
>Christopher Walken as Brainiac.
>Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne / Batman.
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>Superman: Flyby (2003).
Directed by McG.

Planet Krypton is devastated by civil war between benevolent Senator Jor-El and his tyrannical brother, General Kata-Zor. To protect his son Kal-El, prophetized to be Krypton's savior, Jor-El sends him to Earth, where he's adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent. His powers make him a social outcast and drive him to become a reporter for the Daily Planet alongside his childhood friend and unrequited crush Lois Lane, who attempts to expose CIA operative Lex Luthor's attempts to locate extraterrestrial life on Earth.

Driven by his desire to help others, Clark adopts the identity of "Superman", luring General Kata-Zor's son, Commander Ty-Zor, to Earth, where he joins forces with Luthor and masterminds Superman's death from exposure to Kryptonite. However, an encounter with his long-lost father in Heaven gives Superman the necessary strength to return to life and lead Earth's military forces against Ty-Zor and his men, during which Luthor is revealed as a Kryptonitan spy conspiring to usurp power. Once his enemies are defeated, Superman is forced to leave Earth behind to return to Krypton and liberate it from Kata-Zor's dictatorial rule, unaware that his greatest battle with his prophetized nemesis, Luthor, is still to come.

>Henry Cavill as Clark Kent / Superman.
>Scarlett Johansson as Lois Lane.
>Shia LaBeouf as Jimmy Olsen.
>Christopher Walken as Perry White.
>Anthony Hopkins as Jor-El.
>Ralph Fiennes as General Kata-Zor.
>Robert Downey Jr. as Lex Luthor.
>Joel Edgerton as Commander Ty-Zor.
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>Batman: Year One (2004).
Directed by Darren Aronofsky.

Following the traumatic murder of his parents, young Bruce Wayne is presumed dead and adopted by auto-shop owner Little Al and his son, Big Al. Growing into an unstable mechanic who roams the slums of Gotham in a one-man war against crime, using homemade weapons and leaving a mark in the criminals he confronts that earns him the name "Batman".

Batman joins forces with Detective James Gordon, an alcoholic, suicidal policeman fed up with the rampant corruption in the police department, to acquire evidence against Gotham's crime lord James Estrada, in the process incurring the wrath of the corrupt Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb, who begins targeting the duo's loved ones, including Little Al and Gordon's pregnant wife, Ann. To make matters worse, Selina Kyle, a power-hungry prostitute sexually aroused by the thrill of a crime, and who has build a rapport with Bruce, is inspired by the Batman to become a seductive criminal known as "Catwoman", and her intervention in the investigation elevates the scales even further. To protect Gotham, Bruce will have to embrace the mantle and become a true hero.

>Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne / Batman.
>Kurt Russell as Detective James Gordon.
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>Wonder Woman (2001).
Written by Todd Alcott.

Diana Prince is a powerful Amazon warrior and an operative of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). She is deployed to prevent billionaire businessman Dr. Peter Sychopoulus, CEO of SDS Industries, from creating a weapon of mass destruction that damages metal structures without affecting the people therein, which he intends to sell to a former Russian general planning a coup. Diana retrieves a vital component for the weapon, the rare element Neutronium, but is injured in the process.

Meanwhile, Donna Troy, a plain, introverted young representative of a company that sells environmentally-conscious products, begins experiencing strange nightmares, in which she learns she is a long-lost Amazon and Diana's successor as the Wonder Woman. She begins fighting crime in sleepwalking fits, attracting the attention of rugged Detective Mike Schorr and assassins employed by Sychopolous. Schorr then helps Donna locate an injured Diana, who mentors her in controlling her powers. In the process, Donna learns that Diana is her mother, and gave her up for adoption to protect Donna from her enemies, after her husband, DIA operative Steve Trevor, was murdered.

As Wonder Woman, Donna, alongside Diana and Mike, must fight the mercenaries employed by Dr. Psycho to retrieve the component and prevent the weapon from being completed and used to bomb Gateway City. In the end, Diana sacrifices himself to save Mike, and ascends into Heaven with the other Wonder-Women before her, while Donna inherits the Lasso of Truth and vows to use it to defend the innocent until it is time to pass it onto her own daughter.

>Sandra Bullock as Donna Troy / Wonder Woman.
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>The Flash (2010).
Directed by David Dobkin.

Forensic scientist Barry Allen is struck by lightning and doused in chemical products that give him superspeed, which he uses to protect Keystone City as "The Flash". He struggles to bond with his rebellious, troublemaking nephew Wally West, who has moved to Keystone City to escape his abusive parents. Wally harbors feelings for Barry's assistant Linda Park, who is in a relationship with hotshot Detective Hunter Zolomon. Wally is likewise doused in chemical products by a mysterious explosion in the police station that also claims Barry's life.

Years later, Wally is an douchebag motocross pilot, while Iris is a environmentally-conscious politician at odds with Mayor Vandal Savage, CEO of the Savage Energy Company where physicist Mark Mardon is developing groundbreaking weather-controlling technology. Iris dies is a lightning storm which also activates Wally's superspeed, and he learns Savage used Mardon's to eliminate Iris. Wally adopts the identity of the Flash to avenge her, and discovers that Savage is an immortal conqueror who intends to use Mardon's creation to exterminate the human race and repopulate the planet with his mistress, Eve. Mardon and Zolomon are in league with him, with Zolomon having arranged Barry's death.

A message left by Iris leads Wally to uncover Barry's secret identity, and he adopts the identity of the Flash to save the world from Savage and his forces, in the process discovering the hero within with guidance from a time-displaced Barry Allen that reaches Wally from the Speed Force.

>Scott Porter as Wally West / The Flash.
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>Green Lantern (2001).
Written by Robert Smiegel.

The Green Lantern Corps is an intergalactic police force dedicated to protect the cosmos from evil. When their bravest soldier, Abin Sur, is mortally wounded and crash-lands on Earth, he orders his power ring, the most powerful weapon in the Universe, to select the bravest man on Earth to replace him. The ring ends up finding Judd Plato, a wisecracking slacker who works at IKEA and wins the "Bravest Man on Earth" award for eating a coyote's head on live television.

Judd initially plans to use the power ring to impress his co-worker and longtime crush, the manipulative, gold-digging Cassandra, but is soon convinced by his best friend Seth, a geeky, perpetually horny comic book fan, to embrace his fate as a superhero. Eventually, the leader of the Green Lantern Corps, Sinestro, arrives on Earth to recruit Judd to complete his training in planet Oa with tough-as-nails drill sergeant Kilowog, where Judd impresses the kind and noble Katma Tui and learns of the Corps' ongoing war with a bumbling race of insectoids, the Tchkk-Tchkk. Judd accidentally exposes Sinestro as a traitor assisting the Tchkk-Tchkk in their efforts to destroy the Corps so he can usurp it from its creators, the Guardians of the Universe, and leads his comrades in battling Sinestro and his allies and save the galaxy.

>Jack Black as Judd Plato / Green Lantern.
>David Spade as Seth.
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>Spider-Man (1987)
Directed by Tobe Hopper.

Peter Parker is an introverted ID badge photographer at a major pharmaceutical corporation in New York City, where a mad scientist is using radiation to build an army of human/insect mutants to conquer the world. Peter is his next target, and is fused with a spider to become a monstrous, hairy, eight-armed abomination that drives away his girlfriend and becomes a pariah. However, rather than give in to his animalistic urges and join the scientist's new "master race", the Spider raids the underground laboratory where the monsters are confined, killing them one by one before confronting his creator and causing an explosion that kills both.
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>The X-Men (1998).
Written by Michael Chabon.

Professor Charles Xavier creates the X-Men -- Cyclops, Jean Grey, Iceman, Beast, Storm and Nightcrawler -- to fight for the pacific co-existence between humans and mutants. Fearing that the extremist Mutant Liberation Front might retaliate against the human race after the Mutant Registration Act is created in response to the X-Men's attempts to recruit young runaway mutants, The Council of Elders forbids the X-Men from further helping others. Nevertheless, an e-mail Best receives from his mentor, Dr. Harold Lee, leads the group to rescue Wolverine, who was being hunted by the White Farm, a paramilitary unit affiliated with Department H. The team also rescues Lee's daughter, Jubilee, who was being monitored by spies impersonating her parents.

A confrontation with the White Farm reveals that Wolverine has been made into a carrier for the Legacy Virus, which infects Jean Grey and Iceman. Exiled by the X-Men, who view him as a liability, Wolverine then decides to go after the White Farm alone, though Jubilee soon joins him, followed by the X-Men themselves. Together, they learn Jubilee's parents created the Legacy Virus and bonded Adamantium to his skeleton on behalf of the League of Gentlemen, a secret society controlled by Mr. Montcleaf, who rules the word in secret for centuries, and wants to destroy mutants. Upon learning that their daughter was a mutant, and had been selected by Montcleaf as the next subject of the Weapon X Program, the Lees instead encoded a cure for the Legacy Virus in her DNA and allowed Wolverine to escape after embedding in his mind paternal feelings towards Jubilee to ensure her safety, not knowing that Wolverine had been infected with the Legacy Virus.

By dismantling the Weapon X Program, Wolverine and Jubilee earn their place in the X-Men, and motivate Xavier to go against The Council's wishes and reveal himself and his team to the world in an effort to build trust between humans and mutants.
Oh my god this is the worst idea I've ever heard.

Adam Sandler as Sinestro.
At least it would have had more colour than Man of Steel.
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>Plastic Man (1999).
Directed by Andy and Larry Wachowski.

Daniel O'Brien is a con man and environmental activist who lives in Calumet City, a corrupt and heavily polluted industrial city whose economy is based on pharmaceutical corporation Argon Industries. After being released from prison, Daniel attempts to reconnect with his childhood friend, Dr. Susan Bright, a bioengineer researching the polymerization of living tissue on behalf of Argon Industries' CEO, Icarus Argon, a vain billionaire whose attempts to achieve immortality through science have left him horribly deformed.

Daniel is caught by Argon's men breaking into the laboratory to release their animal test subjects, and used as a test subject for the nanotechnology-based polymerization process that gives him the power to mold his body. Daniel escapes and reaches out to Susan, who joins his efforts to prevent Argon from using the process to turn himself to a super-human being, and also reverse the effects of Argon Industries' machines, which threaten to release toxic fumes that'll turn the entire area into a hazardous location. In addition to this, Daniel is also framed for sabotaging Argon Industries and, in order to prove his innocence, he adopts the identity of "Plastic Man", marching into a final showdown with Argon, who subjects himself to the polymerization process, becoming a monstrous creature that only Daniel can defeat.

>Keanu Reeves as Daniel O'Brien / Plastic Man.
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>Iron Man (1997).
Written by Jeff Vintar and Stan Lee.

Businessman Tony Stark is shot by a smart bullet of his own design and crawls into the prototype Redeemer suit of armor, designed to help firemen extract victims from wreckage, so its life support system can treat his injuries. Aided by Virginia "Pepper" Potts, a member of the board of directors of Stark Industries, Stark uncovers board member Jeremy Bland as the mastermind behind his failed assassination, and learns that Bland is in league of Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM), an international crime syndicate that aspires to use Stark's technology to create living weapons.

Stark weaponizes the Redeemer to stand against AIM's enforcers Whiplash, Inferno and Virus and prevent their employer, M.O.D.O.K. (Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing), from corrupting his creations, in the process forging an heroic legacy as Iron Man.

>Nicolas Cage as Tony Stark / Iron Man.
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>Daredevil: The Man Without Fear (1997).
Directed by Chris Columbus.

Matt Murdock is a blind lawyer who lives in Hell's Kitchen, New York City. As a child, he was blinded by a chemical spill while preventing an old man from being run over, which affords him enhanced senses which he uses to teach himself martial arts. Shortly afterwards, his father, boxer Jack "Mephisto" Murdock, is murdered by Wilson Fisk, an enforcer of Roscoe "Fixer" Sweeney for refusing to take a dive, and Matt adopts the identity of "Daredevil" to avenge his father and becomes a vigilante. Fisk takes opportunity of the incident to take over Sweeney's operaton and climb the ranks to become the Kingpin of New York City's criminal underworld.

Matt, who has a habit of voicing his thoughts out loud, develops a relationship with Elektra Natchios, the vivacious daughter of diplomat Nikolas Natchios, after finding her walking on a tripwire across the Twin Towers. Elektra's father is is later killed by Juan Del Toro, an assassin on Fisk's payroll, who adopts the identity of "Bullseye". Fisk acquires evidence that Murdock is Daredevil and believes to have had him assassinated, but Murdock is rescued by his mother, Sister Grace, a local nun who nurses him back to health. In his absence, Fisk moves forward with his plan to be elected Mayor, and brainwashes Elektra to become his private assassin and sex slave, hiring ninjas to train her in combat.

Once recovered, Murdock sabotages Fisk's operations and rescues Elektra. They expose Fisk's crimes and he is arrested by the police, but Elektra is killed by Bullseye, who is then dies while fighting Daredevil. The ninjas use ancient techniques to revive Elektra, and she departs to train with them, vowing to return one day to rejoin Murdock in protecting the city.

>Edward Norton as Matt Murdock / Daredevil.
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>Sandman (1999).
Written by William Farmer.

Billionaire occultist Harlan Kendall uses his daughter, Rose, in an experiment to open a portal to a parallel dimension called "The Dreaming" and capture its ruler, Lord Morpheus. In the process, three items of power from Morpheus' office are scattered. The incident causes Rose to develop a telepathic link with Morpheus, who appears in her dreams, demanding to be released. He is kept in an underground chamber in Kendall's mansion and tortured for years.

In 1999, Rose is attacked by a homeless man yelling about "The Nightmare Man" and severely injured. She is rushed to the hospital, but dies on the operating table and is greeted by Morpheus' sister, Death. Before Rose leaves with Death, however, an angel arrives from the other world and revives her, taking away her nightmares. Meanwhile, at Kendall Manor, Morpheus is accidentally released when a construction crew finds the secret chamber. He is powerless and ends up being shot and taken to the same hospital as Rose. He senses her presence there and attempts to kill her, but is stopped by the angel, who reveals himself to be Morpheus' brother, The Corinthian. He has made a bet with their brother Lucifer that whoever finds the three icons first will win the Earth. If neither wins, Lucifer will destroy it. The three icons must be found before the Turn of the Millennium.

Morpheus and Rose join forces to retrieve the three icons before The Corinthian, and end up falling in love. After confronting The Corinthian in the dream world, where The Corinthian takes the form of a giant spider, Morpheus defeats him and salvages the three items, winning the bet against Lucifer. He claims Earth is under his protection and, to protect Rose, he wipes her mind of their encounter, making her believe it was all a dream. He then returns to the Dreaming to rebuilt it, always keeping an eye out for Rose, who moves on with her life.

>Johnny Depp as Morpheus.
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>Watchmen (1989).
Directed by Terry Gilliam.

The Watchmen are a team of vigilantes formed by Doctor Manhattan, Silk Spectre, Night Owl, Rorschach, the Comedian, Ozymandias and Captain Metropolis. When a botched confrontation with terrorists leads to the destruction of the Statue of Liberty, the government outlaws superheroes, forcing them into retirement.

Three years later, Rorschach, now a wanted outlaw, begins investigating the murders of Captain Metropolis and the Comedian and deduces someone is target his old teammates, while Doctor Manhattan is accused of inflicting cancer upon his loved ones, including Silk Spectre, and retreats to Mars. Aided by Night Owl and Silk Spectre, Rorschach learns that Ozymandias is behind the conspiracy. Having deduced that Doctor Manhattan's birth was the causal factor of the impending global nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union, Ozymandias has used his wealth to build a machine through which he can shoot Jon Osterman before he becomes Doctor Manhattan and retroactively change the timeline and save the world. To prevent the Watchmen from interfering with his plans, Ozymandias sought to eliminate them one by one.

Alerted of the disruption in the space-time continuum, Doctor Manhattan intervenes and disintegrates Ozymandias, but comes to accept he was right and ventures into the past, shielding his human self from the explosion that'd give him powers. The entire timeline collapses due to his intervention, teleporting Rorschach, Night Owl and Silk Spectre to the real world, where they are comic book characters in Alan Moore's famous graphic novel. The trio prepares to fight as they are surrounded by policemen and onlookers.

>Arnold Schwarzenegger as Jon Osterman / Doctor Manhattan.
>Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Jupiter / Silk Spectre.
>Kevin Costner as Dan Dreiberg / Night Owl.
>Robin Williams as Walter Kovacs / Rorschach.
>Gary Busey as Edward Blake / The Comedian.
So basically you copy and paste a clickbait article into imageboard post format?

There's that word again...
why cage?
Come on, you can tell that it was one of those "articles" that is just multiple "pages" of a slideshow, where each slide is just a huge picture and a short blurb. That's literally clickbait.
It was his idea, if I remember. He is a huge Superman nerd, I mean, he named one of his sons Kal-el.
What about that word?

Half of this sounds amazing and the other half sounds like utter nonsense.
Except it isn't.
This actually doesn't sound bad. If you quit the Watchmen title, i mean.
Hold onto your butts, but...

Clickbait has two words in it
But it's just one word.
As crazy as he can get sometimes, I'll always give Cage props for trying so hard to turn that train wreck into a proper Superman movie.
Not exactly the same, but back when Stan Lee was still at Marvel and working in hollywood trying to get tv shows and movies made, he always pitched Ant-Man to people. Ant-Man was a personal favorite of his and pushed for a movie, but no one ever cared.

I thought he might die on the eve of the Ant-Man premiere as a cosmic fuck you somehow.
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>johnny depp as Dream
This would have been a disaster. I feel like Morpheus should be played by an unknown. It's hard to get a "you see Dream as whatever you want him to be" vibe that the comics had if you cast somebody as high profile as Depp. I don't think it would do well anyway. Casuals wouldn't get it, and you'd have to compress and alter the story so much that fans would hate it. Also The Corinthian and Lucifer being related to dream gets my fanboy panties in a twist.

tl;dr comic fan thinks idea for a comic movie idea is lame.
We have this thread like once a month. We know all the would be movies.
Not quite /co/ related, but...

directed by Kubrick, starring the Beatles. Thank Heavens Tolkien said no.
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this is horrifying
Morpheus should be Tom Hiddleston, he looked exactly like him in the "only lovers left alive" movie
Was Solid Snake's Black Widow movie not weird enough to make this list?
Honestly, Morpheus should be Neil Gaiman twenty years ago.
Or possibly Morrison when he had hair.

>Wood Man as Plastic Man

not the best idea...
>The Bong of Willpower
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